Lewd and Lusty Latisha


The sun shown brightly through the blinds as I drank my morning coffee and pondered my life. Here I was 26 years old and all alone. My mind took me back to my school days and my early experiences with sex. There had been a few boys and several girls. Then I met Brad and soon after we got married. He was a police officer for Lower Merion Township and on a routine traffic stop he was shot to death. That was four months ago and I just can’t get over it. Sex with Brad was not all that exciting but he was such a great guy; we had been married for six years and I miss him so much. I had been faithful to Brad since we first meet, unless my vibrator counts, but now there are strong urges to have sexual contact with another human being.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on the computer reading erotic stories, especially about lesbians. I have found some lesbian chat rooms and joined in the sex talk. One girl sent me a picture of herself, she was a cute white girl named Joy. She asked me to describe myself and I told her that I was a black woman 26 years old, was 5’10” tall, had 38DD bust, was very dark complected, had black hair and dark eyes. I was astounded and very aroused when she begged me to send her a picture of myself and informed me that she wanted to worship my black body with her tongue and eat my pussy until I came all over her face!

Finally I sent her a picture of myself wearing sexy lingerie. Joy responded by offering herself to be my sex slave and willingly obey my every command. It was tempting but I explained my circumstances and asked her to give me more time before we even thought about meeting. Joy said that she was disappointed but understood and told me that when I was ready she would be there.

There were all sorts of women on the web site, some just looking for a fling, some wanting a commitment, some wanting just to talk but what excited me the most was the ones that wanted to be submissive. There was another black woman that seemed to have quite a few woman lusting after her, she went by the name of Mistress Wanda. I asked her what her secret was and she told me that some women just like to be dominated and that is what she loved to do. It turned out that she lived about 35 miles away and told me that whenever I wanted she would have some of her slaves over to her place and we could have a party. My pussy was flooding at the thought of having other women eat me out.

I had a session with my vibrator, showered, and went shopping. While at the mall I decide to get a bite to eat but my mind kept thinking about submissive women and my pussy was still wet. The sweet young thing that took my order was a redhead, she had a beautiful face, big green eyes, and a charming smile. She introduced herself as Debbie and I couldn’t help but notice that she kept staring at my big black tits. It was July in Pennsylvania and extremely hot and sticky so I wore a tank top and shorts. During the course of my meal Debbie stopped by often and told me. “If you need anything, anything at all, just ask.” Her young pretty face blushed as she gazed at my body and it made me horny as hell.

After paying the check and leaving a generous tip I decided to go for it and asked Debbie, “When do you get finished work? Perhaps we could go for a drink and get to know one another better. You are so nice and I really enjoyed your company.”

She gushed, “Oh, I would love that but I am only eighteen. My shift will be oven in 45 minutes though.”

“Great, I will be back to pick you up and we can have a few drinks at my house. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. It will be nice, what do you say?”

“Sounds great, I will meet you out front.” I window shopped for about forty five minutes but my mind was on sex the whole time. I couldn’t believe how bold I had become but I was also nervous because I hadn’t had sex with anyone but Brad in a long, long time. Still, the thought of seducing this white girl was so arousing. As I approached the restaurant she was standing there looking so adorable. I asked Debbie where her car was parked and she answered, “Oh, I don’t have a car yet, I take the bus.”

“Good, then you can ride with me.” We walked to my car together, chatted, and we both remarked how hot it was outside. As she got in my car her skirt rose and I got a glimpse of her creamy white thighs. Debbie told me that her parents were divorced and she lived with her mom. I told her what happened to my husband and she put her arm around me and expressed how bad she felt for me and asked if there was anything she could do. The warmth of her young body was driving me insane with lust and I answered, “What do you have in mind? What would you like to do for me?”

Debbie turned crimson, looked at my body and shyly said, “Oh, I don’t know; anything you want me to do. I guess.” I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this! I was actually taking this white girl home to seduce her and looking forward to getting into her pants with wild anticipation. By the time we got home nişantaşı escort my crotch was drenched.

As we entered the house Debbie exclaimed, “Your house is so beautiful; what do you do for a living?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. My husband had lots of insurance and I am well taken care of. Early in our marriage I did some lingerie modeling and exotic dancing but my husband did not approve and made me quit. Please have a seat and tell me what you would like to drink?”

“I don’t know. You choose something for me.” I got behind the bar and poured us both a stiff rum and coke. I put on some music and sat on the sofa very close to her and whispered in her ear that I was so glad for her company and that I had been very lonely. Debbie openly admired my voluptuous frame saying, “A woman so beautiful and sexy as you should never be lonely. God! You are a the most alluring creature that I have ever seen.”

After a few more drinks she started slurring her words and could not keep her eyes off of my breasts. I chuckled and told her, “You seem to like looking at my tits. Would you like to see more of them?”

Debbie seemed to be under a spell of some kind and simply muttered, “Yes.” Her big green eyes opened wide and she licked her lips as I took of my top and tossed it aside boldly displaying my ample black melons for her to admire. All she could say was, “Wow! They are so big and oh so beautiful.”

I told her, “Don’t be shy little girl, come nurse on these big motherfuckers; you know that you want to don’t you baby girl? Much to my delight she wasted no time putting her sweet lips on my stiff nipples and sucked like a little baby. I hand-fed them to her and she eagerly nursed on both of them. While she was slobbering all over my tits my fingers went up her skirt and found her love tunnel, it was soaked and ready to accept my long black fingers. Slowly at the start but then more rapidly I finger fucked her fuming cunt. One finger at first but soon there were three fingers stuffing her hungry hole. She squealed with delight and her cum covered my pumping fingers. I pulled her sucking mouth off of my tits and told her, “Let’s take this to the bedroom and get nude and lewd!”

We went upstairs and started stripping. She had a nice body with medium sized breasts and I liked her freckles. Debbie stared in awe at my plush pubic hair and big pussy lips as I admired her thin lipped love box and sparse red pubic hair. I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her full on the lips. Then I fucked her mouth with my tongue and was pleased when her tongue licked mine. I kissed down her neck, then lingered for awhile on her tits and marveled at her pointy red nipples. I then went to her navel and sucked it, then to her thighs, I licked and kissed my way to her smoldering little pussy and inhaled her aroused scent She cooed and sighed as my tongue found it’s way up her honey-hole. Soon she was fucking my face with passion as I devoured her pussy and drank up all of her juices.

I sat up and let her come back down to earth. I told her that I loved the contrast between her creamy white skin and my black skin. She said, “So do I and not only that but your big tits with black nipples and your fat pussy with the forest of black curly pubic hair just drives me wild. Your lips are so much fuller than mine and your tongue is much longer. You are incredible and you drive me insane with desire.”

My ebony body moved over her white frame and my tits rubbed hers before they met her lips. I went back down her body and fucked her pussy with my tits. She screamed out in ecstasy and had another orgasm on my breasts. I brought them back to her mouth and she licked her own juices off my breasts. I asked, “Do you like the taste of your own cunt little girl?” She nodded her head ‘yes’ then I asked her if she would like to taste mine. Once again she just nodded.

I put my knees on either side of her head and lowered my dripping pussy to her sweet lips. She eagerly started licking and sucking my hot cunt. I said, “Whoa baby, take it easy. Kiss my pussy lips, then lick them, then gently nibble on my big fat pussy lips, suck my clit for awhile then you can stick your tongue up my cunt and suck it dry.” Debbie followed orders perfectly and gobbled up everything. I swear her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. She licked and sucked me dry; I lost track of how many orgasms that I had while fucking her pretty white face. It was the most fantastic sex of my life and I decided then and there that I was going to seduce and fuck as many white women as I could.

I stroked Debbie’s long red hair and told her that she looked so sexy with my cum and pussy juices all over her face. We got dressed and I drove her home. She lived in a modest apartment and invited me in to meet her mother but I told her maybe another time. I really did not feel like meeting the mother of the girl I just fucked. She gave me her phone number and pleaded with me to call her, saying, “I love you and am willing to do anything şişli escort you want me to do. I just want to be with you.”

I told her, “I have just had sex for the first time since I lost my husband. It was great and so are you but now I want to fuck as many white bitches as I can. I like you and want to see you again and will call you soon but no commitments, do you understand? It may sound harsh but it is better to be truthful now than to deceive you and hurt you later.”

“You don’t have to make a commitment; I just want to be with you again. I will even introduce my friends to your luscious black pussy. I will bring you all the white girls that you want. Latisha I just want to be with you and will do anything and everything to please you.”

I kissed her goodbye and told her that I would call her soon. I went home and relaxed while thinking of Debbie’s face between my legs and dreaming of other white women worshiping my big tits and hot cunt. I was startled by a crashing sound outside, looked out, and saw the prim and proper Ann Blake getting out of her car and surveying the damage. She had hit a parked car and was looking around to see if anyone saw the accident. I rushed for my camera and started taking pictures. When she felt that no one had seen what happened she hopped in her car and took off.

Ann lived down the street and was a snob. She always walked around as if she were better than anyone else. I know she didn’t like black people and rarely talked to me. When she did she always talked down to me like I was dirt beneath her feet. I considered calling the police but had a better idea. I decided to give her a call and see how far she would go to keep the photos from the police. Ann answered the phone and when she realized who was calling she impatiently asked, “What the hell do you want?”

I responded, “Now, now, Ann, you should be nicer to me being that I have pictures of you fleeing the scene of a crime.”

There was a moment of silence then she asked in a much more subdued tone, “What is it that you want?”

“Well Ann, come over here in an hour and we will have a few friendly drinks and talk it over. If you fail to show up I will call the police and give them the pictures I have of you at the scene of the accident. The choice is all yours.”

Without hesitation she agreed to come over. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and wore nothing but a red satin robe. Ann was prompt and drank scotch on the rocks while I had another rum and coke. After taking a sip of her drink, Ann with anger in her voice demanded, “All right what is it you want. I do have some money but this is blackmail you know.”

The 37 year old mother and housewife displayed a mixture of anger and fear when she asked, “How much?”

I replied. “I don’t want your money Ann, I just want us to become very good friends. I am sure that would be better than facing the police for a hit and run charge or do you hate black folks that much?”

I poured her another drink and could tell she was lying when she said, “I don’t hate blacks or anyone else for that matter. If you want to be friends then fine. The only reason that I ran away was because I have too many points on my drivers license already. It was stupid I know but the fear of loosing my license clouded my judgment.”

I let my robe slip open so that she could get a good view of my luscious ebony body. She would look and then quickly avert her eyes only to return her gaze on my sexy frame. She was uncomfortable and nervous but did not want to say anything to offend me as I had her fate in my hands. Ann was downing her drinks fast and I was quick to refill her glass. The more she drank the more she stared at my breasts. She tried to make some excuse about having to get home but I sternly told Ann that she could not leave until we became special friends. She slurred, ” I…I don’t think uh that I know what you mean. You are not suggesting that we um, ah, have sex, are you? That’s disgusting, I am straight and that is out of the question. I ah, have to go now.”

I put my hand on her leg and she froze. She had a horrified look on her face as my hand slowly went higher up her leg and into the blond mother’s panties. She was panting as I fingered her moist cavern. Becoming more emboldened by her arousal and submission I made my first attempt to totally dominate and humiliate another woman. I scolded her saying, “You are a fucking liar. How dare you lie to me and say that you don’t want to have sex with another woman? Your pig cunt is flowing like a river! You want it and you want it real bad, don’t you pig slut? Answer me whore and tell me the truth this time.”

“Yes, yes, I want it.”

“Not good enough slut. Tell me exactly what you want.”

“I want you to keep fucking my pussy; I want to cum!”

“I know you do bitch but not yet.” She looked so disappointed when I withdrew my fingers from her sopping pussy. I took off my robe and discarded it and saw the desire and lust in her blue eyes as she gazed mecidiyeköy escort at my nakedness. I put my fingers to her lips and told her to taste herself. She licked and sucked my fingers with fervor. I pulled Ann to her feet and sat down on the chair and told her, “You think your pig cunt taste good just wait until you feast on my hot black cunt. Have you ever licked a black pussy?”

“No, never. The only experience I have ever had with another woman was with my roommate in college. She was a blond too.”

“Well bitch this is your lucky night. By the time I get through with you your vile racist thoughts will be a thing of the past. Now I want you to slowly strip for me, do it sexy and watch me play with my tits and finger my cunt as you take it off.” Ann lifted off her dress and slowly and temptingly discarded her panties and bra. She was slender and quite fit for her age. She had a blond bush but her tits were nonexistent. I ordered her to keep dancing and mocked her. “You have the tits of a little boy! Why do you even bother to wear a bra? No wonder you could not keep your eyes off of my big black tits! You want to fondle them and nurse on them don’t you Ann? Come sit on my lap.”

Ann willingly complied and sat on my lap. Without being told she tried to contain them in her tiny white hands. Ann wore a look of total amazement as she, lifted, dropped, squeezed, and lovingly fondled my boobs. I stuffed three, then four fingers up her slushy cunt. I decided to fist fuck this white bitch and send her over the top. I had to tell her not to bite too hard on my nipples as she reached one orgasm after the other. My arm was in her half way up to my elbow. I could feel her pussy expand and flood; it amazed me that such a small woman could take so much up her pussy. With a loud swish, plop, my arm withdrew from her stretched cunt. Her pussy was now a gaping gooey hole. Then my submissive slut was made to lick my hand and arm clean.

When I was satisfied that it was clean enough I commanded, “Good girl, now for your treat, get on the rug, on your knees and and enjoy your first taste of a superior black woman’s pussy. Worship my black cunt with your lips and tongue. Do it now!” Much to my delight the former racist, prim, and proper white wife attacked my clammy cunt like a starving man would a juice steak. I mean she put everything she had into it, she sucked and slurped for over an hour. I lifted my long black legs and told her that some cum leaked down into my ass-hole and that she should stick her tongue up there and lick it all out. She not only did that but she kissed my ass-hole and all over my black buttocks.

We were both totally spent and relaxed in each others arms. I told Ann that she was a good little slut, that I wanted to have her come over every time I called, that she was now my property and would do whatever I wanted her to do. To my surprise she thanked me and said she hoped that I would call her soon. I said, “You are a real slut, you loved my arm up your sloppy cunt, and I could tell that you had orgasms while you ate my black pussy and ass. How does it feel to be a black woman’s pussy slut and cunt lapper?

“I never would have guessed it Latisha but submitting to you and having you degrade me was by far the most spectacular sex in my whole life. Yes, I am your white fuck-slut and loving it!”

“Good Ann, how old is your daughter and what is her name?”

Ann was trembling with fear and her face got even whiter as she mumbled, “Her name is Sharon and she is 18 but you can’t be thinking about her that way, can you?”

“Oh yes, I can and I am. She is a younger version of you and just as flat-chested. Sharon would just love to play with my big tits and feast on my blackberry-pie. Don’t be so selfish; why should you have all the fun? Think what a turn-on it would be to watch each other pleasure me. Don’t be such a prude; after what just happened how could you possibly put on that goody-goody act?”

“But she is my little girl; I just couldn’t.”

I grabbed a fistful of her blond hair, pulled her head back, and plunged three fingers into her sopping pussy and told Ann, “You are lying to me again, your filthy cunt is soaked. You love the idea of watching your little girl nurse on my big tits, lick my whole body, and getting down and dirty with my juicy black cunt and her watching you debase yourself with me, don’t you slut?”

She was shaking and meekly uttered, “God forgive me but yes it does turn me on! I don’t understand why such a depraved and vile thing as involving my little girl with you is so arousing but it is. Latisha how should we go about it?” I kissed her goodbye and told her to leave that to me. I was astonished that she was willing to offer her own daughter up to me but loved the thought of having both mother and daughter together. I was so proud of myself for seducing two white women in one day that I decided to go on-line and boast to Mistress Wanda. She was proud of me too and told me all about her strap-on dildos, hand cuffs, whips and chains and other sex toys. I was not interested in the other stuff but the idea of strapping on a big black cock and fucking a white woman senseless was exciting and I decided to get one the next day.

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