Laura the Canvas Pt. 03

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Please check out Laura the Canvas parts 1 & 2 before reading this!


Laura had always been a bit of a lone wolf. Her parents had gone to prison when she was 16 for tax fraud and money laundering, and she had become an emancipated minor having no other family to turn to. So much of her time since that day had been taken up with focusing on work and school that she never really made time for friends or relationships. She found herself, at the age of 21, a loner who didn’t seem to catch anyone’s attention. She spent all of her time either at work, classes, or the school health center gym, which was her form of stress relief.

Laura did have a big secret. She longed to look like the girls she saw going in and out of the tattoo parlor next to her job. She had never been able to work up the courage to go inside the tattoo shop and already budgeted every cent she made, so even if she had, she wouldn’t have been able to afford any artwork of her own. Instead, she had taken to browsing the internet late at night looking for ideas and inspirations for her fantasy look. It was on a foray into some of the deeper parts of the internet that led her to the advertisement that would change her life.

At first she didn’t even think she should respond to it, it had to be a hoax; someone was looking to take advantage of a girl like her. Laura knew she’d probably end up dead and dismembered in some ditch. It was a stirring in her loins that she couldn’t ignore that brought her back to the add again and again. Finally she decided to reply to it, and sparked a months long correspondence that set in motion the events of the last 24 hours.

Laura was awoken by a strange soreness in her mouth and chest. She went to stretch out when her arms and legs hit the metal sides of her dog crate. The loud noise produced by this action jarred her awake. Suddenly she remembered where she was and why she was sore. It was the new piercings in her tongue and septum, and the new tattoos on her chest that had woken her up. She had no idea what time it was or how long she had been asleep for. All she knew was that the pressure in her bladder was growing and she had no way to signal for her new owners. She did her best to ignore her predicament and rolled her three new tongue rings against the roof of her mouth gently. Laura knew that if she wet her crate she would be punished and she wanted more than anything to be the best pet possible.

She was just about resigned to letting her bladder go and earning her first punishment when she heard the freeing sound of the metal door’s electronic keypad. The heavy door swung open and Master Dan appeared in the opening. With her swollen tongue, the pet couldn’t talk, nor was she allowed to without punishment under house rules unless she was spoken to first. All that Laura could do was whimper and paw at her crate.

“Does somebody need to do her business?” asked Dan

Laura replied with a nod and more scratching at the door of her crate. Dan came over and unlatched the crate, attaching a leash to the collar around Laura’s neck and leading her out of the crate.

“I shall give you a choice as you are still new here,” Said Master Dan. “I may take you once again to the toilet before you are cleaned and given the wash for your piercings and lotion for your tattoos; or I may take you outside to do your business like a true pet. Be warned, if you choose the latter, the toilet will not be a choice again unless you are ill. You may speak your reply.”

Laura took a second before replying, she longed to be the best pet possible, but wasn’t sure if she was ready quite yet. Looking over at the manisa escort crate she had slept in all night and feeling the large septum ring resting against her lips, she gained the inspiration to mumble out, “I am a true pet and will go outside sir,” with her swollen tongue.

“That’s my girl,” exclaimed Dan as he lead his pet on her leash towards the door to the backyard.

Once through the door, Laura had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight as she saw her surroundings for the first time. Every way she looked was trees shielding the large back yard. This gave her a sense of relief that no outsiders would see her in this compromising position. Dan let her off of the leash as she crawled into the yard and squatted down. She felt somewhat unnatural in this position, but the pressure in her bladder soon overtook any fears and the sound of Laura’s stream hitting the hard soil beneath her filled the air.

Dan smiled to himself as his co-conspirators watched from the kitchen window and sipped their morning coffee. They were all happy that they seemed to have made the right choice in their plaything. As Laura turned around and saw them all watching, she proceeded to blush but crawled her way back to Dan and took position at his feet. “Lets get you washed up and fed, then we can get on with today’s work.” Dan said. Laura smiled and happily trailed after him back into the house. Dan lead the pet to the bathroom and instructed her to crawl into the shower. Laura took her position as Dan turned the water on and began gently washing her down, focusing gentle attention on the day old tattoo outlines. Laura felt odd not having any hair to shampoo but was engrossed in the gentle touch of the man bathing her.

Once Laura was sufficiently clean, Dan toweled her dry and had her once again rinse her new tongue piercings as he tended to her septum. “Pay close attention to this aftercare, because this will all be your job starting tomorrow,” he explained. Laura simply nodded as she spit the wash from her mouth.

With a fresh coat of ointment on her chest, Laura was led back through the metal door into the playroom/ workshop. Waiting for her near her crate were two dog bowls. One appeared to have oatmeal in it, and the other was a self-refilling water bowl. Knowing what was expected of her, Laura dove face first into the oatmeal, quickly consuming her first meal in almost 24 hours. The rest of her owners trickled in and prepared their equipment for the day as she gorged herself being sure to be careful of her newly pierced tongue.

Once the pet had finished feeding, she was once again lifted onto the metal table. This time, her feet were placed into stirrups and strapped in. The rest of her body was strapped as it was the day before. She was already dripping wet by the time the final strap was latched across her forehead. She knew she would not be allowed to cum without permission and did her best to focus her attention away from the multiple sets of hands probing her body.

The artists went to work applying stencils down the pet’s sternum, stomach, and pubic region, connecting to the chest and breast outlines done the day before. Four dots were placed on each of Laura’s labia and another on her clit hood. The buzzing of tattoo machines filled the room as she felt the first clamp attach to her most private area. It was all she could do not to orgasm on the spot as large gauge needles were driven through her labia, followed by matching seamless rings. The pet felt the clamp applied to her clit hood, and she began to truly lose her battle. Laura proceeded to shake to an earth shattering orgasm as the needle maraş escort was pressed through her hood.

The men and women around Laura took note of her first unauthorized orgasm and made a small tally on a chalkboard on the wall. This was to be the way they would keep track of the pet’s punishments. Laura was so lost in her post-orgasmic bliss that she did not even think of when or what the penalty would be for her transgression. She was still coming down when the tattoo machines began pulsating into her skin. She had prepared for this over the months she had communicated with her captors by working on increasing her pain tolerance. For someone who had never been pierced or tattooed beyond earrings at some shitty mall kiosk, she was handling it all like a champ.

The intricate floral pattern outlined on her chest now began to morph into a graffiti style design as it worked its way down her sternum and stomach. The centerpiece of this design was the word “pet” in large stylized letters. As the outline worked its way down to her pubic area, the words “breed me” were outlined in a similar, yet smaller font. Of course, Laura had no way of seeing any of this with her head strapped to the table, and would not be allowed to see a mirror until her work was completely done in a few months’ time.

As the men worked on her tattoos, the two female owners who had been her piercers, began to disrobe and were soon each fondling one of the pet’s nipples, while also exploring their own pierced selves. Laura felt an odd mix of pleasure and pain with the sensations from her nipples mixing with the gentle pain of the tattoo needles. As one of the tattoo machines worked its way onto Laura’s pubic region, the motion worked to move and vibrate her new hood and labia piercings. This sensation, coupled with the two mistresses tweaking her nipples, caused Laura’s breathing to quicken. Mistresses Robyn and Samantha gave each other a devilish look as they doubled down on their pet’s nipples. Laura, not being able to take anymore, rocked to her second unwelcome orgasm of the day, as Master Dan went and added a second mark to the chalkboard.

The day’s work was coming to an end and the artists began to clean up as the two female owners continued their assault on both their own bodies and Laura’s nipples. The tattoos were cleaned up and saran wrapped again. Expecting to be let up from her compromising position, Laura was relieved when the straps on her arms and wrists were undone. She was surprised when her other owners began to disrobe as well without undoing the rest of her restraints. Her now free hands were guided to replace Samantha and Robyn’s on the mistresses’ pierced pussies. This was Laura’s first time ever touching a vagina that wasn’t hers, but she did her best to stroke them as she would her own. Clearly the mistresses approved as they both moaned in unison.

Dan took his place between the pet’s strapped legs and lined his pierced and lubed member up to her tight asshole. Laura knew that she would have to get used to having her ass used, as it was her only viable hole until her piercings healed. “Remember, no cumming until we all do first,” said dan, “plus you have two rounds of punishment coming.” Laura audibly gulped as she remembered the two mind blowing orgasms she had experienced without permission. She wondered what manner of punishment her owners would enact on her for her first infractions.

Dan began his assault upon Laura’s ass as Robyn and Samantha leaned across the pet and locked in a passionate kiss. As a bolt of jealousy ran through Laura, she felt a warm liquid hit her bald head and face. The twin mardin escort owners, Phil and Rob were actively pissing on her shaved scalp. The warm liquid burned her eyes as the two men laughed. “Consider this a light first punishment,” said Phil. “Unfortunately, we can’t break your skin until we’re done with your artwork,” added Rob. Laura did her best to ignore the last comment and tried to imagine she was taking a warm shower, but could not move her focus away from the burning in her eyes and the smell invading her nostrils. As the twins’ streams slowed to a stop, they each began to masturbate directly over Laura’s pierced face.

Robyn and Samantha moaned deeply into each other’s mouth as they shook to climax, gushing all over Laura’s fingers. Breaking their kiss, they both sank away to catch their breath. Laura used this opportunity to reach up and wrap her hands around the two cocks above her face. Dan continued to plow into her stretched ass as she matched his rhythm with her hands. Laura stuck her pierced tongue out and licked the piss off her lips as seductively as she could to entice the men behind the cocks in her hands. Master Phil and Master Rob went as crazy over this as Laura had hoped and began to hump into her hands. Master Dan grabbed her by the hips and slammed home one last time, filling her ass with his seed. As she felt the first spurt deep inside of her, Laura also felt the cocks in her hands pulsate simultaneously and cover her face and shaved head in a thick layer of cum.

Master Tom had not been left out of the fun as mistress Robyn was currently helping him with his raging erection. He pulled from her mouth and replaced Master Dan at Laura’s rear opening. He did not protest having sloppy seconds as it was one of his favorite things to see another man’s cum drip from around his cock as he slammed into a tight hole. Laura, with a lack of things to do with her hands, moved them to her breasts and began to twist and tease her own nipples. It didn’t take long for Master Tom to announce his climax after having been warmed up by Robyn. As today’s second load of cum filled Laura’s ass, she pulled hard on her nipples and screamed out her first authorized orgasm of the day.

The group cleaned themselves and their pet before unclasping her from the table. She was allowed down onto the floor before she found herself surrounded by her owners. “We still owe her a punishment,” Robyn pointed out, “What do you think we aught to do?” Laura looked up at them with pleading eyes, but the group was not swayed. Mistress Samantha walked away behind the others where Laura could not see and returned with an inflatable putt plug.

“I think perhaps this guy all night will teach her a lesson,” said Samantha.

Laura let out a small yelp but presented her ass to her Mistress for fear of further punishment. The pierced amazon lubed the plug and inserted it into Laura’s waiting hole. Once it was firmly in place, Samantha began to slowly pump the plug. Laura felt it expand inside of her until it was the largest thing she had ever had in her ass. She began to whimper loudly which signaled her mistress that the plug was at proper inflation. The leash was re-attached to the pet’s collar and she was again lead so she could clean herself up and take care of her modifications.

Once she had done a satisfactory job of cleaning herself, Laura was fed another soft meal from her bowls to keep from irritating her tongue piercings. With a constant fullness stretching her ass she smiled as she was allowed out of her room into the living room with her Masters and Mistresses where she was able to serve as a footrest as they relaxed from a long day of work on their new project. As Laura was loaded into her crate for the night, she knew it would be a long one with the plug in her ass. But she had never been happier in her life and couldn’t wait for her transformation to continue.

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