Lessons with Stepmom Ch 1: Awakening

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I suppose what happened between my stepmom and I was inevitable, but looking back I wonder why it had taken so long. My parents had me very young, when my father was just starting school. They were a mismatched couple, my dad being an academic and my mom being a party girl. I never got to know her, from what I was told she got into nude modeling and was well known in the music video and adult magazine world and was in very high demand. When they split she had no interest in or means of supporting me so I stayed with my dad. Over the years, though he advanced and climbed the corporate ladder, his taste in women never improved. He had a parade of bedroom playthings that he would sneak into the house late or try to pass off as friends or coworkers, but it became obvious to me once I’d grown up that he was enjoying as much cheap pussy that all the money he earned could afford him.

By the time I was in college he finally settled down. He never got past chasing women many years younger than him, like he was stuck thinking he was still in his twenties, so my step mom was only three years older than me but, surprisingly, a pretty straight-laced girl. This was quite a departure from the barflies, strippers, and callgirls he had been taking to bed. I knew about her because she was a senior at my high school when I was a freshman. She wasn’t ragingly popular, but i remember her attracting more than her fair share of dates.

She was willowy thin in high school but later she had put on a pleasant amount of weight, so instead of looking like a starving Paris runway model she looked like a pin-up girl. She wore her brown hair in a modern, modest shoulder length style. She had big eyes and a slender nose that made her amusingly cute or sultry, depending on how she did her makeup. She dressed like a working woman now, but she still enjoyed pop music and would dance around the house when she was relaxing. We got along well, though being older and now my stepmother she tried to establish a parental order from the start.

One night while my father was away for a conference in Atlanta I had gone into his wardrobe to find a watch to use for the weekend. His wardrobe was actually as large as most people’s bedrooms, with a triple dressing mirror and several dressers and clothes racks. As I was ***********ing one i heard movement out in the hallway and footsteps coming into the master bedroom. I recognized the pace as my stepmother’s casual stride and heard her putting her purse and keys down on her mirrored vanity on the far side of the room. I hadn’t been expecting her back but apparently she had just gone out to eat and wanted to relax this evening. Not wanting her to find me rooting around in my father’s jewelry, I decided to hang back and wait until she left the room to sneak back out to mine. I stepped to the edge of the doorway so that I could watch for my chance.

I should have seen it coming, but she was in no rush to go about her plans for the night. She draped her thin jacket over her chair and put away her earrings and necklace. I was jolted by the sight when she pulled her blouse off and was down to a prim, lacy bra. My cock twitched involuntarily at the sight of warm female skin and I felt a bit of guilt for it. I quickly tamped that down. Why should I feel guilty? She wasn’t my blood, and I was old enough to date her if circumstances were different. Still, it added an edge to the feeling. I had peeped on girls before but this felt like a whole new level.

I figured that she was about to change or take a shower so I should just wait for my chance to make a break for it. She had unzipped and stepped out of her skirt so I thought that was the case. I made sure I was in deep shadow but still had a good view of the bedroom. She was unlikely to come into the wardrobe but if she did I could duck behind the heavy armoire. I felt my face flush with excitement as she took off her stockings and reached back to unhook her bra. Oh boy, was this a treat! I was going to have to play it cool because I’d never look at her the same from now on.

Her breasts were a delectable B-cup with very large areolas and berry sized nipples. I had thought she wore padded bras to make her boobs look bigger but it looked like she did that to keep from being embarrassed by high beams if her top was too thin. She pulled her panties down too and I was delighted to see an impeccably trimmed landing strip framing her tucked in labia. I got a view of her smooth, muscular ass as she walked back the vanity and undid her hair, letting it tumble down loose to cool off.

She sat on the edge of the bed with an undecided look on her face, wiggling her toes as she sighed heavily. I guess loafing for a while won on her priorities since she flopped down and stretched slowly. I got to see that she had a flawless, all over tan, thanks to my dad’s private garden off the master suite’s sliding glass door where she probably tanned nude on the lounge chairs. She didn’t have any blemishes or tattoos, just a toe ring on her dainty feet that I remember the popular girls getting as a symbol that they were with the in-crowd. She ran her fingers through her hair idly, twisting a lock in her fingers as she pondered something. She squirmed around until she had her head on the pillows, which then made her laying down with her legs toward me.

I almost gasped as she brought her knees up and let her legs fall to the side, so now I could see her pussy and pucker fully open. She rubbed her thighs to loosen up the muscles, her self-massage making her vaginal lips whisper open to show warm pink with the tiny bud of her clitoris starting to peek out. She made a little humming noise as she trailed a finger up and rubbed her slit slowly, sighing as she settled into a rhythm that soothed her horniness.

I forgot all about trying to leave for my room. I had only been planning on going out to a topless club that night, and there I was getting a show that was brightly lit and way hotter!

I stared and marveled at how beautiful and alluring she was on the bed, fully naked with her legs spread, one hand cupping a breast and the other starting to push two fingers inside her box. I squirmed a bit myself to get my cock away from the seam of my underwear. I reached down my pants and made room for it as I got harder from watching her enjoy her own body. Just the feel of gripping my shaft to take the pressure off the fabric of my pants made me start to throb.

The surprises were just getting started. She got up and went to the bed stand, opening a drawer and taking out a slim, silver vibrator. I gaped as she smoothly got on her back, holding the nine-inch sex toy like a lover was about to take her in the missionary position. She let her breath out loudly and ended with a moan as she got half of it into her moist channel. She rubbed her nipples with her eyes squeezed shut as she imagined a guy starting to work her over. She seemed to like it on the rough side since she pulled her nipples hard enough to distend the skin of her breasts and grabbed her ass hard enough to make white knuckles. She turned to the side and pursed her lips as she got a finger into her anus and she sawed the vibrator in and out of her cunt faster. She ran her tongue over her teeth as she enjoyed the sensations of getting both her holes stuffed at the same time. Maybe my old man hadn’t changed so much after all, since beneath her polite and proper exterior she was a pretty hot piece of ass.

She flopped on her stomach and got the metal toy back inside her, grunting rhythmically as she worked it in and out. That made me need to rub my cock through my pants to ease the frustration. After a while of this I realized that she was taking her time working herself up to good cum, so I gave in to a sudden temptation. I tiptoed across to the bathroom, grabbed what I wanted, and darted back to the wardrobe. My heart was racing not just with lust but also with an illicit rush over what I was doing.

With as much stealth as I could muster, I eased the door shut a bit so that I could hide behind it and still see through the crack at the bed where my stepmom was starting to fuck herself faster. My fingers trembled as I got the jar of her skin cream open and shoved my pants down. I sniffed it and let the sensation bring what I was watching in sharp relief as I could imagine how her skin smelled as she was masturbating. I vicariously joined her as I put a generous dollop of the slippery skin cream on the head of my cock and worked it up and down my shaft. My timing was uncanny as she started to plunge her vibrator deeper inside herself and moaned in time to the long, slow strokes. I slid my hand in time with her and found myself imagining being on my knees behind her, the two of us discovering how good we could make each other feel with a doggy-style screwing. She sped up and I grinned lecherously as I felt my own orgasm approaching. I hadn’t hooked up with a chick in almost a week so I knew I had a huge nut saved up. This wasn’t going to be the same as a girl making me bust but this was more intense than anything I’d felt before. I saw her back arch and she buried her face in a pillow to muffle the scream as she shoved the toy in as far as she could get it and twisted it around. I heard it buzzing at its fastest setting as she gulped another lungful of air before she screamed again, riding the mechanical stimulation that didn’t let up. I bit my own lip and stroked all the way down to the base of my cock as I fantasized about being balls deep inside her vagina as my cock spit streams of thick spunk across to splatter on the wall.

I suddenly remembered where I was and what I was doing so I shoved my lust aside and grabbed one of my dad’s shirts, trying to squeeze out the last of my cum that was still dribbling out of my softening dick. My heart was racing again in the urge for self-preservation as I wiped off my cock and the walls. I looked up just in time as I was sponging up the puddles of jism from the floor to see her getting up from the bed. I threw the shirt in the laundry and ducked to the back of the wardrobe, fighting to catch my stifled breath.

I caught a glimpse of her as she walked to the bathroom, a ridiculously satisfied look on her face as she fanned herself. Pressing my luck, I moved to watch her walk by. Her wonderful ass swayed deliciously and small trickle of pussy juice had run down the inside of her thigh. I wished that I could lick that clean and she seemed to have the same sort of thing in mind. She sniffed her toy before she started washing it off in the sink, humming a provocative pop tune as she dried it off and went to the shower. When she got it running warm and closed her eyes under the spray, I beat a hasty retreat to my bedroom, closing the door firmly and trying to calm down.

The next morning, I did my best to play it smooth as she joined me. I had needed to sneak her skin cream back into Silivri Escort place as she went out for her morning stretch and swim routine, but she hadn’t seemed to notice anything suspicious.

“Good morning, Esther.” I didn’t want to call her my mom and she wouldn’t allow me to use her nickname from girlhood, so we had compromised.

“Hello, Alex. I didn’t see you come in last night. Did you just get back?”

“No, just had a late night. Do you want some juice?”


She was in a fluffy white robe that kept her body covered to her knees, but she had a pair of slippers on that told me she was on her way to work on her tan this morning. I arranged a throw pillow on the sofa to block my hardening cock from her view.

“How’d class go this week?” I asked her. She had gone back to school and was working on a degree. She had a lighter load this semester with some upper division electives.

“I’m in kind of a jam. Well, so is everybody in my dance class. We had no male interest in the class so there’s a shortage of partners. We even advertised around the university but no takers. Would you be my dance partner? You don’t have to enroll yourself, just be available for the final project.”

“I don’t know how to do any ballroom dances.”

“Well, I didn’t either, but that’s why I’m in a class. I’m sure a sporty guy like you can pick it up, you’ve got good physical coordination.”

I shrugged. She really liked to dance and this PE class was a chance to show what she could do, so I knew that she was really into it. “Yeah. I think I’d like to.”

“We get to choose our own music. Do you have any ideas?”

“How about an old 80’s pop song? I remember how the video has a couple dancing a tango in the background.”

“Let me see it.”

I found the music video for “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister. I pointed out the first clip which showed a couple dancing from their waists down. He was in a tuxedo and she was in a flowing dress cut for free movement. Their legs swung out wide in sweeping motions like birds in flight. They twirled and dipped, finishing with the woman bringing a leg up on top of his sensuously.

I felt a surge of lust as I recalled how her naked ass and legs had looked the night before. I covered up with a bashful gesture to the screen, “We can switch that with another move if that’s too suggestive.”

She shook her head, “No, I like that one.”

We finished watching and she warmed to the idea. There were only a few clips of them dancing but she thought the music would be good for he steps she had in mind. We spent the afternoon starting to put it together and she coached me through each move. She was a damned good teacher. By the end of the week we had the act for the first half of the song worked out. When my dad came home we were practicing and he watched with interest for a minute then never did again. It didn’t matter, this was something I wanted to do to help her out. In another three weeks we were ready and went to pick out our costumes. She didn’t like the one from the video, so she ordered an evening dress and some low heels which were made for dancing. Oddly, she wouldn’t let me see her in it until the big day.

“I thought that was a superstition for weddings,” I protested.

“It’s not that, part of the effect is how you react when you see me in it for the first time before we dance.”

I never heard of such a thing but I humored her. When the time came, I met her on campus in the music building, my tux in its rental bag over my shoulder. I found the room slated for the class and there were a couple dozen women from ages seventeen to forty assembled to watch Esther’s turn on the floor. Sure enough, I was the only guy so it was easy for anyone to figure out who I was.

“I just saw Esther on my way down the hall,” a blonde classmate told me with an approving smile, “she’s looking gorgeous. You two will be a pleasure to watch.”

I went to change and when I got back the instructor had set up the music so I waited for Esther to show up. The blonde was right, she was absolutely stunning. I could imagine her walking to the classroom through a hallway full of students who were dressed in their jeans and sweatshirts, like a songbird among sparrows. The evening dress was a sequined blue affair which was tight in the body and had slits in the skirt almost to her hips. Every step revealed her tanned and toned legs. She had on shimmering makeup complemented by white gold jewelry that made her stage presence enchanting.

“What do you think?” she asked me to break her silence.

“I think we’ll give them a show to remember.”

We started with my arms around her in a ready pose. When the music cued up we stepped slowly away with arms outstretched, until only our fingertips were touching as we circled. We came together again and I held her waist as we turned. I slid an arm around her back and she extended her opposite arm, turning to face to the side as I ran my hand up her body and out until we were holding hands. There were impressed murmurs and a couple of whistles as my hand came so close to her breasts during the move. When we came to the part with the first dip she not only slid her leg up mine but curled it behind mine. That drew even more cheers and excited chatter.

There were several moves and poses that we wanted to hit but part of her lesson was to improvise along the way. We were supposed to be dancing in a classical sense, changing lead and following, moving in harmony and flowing from one movement to another. The song seemed to be over so soon for all the work we had put into it. We got enthusiastic applause and then the other students had her ringed in for conversation. I figured she’d be busy now so I’d just head home and catch up to her later. I went to the men’s room to change back to my street clothes and headed to the elevator. I heard her call out to me and turned to see her as she had waited for me. She had her evening dress in its bag too and came over to talk.

“Alex, thanks so much for helping me out. It means a lot to me.”

“It was fun,” I smiled.

“Well, you gave up a lot of your free time over the past month to make this happen. I really appreciate that.”

I felt kind of funny since before she’d only made polite acknowledgements for ordinary things to me. This was the first time she really seemed to connect with me for something. It felt good, though the feeling was a contrast to the remorse I felt for invading her privacy at such an intimate time. Working on the dance project had kept my mind off it but now that it was over I felt my fascination returning even stronger.

The energy must have been visible because I could notice women from the class watching us. Esther did too and she seemed to enjoy the attention and supposed speculation. I admit it was kind of a thrill standing there knowing how people had watched her dressed in something quite revealing and me getting so physical with her but now she was fully clothed again and talking to me with some kind of warm but platonic affection. It was like sharing a secret.

“So, how about dinner after we get these back?”

“I was supposed to meet your father, but he called to say he had to run out of town for a couple of nights.” The irritation and disappointment was plain on her face. I didn’t want her good mood ruined so I suggested that the two of us could go to a restaurant which I knew she loved. She smiled and we walked off together. We didn’t look odd at all, if anything like just a young couple who had agreed to their first date. I realized that’s exactly how I felt, though I had known Esther for almost a year. We arrived at the restaurant for a late dinner and chatted long after dessert and coffee, wanting to make it last, until the wait staff began clearing the tables off. When we got home we were still talking, but the conversation had turned serious in the privacy of our car. It continued as we walked into our living room. I motioned for a drink and she had me pour one for her. The liquor calmed her a little and she felt more relaxed, more open as she continued to disclose that she and my father had been growing less intimate physically in the past year.

“I cant seem to get his attention. I make myself ready for him almost every night when I can get him to stay home, but he’s been putting me off.

“Well, if you want my advice, and don’t mind me being quite frank, chasing him for this is the wrong way to go about it. I don’ think his physical appetite has faded, but maybe he’s taking you for granted. If you let it go for a while he might figure out what he’s been missing.”

“It’s not that he’s always unwilling,” she backpedaled, “or that we have any problems when we get together, but I wonder if he’s starting to lose interest. I worry that I’m not as well built as his past girlfriends.”

“I don’t think it’s that,” I told her with genuine skepticism. “You’re a lot different but he’s never treated anyone as well as he does you, even if you’re not connecting lately.”

“He doesn’t seem to respond as eagerly as he used to,” she expanded after she had downed the rest of her drink to brace herself for the vulnerability she was placing herself in with me, “I even bought a couple of pieces of lingerie, hoping he might like to see me in them, but he’s never asked or left them out for me to wear. I ‘ve tried surprising him when he got home but he always called that he’d be out late. That’s something that’s made me angry.”

“Lingerie is supposed to be an invitation,” I agreed, “it’s not practical like underwear, but it serves a purpose. Seeing a woman in her underwear might make a guy want to have her but that doesn’t mean she’s interested. Even a naked woman can have other things in mind, but when a woman puts a revealing, pretty outfit that she wouldn’t wear under her everyday clothes and maybe took some extra effort to put on, then she wants a man to notice her sexually.”

“That’s what I thought, but maybe it’s just not enticing enough for him to see it for what it is. Would you look and tell me what you think?”

I nodded and she darted off to their bedroom. She was gone for a long time and I figured she had gotten cold feet and was ashamed to come out. I was about to get up, unsure if I should just leave her alone or see if she was okay, when she walked back into the living room. Instead of carrying her items out for my inspection, she had dressed up in one and put on some darker, wetter makeup.

She came out with measured, steps, like a finishing school girl trying to demonstrate what she’d learned. “What do you think?”

It was a red baby-doll with lacy trim and sheer panels. There was a matching silky bottom that was cut deeply so that a guy could tell she had trimmed or shaved her pubic hair, though it wasn’t thin enough to reveal her pudendum. She turned to the Escort Bayan side and to the back, as if she was presenting a new dress for fitting, then turned back to me.

“That’s amazing,” I said, though my amazement was that I had only expected her to show me the intimate articles, not to model them. I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, though, and I wasn’t a fool either, so I asked her, “Try on this one.”

She hurried back and took another several minutes to change again for my request. She came back out wearing an explicit bikini set that was slit at the nipples and crotch to allow her charms to peek through. She had also put on a strappy set of high-heeled sandals to make her leg musculature flex and her shapely ass primed for ogling. This outfit definitely didn’t leave much to doubt. She had pulled her hair back and put on a diamond bracelet and necklace to polish the look. But again she looked more like she was getting ready for a pageant than for intercourse. Though this look was far more revealing, she acted like I wouldn’t notice what it was designed to call attention to.

“It’s not that you don’t look good, far from that,” I said. “It’s about how you present yourself wearing these things. You can’t look like you don’t want to wear it or that you’re just going through motions. You want to be inviting, maybe even a little aggressive.”

She surprised me as she stepped closer to where I sat, nudging my thigh open with her knee, rubbing slightly so that I could feel her bare, smooth skin press against me. She looked down with a challenging smirk since she saw that she had gotten the drop on me. “Like this?”

“Come closer,” I answered smoothly, evenly, picking up on her dare.

She came even closer, and to my surprise again, turned so that she could wave her ass in my face, the thong bottom fitting like it had been tailored just for her backside.

She was teasing me as if this was a tame table dance from an exotic dancer who was trying to get me to the VIP room. She was catching on fast. I decided not to be outdone and that it was her turn to try not getting freaked out.

I spread my legs open and gripped the tent in my slacks so that she could see the outline of my erection clearly. She was flustered, probably not with my arousal but by how I flaunted back at her.

“It’s just a natural reaction,” I dismissed any concern with a shrug. “I’m a healthy young guy, you’re a beautiful woman who is presenting her body to me. Whether it’s appropriate or not doesn’t matter, you’re showing me something provocative and I’m physically responding to you. That’s how it should be. You want to act in a way that will make him want you, no matter what else is going on in his head.”

She didn’t say anything but bit her lip a little as she looked away. Instead of taking offense, she seemed to cross an inner threshold. When she looked back at me she smiled slightly, but with a little doubt.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“I always did.”

She smiled, but then realizing what that implied snapped her back to reality and her eyes widened in alarm. I could see her dismay but I also saw a glimpse that there was a spark of desire there. I was close to losing her but had time for another move, if she would take up on it. I let her back away from me but i got off the couch and on my knees in front of her.

“I don’t think we should be doing this,” she said quietly.

“Relax,” I told her in a gentle tone. “I just want you to remember this moment when you’re trying to let your sexy side show through.”

She looked at me like I was naïve about her own nature. “Well, since we’re being frank about normal feelings, I’ll let you know I was starting to feel a good tingle at the idea of getting you turned on.”

“I’m glad,” I said, “You’re not the only one who can feel insecure. I’m supposed to be at my sexual prime and don’t like the thought of not being attractive to a woman who I want.

She was smart enough to catch on that meant I was interested in her. But would she be game? She looked me up and down, an obvious sign itself, so I leaned back a bit with my arms to the side, a silent question if she liked what she saw. She finally smiled and her eyes softened into a look of intimate proposal.

“I’m supposed to be close to my prime too, though from what I’m learning that’s all been debunked now. But I think our feelings are clear enough. Maybe we can help each other a bit,” she said softly as her hands guided me to lay on the floor.

“Tell me if you like this.”

She undid the fly of my pants and peeled them open. She freed my cock from my underwear and tugged my clothes away so that it was bare for her touch. Her hands made small, delicate movements around my crotch. Not fearful or unsure, just as if she was seeking permission. I showed my own intentions by seizing my manhood and stroking it for her, pointing it so that she could see the head flare and veins pulse as my cock was at its hardest.

She wouldn’t look me in the face. She seemed to deal with it by keeping her eyes fixed on my cock. I had shaved except for a patch above the root of my dick, for better skin on skin sensation as much as looks. I had fantasized about burying my boner inside her landing strip and wanted to get the most out of it.

Once her hand closed over my shaft any hesitance on her part disappeared. She stroked it firmly and looked up at me, licking her lips before she opened her mouth and took me as far as she could inside. Her tongue curled and slid over it like a sensuous snake.

She had lighthearted look on her face as she licked and sucked on me, worshipping my hardness with enthusiasm. She gulped and slurped loudly but not obnoxiously. She looked at me for approval and I pulled her up for an embrace and deep kiss.

“My turn,” I told her.

A look of fulfillment and reassurance brightened her face as I got her on her back and pushed her legs up and open, holding them so that her snatch was fully exposed for my viewing excitement before I put my mouth on her.

She ran her fingers through my hair, pulling now and then to encourage me when I did something that she liked. I lost my sense of time as I got lost in the caresses and titillating sounds she made to reward me for my oral attention. Her vulva felt firm and slippery under my lips. They were going to feel so good to fuck. Her soft cries as I ate her to a few orgasms made me anticipate the music we would make when we got into different positions. I kissed around her hot and swollen folds and back up her body, nuzzling her neck before I kissed her mouth again. She started to get up and I grabbed her hand.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to finish what we started?”

She looked involuntarily at my stiff cock and shyly covered her pussy with her hand. “I meant that we could make each other feel better, I didn’t mean I would cheat on your father.”

“We’re both ready for this and it was going so well.”

“You did make me feel really good, and you gave me some reassurance as a woman. Thank you. But I wasn’t trying to lead you on.”

“You’re not a child and neither am I,” I pressed. “We can let this drop but we’ll both end up more frustrated than we were before.”

“You can’t be serious.”

I sighed like she was purposely being dense. Maybe she was, but I doubted it. She was covering her nipples with an arm now too, but she hadn’t made a move to leave and one look at her made it obvious that here was a chick who was hungry for some fresh meat. It was like being in a bad porno. “We both knew where this was going once you knelt between my legs and sucked my cock. You need this as much as I do. Let’s have it.”

“What’s your problem?” Her eyes flashed in indignation and she made an angry gesture, but it seemed more in denial of what she was feeling than a rejection of me, so I decided to move in for the kill.

“Who has a problem?” I called her out. “You are dressed in something that screams come-and-get-me, your nipples are poking out and you’re skin is flushed. You can’t tell me you’re not ready to get laid.”

“You can’t talk to me that way.”

“Why not? It’s the truth.”

“You’re about one word away from me shutting that big mouth for you. Just try me.”

“That’s what I’m doing”, I said dryly, “so are you going to play coy some more?

Her face showed something barely recognizable — a snarl of disgust, raised eyebrows of challenge, and a suppressed sense of satisfaction.

“All right, if that’s what you really want, then let’s do it. We’re gonna fuck.” She pulled me by the waistband of my pants towards the bedroom. “Let’s get your vulgar urges over with.”

“We’ll see who’s more of a freak,” I said arrogantly, pulling my shirt off. She pulled off my belt and yanked my pants down. When I had them off she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to the bed on top of her. Her arms and legs wrapped around me assertively, rubbing my neck, hips, ass, and back of my legs as she opened her mouth for mine, giving herself to me as if she hadn’t had a man between her legs in months. My cock was like an invading animal that was trying to burrow into her snatch, rubbing between her thighs and jabbing when it felt soft hair and moisture. She wrenched me over and grabbed my stiff rod, looking me straight in my eyes as she ran her tongue up and down its length. She cradled my balls softly as she clamped her wet lips around the head and started jacking me off. After teasing me with that for a while she kept her lips against her hand and pressed her tongue against the underside of my dick to give the best friction as her head bobbed up and down on me. I could feel an orgasm building but when she tasted some precum leaking into her mouth she stopped and squeezed the base of my cock firmly to keep me from busting.

“You like that?” she asked with mock severity as she pumped my dick, then sucked on it some more before she took it out to ask, ” Do you like me sucking you off on your father’s bed?

I got a hold of her waist and turned us over again. I grabbed her legs by the ankles so that I could pull them wide open. My cock bounced with the motion and slapped her crotch, putting a nasty smile on her face as she got on her elbows, wanting to watch me penetrating her.

“I’m going to give it to you better than he ever did,” I said confidently.

Her eyes glittered diabolically as she smiled up at me, “I hope so.”

I moved to let my cock rest against her snatch, rubbing up and down to tease us both.

“Fuck me good,” she growled as she tilted her pelvis up at me in shameless invitation. Instead, I pinned her legs back as my mouth plastered over her snatch. She moaned loudly as I painted her pussy lips with my saliva, flicking her clitoris rapidly with my tongue as she squealed with approval. After I felt her grind istanbul Escort against my face and shudder in a fast orgasm, I got on my knees and pulled her close, steering my aching tool to her wet hole.

I gripped the middle of my shaft and rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. Her eyes rolled with the intense stimulation and I shoved it easily into her hot tunnel of love.

“You feel so good,” she sighed as I thrust into her fast and deep. Her moans bounced off he walls and the wet smacking of our flesh made my blood run hot.

“Oh yeah!” she grated wantonly, “Harder! Mmmmmh!”

Her sounds changed from high, feminine sighs and moans to low, guttural gasps and groans as I pounded my cock in and out. Rather than try to loosen her pussy to meet my thrusts she bore down and made the feeling of stretching her slit very intense. I had her legs folded over in front of me like a sexy pretzel so that I could drive really rough. She licked her lips in anticipation and made a little shriek when I tried a thrust that had my legs and back into it. She swallowed and pulled the cheeks of her ass wide, encouraging me to give her even more. All traces of her being a reserved young professional woman had vanished and I had a green-eyed earthquake on my hands.

“Damn, you’re hittin’ it. Ohhh, oh yeaaahh!”

I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep in that position but the way she grabbed my arms and bit her lip told me that she didn’t care about the strain. Her head whipped back and forth on the pillow as she lost control and shouted her ecstasy. I kept it up for about four minutes and she came twice, the second time a lot more powerful than the first. When she stopped meeting my pummeling and let her head lay back, I could tell that she’d had enough. I rolled off her and she lay panting beside me. She reached over to fondle my cock and started stroking it happily when she found that it was still rock hard.

“Omigod, I came so good that time,” she smiled with her eyes glazed and chest heaving. “More! Please, give me more like that.”

I turned her over and pulled her hips up so that she was poised for me to push the length of my cock up and into her, letting her weight add to it. I was glad that I had kept doing my athletic stretches as I got on one knee with my legs wide apart so that I could drive into her deep from this position. I looked over in a mirror and saw how exposed and vulnerable her pussy looked as i rubbed the head of my cock between her vaginal lips. She moaned in relief as I sunk my whole length into her. I started with long, smooth strokes to make sure her juices where running freely so that she’d be comfortable when I sped up. I grabbed a handful of her hair behind her ear and pulled on it, not hard enough to be painful but bending her face to me for my tongue. She flicked hers out to meet mine and kissed me hard before I pushed her to face forward again.

“Yeah, pull my hair,” she hissed as she pushed her hips back to meet mine. I was going so hard that my balls were swinging to bump into her clit. She laughed throatily at the pleasure this gave her as I moved my hands to squeezer her tits. I wanted to see just how much she could take so I grabbed her shoulders for more leverage. Her eyes shut and her mouth made a wide O as I gave her the most intense dicking I had ever tried with a girl. I kept it up as long as I could and her legs were trembling when I finally pulled out of her.

I rocked back and sat heavily as I fought for air. She crawled around to face me, a predatory look like a hungry jungle cat glowed on her features as she pushed me onto my back.

“Honey, we should have been doing this a long time ago,” she shook her head as she panted lightly. All I could do was nod in reply. She ran a hand up my leg and grabbed the root of my cock, working her fingers around and waggling her eyebrows with admiration that I was still as stiff as when we started. “That’s enough play. Now I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

She got on top of me, letting me look at her pretty breasts and wet pussy as she stroked my cock, savoring the hardness of it before she guided it back into her. She balanced on the balls of her feet as she spread her knees apart. She then started riding up and down my shaft with strong, undulating bobs, like an erotic ballerina. Her faced turned angelic as she looked down at me. She peered lower to watch as she rose up and my shaft came out of her pussy. When just the head of my member was inside of her she lowered herself again smoothly, tightening herself so much that I felt like she was trying to push my penis into my groin. The heavenly feeling of slippery resistance was so intense that my hands and feet, then my arms and legs started to go numb. She placed a palm on my chest, toying with my chest hair a bit before she leaned on it for balance as she moved a little faster. I shut my eyes as she stroked my face tenderly.

“Look at me,” she told me quietly. I opened my eyes again and she had a serene look on her face as she settled against the base of my cock. She closed her eyes to concentrate as her insides began a milking sensation, like her pussy was trying to swallow my dick. A railroad spike of pleasure shot through my groin as her vaginal lips slid wetly around the bottom of my shaft and then she began squeezing up, like she was drawing my semen up for an orgasm, then ending that exquisite grip at the head, then started over.

“Oh damn, this is so good,” I gasped with a lewd grin, “don’t stop.”

She smiled like a movie villain who had gotten the hero into a helpless position. Soon she could tell that I couldn’t take any more edging and went back to fucking me. She put her hands on my chest so that she had better control of her hips, reinforcing that by taking my hands from her ass and guiding them to her breasts so that she was fully in charge of what her pussy was doing to me again.

“Do you want to look?” she asked me, and cradled my head so that I could watch her pussy sliding up and down my cock. She saw that I liked it so she pulled a pillow under my head. I could also look in a mirror for a side view of us and how her cute breasts hung appealingly like ripe fruit for my grabby hands. I could really see her hips work now. She made all kinds of twists and twirls, as if our pelvises were partners in a dance this time and she led me to a mind-shattering climax. I was roaring as I finally ejaculated inside her and she threw her head back, gasping and shuddering. She nuzzled her face against me fondly as she caught her breath and raised her body up gently, letting my cock slip free and a sticky, frothy mess of vaginal fluid and semen flowed out of her and pooled on my spent organ.

“Holy shit, baby, what a great fuck,” she said weakly as she collapsed on top of me.

I woke up late the next morning since I had gotten so tired. As I swam up from sleep my first thought was disbelief, that last night had just been an incredibly vivid wet dream. Opening my eyes to the unfamiliar bed and feeling slender arms and legs tangled with mine dispelled the notion. I shut them again and savored the feeling of Esther’s hair across my neck and her face on my chest. I felt her stir and light fingers trailing up my legs, her palm rubbing my scrotum and squeezing her new toy gently. She started stroking firmly as my erection filled her hand and she rubbed a leg up and down mine invitingly. She smiled at how quickly I got throbbing hard with her touch and I shut my eyes with a heartfelt sigh at being so lucky to be in bed with a woman who knew what to do about it.

“Good morning, Alex,” she murmured, the erotic sight of her tousled hair disappearing under the sheets was followed by warm, moist suction around my reinvigorated manhood. She pulled the sheet up so that it was tented over us as she mounted me. She held my face and kissed, slipping her tongue around mine as she started riding up and down, giving a hard grind when her pussy lips kissed the base of my cock so that her clit was nicely stimulated. I let my hands wander to let her know how sexy I thought her body was and she used my hard-on to start her morning off happily. She invited me to shower together and we ended up needing it twice since she got the kinky inspiration to fuck while the warm water cascaded around us. I made something to eat as she got dressed and she was all smiles and affectionate petting when I beckoned her over to the table.

We were silent for a while, just looking at each other and grinning contentedly, like we had happened on some kind of great fortune that had been right in front of us all along. She started to look pensive and finally sighed and shook her head.

“What’s wrong, Esther?”

“I can’t stand the thought of him coming home and me trying to pretend I’m happy with his lackluster performance in bed. Its bad enough when he stands me up for a date night or fails to notice me when I try to interest him. I know it’s him and not me, but it still makes me feel like I can’ t even satisfy him as a woman.”

I didn’t say anything about that. After the night we’d just had, I never would have thought she was anything less than completely confident in her own prowess. I also didn’t mention how I had earlier found access to a social media account that he held where he had posted pics of him with a couple of famous porn stars in a back room at some strip club. All it would serve was to sadden and insult her, but I sympathized. Maybe she was being this way because she still needed something more.

“Well, I’m usually gone on Friday night and all of Saturday, sometimes on Sunday too, with my friends,” I told her. “He stopped paying attention to that a long time ago. You’re in school Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and away on the weekend when you’ve got a group project or exam coming up. What do you say we use that time on weekends to get together? I can come get you after class or you can meet me somewhere.”

“I don’t think he’ll miss me much either. I’m already starting not to miss him.” She came over to sit next to me, leaning her head on my shoulder for support. ” Sounds bad of me, I know. But at least we got each other now, for a while maybe.”

“Do you think you’d be happy enough with just our getaways?”

“I have a confession to make,” she told me, “I’ve been wanting you ever since we worked on on my dance class project. The way we moved together, feeling your hands on me, I would keep wondering what it would be like. I picked that outfit to impress you. I wanted you to remember seeing me in it and what it was like to dance with me when I made a move later. I guess I had to try to back off last night for the sake of my own conscience, but I’d been hoping you’d want me too.”

“I always thought you were too out of my league. First as an upper classman then later as my dad’s wife.”

She smiled at the notion of me having a crush on her and ran a hand through my hair, watching my face. I kissed her sweetly.

“So, is this my big chance with you?” I asked.

She reached down and started kneading my scrotum softly in response.

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