Later That Night: Her Submission


She Would Never Be The Same Again – In his room.

When she awoke later, it was still dark, but he was no longer there. She looked at herself and realized that anyone could have come up and found her here naked. She rushed over to the chair where her dress was and picked it up to put it on. There was a card under it. It said, “Room 455.” It was signed Patrick.

She picked it up and looked at it, knowing that whatever she decided to do, her life would never be the same again.

Staring at the card for a moment, her mind raced over the events of the evening. What had she been thinking! She could not believe that she had just had her pussy eaten, been fucked naked on a rooftop and then sucked a man off all on the same evening. Had it been a dream? No, here she was standing naked on the rooftop holding her dress and the card of the man who had … seduced her. She guessed that was the right term. But then, it was almost as if he had taken control of her body and … well, she HAD enjoyed it. She had never cum so hard in all her life. But she knew that she should just let it end there. She needed to return home after her conference and let this become just a memory.

She slipped her dress back on and looked around, spying her shoes. Where were her panties? Then she remembered the elevator. She had left them there. She remembered being pressed against the wall of the elevator, his mouth on her pussy, his tongue plunging in and out of her … in spite of herself she was again becoming aroused.

Once again she glanced at the card. His room was on the same floor as hers, probably only a few doors away. The invitation was obvious. One part of her, a very lustful part she never knew existed until this night, wanted to accept that invitation. If he had done these things to her in an elevator or on the rooftop, what would do to her if he had her alone in his room? The question both frightened and excited her at the same time. She knew she should just drop the card, return to her room and forget about him. And yet …

Janet found her clutch, took the card and dropped it in as she walked slowly off the roof, down the stairs, and into the elevator. Thank God, he had not taken her purse while she slept. As she entered the elevator, she realized that she was in the same one they had used earlier in the evening. She glanced around, but her panties were nowhere to be seen. She wondered who had them and blushed at the thought.

When the elevator stopped at her floor, she got off and made her way to her room. Passing room 455, his room, Janet’s steps slowed. She almost stopped, but then her good sense took over and she kept on going until she reached her own, just a few doors down.

Closing the door behind her, Janet leaned against it a moment with her eyes shut. Even though she wasn’t going to his room, she was as yet unwilling to let go of the sensual feelings she had been experiencing since she woke naked on the rooftop. She was glad she had brought a sexy nightgown with her and not one of the cotton ones she usually wore at home. She undressed, slid the long, silky gown over her head and crawled into bed. She glanced at the clock and discovered it was only ten. She turned on the television and set the sleep timer, thinking she would go to sleep to the drone of the TV.

She tried to focus on the screen, but her mind kept going over the events of evening. She remembered his eyes, his voice, and how wonderful his hands and his tongue had felt on her body. She remembered his cock pounding into her pussy and then his hardness in her mouth. How eager she had been to please him! She hadn’t even minded when he came and she was forced to swallow it. She had never done that before and was surprised how much she enjoyed it. She remembered how safe and secure she had felt in his arms afterwards. Satisfied, ready to sleep.

But now, Janet couldn’t sleep. She realized that as she had replayed the evening, she had become wet again. Each time she played the evening back in her mind, she became more aroused. She knew if she did not go to his room, she would spend the rest of her life wondering what she had missed. Suddenly, she leapt out of bed and grabbed the complimentary robe from her closet. She slipped the key to the room in its large pocket and headed out, not even stopping to fix her hair. She knew if she thought about it too much, she might turn back. As she reached his door she paused again and reflected on how she was dressed. Well, he would know why she was there and coming fully dressed would not change that. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on his door. The time until he answered seemed interminably long and she almost turned and scurried back to her room. But then the door opened and there he was.

No longer in his suit, he too was wearing a robe. His green eyes locked on hers and she melted. Janet didn’t know what would happen next, but she doubted she could deny him anything he asked. His eyes then took in her whole body, wrapped as it was in the robe. He smiled slowly and again his Escort Esenyurt eyes met and held hers.

“I wondered how long it would take for you to show up. I was beginning to think that I had misread you; that perhaps, you hadn’t enjoyed our evening together as much as I had.”

Janet suddenly felt her body flush and she felt shy and vulnerable. “I … I did enjoy it … very much. No one has ever made me feel that way.” As she said the last words her eyes dropped and she could no longer meet his gaze.

“Look at me!” He said in a low voice with a sharp tone. She jerked her head back up and again found herself staring into his deep eyes.

“Why are you here?”

Suddenly Janet felt a little foolish standing in the hall. Why hadn’t he invited her in? He had to know why she was here. She wanted him to make love to her again; to take control, and set her body on fire. But she couldn’t say that! Standing before him now, she remembered when she had asked him to lick her pussy. She remembered when she had begged him to fuck her. He must think that she was nothing but a little slut. She should turn and leave now, but she couldn’t. Her feet were rooted to the floor and she was lost again in his gaze.

“You … I … you left the card. I thought you wanted me to come to your room.”

“But why did you come to my room?” he repeated in a sterner tone.

Drawing a deep breath for strength, Janet responded, “I … I want you to make love to me again.” These words were whispered and came tumbling out in a rush.

“Do you really?”

She nodded, her gaze never leaving his. She wanted to rush into his arms, but instinctively she held back. Something inside told her that he would not welcome that. Not yet, anyway.

“Do you know what you are asking for?” As he asked this question he smiled again with a knowing smile. He stepped back a little and his robe came open. He was naked underneath and his cock was large and erect, just as she had remembered. She let out an involuntary gasp and looked back up at him. His expression had not changed.

Janet shook her head slowly, “No, I don’t guess I do. But … I want to be here with you … and … you can do with me as you wish.” These last words again came out in a rush. She could hardly believe that she had said them. And she couldn’t help wondering what it was about him that caused her to say them.

He smiled broadly now. “If you step into this room, there is no turning back … at least until tomorrow morning. I will not harm you or allow you to be harmed. But I expect you to do what I tell you or leave immediately. If you leave, you will never see me again.”

She looked into his eyes for a moment considering what he had said. What would he make her do? She trembled a little with both fear and excitement. She knew she should turn and walk away, but she couldn’t. Instead she simply nodded and slowly stepped into his room.

He drew her to him in a long, deep embrace. Janet could feel his hardness pressing into her. He drew back, looked into her eyes, and proceeded to kiss her. It was a soft, gentle kiss at first. Then slowly his tongue invaded her mouth and began teasing her tongue. Soon his hands had slipped inside her robe and he was cupping her breasts through the lace of her nightgown. Her nipples hardened at his touch and the kiss became more insistent. His tongue was deep in her mouth and she was suddenly reminded of how his cock had felt. She knew she was wet and swollen. She was yearning for him to invade her pussy again.

Finally he released her and stepped back.

“Take off your robe and nightgown. Tonight, all night, I want you completely naked.”

Janet did as he asked. First, she shrugged off the robe and laid it on a nearby chair. Then, raising her arms she lifted her nightgown over her head, taking her time as she did. As her hands bunched the nightgown over her head, she hoped that she presented an alluring picture. When the nightgown cleared her face, she could tell from his expression that he was not disappointed.

She then turned and folded her nightgown over the same chair, taking her time again, so that he could appreciate her full ass.

As she turned, he took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Lie down … and spread your legs for me.”

Janet was taken aback, but remembering what he said, she crawled onto the bed and looked back at him over her shoulder.

“Turn over on your back.”

Slowly she turned over onto her back. Biting back the vulnerability she felt, she began to spread her legs.

He gazed down at her as legs slowly parted, taking inventory of her body.

“You look lovely.”

He then sat down next to her, careful not to touch her body with his own. For a moment, he simply sat beside her. He placed his finger on her lips, tracing them. As his finger completed its exploration of her mouth, he trailed it down her body, sending shivers through her. He drew his finger between her breasts, and without breaking contact Escort Avcılar with her skin, swept the tip across each breast, using the edge of his fingernail to circle the outline of her nipples. He smiled in satisfaction as he heard her sharp intake of breath. As his finger approached her pussy, she spread her legs wider anticipating his touch. Lightly, his finger ran the length of her lower lips. He could feel the juices of her pussy seeping out again. After slowly tracing up and down her wet flower, suddenly he dipped his finger inside her and scooped up some of her wetness. Drawing his finger to his mouth, he sucked her juices from it.

Janet felt very vulnerable, but at the same time even more aroused than she had been during their earlier encounter. How could he captivate her this way?

“Pay attention, Janet.”

It was the first time he had used her name and the sound of him saying it caused her a tingle of excitement. For the first time since lying on the bed, she looked up into his eyes.

“For the rest of the evening, you are mine. As I said before you entered, if at any time you don’t want to do what I tell you, you may leave. If you leave, don’t return. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Patrick.”

Patrick smiled slowly and then said, “Perhaps, it would be better if you called me Sir, so that you do not forget our agreement.”

“Yes … Sir,” Janet felt suddenly fearful again. What was he going to do to her?

“Good girl, Janet. Tonight, I will arouse you until you will beg me to let you cum. But you will not cum until I tell you that you may. Is that understood?”

Janet was shocked by this request! She had been close to cumming while they kissed. Since his fingers had taken inventory of her body and invaded her pussy, however briefly, she wasn’t sure she could obey him, even if she wanted to. On the other hand, she was not ready to get up and walk out the door.

“Yes… Sir”, she replied.

“Trust me, pet, it will be worth the wait.”

“Pet?” she thought. It seemed a bit degrading … and yet … when he said it, it was with tenderness. So, tonight she was his pet. Yes, tonight she wanted to be his pet!

“Now, give me your hand and let’s get you ready for bed.”

She gave him her hand and he helped her get off the bed. He then led her into the bathroom. The shower consisted of a large tub with seats on the side and had both a Jacuzzi and a showerhead that was detachable. As she watched, Patrick removed his robe and then began running the water. He helped her into the shower and followed her in, drawing the curtain closed. He then proceeded to apply soap to her body using a large loofah provided by the hotel. He was slow, but business-like as he washed her body. Janet found the experience quite sensual. She particularly enjoyed when he took the showerhead and rinsed her body with a gentle spray while she held her arms above her head. The room soon filled with steam from the warm water, giving the experience a bit of ethereal quality.

“Do you want me to bathe you, also … Sir,” she said, as she turned to him.

“No, I bathed earlier,” he responded. “Now turn around and face the wall.” After she turned, she felt his hands begin to gently touch her body as he pulled her to him. She could feel his cock on her ass, not quite hard. He then began kissing her neck while his hands roamed across her chest. Slowly, he began to tease her nipples. She closed her eyes and began moaning softly as his hands aroused her body. He continued caressing her and she felt his erection grow harder and she couldn’t help but push back a little and wiggle against him. His hands then worked their way down her body until his fingers were playing on the outside of her mound. She parted her legs and his fingers traced the crease of her sex. She was so aroused she feared that if he entered her now, she would cum on the spot. He seemed to sense this and whispered, “Not yet, Pet, we’ve only just begun.”

He continued to stroke her and each time he felt her breathing increase, his fingers left her pussy and made soothing motions on her skin. He then reached over and turned off the shower.

“Turn around, and sit on the side of the tub.” There was a seating area and she did as she was told. He sat on the opposite side of the tub and then said, “Give me your foot.”

Slowly, Janet stretched out her foot and Patrick placed it on his lap. He then began to rub her foot and thigh. He slowly drew her foot up and she found herself sliding down slightly. He began gently sucking her toes, one by one, using his tongue to wrap each one. She had never experienced this before and it felt exquisite. As he sucked each toe, he gently massaged her foot and calf. After the last toe, he tongued the arch of her foot and gave it a tender kiss. He then gently lowered her foot to the tub.

“And now, the other one.” This time she eagerly presented her foot to him and he once again massaged her foot and gently sucked each toe. This time, however, he did not let go of her foot after kissing the arch. Rather he began slowly licking his way up the inside of her calf, moving into the tub on his knees, as he moved farther up her leg. When he reached her thigh, he gently pushed her legs further apart and pulled her down until her ass was just barely on the tub.

He then told her, “Hold your legs behind your knees and spread them.” She did as he asked. Her eyes were closed, but she felt the heat of his gaze, knowing how open and vulnerable she was and it excited her even more. She waited this way for what seemed an eternity until she felt his tongue graze the top of her pubic mound and he began to slowly lick everywhere. Her arms became tired, but she dared not release their hold on her legs. The tension in them was matched by the pleasure that was now centered in her pussy. She felt his tongue caress her clit at the same time his fingers pried her lips apart gently. His tongue moved in a slow circle, barely touching her clit and suddenly she was on fire. Her nipples were taut and she was tingling all over. Every time his tongue slid near her clit, she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and she began to moan. His tongue was now flicking rapidly in and around her aroused pussy and she knew that her orgasm was imminent.

“Oh please, Sir. Please may I cum?” She uttered these words softly, shyly.

Patrick pretended not to hear and continued to attack her pussy with his tongue as he now slid one finger inside her opening.

“PLEASE, SIR, I NEED TO CUM!” she almost shouted.

As if that was what he was waiting to hear, Patrick suddenly stopped licking and withdrew his finger. He quietly stroked the outsides of her legs in a soothing gesture.

“Not yet, little one. Do not forget about my pleasure. You may release your legs and sit-up.”

He stood up and his cock was now level with her mouth. She wanted to cum so badly, but she knew that she could not cum until he was ready. She also knew what she wanted to do, perhaps even what she needed to do.

“May I suck you?” she asked, timidly.

“Yes, you may suck my cock. Finger your pussy while you suck me, but remember do not cum until you have my permission.”

Janet eagerly took his hard member in her hand and began to lick it like a lollipop. She remembered what he had liked earlier in the evening and after licking his cock and gently sucking each of his balls, she slowly drew him into her mouth. She began to move her head in a slow gentle motion, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could and then drawing back. She was mesmerized by the taste and feel of him in her mouth.


Startled by the tone of warning in his voice, Janet realized she was not doing all that he had told her to. Immediately she began lightly fingering her own pussy as she continued sucking him. She dared not let her fingers get too close to her clit for she knew she would cum. But the combination of his cock in her mouth and her own fingers strumming her pussy lips drew her dangerously close to orgasm again. Then she felt his hand behind her head as he began to stretch her mouth even more, until she was almost gagging. At the same time, her reached down and began toying with her nipples. She moaned and gasped, trying hard to focus on what she was doing, so she wouldn’t cum. The hardest part was if he came in her mouth, there was no way she could keep from cumming herself. She began to moan again and tried to catch his eyes. When she saw him look at her, she looked back with pleading eyes and withdrew his cock long enough to beg.

“Please Sir, PLEASE, I want you to cum in my mouth … I want to cum with you!”

He smiled at her as she pulled his cock back into her mouth and said slowly, “Soon, little one, soon.”

He then withdrew his cock from her mouth. Janet let out a gasp of disappointment and a groan. Had she done something to displease him?

“Come, Pet, I think you are almost ready.”

Patrick reached down, grabbed her hand and helped her out of the tub. He began to slowly dry her skin, taking an extra towel to dry her hair. The feel of the warm towels was soothing to her. He took his time drying each part of her. It was sensual not sexual. Yet, because he was so near and his cock remained hard, pointing out from his body, the tension remained. As soon as he had dried her, he quickly dried himself and led her out into the bedroom again.

Both of them still naked, he led her to the large plate glass window that formed most of one wall. Patrick opened the drapes and Janet gasped as she saw that they could see into many of the rooms that were in the hotel across the way. Of course that meant … Janet started to step away, but Patrick grasped her shoulders and would not let her move.

“Stay where you are, Pet. You have a lovely body and you should not be afraid to show it.” Janet felt a flush come over her whole body. It was exciting standing here. She scanned the windows and while several lights were on, she could not make out anyone in particular. She did notice one man almost directly across from them, sitting in bed and watching television. Although she could easily make out the outline of his body, she realized that she would never recognize him.

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