Lessons to Learn

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As much as I hated the thought of a low down cheater, I couldn’t help but think of myself as one right now. Actually I knew I was one because nothing else could explain my actions. Yeah, I was sitting here making out with one of the most decent, respectful guys I had ever met. We used to be inseparable until tragic things drew us apart. The bad thing about this was that my boyfriend didn’t have a clue. He didn’t know that I’ve been doing this for almost two weeks now. If he found out I knew I was going to face one of his many snaps. But I couldn’t stop how the only thing that was going on in my head was how damn good it felt. I wanted so bad for this boy to put my dick in his mouth and suck me off until I let my seed go free down his throat. I wanted to bend him over and shove all nine inches of myself into his virgin ass. I wanted to make him scream, and beg, and cry for mercy. I wanted to finally be the dominant one, and all the while I wouldn’t even think of my boyfriend. Damn, I was so twisted and caught between a rock and a hard place that all I wanted to do was give up and do what ever my body wanted. But where was that going to leave me? Wherever I was going to end up it didn’t matter because I was already in far too deep. I broke away form this kiss that was definitely leading to other things and smirked. I was definitely to deep in now or at least I soon would be.

…Six weeks earlier…

“Hey Dawson get over here.”
I looked over my shoulder and saw my boss waving his hand at me form behind the kitchen counter. I excused myself from the table that I was helping and walked through the small diner I’d been working at for a decent seven months now. “Yeah boss.” The tall, soccer coach looking man gestured for me to follow him to his back office. For the life of me I always wondered why Steve was a fast food restaurant owner. He looked like he was built enough under the jeans and white professional shirt he always wore and when he talked it seemed like he was way higher educated than a lot of owners in this town. I usually pictured him as a teacher and not because he seamed like he would make a great one. No, I used that imagination for my own fantasy and personal image to get off on.
I continued following my boss, placing my ordering note pad in my pocket and pushing that image to the back of my mind. When we got into the small office my boss took a seat in the big chair behind his desk and waited until I took a seat.
“So.” he began. “I’ve been hearing some complaints from some of the coworkers lately. And before you come to me with any kind of bullshit I just want to know are you satisfied with this job?”
“Uh, yeah I am.” I eyed my boss, Steve, real closely as he seamed to be giving my answer a once over.
“Well since that’s cleared up you got anything you want to clear off your slate?”
I tried my best not to smirk because I felt like I had the upper hand all of a sudden. “Well sir now that you mention it-” Before I could finish what I had to say the wooden door to Steve’s office opened up and when I saw who stepped into the room I clenched my teeth together and tried to not ball up my fist.
“Hey uncle you busy?”
There he was. Ashton Reed in the flesh. To the high school we both attended Ashton was known as Mr. Popularity, the best football player on the entire team, a straight ‘A’ student and the boy with the smile that could charm all. To me he was just a dumb jock who was sitting up too high on his ego. The first time I met Ashton he was cool and everything. We budded heads right away. Then one day rumor started going around about how I was a queer and how I gave out blowjobs for free. Ashton immediately disowned me and became one of those assholes who had fun making fun of people “like me”. That was in the ninth grade and I still hated Ashton’s fake ass even three years latter.
I watched now as Ashton walked all the way into the cramped office and greeted his uncle with a hand shake that turned into a quick hug.
“How’s it going Ashton?” Steve said sitting back down.
“Oh nothing I just wanted to know if you were busy cause I wanted to talk to you about something.”
Suddenly four pair of eyes were on me. “You got anything else to say?” Steve asked me.
Ashton smirked. “Charles I didn’t even see you there.” He gave me a look that held pity and disgust. It took every last fiber in my body not to knock that look off his face.
“Naw boss I’m finished.” Without another word I left the office sending one more look at Ashton. I regretted it as soon as I did because the smile he was wearing made the still organ between my legs jump. I rushed into the employee bathroom and stood there with my back up against the door just trying to calm my nerves down a bit. There was another reason why I hated Ashton. He always seemed to get under my skin making my body react to him against my will. As much as I hated the six foot three inch blonde, I wanted to have my way with him. I definitely wanted to make him feel every single bit of pain he put my body through when I would have endless orgasms over him. Before I could stop myself I felt my hand inching its way towards the zipper of my pants.
Minutes later I was in one of the bathroom stalls leaning over the toilet as I felt that outrageous peak drawing in. I squeezed my eyes shut and moved my hand faster up and down my dick. Just knowing that anyone could walk in and catch me made my orgasm reach me faster. I hadn’t notice until I heard my voice echoing off the walls that I was whispering Ashton’s name. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I finally released. A few seconds passed as the aftershocks subdued.
“Damn!” I cursed. I had to stop letting that ass do this to me. I was being a fucking fool coming continuously over him. After I was done cleaning myself up and fixing my pants back to their normal position I stepped out of the stall. I washed my hands all the while looking up at the clock that hung up on the wall. My shift would be over in another half an hour or so which meant all I would have to do is probably take a few more orders or clean some tables.
The end of my shift came soon and then I was gone switching my position over to Brandi. I left the diner after pulling on my hoodie. I looked at the time on my watch and began to hurry my pace. If I could make it to the bus stop in another four minutes I’d get home by seven thirty and at least spend bursa escort a hour on my homework.
“Hey Dawson.”
I didn’t slow my pace down but I did turn to see Ashton following me in his jeep. He was driving at my speed close to the sidewalk. “What.” I answered flatly.
“You need a ride?”
“Why you gotta be so harsh? I’m just trying to help you out.”
I smirked and stopped to look at Ash. “When have you ever wanted to help me out. Is this some type of prank? Is someone videotaping this right now?” Just then I saw the bus that I needed to catch coming down the street too quickly. Without hesitation I crossed the street not even looking to see if traffic was coming. I reached the opposite sidewalk, without getting hit thank god, and started running but even from where I was I knew I wasn’t going to reach to the bus in time. Instead I stopped, placed my hands on my knees, tried to catch my breath, and just starred at my ride home in astonishment until it had passed me and was already becoming a dot down the street.
“Dawson?” I turned just in time to see Ashton finishing his U-turn. He pulled up in front of me and leaned over into the passenger side seat opening up the door. “Just get in.”
I eyed him cautiously as I took a seat in his deep blue jeep. Me and Ashton never were on good terms. After what he did to me based on false truth I hated him for it.
“So do you still live at your dads?”
Every urge in my body told me not to reach over and hit him. I remembered how I was teased about living in a house all alone with my dad being a queer and all. I think it was that very reason why my dad and I grew apart. “No I live with my mom. Just make a left at the next light.”
The drive was quiet except for me telling Ash how to get to my house. The radio in his car wasn’t working which made the moment even more awkward.
“You know what I was just thinking about?”
“You’re going to tell me anyway.”
“Don’t be smart Dawson.”
I ignored his comment and peered out the window as he continued. “You remember how we were all cool and everything in ninth grade. We stop being cool for a dumb reason you know?”
I cussed my teeth. “You really don’t remember how you fed into rumors and then disowned me because you believed them. I sure enough remember because I was teased about it every fucking day.”
It was quiet for a while. “I remember that but-”
“What’s the whole point of going back down memory lane? What’s done is done.”
“What’s with the attitude man?”
“Look can you just let me out. I’ll walk the rest of the way.”
Ashton pulled over to the nearest curb. Thank God it was only a mere four blocks from my house. I stepped out of his jeep and slammed the door closed. As I was walking I heard Ashton calling out behind me. “You know what Dawson? Those rumors must have been true. You get so pissed of like a queer does. I wonder what else is true that I heard about you. You want me to go down the list?”
That was it. I turned around and rushed to the drivers side door, opened it, took a handful of Ash’s shirt and yanked him out of his jeep. I don’t know how I did it because any test would show that Ash was clearly stronger than me. I pulled Ashton over to the front of his hood and shoved him into it. I followed up with a quick right that caught him in the jaw. What surprised me more than my strength was seeing him smile.
“You punch like a queer too.”
That was clearly permission to hit him again but before I could he grabbed onto my arm and quickly twisted it behind my back. He changed our positions and I was now face down into his jeep’s hood while he stood behind me still holding my arm. “Let go!”
“Are you going to cry!” he pulled on my hand some more. I gritted my teeth and tried to restrain from screaming.
“I said are you going to cry?! Or better yet why don’t you scream for me.” he pulled on my arm again and this time he won a scream from me. “I knew you would scream. You submit too easy.” he let my arm go and backed away from me about three inches or so. I grabbed onto my right shoulder and turned to give Ash one of the most revengeful looks I’ve ever dealt.
“Go ahead and say something.” he said just brushing the look I gave him away.
“What the fuck was that for? You almost broke my arm.”
“Stop bitching. I wasn’t going to brake anything. You would have known if I was trying to break your arm.”
It took me a minute to realize if I said anything else to him he’d just be enjoying the show. I shook my head feeling some type of pity for him and just before I was about to turn around he said, “Look at you about to just turn away and do nothing. That’s the real reason why we stop being cool. You act too much like a little punk and you don’t defend yourself.”
I don’t know why hearing him say that hurt me just a little. “I do defend myself-” I stopped before I said anymore. I was letting him get to me too much now then he‘d ever did in the past three years.
“You defend yourself huh? Well defend yourself now.” he deleted the space between us and rapped his arms around my waist. The movement was too quick before I could witness what Ash was doing and then led to his lips were on mine in less than a second. The kiss was rough and possessive and even though I didn’t want to, I broke away from it. “Come on Dawson. Defend yourself and stop me form doing what I’m doing.” he pushed me up against his car and pressed our bodies closer together. I felt the bulge in the front of his jeans on my thigh and it suddenly became too hard for me to swallow.
I couldn’t use my right arm because my shoulder still hurt so I tried pushing Ash away with my left. It didn’t work out too well. “Get the hell off of me Ash.”
“Or what? What you gonna to do?”
I was trying to push him away and then again I was trying to ignore how hard I was getting from the massage he was giving me by grinding hips into mine.
“You like that don’t you?” he smiled and before I could say anything his hands were suddenly in my jeans and soon flesh was touching flesh. I couldn’t help the moan that passed my lips. “I knew you’d like that.” he leaned into me so that his mouth was right next to my ear. “I heard you in the employee bathroom earlier. You didn’t even realize that I was in there with you just listening to you call out my name.”
“Asshole.” He squeezed my dick and made me jump. “Now there is no reason for name calling. I bursa escort bayan ain’t none of those pussy’s you hang around with.”
“Get the hell off of me.” I said shoving him again.
Ash got off of me but he didn’t let me go completely. He grabbed me by the front of my shirt and kept shoving me backwards until I was thrown into his back seat. He let go of me then so he could pull his keys out of the ignition and then everything after that happened so fast. He slipped into the back seat beside me and before I could slip out of the other door he gripped me up. We wrestled a bit until I was face down into the seat with my ass was up in the air. “Dawson I’m a give you a night you’ll never forget. Enjoy it.” he pulled my pants halfway down my legs so that they stopped at my knees. I wasn’t expecting the first slap on my ass so it hurt even more. The next seven or eight slaps he gave me were real hard and my ass was burning. He gripped one soft orb in the palm of his hand and squeezed. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”
Hell yes I was but I’d never let him know that. “Fuck you.”
“Now see I told you about the cursing.” A sharp pain reached my back as I felt Ash’s finger plunge into me. “I told you I wasn’t one of those pussy’s you hang out with.” he stuck another finger in me and I just about cursed again. His finger took no mercy on me as he pressed into me fully to the knuckle and then back out in a pace that had my toes curling. I could hear my heart beating in my ears by the time Ash had added another finger in me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to cum. When I reached to touch myself Ash grabbed a handful of my hair with his free hand.
“Did I say you could touch yourself?” he took his fingers out of me and pulled me up so that my back was against his strong chest. “Do something without my permission again and you’ll regret it.”
I wanted so bad to tell him off but everything he was doing to me right now was what I wanted. I still hated him because he always had some type of control over my body. When we were younger, in the employees bathroom, and even now.
He let me go and I could hear Ash removing his clothing. I turned around just as he finished removing his dark green T. He sat down holding his massive erection in his hand obviously confident in being fully naked in front of me. I couldn’t stop my eyes from roaming over the fully engorged item that seemed to beckon to me. I’d give him about ten inches.
“Take your clothes off.” he said with a smile on his face but eyes fully coated with lust. Was he lusting for me or was it just a quick fuck he wanted?
I obeyed like a little fucking dog and was fully naked in under a minute. Ash reached out and wrapped a hand around the back of my neck. He led me to his thick erection and I did what I knew he wanted… what I wanted. At first touch, when there was a connection with my tongue, Ash jerked in my mouth. I enveloped him in halfway and sucked in slow strokes. His member was smooth in my mouth and I could hear my once close friend moan as I started in a fast pace. “Hurry that shit up.” he urged, his voice breaking.
I took a couple more inches in my mouth until I could feel the tip of his dick in the back of my throat and his hot cum trickling down my throat. “Mmm, Dawson your mouth is so hot.” I liked hearing his words of ecstasy so I began to move a little faster. I swallowed him completely as I pulled on his balls. I played with the soft skin and tugged until I felt Ash jerk up. “Yeah do that shit.” he moaned pushing his hips up in a fast rhythm. I relaxed some more so I could make the feeling for Ash better. I’ve only dreamt about this day so I was going to make it last as long and feel as good as possible.
I licked my way to the top of Ash’s dick and teased the tip of it. I listened to his grunts and felt him shake under the influence of my mouth. “Don’t tease me Dawson.” I would have stopped but I knew he fucking liked it. I took his massive tip in my mouth and sucked him in deep strokes. I pulled away with a suction sound filling the jeep. I used the tip of my tongue and lapped at the most sensitive side on Ash’s dick and knew my action would send him overtop.
“Shit!” he cursed out.
Suddenly I was laying flat on my back and Ash had my legs spread wide apart. “I don’t like to be fucking teased.” he pushed his finger in my ass.
I moaned. “Yes the hell you do.”
Ash removed his finger, replaced it with two more and at the same time I felt his mouth surround me. Instantly I arched my back as he swallowed me whole. I ran my fingers in his hair and tugged. “Oh Ash your-“ I was cut off as his finger touched a sensitive spot in my ass. “Shit!” I could feel my balls tightening and that incredible shiver that ran down my spine as I was coming closer to my peak. Strong fingers continued pumping in and out of me over and over and the warmth of Ash’s mouth continued to draw me in. And then I felt myself finally coming or at least I was until Ash pulled away.
“No don’t stop.” I opened my eyes and saw him smirking down at me.
“You don’t like being teased do you.”
I rolled my eyes. “You’re not teasing you’re torturing.”
Ash bent down so that I could smell his dominant, sweet scent. He bit my bottom lip which made me arch my body into his. He used the leverage to push into me a little and then come back out. “How about I fucking tease you then. You like that?”
He kept entering me a little bit and then leaving again. He rubbed his dick against mine and then went back to the teasing. I tried to push myself up on his cock but he moved away.
“Beg for it.”
“Fuck no!” the cuss slipped out before I could catch it and was immediately followed up by Ashton’s fist. He hit me square in the mouth and I could already start to taste metal. I looked at him like he was possessed.
“I’m not going to keep repeating myself to you Dawson.” He placed my dick in his hand and began pumping the shit out of me. If I was going to get mad at him before I wasn’t going to now but I wouldn’t forget him hitting me. His thumb ever so slightly rubbed over the head of my dick and I couldn’t swallow the moans leaving my throat. “Now beg for me D cause you know you want to.”
It felt too good for me to not comply. I could tell him that I didn’t want to do this any more but he‘d know I was lying. I could beg but than I’m sure I’d never hear the last of it… “Please.”
“Say it louder.”
He escort bursa was messing around with me now. “Please!”
He pushed into me a little further than before. “Tell me what you want.”
I could feel the head of his dick digging further into me and it hurt but in a good way. If he wanted to hear me beg than I wanted him to give me a night I’d never forget just like he promised. I grabbed either side of the seat and moaned out, “I want your ten inch dick in me. Please.”
Ash lunged into me without warning. I screamed my lungs out because the pain mixed with pleasure was so damn good. Believe it or not after all the times I was called queer and gay, I was still a virgin. He moved all the way out of me and then slammed his way into me again. He covered my mouth with one of his hands as he came down to whisper in my ear. “I’m actually eleven inches. Don’t ever get it wrong again.” After that he pounded in me leaving no mercy for my tight hole. I was moaning so loud but I couldn’t stop.
“Ash please give me time to adjust. Oh god… mmm!”
Ashton kept reminding me to shut up since his hand was doing little to cover up my moans.
He pushed further and further in me again and again pushing my legs as far back as they could go. I was going to pull a damn mussel if he didn’t let me go. But I wouldn’t dare ask him to because he was so deep in me hitting the spot that no one ever hit before. “Shit I cant believe your ass is so fucking tight.”
I reached down and grabbed my throbbing erection and as soon as I did Ashton stopped. A fiery grip was at my hair pulling hard enough to make my scalp hurt before I could register what was going to happen next. “What did I tell you?” When I didn’t answer he pulled out of me and yanked me up. I wasn’t taking being Ash’s bitch boy too well but I’d be a damn idiot to go up against him while I was both naked and weaker. “Didn’t I say if you did something without my permission you’d regret it.”
I shook my head as much as I could with his grip still on me.
I swallowed hard and said, “I’m sorry.” I hated the fact that he was smirking now. He let my hair go and put his arms around my waist.
“Good boy. Now turn around so I can accept your apology.” I did as he said and spread my legs wide so I could open up more to his thick meat. He set firm grips on both of my hips before he entered me. He was going slower than before and I was sure he was tormenting me. My erection kept moving up against the back of the seat not making the resistance to touch myself any easier. So I did what I knew Ashton wanted… I begged. “Please Ash.” I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was smiling. His lips were at my ear just then, kissing and sucking on my ear lobe.
“D, you know just what I want to hear.” he pushed into me fast and quick with the same rhythm he was using to jerk me off. I plunged my head back and it landed on Ash’s shoulder. Small shivers ran through my body as he used his tongue to play small circles on my neck. He kept sucking in the same spot, drawing blood to that one area under my skin to the point where I knew he would leave a mark there.
Ash shifted behind me now and rocked his hips back and forth furiously making sweaty skin smack up against one another. My knuckles went pale as I balled my fist up feeling that same tight spasm in my stomach. “Ash…” I could barely talk nor hear myself from the continuous smack of his thighs up against mine. “Ash I need to come.”
“Oh no baby.” he grabbed my hips and continued his assault. “You come when I say you can. Remember what I said before? You don’t do shit until I say so. You got that?”
I answered him back with a quick ‘yes’ that barely made it passed my clenched teeth. My head started pounding as I realized I was holding my breath and trying so hard not to let go.
Ash slowed down his pace. He pulled out of me and then thrust back into me. A single tear rolled down the side of my face as I fought for restraint.
“You ready…”
He didn’t even finish his question before I was answering and pleading at the same time. Ashton’s thumb on the head of my throbbing dick almost threw me over. He did one long stroke down my nine inch and then a slower stroke up. “Go ahead D. Come for me.”
I did and it felt so fucking good. Waves after waves hit me as I stimulated what could have been the best damn orgasm I ever had.
“Aww shit I’m fucking coming D!” I clenched me ass hole around Ash’s dick and felt him send a load straight up in me.
The aftershock was amazing. I felt sensation run from the tips of my white knuckles to my curled toes. We stayed in the same position for a while until Ash pulled out of me and landed on the seat beside me. After another minute or so he started putting his clothes on. He threw me mine before getting out of the jeep only to return but in the front seat. I pulled my shirt over my head and by the time we had pulled up to my house I was fully dressed. I stayed in the back seat of his jeep just thinking about what the hell just happened. Ash’s voice pulled me away from my thoughts. “Hey Dawson you gonna step out of my jeep?” I looked to the drivers seat trying to read his face. There was nothing there which wasn’t something so hard to believe. After what just happened his first words to me sounded a little annoyed and already bored. I stepped out of his jeep but before I closed the door Ash said something else. “You’re not gonna say goodnight?” I looked at him like he was high or something. “You know what?” he asked before I could speak. “Don’t worry about. I just have to teach you some manners now.” he smiled.
I shut the jeep door and spoke through the window mad now knowing I was in one of Ash’s many webs. “What the fuck does that mean?” Again I slipped and cussed but who gave a damn now. Ash and I both got what we wanted so that meant I didn’t have to follow what he had to say anymore. I watched him though to see if he was going to make a move to get out of his car. Instead he just smirked.
His smirk turned into laughter which upset me more because I didn’t know what was so funny. “You better have a good apology when I see you next time D, and that shit better be convincing or else.” He drove off then leaving me more furious with him than I was before. Oh I had his apology and if he tried to touch me again I was… what the hell was I going to do? Submit like I did a while ago. If only it weren’t that easy. As I headed into my house sudden realization hit me. Ashton had been my FIRST. For once in my life I prayed that I would not always remember my first like people always said they did.

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