Chapter Three Tom looked at Kristi as he tossed the pistol to Bill and began taking his shirt off. “OK Roger buddy, it’s time to unwrap our last little package. Strip Kristi naked and get her ready for some serious fucking!” Tom said, continuing to remove his clothes. Kristi stood without being told to, facing her father and trembling with fear. She looked up into her father’s face as he looked into her eyes. She saw the misery there and her heart went out to him. “It’s OK, Daddy. I know you don’t have a choice.” she whispered Nodding his head, her father reached for the tie of her nighty between her breasts. Kristi’s heart was pounding as the tie was released. Her father’s warm hands pushed her nighty apart and back off her shoulders to fall on the floor, exposing Kristi’s naked tits. “Damn Roger, who’d have thought your youngest would have the best set of tits!” Tom chuckled. Kristi felt her nipples throbbing as they hardened under the gave of the three men who were openly admiring her breasts. She felt humiliated to be so lewdly exposed. But she was unable to resist the flush of pride she felt at being so intensely admired. She felt a tingle of lust that the men thought her breasts were prettier than her mother’s and Erica’s. Her own father was looking at her in the very same way the other men were, and Kristi responded by feeling her pussy lips fluttering wildly. This was the first time that the beautiful young teenager was naked before a boy or man. It was definitely embarrassing, but Kristi’s shamefully admitted that it was also intensely arousing to her. There was no denying the fact that her pussy was beginning to lubricate from the attention of the men. “Come on Roger, strip her panties off and let’s get a look at your daughters sweet little pussy.” Rom said as he began to push down his underwear, the last piece of clothing he was wearing. Kristi’s father put his hands on her panties, kneeling on the carpet at her feet as he began to push the last piece of her clothing off her hips. The nylon felt sexy as it rubbed her legs while her Daddy stripped her panties off. Kristi saw that Tom was now naked, his hand wrapped around his prick, which was an angry red as he stroked himself while watching the girls naked body. Kristi’s father lifted first one leg and then the other, pulling her panties away. She was now totally naked in a room of men who all were ogling her luscious body. She looked down, seeing that her father was staring between her legs. She knew that they all could see that she too had shaved and was sporting a bald pussy. Tom laughed loudly. “Well I’ll be Damned! Your baby daughter shaves her pussy too! I bet you didn’t know your daughters were such sluts, did you Roger? Hell, maybe they shave for one another! How bout it, Kristi? You and sister enjoy a little cunt-licking?” He laughed again as Kristi blushed in embarrassment from his obscene suggestion. Kristi’s father stood, and it became obvious that not only was he the only person still with clothes on, but also that behind his boxers, his cock was straining to escape. “Turn about is fair play, Kristi. Why don’t you help Daddy get rid of those boxers. It looks like you’ve made his prick pretty damn uncomfortable!” Licking her lips, Kristi took her father’s boxers in hand and began dragging them downwards. Of course, they hung up on his raging erection and Kristi had to pull his shorts outwards to get them over his cock. Her father’s cock appeared as she pulled his boxers down. And then she was looking at the cock that had been so instrumental in creating her. It was very thick, and the head of it was wide. Kristi felt a shudder of lust go through her as she carefully examined her father’s prick. She could see the thick vein funning along the underside of his tanned shaft. The head was a purple color, and she noticed that there was a smear of liquid on the end around the piss slit. Tom walked over to stand beside father and daughter. “Don’t worry little slut. You’ll get a chance to find out what Daddy’s izmit rus escort prick tastes like. Hell, you’re going to know what all of our pricks taste like before the weekend is over. But for now, just get your ass over on that coffee table. Lay down on your back, and get ready for some fun!” Kristi tore her eyes away from her father, quickly looking at Tom’s prick and saw that it wasn’t quite as large as her fathers. She was confused by her glad feeling that her Daddy’s prick was bigger. Submissively, the naked girl rose and walked over to the coffee table. Turning she sat carefully on the end and then lay back. Tom pushed her father ahead of him and the two men were now standing over her as she looked up. She could see both of their hard pricks bobbing up and down. From this angle she could see their hairy balls hanging. For a moment, Kristi thought “That’s where their sperm is. There is the cream that they are going to put inside of me!” as she stared at the heavy sacks hanging between the men’s legs. “Roger, I think you saved the best for last. Damn, just look at that sweet body!” Tom whispered almost reverently as the two men stood examining Kristi’s quaking body. “Put your legs up in the air, and spread them apart!” Tom ordered. Kristi was aware that to do so would be to expose her most intimate bodily orifice’s to the eyes of the men. Yet she had no choice! Taking a deep breath she lifted her legs, closing her eyes to shut out the sight of the two men visually raping her body. Spreading her legs, the girl trembled as she felt the cool air washing over her naked loins. She could feel her pussy lips reluctantly pulling apart, the sticky wetness very evident. She opened her eyes as she heard Tom whisper “Shit! What a beautiful cunt!” Kristi tried to hold still and ignore the lascivious impulses in her mind. Tom Knelt behind her head, his hands reaching out and pulling her legs back towards her head, spreading her even more widely and making her lift her hips even more. This made her asscheeks separate and Kristi knew that the two men could see the tight little pucker of her anus. “Roger, don’t just stand there. Get your tongue up her twat and get her ready for fucking!” Tom said. Continuing to hold her legs spread and down beside her head, he leaned over and put his mouth around one of her upstanding breasts. Kristi had never had her breasts suckled. Only one of her boyfriends had even dared to touch her tits through her Cheerleader sweater. She was shocked by the incredible pleasure that exploded in her nipples, traveling down her belly to make her pussy muscles begin a rhythmic clenching. The rough texture of Tom’s tongue was dragging round and round her hardened nipple as his mouth gently suctioned her tit flesh. “Ohhhh.uhhh.oooooo, d-don’t dooooo t-that!” she tried to protest, afraid at the powerful sexual heat that had begun raging in her belly. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH>> god, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!” she cried out long and loudly as her spacing pussy was completely covered by a warm wetness and she felt the probing of a wet muscle beginning to probe up inside her cunt. Kristi was barely conscious of that fact that it was her own father licking her. The bolts of pleasure were so strong that she was writhing, lifting her hips as much as possible, seeking to drive her Daddy’s tongue deeper inside her pussy. Kristi lost the ability to think rationally, her entire concentration now upon the stimulation of the mouths that were sucking and licking her. She moaned and groaned, writhing lewdly on the coffee table. She heard talking but it didn’t make any sense to her numbed brain. She groaned with frustration when the sucking mouth left her tits. Opening her eyes, she was confronted with a most shocking sight. Tom was straddling her head, moving so that his testicles were dangling over her. “Come on bitch, open your mouth. Give my balls a nice tongue bath. Suck my nuts, baby!” He said. Kristi thrilled to the lewd command and submissively izmit escort opened her mouth. Tom lowered his hips slightly, and then Kristi felt his sperm sac plopping inside her mouth. The girl closed her lips around the top of his sack. There was a musky taste that wasn’t unpleasant as she gently began to suck on the balls in her mouth. She could feel the hard/soft “eggs” inside the sacks of skin, and she began licking them, pushing them all around in her mouth. Her mouth filled with her warm saliva and Kristi loved hearing the man cursing and groaning as she sucked his balls. She felt a shock when there was a pressure on her pussy lips. They were forced open, and though she couldn’t see, she could feel a large object being inserted between her wetly throbbing pussy lips. She screamed around the balls in her mouth, making Tom groan loudly with pleasure when she felt her pussy being spread apart. She was being FUCKED. must be HER DADDY! Just the thought of being fucked by her father was enough to set her off, and as her father bottomed out inside her pussy, she began to cum, her muscles grabbing his deeply buried cock and squeezing it over and over as she screamed and moaned. When Tom raised up, his balls slipped from her still sucking mouth, allowing her to breathe. Bending his cock down, he pressed it against her lips. “Here you go, sweet cheeks. Time to suck some prick!” Kristi obediently opened her mouth and allowed the prick to slip inside her, the head bumping against the back of her throat. Tom pulled her hands behind his hips, making her squeeze and play with his ass as he began fucking her mouth. Kristi’s cunt was turned up, spread wide and completely accessible to her Daddy, and she thrilled to feel him begin to fuck her with long hard thrusts. The men was grunting and groaning, moaning as their hard pricks were bathed inside the body of Roger’s daughter. For the next twenty minutes, the three people were oblivious as they concentrated solely on the effort to achieve the maximum pleasure from their thrusting and bucking bodies. Kristi experienced several orgasms, squealing around the prick in her mouth, her pussy massaging her sweet Daddy’s prick as it continued to plunge in and out of her. “Shit, here it comes Baby. SUCK MY SPERM! DRINK IT DOWN, YOU SWEET WHORE!” Tom screamed as he felt his balls begin to contract and his cum began pumping up his shaft. Kristi’s mouth was suddenly filled with cum. Tom held her head, and she was forced to swallow over and over as he continued pumping his cum inside her hot, wet mouth. She was breathing like a steam engine through her nose as she continued sucking Tom’s slowly deflating cock. Her father was groaning as he looked down on the ravished body of his daughter. Tom pulled out his cock, and leaned down, his mouth beside Kristi’s ear. Quietly he whispered “Beg your daddy to fuck you, Kristi. Tell him to shoot his cum up your cunt. Tell him you want him to sperm you and make a baby in your belly!” Kristi was so aroused by the obscene words as well as the lewd act of fucking her own father that she simply obeyed. “Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck my pussy and shoot your cum inside me. Fuck me daddy.Fuck your cum inside me. Make a baby inside me Daddy. DADDY, CUM IN ME.NOWWWWWWWWWWW!” And the gorgeous young teen once again was lost in the powerful contractions of an orgasm making her body buck underneath her father. She was slamming her hips upwards towards him, loving the deep penetration of her Daddy’s prick as it scrubbed the slick inner walls of her convulsing pussy. He had been trying to make it last as long as possible, lost in the incredible pleasure of fucking his youngest daughter. It was the nastiest and most incredibly dirty thing he had ever done in his life. And the most exciting. Beginning to bellow, he cried out “Yes, Baby. Here it Cums, HERE IT CUMS. TAKE MY CUM! FUCK ME BACK.ARGHHHH, FEEL IT! I’M SHOOTING MY CUM INSIDE YOU. FUCKING YOU KRISTI. TAKE MY SPERM.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! His cum was awesome. He’d never had kocaeli escort such an experience. He began shooting stream after stream inside her cunt, feeling her pussy rippling up and down his shaft, milking his prick as he sprayed his daughter with his hot sperm. For thirty seconds his prick injected his little girl with his man cream, filling up her belly, her pussy canal, and her cunt with his thick white cream, shooting so much inside her that it began to squeeze out around his completely buried prick. At last, he collapsed on top of his daughter, his head on her shoulder, his chest cushioned on the luxuriantly full softness of her tits, his prick still deep inside her. As he finally wilted enough to wetly slither from her thoroughly fucked cunt, he looked up into her face. “I-I’m sorry, Kristi!” he said miserably. Looking him fully in the face, Kristi said “I’m not Daddy. I love you, and I loved having you make love to me. And I-I hope.I hope that it will happen again!” She felt like a complete slut admitting such a thing to her father. Roger was stunned! And yet, the thought of again burying his prick inside the hotly wet spacing pussy of his gorgeous daughter was enough to make his cock twitch and slowly begin to recover. Confused and embarrassed, he merely said “W-We’ll see princess.” as he rolled off of her body. Tom stood by the table looking down at the soiled teenager. “That was pretty damn good, girl! Now your old man and I are going to go see how your sister and mom are doing.” There was no need for them to do that, for the sounds of female moaning and the slap of flesh against flesh could be heard. Kristi knew that her mother and Erica were at the moment being fucked. And the squeals and moans she heard were not of pain or shame. It sounded like what she would imagine a whorehouse sounded like. “.while we’re gone, you go over there and give Bill a lap fuck. It looks like he’s read to go again.” Kristi looked over and saw that Bill was leaning back in the chair, his cock sticking almost straight up. Her pussy tingled as she looked at the naked mans huge erection. “Come on, bitch, get to it. Go sit on his prick and start fucking him!” Kristi woodenly got off the table. Her legs were sore, her thigh aching from being spread apart so wide. However, her pussy was throbbing with the expectation of being filled. Her tits were still aroused, her nipples hard and pointing at the naked kidnapper as she slowly approached him, her eyes on the floor. She was ashamed at what was happening in her body, at the arousal and excitement, and she was hoping they wouldn’t notice. When she stood before Bill, he put his legs together. “Straddle my legs and sit that hot little cunt down on my prick, you filthy slut!” he said, making her blush. Spreading her feet apart, she moved forward, her inner thighs brushing against the outside of his hairy legs as she moved into position. Kristi gasped when his hands reached out and he took her nipples and began tweaking and twirling them. Speaking softly, he said “So you like fucking, don’t you Baby. Or maybe you just like fucking Daddy. Is that it? You like having your old man shove his dick up your pussy? Maybe this wasn’t the first time, huh?” He was trying to intentionally humiliate the teenage girl. While she suspected as much, his words humiliated her. She hurried, hoping to shut him up. When her pussy was over his cock, Kristi fisted it, placing the head against the lewdly gaping lips of her pussy, and beginning to slowly sink down on to him. Unconsciously, Kristi circled her hips as she impaled the velvet glove of her cunt onto the man’s hard prick. She began moaning as she bounced up and down while the man ravaged her tits. “Ohhh, that’s sweet, you bitch. You’re a hot little whore! Now move your ass and fuck!” Bill said as he began thrusting upwards each time Kristi slid down his throbbing cock. Tom made Roger walk ahead of him, a gun on his back as they left the room. Roger was tormented by the sight and sound of his baby being forced to fuck the profane man. And yet, his prick was hard as the vision of his daughters beautiful naked body bouncing on Bill’s prick fired his lust. Slowly, his sense of shame was fading.

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