Late for Work


You arrive late for work, instantly you are flustered and panicking about what will be said as you rush through the door taking your coat off as you go, and trying to quietly get to your seat and casting a nervous glance over to your boss’s office to see if he’s seen your late arrival. You sit down at your desk and turn on your screen, quickly settling in and starting work. You wince as you read the last email which is from the boss asking for an update by a time that has already gone this morning. As you start to reply, he’s already stood at your desk and you look up, startled. He asks you to the office for a word and you follow meekly, awaiting your punishment. As you go through the door, he closes it and you sit down.

He sits down behind his desk and just sits there quietly looking at you, shaking his head. You look down – this is going to be bad. You have been warned before about your timekeeping, and your work alone is not good enough to help you, I don’t know how I can get through to you to take this job more seriously he says. You look up and start trying to make excuses but it’s no good. He’s probably heard it all before and he waves it away in a calm and authoritative manner. As you await your fate you look up to see him eyeing your legs up. It’s not the first time and it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, but under the circumstances there is little else going your way at the moment. You suddenly realise you are in fact wearing a very sexy outfit today, with sexy high heels, holdups and a short tight skirt with a tight blouse unbuttoned far enough to show a little cleavage. You turn slightly towards your boss and cross your legs. You ask him if there is anything you can do, that it won’t happen again, and you make sure that your skirt has pulled up your leg enough for him to see the top of your hold up. You start rocking one shoe back and forth and make out you’re getting hot, fanning yourself close to your breasts and you’re quite surprised to see the look on his face has changed completely. He is now transfixed by your legs, your heels and is drawn towards your breasts, pushed together by your push up bra, which seems like a very wise choice now.

All of a sudden the silence is broken in a shocking way, as he leans over and beckons you close to the desk. You lean over too, making sure he can see down your top a little. He whispers to you that to keep your job you will have to show him you appreciate it more, and to do that you will have to keep him happy. You say of course and that you will work much harder, but you are becoming uneasy as you realise what he is suggesting. He shakes his head and tells you it’s not enough anymore, but as a favour, and because he likes you, he will give you a chance, but you have to use your best assets. He nods at your legs and suddenly it all sinks in what you have to do. You gulp and sit back, but the first thing that comes to mind is your crippling debts and how you really can’t afford to lose this job. Would it really be so bad you ask yourself as you look at him and remember at least a few occasions when you’ve fantasised about sex with the boss just because of his power. And now you find yourself in his Bostancı escort power, and you feel helpless.

He smiles at you and asks you to come round to his side of the desk. Come on he says, I know how much you need this job and a naughty little girl like you needs to be taught a lesson every now and then. You do your best to smile but feel nervous about what might happen, and whether you actually will enjoy any of it. All of a sudden his hands are all over you, sliding up your legs and rubbing over your blouse to rub your breasts, down your thighs and then a hand disappears up your skirt. You are surprised by how soft his touch is though, and you find yourself gasping slightly as his hand strokes up your thigh and brushes over your knickers. You attempt a smile back at him, and try to put your hands on his shoulders. As you look down you can already see the hardness in his trousers. He undoes your blouse and freely fondles your breasts, softly at first in your bra, then a little harder as he releases them each in turn and leans in to suck on your nipples, making them hard and pointed. All of a sudden his hand is back up your skirt and the excitement and shock has made you a little wet as he find to his delight then rubbing over your knickers. He carries on gently stroking them and then pulls them to one side before slipping a finger in. He moans with pleasure as he feels your wet pussy and you do your best to look like you’re enjoying it, when all of a sudden there is a knock at the door.

Without even thinking he stands up and pushes down on your shoulders, pushing you down and then under his desk as he sits back down with you in front of him, and answers, calling the person in. You are horrified and crouch down trying to do yourself up and huddle in the space as you realise there are several voices in the room now, all of them ones you recognise, and one of them is your friend you sit next to. If only she knew where you were and what you were doing. As if it were perfectly natural, your boss unzips his fly when someone is closing the door and releases his cock as he pulls himself in close to his desk and where he is sitting it grows to its full length and starts to bob up and down gently right next to your face. You can see he is very excited and a hand pops down and starts to rub the tip gently as he starts talking to all the people about sales figures and targets for the month. you wonder if you are getting away with it, and start listening to the conversation until you see his hand reach down under the table again and this time find the back of your head and grab it, pushing it towards his cock. It’s obvious what you are supposed to be doing and you look up wondering how things have come to this, but then think you’re here now and you’d better get on with it.

You reach out and start to stroke his cock up and down, from the base to the tip, circling your fingertips around the tip. It’s not long before it starts to produce a result as the first bits of pre cum leak from his tip, and you rub them in with your thumb. Then, slowly you lean forward and open your mouth, wrapping your lips around the head of his cock and slowly pushing Anadolu Yakası Escort it in without gripping or sucking yet, just sliding it into your mouth. You’re surprised at how easy it is to imagine allsorts when you can’t see his face and you actually start to enjoy it as you push it in your mouth further and deeper, and then begin to gently suck. You suck slowly and softly on his tip and then start to wrap your fingers round the base of his cock and wank gently as your mouth moves down further. You alternate sucking and blowing and then try deep throating too, pushing him all the way in. You’re surprised with how much you’re enjoying it and you start to get carried away, realising you’re getting wet too. You go back to holding his cock at the base and sucking his tip, and you are brought back to reality with a jolt as you suddenly feel his hand behind your head pushing you down further. He grabs a bit of your hair in his fist to pull you away again and you can’t believe no one can notice as he starts to fuck your mouth. You do your best to keep up and as the meeting draws to a close he lets go and leans forward slightly to shake hands with someone you presume and then people start to leave. You can’t believe what you’ve been doing and as the last person leaves you wonder what’s coming next.

You hear your boss still talking to someone and he tells the other voice, which you recognise to be a director, to come round and have a look at something. You are horrified to hear him walk round and your boss to slide his chair back to expose you having your mouth slide off his cock, and of course you huddled under his desk with your blouse open, your breasts exposed and your legs open. You try and cover yourself and of course go bright red with embarrassment, but the reaction is not what you thought and you soon realise you are not here to be humiliated… The director congratulates your boss on his ‘achievement’ and looks at you and smiles, telling you what a good job you seem to be doing. You surprise yourself by smiling back, and all of a sudden you see no reason to hold back, this could actually work out quite well for your career.

You find your boss holding his hands out and you grab hold of them to pull yourself out from under his desk, and you barely have time to stand up before your boss stands up and then bends you over the chair. Do you mind if I stay, the director asks you, and you smile back, relishing the attention telling him he should join in. You’re not sure what you’re saying, this is not like you at all, but you find yourself eagerly bending over the chair and taking the directors cock in your mouth while your boss is pressed up against you and starts to finger you inside your knickers. You really have started to enjoy it now and you are wet already as your boss slides his hands over your ass and deftly fingers inside your knickers. You push back on his hand as the director reaches down to fondle your breasts as you begin sucking on him.

It’s not long before you feel your boss sliding his cock up your thigh, between your legs and then roughly pull your knickers down as he pushes inside your pussy. You stop sucking Kadıköy Escort briefly to moan with pleasure as you feel his girth filling you inside and you take him all in, pushing back to feel your pussy lips around the base of his cock. By now you are soaked, allowing him to enter you without a problem, and you love the feeling of two men inside you. You take his cock out of your mouth just so you can say ‘please fuck me sir’ which you know he will like, and you feel his hands all over your stockings and ass as he starts to pump you. You try and keep steady, with the directors hands behind your head to hold himself in your mouth, but you soon find it difficult to suck properly with your boss building up a quick rhythm as he fucks you hard from behind. He’s soon fucking your wet pussy hard and fast as you can feel his balls slapping against your ass. He starts to grunt with pleasure, egged on by the director, and you have no choice but to take his cock out of your mouth and just hold it as you bite the back of the chair to muffle your moans. It feels so good and he’s really hitting your g spot hard, so it’s not surprising that after a while you feel your legs and then your whole body tensing as your moans reach a peak and you grip the chair as hard as you can and let out a small shriek as you shudder and cum. You can feel your pussy tense as you cum and you know your boss appreciates it as he slows the pace of his thrusting, and you feel he is close now. The director says it’s his turn now and he wants to swap…

Your boss is reluctant to pull out, but agrees to and they swap as you get your breath back and recover. You take in your boss’s cock and can taste all your pussy juice down his cock which turns you on, and you try and suck him as much as possible before the director enters you. He does so roughly, his cock is bigger and pushes all the way up inside making you tingle. He grabs your hips and starts to thrust straight away, and calls you names, telling you how dirty you are which he seems to enjoy. You enjoy tasting your pussy so much on your boss’s cock you start to fantasise about having a girl there too. You soon realise the extra pressure inside your newly sensitive pussy is going to make you cum again soon, and determined not to be the only one, you start to tense your pussy as best you can, gripping the directors cock and forcing yourself back onto him, and wanking your boss’s cock as well as sucking his tip.

You’re proved right as it’s not too long before you find yourself muffling your moans with that cock as you cum again and you start to feel exhausted from the twin action. But soon as you tense your pussy again you hear the director moan and he slows slightly and grips your hips as with a final thrust inside you, he shoots his hard load deep inside your pussy, leaving you filled. He pulls out quickly and sits down to recover, leaving you with cum leaking out of your pussy as you carry on sucking your boss. You’re impressed he can last so long but soon he grips your head and starts to moan and tense, and then you feel the first spurts as his creamy load is ejected from his cock. He pulls out from your mouth to spurt the last few bits over your face making sure you know who’s in charge and then he sits down too. You’re left to sit on the chair and compose yourself, stinking of cum and shaking from your powerful orgasms. You hope this will get you a promotion rather than just keeping your job as you smile at them both…

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