Liam’s Submission Tested Pt. 03

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As we rested together, a stage was being populated to our right. In no time at all, bondage demonstrations of all types began. They ranged from simple decorative collar and harness ties, to dangerously complex suspension work and stress positions. I looked over longingly. It had been a while since I had gotten a nice long lasting rope burn. As if detecting my thoughts through my body language, which is honestly possible with how perceptive he is, Marcus pulled my leash as he stood up. “My slave and I will be in the Quiet Lounge whenever you’re all ready to join us,” he announced.

“Oh, want a few minutes alone I see?” someone joked. “Well, don’t wear Liam out too fast, I think we all want to feel the heat of his ass sooner or later.” Marcus smacked me lightly on the thigh and led me away on all fours to a room just to the left of the bustling stage. As we walked away, I could hear the same man say, “Vance, go follow them and save me a seat nearby. Don’t sit in it, obviously, and be sure to obey anything Marcus asks.” Vance was here? I could feel my cheeks blush. He’s another sub that comes to play with Marcus and I often, and one I’d developed a small crush on. I’d never met his Sir before. I could see and hear his heavy combat boots and well tanned legs trailing behind us as we reached the door to the Quiet Lounge.

It was called the Quiet Lounge, but at most times, it was the loudest room in the building. The inside of the room was dark and confined in contrast to the open and bright main hall. The temperature was also noticeably warmer in here. Plain grey and black walls hung beneath the ceiling that was only around eight feet tall. Chains and hooks hung from the ceiling and walls periodically and jingled with the draft of the air conditioning. Furniture in here was much simpler and less comfortable, just sparse chairs and couches. BDSM equipment located in the Quiet Lounge was not for beginners. I crawled past tables laden with sleepsacks, milking machines (I couldn’t help the small moan I let out thinking about my three week old load begging for release as I passed it), fucking machines, and vacuum cubes. I counted five people meandering the room at this point aside from us, cursorily testing the equipment. Later in the night I knew the room would be packed with sweating bodies and howling subs, and I couldn’t wait for it.

Since we were nearly the first ones inside, Marcus chose a spot near the dead center of the room. The better the view we would have later. In our immediate vicinity, there was a menacing looking Rack, and E-Stim machine. As Sir turned around, I saw his bulging erection poking out of the top of his leather jockstrap. He looked down at me and began rubbing it up and down, nothing but lust in his eyes. This image could have come directly out of a porn calendar. Vance caught up to us and knelt a few feet away near a chair, awaiting his Master. The change in atmosphere had also affected him, as I could see his bare cock stood out proudly pointing upwards directly in my direction. A drop of precum, barely visible in the dim lighting, glistened gaziantep bayan eskort on its end.

Marcus looked down to him as well and observed his well toned body. He wore nothing aside from his boots and a thick chain collar around his neck. His short blonde hair shone above his pair of brilliant blue eyes. My tail plug started to wag involuntarily at the thought of Vance joining us, and didn’t go unnoticed by Marcus.

Sir sat down on one of the chairs and removed his jockstrap for the second time tonight. His thick tool visibly throbbed with the beat of his heart. I traced several of the visible veins up and down with my eyes as my mouth began to water. Staring back and forth from me and Vance, Marcus stroked his cock slowly. I watched his flared cock head disappear beneath his hand then reappear. “Come closer, slaves,” Marcus demanded of us both. Without hesitation we approached till we were inches from his lap. I was very aware of Vance’s warm right thigh pressing against my left. His pink cock head bobbed in my peripheral vision like a fishing cork.

Sir reached down to remove my puppy hood, which would allow for better access to my mouth. My damp hair clung to my forehead for a moment before he smoothed it back out of my eyes. Vance and I made the briefest eye contact, before we looked ahead to our Master’s cock again. He pointed his bulbous and leaking cock head at us, “Lick it. Together.” I shivered despite the warm air. Excitement coursed through me and my caged nub as our lips drew together and met at the tip of Sir’s dick. I forgot Marcus’ command as I tilted my head to attempt to kiss Vance’s soft lips, but Vance began his tongue bath of Sir’s cock head reminding me of my current mission. There would hopefully be time for us later.

Our tongues played with each other as they danced over the surface of Sir’s organ. Marcus’ moans above encouraged us to continue downward. We alternated between licking all the way down his shaft and then back up and making out with his dick sandwiched between us. Every drop of precum he produced was sucked off greedily by one of us. Driven by his lust, Marcus placed a hand behind each of our heads. He guided my head to his balls for licking and sucking, and Vance’s head to suck him off properly. The scents of Marcus’ musk and Vance’s body’s odor above me pushed all my internal buttons and drove me into a sub space frenzy. Drops of my own precum audibly dripped to the floor beneath me. I could see Vance’s excited dick rubbing up and down Sir’s smooth leather boot.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Marcus, and he pushed both of us off of his cock. He continued to pump furiously and moved our heads closer together. “Open your fucking mouths.” Two identical tongues poked out, touching each other. Vance’s and my body couldn’t get any closer. I felt heat in my chest as I kneeled next to him. A final grunt preceded a large flash of white as Marcus orgasmed. He had been pretty pent up himself as shot after shot of cum left his engorged cock. The first blasts flew over our heads to the floor behind us then covering both our faces and tongues and finally dribbling down to our chests and crotches. Sir heaved to recover his breath from his massive load and slowly stroked his cock as it softened.

“Now, clean each other off.”

We didn’t hesitate. Our sexual tension at a peak, we finally looked into each other’s eyes and pressed our mouths and cum-stained tongues together in a heated kiss. It ended before I was ready for it to, but I wasn’t disappointed when Vance led my head down to his dripping chest and abs. I licked every drop of cum from them, but I didn’t stop there. I began the process of licking every inch of him, finally ending at his cock. There were only a few drops at the base of his cock, but I hoped Marcus wouldn’t mind when I ran my tongue over the entire length of Vance’s dick five times to ensure it was clean, and then lingered on his balls for a minute. I could see Vance’s arm twitch, wanting to hold my head down closer to him, but restrained himself.

I resigned to stay down here happily until Marcus forced me to stop. I continued to lick Vance’s throbbing cock until I heard footsteps around us. “Oh good, we didn’t miss everything.” I recognized Vance’s Sir’s voice, full of lust. He and several others took seats to Marcus’ left and he palmed his erection through his leather pants. Vance turned me slightly so his Master would have a better view, as he began his turn of cleaning my body of Marcus’ cum. His soft tongue lingered at my nipples and into the ridges of my abs until finally coating my painful cock cage with his saliva. I took deep labored breaths to try to stop my already impending orgasm. I hadn’t been touched there in so long. I wanted to cum desperately.

“You missed my fireworks, but you’re right, there’s still plenty more to see.” Marcus said, still recovering from his pleasure overload. “I think it’s time our boys do all the work for once? What do you say Cody?” he asked the other Master. I saw the other Master merely nod and continue pleasing himself, fully taking his cock out. Vance’s warm tongue continued to tease my balls as Marcus replaced my pup hood back on my head. “Does that sound like fun, puppy?” He addressed me now. I let out a happy bark, and several very enthusiastically horny whines. “Go ahead then you two. Have fun.”

The change in Vance was swift. He was no longer the quiet slave boy. He stood up to his full height leaving me kneeling at his feet. I didn’t need to be told that he was the alpha here. He looked down at me and smiled, then shoved my face onto his cock. This is why I loved to play with Vance. He could switch at the snap of a finger, and I knew he loved to dominate me. He roughly grabbed on to my collar and fucked my face, causing me to gag frequently and his cock to become covered in my liquids. He had to stop often, because he was already close to cumming. During that time he would slap his cock to my face and lean down to kiss me beneath my hood.

The third time he crouched down to kiss me, he lowered me, back first, onto a pillow lying on the floor. He looked into my eyes and roughly grabbed the muscles of my chest, groping them greedily. I raised my arms over my head in surrender, and then Marcus pressed his boot against my encased hands over my head, binding them there. I struggled to steady my breathing as Vance lifted my legs up. As he had done many times before, he held my ankles tightly, and pulled my tail plug out with only his teeth. The intense pulling sensation and sudden emptiness caused a sharp whine from my throat. With no pause, he plopped the plug to the side and inserted his tongue into my hole. He ate me out viciously, preparing my hole for his still wet cock. Fuck, I wanted him so badly.

When Vance was satisfied, he spit on my hole and pressed his cock against my entrance. Then, with no trouble at all, bottomed out completely. We both groaned from the sudden intrusion. Even after having the plug in me for so long, his cock still managed to stretch my passage in just the right ways. Vance gasped, “Please Sirs, may I cum inside this puppy?” I could feel his need for orgasm in his voice, and after he said it he began to bite at the sensitive crook of my neck. I was scared to say anything, but I was also very close to orgasm myself. He didn’t begin to fuck me yet, for fear of cumming without his Master’s permission. Their answer didn’t come immediately. I heard Cody chuckle. He was enjoying drawing this out.

“I’m not sure, Marcus has he been good enough to breed your sexy little puppy?” Cody mused.

“I’d say he’s been more than good enough for that. It’s been a while since Liam’s taken his load hasn’t it?” Vance groaned at the idea of filling me with his cum.

“Hmm, maybe I will allow it if you beg me for it?” Cody grasped his slave’s chin to look into his eyes.

Out of breath, Vance stammered, “Please Sir, I’ve been such a good boy for you today. Please let me cum in this pup’s hole! I need it Sir, I’ll do anything!”

“Start fucking him slowly.” Cody commanded. Vance’s hips met mine once, twice, and continued on at a moderate pace. My legs rested against his shoulders to open myself up more for his pleasure. It appeared to be taking all of his willpower not to jackhammer my hole and bust his nut. Vance brought his lips back down to mine, I could still taste Marcus’ cum on his tongue. He groaned in my mouth. “Please Sir, my I cum now?” Cody stroked his erection full speed, ready to cum too. Marcus was watching me attentively.

“Yes slave, give the pup your load.” Vance slammed into me three times as hard as he could and that was all it took. He buried his sweating face in my neck and cried out as he filled my ass with his seed. I felt each shot pulse inside me as deep as his cock could reach until he gradually slowed down his fucking motion. I looked down at my caged nub. It just wasn’t enough stimulation to bring myself off as well. I whined from both that and the ecstasy of taking Vance’s cum. He laid on top of me for a minute breathing hard and kissing me softly. Once he regained his bearings he picked up my tail and replaced it in my well used hole, sealing his load inside me. He then smiled, kissed me one last time and then returned to his Master’s side. I caught my breath and did the same.

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