Landlady Love

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“Age is not a barrier…Many a good tune is played on old fiddles”

I can still remember the first time I found out what it was to be a man. I guess I was about eighteen at the time and living in a rented room somewhere in the city. My landlady, who I had always referred to as Mrs. McLaren, had been kind enough to take me in at a reasonable rent when she found out that I was struggling through university. That was eighteen months ago.

My studies had kept me from pursuing the pleasures of female flesh so I was still a virgin even though I had reached my majority. The only ‘loving’ I had known since I was old enough to get an erection was by wanking and that seemed pleasurable enough to get me by up until now.

It was a Saturday and the big exams had come and gone leaving me with nothing to do except wait for the Monday morning plane to take me home for the end of semester break. I had bought myself the latest copy of a popular ‘girly’ magazine and was now settled on my bed, dressed only in my jocks, with the magazine open to the centerfold. The girl was posed presenting her buttocks at the camera, her legs spread and her face turned to pout from the page. Two huge tits were pointed down at the bed and her cunt gaped out at me inviting me in. In my imagination I joined her on the rumpled bed, dreaming of how that sweet, wet cunt would taste if I could only get my mouth onto it. It didn’t take long for my right hand to find the huge erection that burst from my jocks and I began slowly wanking as I dreamed of wild sex with the Goddess in that picture.

I don’t know why Mrs. McLaren came into my room. I suppose she assumed I was out for the day, being as it was Saturday and the exams were over. My landlady liked mothering me and often would come to tidy my room, change the sheets and do a general makeover while I was out. I didn’t hear the door open anyway, as my dream-fuck was reaching crescendo, as was the rhythm of my hand on my cock. I had raised my ass off the bed a bit and was flogging my hard cock furiously unaware that Mrs. McLaren stood just in the door watching me.

Mrs. McLaren was in her forties, probably the wrong side of forty-five, if truth be known but she still had a trim body and her face had that mature prettiness you often see in women of latter years who have looked after themselves. She smiled and cocked her head as she watched my hand blur like a con-rod on a piston and she listened to my panting and grunting as I searched for the hot white fountain of love.

Who knows how long she watched, but I first became aware of her when her soft voice interrupted my dream.

“Don’t waste it, Roger. I can think of much better uses for it.”

Fuck me! I nearly blew my wad right there and then! My fist stopped on the bottom of the down-stroke and my cock stuck out from my fist like an angry red python as my wide eyes looked at my landlady propped against the door.

Her eyes were on my deep purple knob and the smile on her face split a little to let the tip of her pink tongue peek out for a lick that told of her desire.

“Wouldn’t you rather a real woman looked after that monster of yours?” She spoke in a hoarse voice that in later years I would recognize as a woman in full arousal. Her thin cotton blouse displayed twin nipples erect and probing from the tops of her wonderful ample breasts. I smiled and nodded, still holding my pose – I guess I was frozen in that instant of time. She began to walk over to me and my eyes dropped to her slim legs. Her thighs moved beneath her knee-length summer skirt and I felt a new rush of blood to my already enormous organ. I had never seen up a woman’s dress before and my imagination was going off on a riot.

Mesmerized, I watched her smoothly crossing the short distance between the door and my bed. It seemed like a country mile and everything was in slow motion, but she reached me and gently took my cock from my fist, wrapping her long, slender fingers around that throbbing tool.
“It is so big.” She murmured as she began slowly massaging it, rubbing it up and down.

I sat up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed to make room for her. She took the implied invitation. As she sat down next to me her skirt rode up revealing a nice bit of thigh as she turned smiling to face me. I let my eyes travel her calves, past her knees and along her thighs to the point where her skirt began, a soft, brightly patterned curtain hiding her treasures from view. She cupped my balls with her free hand while wanking me slowly with the other, then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

“Tell me what you would like to see, Roger. What would you like to touch and play with?”

I gulped…really! Like the characters in a cartoon when they are overwhelmed by events around them.

“I…I…mmmmm…I mean…”
“Have you ever touched a girl before, Roger? I mean, the secret parts of a girl?”

“, Mrs. McLaren. N…n…never.”

“Hmmmmm…Call me Phyllis, Roger. I think it is time you were poker oyna ‘broken in’ don’t you?”

“Y…y…yes, Mrs. Mcl …Phyllis, ma’am.” I stammered like a baby and my body began to tremble as if I was very cold.

“Well then….” Phyllis smiled wickedly. Releasing my balls she took hold of my hand and placed it onto her thigh. “You’ll never know if you never go.” She was not to know that she had just misquoted the jingle line of an advertisement that would appear on TV about twenty five years later.

I rubbed around a little feeling how smooth her leg was despite the fact that she was close to thirty years older than me. She was tickling the end of my cock with her thumb and now reached forward to kiss me again on the mouth, this time seeking with her tongue between my lips. I surrendered to her and felt that hot wet tongue go into my mouth where it began questing eagerly. My hand on her thigh seemed to take on a life of its own as it wandered around the soft pillar of her leg. I explored the inner valley of her thighs until my questing fingers reached a pair of very sheer, silky panties that were hot and damp between her legs.

“Oooooh, yes, Roger. I want your fingers in my pussy.” She breathed, speaking into my open mouth.

It didn’t take long for me to work my fingers in under her panty line, before my probing digits moved through a generous thatch of hair then dipped into her warm crevice. How can one ever forget that first sensation as tremulous fingers finally get to touch a hot pussy? I never will. There was a touch of celestial bliss to the occasion as her nether lips parted to let me in.

She was wet and my fingers slipped easily into her, probing deep inside of her pulsing cavity. It was almost too much and I felt the pressure building. The tingling tightness in my groin heralded imminent ejaculation. I didn’t want to cum yet. There were still things to discover about this sensuous woman, and although I’d never fucked a woman before I was very familiar with the fact that once I’d blown my load, my cock would shrivel down to a worthless maggot.

Need I have concerned myself? Experience is a marvelous teacher and she had lots of that. She sensed my dilemma and did something with my cock that eased the pressure instantly. I guess she wasn’t ready to have me squirt my load yet either. I played in her pussy, letting my fingers work in and out; running along inside her sweet lips to the hard little knob at the top edge. Her clit responded to my ministrations and she moaned against my mouth as a shudder went through her body. With a little shove she pushed me back onto the bed where I sprawled, legs apart my cock jutting up like a solid oak mast. Somewhere in the last few moments my jocks had found their way down around my ankles and had fallen off as I flopped back.

I watched as she drew her blouse up over her head. Two gorgeous tits burst free unfettered by a bra and although they sagged slightly, they were definitely not untidy for a woman her age. Nipples like ripe plums thrust out at me. Set in an acre of dark aureoles like small football ovals perched on top of wondrous milky pale hills still jiggling joyously at their sudden freedom. Next she thrust her hands in each side of her skirt. Smiling wickedly and winking like a naughty conspirator she slowly stripped her last remaining clothing down over her shapely legs finally letting all fall to the floor.

She placed her hands on her hips and spread her legs striking a domineering pose but the smile on her face radiated desire as she gazed at my spread-eagled form. My eyes were on her dark thatch. All the women in the magazines that I had so joyously wanked over were bald…shaved pussy, not a hair in sight.

Phyllis walked to the bed, sashaying her hips and in a moment she had straddled me, still on her knees hovering above me. From this angle I could see her pink pussy lips buried in that silky thatch. I reached a trembling hand and ran my fingers through her pubic hair.

“Oh, Phyllis!” I moaned. “It feels so smooth and silky.”

“Hmmmm…Never felt a woman’s pussy hair before babe? Where have you been?” she chuckled.

“Oh…shit…wow…I guess I must have been saving it all up for you.” I blurted knowing instantly how cliched that sounded. But I guess it was what she wanted to hear because she smiled widely.

“How sweet you are, Roger. And wicked. Now show me what you know about pleasing a woman.”

She lowered herself and my fingers slid easily into her wet tunnel, three at once and her eyes fluttered at the sensation. My thumb brushed across her tight little ass and I felt it pucker at the sensation but before I could quest there further she dropped herself down onto my quivering cock. I pulled my fingers out and let my shaft slide into her well-lubricated hole. Phyllis sighed as my shaft sank into her and I felt my knob touch her deep inside, the very top of her hot and eager pussy.

“Oh, fuck me baby! I want to feel you cum deep inside of me.”

My balls canlı poker oyna were crushed against her ass and I felt again her tight little rear hole pressing against them. I had never really had much thought about that spot. It seems that such feelings had always been taboo so I concentrated on the more intense sensation of her cunt squeezing my deeply imbedded shaft. Her large tits jiggled invitingly above me and I reached up to grasp those huge nipples between my fingers, rolling them and pulling on them; masturbating them like small cocks.

“Aaahh…Jeez, yes!” She screamed throwing back her head. Her own hands came to cover mine pressing them into her breasts.

Her eyes blazed with passion as they looked into mine, their dark brown depths inviting me to dive in. Sensuous lips parted slightly and her tongue slipped out to lick around them.

“Oh Roger. Oh, baby, I have so wanted to fuck you even from the first day you came here. Oh my young stud! I have waited so long for this!”

Bouncing on my cock as she spoke, tits jiggling furiously under our hands and muscular legs pressing against my sides, I felt the pressure building again in my groin. It welled up inside of me and I knew that this time I was going to blow my load whether she used her trick or not. She was fucking furiously and I wasn’t sure if she would appreciate an early explosion on my part.

“Aaaah Phyllis…Oh fuck, babe…I think I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, I am gonna cum!”

Her pace never slackened…sped up more likely and her weight bore on me as my cock penetrated her like a great beefy spear.

“Yes, Roger…Yes. Squirt your cum inside me. I want it deep in my pussy…Oh fuck me honey!”

Well, that was the ringing of the bell for me. I felt the rush in my head as my balls bulged with semen. My cock pulsed; once, twice and then a hot jet of cum squirted from me deep inside her cunt. I imagined it spraying against the deep walls of her pulsing pussy. Again and again my cock squirted its load inside her until I felt it running back along my shaft down over my balls. Her pussy was pulsing and she moaned, loudly as we both managed to cum, if not exactly together so close it didn’t matter.

There was that swirling gray misty moment when time skips a beat and then I was rolling away from her breathing like a marathon runner. My cock was already shrinking after its massive discharge and I felt a little guilty as it hadn’t seemed that we’d been fucking that long.

I had my hand over my eyes as I lay on my back, my shrinking dick coiling up inside its nest of hair, but Phyllis wasn’t done yet. I felt her hand on my depleted member and she squeezed me ever so gently, then her mouth took it all in…cock, balls, the lot. She licked under my ball bag and along my shaft, sucking eagerly at my knob. Juices, both hers and mine, made an erotic cocktail that she drank like nectar. New blood flowed and my ‘little soldier’ began to struggle to attention once more. I was amazed. This never happened when wanking over some pinup girl!

“Oh yes, baby!” I moaned thinking how I always believed my cock to be a one-shot cannon. She was doing amazing things with her tongue and lips. As she did, she moved across my body, until her cunt stared me in the face. I saw the mixed juices of our passion trickling from her sweet hole a blend of white creamy jiszm and clear pussy juice. Never had I tasted my own cum before. The thought would have never entered my mind but I clamped my mouth over her wet hole and lapped at the mix sending my questing tongue in deep. So we cleaned each other until both were sated and she spun herself around until she was lying face to face on top of me. We kissed. Deep and probing. Tasting the erotic, slightly salty product of our love on each other. I couldn’t believe it, but my cock was again rock-hard and ready trapped between her belly and mine.

“You ready to fuck again tiger?” She purred.

“Hmmm…Might be able to raise a little bit of a ride.” I answered. My hand was between the cheeks of her ass and seeking her pussy as I spoke. Again I brushed against her other place and forbidden thoughts pushed to the fore. She kept her large dark eyes on mine and her smile had a knowing edge to it.

“Naughty boy…I know what you are thinking. Have you ever wondered what it would be like?”

“Mmmmmm. …A lot.” I lied keeping my voice low and even as my finger dwelt against her tight pucker. She wiggled her ass a little and pouted her lips.

“Well. What would you say if I told you that I am still a virgin there.” She murmured kissing me quickly.

“Hmmm. A pair of virgins together, huh? We could learn together.”

“We could.” Her eyes closed as I circled her with my finger, dipping a little into that very secret place. I moved my questing finger between her pussy and her ass using her wetness to lubricate the entrance and each time drove my finger in a little deeper, working it around until she was soft and receptive.

“Oh my god!” She sighed, internet casino lifting herself so that she arced backwards above me. Her mound remained crushed against my hard cock as her large tits rose free above me. I licked out at one of her thumb-sized nipples catching it with a swipe with my tongue as it jiggled past. God she had huge breasts. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were screwed shut as she savored the new experience of my finger burrowing into her ass.

“Oh Roger…Yes. I want it, honey. Oooohh…yes, fuck my ass baby!”

She lifted her buttocks about six inches off my pelvis freeing my trapped cock. That worthy member sprang up immediately jutting at about a 45-degree angle as it sought a port in which to park itself. Phyllis supported her weight on one arm while her other reached under to grab my cock in an eager fist. Jiggling the throbbing shaft around like a fighter pilot’s joystick, she maneuvered the head of my penis until it kissed her freshly lubricated pucker. A thrill went through me as the entrance to her tightest hole flowered open under the gentle pressure of my cock. The head slid in easily as she sat down on my shaft. I could feel my throbbing cock sinking deeper and deeper in. Oh fuck! It was so tight, so warm. Phyllis gasped as she felt me invading her last unexplored place. Her buttocks gyrated in small circles causing my cock to ream her and the movement made me sink even deeper into her.

“Ooooh fuck…I never thought it’d be like this. It feels so good!” She gasped.

“Oh Phyllis. Oh God…” There was no words to express how I felt at that moment. Never in my wildest fuck-dreams had I thought of ass-fucking a woman, but this was sensational. Her rear tunnel was so tight and warm and surprisingly soft, hugging my cock like a hot silky glove. She was sitting up now and had caught her balance by moving her feet forward so that she was squatting. I put my hands on her hips and lifted, urging her to rise. Slowly she lifted her ass up and I felt it clench my shaft tightly as it withdrew due to the motion. Just as I thought my knob must surely burst fee, I released my lifting pressure and she sat down again causing my cock to plunge into her. My balls crushed up against her gaping pussy, and that was all right too.

We fucked like that for a little while. Phyllis got wildly excited and began bobbing up and down on my cock faster and faster until I was driving my shaft in and out like the piston of an old steam engine. Somewhere during our feverish coupling she tumbled onto her side on the bed while I rose to my knees. Her leg landed on my shoulder and it was my ass that was thrusting in and out rapidly. I ran my hand along the inside of her soft thigh until my fingers dipped deep into her pussy. The sensation was incredible as I could feel the base of my hot shaft through the wall of her pussy. I could stroke the underside of my cock through her as I fucked her hard in her ass.

“Aaahh…Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Roger…Baby. Cum in my ass.” Phyllis was gasping the words breathlessly as she thrashed her head from side to side.

“Oh baby! I’ve never dreamed it would be like this. I can stroke my cock from inside you. Oh I am going to cum soon.”

“Yes. Oh, fuck yes. Squirt your cum in my ass baby!”

I was reaching my climax. I could feel the pressure building as my balls pumped their load ready for my cock to deliver. Grabbing her ass cheeks I turned her until she was on her knees on the bed and, deftly moving behind her, I drove my cock in as hard as I could, until my balls were pressed against her cunt so hard they almost were swallowed up. Then I began to shoot my load.

The sensation was as if I had stuck my cock into a electrical socket. Wave after wave of pulsing power went through me as my cock spat its load deep in her ass. Jiszm flowed in hot sticky dollops as she howled for me like a wolverine on heat.

Finally I came down off the cloud of ecstasy where we had risen during our mad, fucking coupling and my shrinking cock slipped easily from her ass. Exhausted now, I rolled away to lie supine on the bed while she flopped forward in the prone position. Phyllis was breathing heavily.

“Oh Roger, Oh fuck, Roger, Oh shit, that was unbelievable.” She moaned as she fought to regain her breath.

We lay apart for a few minutes while strength and breath returned to both of us. I rolled to my side, propping up my head on an elbow while she did the same so that we were facing each other.

“Fuck, babe! I don’t think my ass will ever be the same!” She laughed. Her big brown eyes were wide and shone with passion as she gazed at me. I leaned forward and kissed her lips. It was a tender kiss and we shared a little probing with our tongues before she gently drew away.

“How would you like a hot soapy shower?”

“Hmmmm. …Yes, that would be nice.” I was wet with perspiration and my groin was sticky from our hot lovemaking so a shower would be a welcome prologue. She smiled lovingly at me and hoisted herself off the bed, then bent over and grasped my tired, limp dick firmly in her hand.

“C’mon then soldier.” She chuckled as she pulled me from the bed. With a dick firmly in hand a woman has total control of the man, I always say…

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