Lace Club: First Day Ch. 02

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As I lay on the massage table, naked and dripping, I thought about what had just happened. I had an extremely erotic wax and massage… for work. This new position at Lace Club — a company that specialized in all girl sex parties — was definitely the place for me.

I grabbed the silk robe that was given to me and wrapped it around my body. It was tight around my large breasts, hard nipples, and it barely covered my ass. I felt so sexy.

Yet another gorgeous woman walked into the room. She was wearing the same outfit as the masseuse — tight, white, spaghetti strap tank top and grey spandex booty shorts. Except this woman was tall and thin with glowing dark skin and black hair. She handed me a piece of paper and walked out. Her tight ass swinging with every step.

The paper read:

There is a car outside, get dressed, get in, and pick out a sexy outfit for tonight.

-Jessica Stern

Oh god, it was my sexy boss. She has this whole CEO, business woman dominatrix thing going on and I am into it.

I obliged, got dressed, jumped in the car, and excitedly cruised across town. I got out and entered a boutique. I was the only one in the store besides a stunning, Jessica Rabbit looking redhead. She was dressed very demure, but her incredible body was hard to ignore.


I looked up, surprised. How did she know my name?

“I’m Scarlet.”

Of course. She extended her delicate hand out for a handshake. When we touched I felt her warm soft skin. She looked me up and down.

“Let me get your measurements before I start shopping around.”

I followed her into a luxurious, opulent dressing room. I took off my tee shirt and jeans leaving only my black lace lingerie.

She wrapped a measuring tape around my tits. My nipples hardened against the cold tape. She took notice and stepped a bit closer to me from behind. I could feel her hot breath on my neck, she lowered the tape and gently cupped my breasts with her warm hands. My nipples were hard against poker oyna her hands. She gently massaged them. It only made them harder, and it only made my pussy wetter. What was she doing?

Suddenly she stopped. She continued my measurements without any touching or lingering. I was somewhat disappointed. She left me alone in the dressing room for a few minutes. I dragged my finger along my pussy. I was getting wet but I knew there wasn’t enough time to do anything about it before she came back.

She swung the door open with an armful of tantalizing lingerie. The first thing that caught my eye was a black latex corset top. I reached out for it immediately and saw her eyes light up. She handed me the corset and closed the door. I quickly slipped it on and opened the door.

“How’s it look?”

I knew it looked good.

“Oh my god.”

Her eyes widened. My tits were barely contained and it made my waist so fucking tiny. I hadn’t felt this sexy in a long time. I strutted towards her in my black stilettos. Just as i was right up next to her I spun around and strutted back right into the dressing room. She followed close behind me. She slammed the door of the dressing room behind her and walked up to me. Her eyes fixated on my body.

I was so ready for her to touch me, like the masseuse had before. But she didn’t. She looked intently then she walked away and grabbed another outfit for me. She handed it to me and walked out of the dressing room. I looked at myself in the mirror. There was no way she wasn’t attracted to me. My huge tits were practically spilling out of this corset. I looked so fucking sexy in the skin tight, shiny black, top.

I looked so. fucking. sexy. there was no way I couldn’t touch myself about this. I get so turned on by my own body — it’s a blessing and a curse. I was so unbelievable tempted to touch myself but then I remembered the exciting things the night had in store and I held off.

I decided on a super sexy, wine colored, lace bralette and thong set. It canlı poker oyna would go perfectly with the wine colored strappy stilettos I had sitting in my closet.

As Scarlet rang me up she charged it to the Jessica Stern account. I noticed her acting more shy than she previously had. I couldn’t help but find her so attractive after that sensual moment we shared. She didn’t seem interested at all anymore. I was so confused.

She handed me my bag and gave my my next instructions.

“The car will take you to get whatever you need, then back to Lace Club headquarters for hair and makeup, then to the mansion, where the fun begins.”

I swooned. Her voice was so sexy. I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin.


I had my hair and makeup, my sexy lingerie, my stilettos and I was sitting in the back of a big black SUV on the way to the mansion.

I was so nervous but as soon as wee pulled up I was greeted by a very cute, very friendly girl.

“Colette Wintour?” she said to me with a smile.

“Yes, that’s me.” I said.

“Welcome to your first Lace Club party.”

She handed me a glass of champagne. She was a punky, cute girl. Her super short black bangs against her pale skin were intriguing. Her nose was pierced at the septum and her flat chest was covered in tattoos as far as i could see into her white v-neck top.

She scribbled something onto a clipboard and opened the front door of the mansion.


I was floored when I entered the foyer of this mansion. There were gorgeous women everywhere. They all looked like lingerie models. It was a sensory overload.

A sexy, petite woman in a sexy French maid costume removed my blazer revealing my lingerie.

I walked towards the bar area where I saw a sexy brunette insist on doing body shots off of the French maid who had just taken my coat.

She licked something off of the woman’s chest and then the two began passionately making out. I was so wet internet casino already. I didn’t know what to do. Other women around me were all in lingerie and they were grinding with each other and writing against the furniture. I walked through the room in awe of my surroundings.

I walked up the marble stair case to a private room. I instantly saw a gorgeous redhead woman standing up against the wall. She had a curvy woman with long black hair knelt between her legs. The redhead looked deeply into my eyes and moaned in ecstasy. The woman below her was definitely giving it her all, I could tell by the look on the redhead’s face.

I knew that face…

It was the woman from the lingerie fitting!

She looked deep into my eyes as she came. Hard.

I was frozen. I just stared. When she was finished the brunette stood up off her knees and kissed her deeply.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window, after that tiny jolt of confidence I decided to approach her.

“Hi Scarlet”

She pulled away from the brunette.

“Colette Wintour, I am so glad to see you here.”

Finally the brunette turned around to me. She looked familiar. It took a minute for me to place her, but I quickly realized it was Kayla. Kayla was a crazy-famous, model/instagram star, famous for her pouty lips and crazy curves.

I melted seeing Scarlet’s juices coating Kayla’s famous lips.

“Gorgeous isn’t she?” Scarlet asked me.

I nodded yes.

“Kayla, she made me come, I want you to make her come.”

Kayla quickly knelt down and began kissing my swollen pussy with her puffy, wet lips.

Scarlet grabbed my arm, helping me stand up straight despite the extreme pleasure shooting through my legs.

“You watched me come, now I want to watch you.”

She grabbed my nipple through the lace. Right as Kayla wrapped her lips and skilled tongue around my clit. My pussy throbbed and dripped as she began to fuck me with her tongue and Scarlet pulled and tweaked my super sensitive nipples.

I locked eyes with Scarlet as I let my body go. I rode that orgasm so hard. My juices dripped onto Kayla’s warm puffy lips.

Scarlet looked at me and said, “we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

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