Libertine Diaries Pt. 02


These writings from my personal diaries were originally recorded to examine the processes of my work, as well as increasing my own understanding of womankind. After many requests from both men and women, I now offer them up for public consumption. Here you will be presented with the events that led me to my interest in this particular field of study, as well as the methodology I have developed. I have used this experimental model with a variety of women and experienced success in each situation. Although I try to be thorough in all my research and conclusions, humanity is so varied that exceptions to any sort of system will always be found. In this regard, my research is ever-evolving, and I welcome any constructive criticism or new insight to help me in that regard.


I have received feedback from some expressing frustration at my previous entry. They presumed that I would offer a systematic list of physical moves for creating a cum-hungry woman. Something like:

Step 1—Slide your thumbs along her jawline, cupping her face as you kiss her.

Step 2—Move your lips to her neck, giving wet, sucking kisses until she pants.

Step 3—Rub the back of your fingers along her nipples, whispering how sexy she is.

Step 4—Placing your hands on her shoulders, guide her to her knees…


It seems that I have a greater respect for your knowledge of women than you do yourselves. We are none of us amateurs. This is not about basic foreplay. The women I speak of in these entries would easily respond to foreplay. They were not ice-queens. They would whimper and moan with neck kisses. Their nipples would harden and beg for sliding and pinching fingers. Their legs would unconsciously widen when a hand caressed their low bellies. They would pant, and gasp, and beg. But they did not desire a cock pushing into their mouth. It’s not that they thought about it and rejected the idea. Their rejection was already so firmly established that the idea never occurred to them. They had no association of pleasure and fellatio.

If you are under the assumption that women are a kind of mystery doll, and your job is to find the secret button that opens their mouths and causes them to beg for your cock, you are reading the wrong source.

Yes, I am offering you a methodology. However, this is not a step-by-step system for changing her. This is a way for you to change yourself so that she will respond by engaging in her own pleasure. Obviously, this presumes that a woman gains pleasure from a cock in her mouth. And I believe she does. I do not say this from a position of dominance or ego. I am not some male asserting that because I enjoy blowjobs, a woman must enjoy giving them. And I’m also not simply talking about the kind of secondary delight one derives from pleasing others. There are many sweet, agreeable women who do enjoy pleasing their male partners. They might willingly fellate when asked, overtly or subtly; however, they don’t crave it, so they don’t initiate it.

Before my experiments began, I had a belief that all women would long for the taste of cock and cum given the right circumstances. I tested this idea by creating a wide variety of circumstances for many Escort Bayan different women. In each case, my theory was proven correct. With openness and encouragement, these women all transformed their own thinking. They told me how exciting it was to feel the soft skin of my cock with their tongue, while their sucking mouths savored the hard strength of it. I’d see their eyes widen in surprise as they watched their own tongues lift sticky strands of precum from the tip. I could reach and feel the dripping wetness along their inner thighs as they pulled me in deeper and deeper. But beyond these physical experiences, there was a greater inner work happening. Their pleasure exponentially increased as they encountered and wielded their own sexual desire.

I have framed this work by talking about “my experiments.” Upon reflection, it is likely more accurate to consider me a kind of cultivator who designed environments where these women could experiment with their own sensuality.

Again, consider the analogy of water. Sometimes I was the simmering bath that slowly warmed them. Sometimes I was the mysterious pool that encouraged them to swim. Sometimes I was that steady drip, stripping away fossilized ideas. My job is to be free-flowing. Once they discover their own erotic power, I needed to flow around them, to be the wave they were eager to ride.

This leads me to the next important step.

Step 2: Lead by Example

There are men who famously claim that they “never go down on a woman,” as if this is some kind of accomplishment. And, to them, it may be. They might experience some kind of brutish pleasure in imposing an act upon a woman that they will not reciprocate. They get an ego-rush of power. But it’s not true power.

If you want a woman to understand the viscous luxuriousness of cum on tongue, you must show her the innate delight you experience in her feminine liquidity. And you must truly enjoy it. If you do not salivate when you smell her pussy, if you do not automatically lick the fingers that made her cum, if you do not play with the end of a pen in your mouth imagining your tongue on her clit, then you should stop reading right now. It is no use for a man who has some begrudging or half-hearted desire to taste pussy to try and incite the cum-hungry nature of a woman.

I have never hesitated to go down on a woman. Even women who would insist that they disliked cunnilingus would retract their negative statements after experiencing my tongue and lips and mouth.

Remember, true leaders invite followers.

Each woman is different. Have no expectation of response. Take time to appreciate the distinctiveness of her pussy. Never shame her with subtly manipulative questions like, “Why don’t you ever shave?” or “Why do you always shave?” These express your ego, insist on your desire. Nothing will close her legs faster. Accept her pussy with a sense of adventure and discovery. If her garden is wild, use your fingers to tickle and push back the jungle as your tongue boldly moves forward. If more cultivated, explore those bare places with your tongue.

Again, observe. Listen for her responses—held breath, whimpers, gasps, moans. Watch her face. One woman, Bayan Escort Elizabeth R., aged 39, kept her eyes open. I encouraged her to watch me feed on her pussy, and this immediately made her wetter. I could make her cum over and over by maintaining eye-contact as she began orgasming. Rachael M., aged 32, on the other hand, immediately closed her eyes. Realizing she was focusing her energy on her pussy-pleasure, I began to blindfold her before going down. Soon, just seeing the blindfold would make her wet. During our first few sessions, it would often take twenty to thirty minutes of concentrated effort before she would climax. Naturally, these climaxes were deeply enjoyable; however, the blindfold seemed to give her permission to internalize. Soon she would cum within a few minutes, followed by several repetitions.

Never allow a woman to be embarrassed by her own juices. If you envision her swallowing your cum, licking it off her hands, wiping it from cheeks, and gathering its dripping stickiness from her breasts, then you need to celebrate any level of gushing, slippery sweetness from her peachy place. Of course, we all know a variety of ways of increasing these juices. How the floodgates will open with two hooked fingers within her as your mouth sucks on her clit. Tina J., aged 33, had never experienced such a release before. She was embarrassed at the dripping squelchiness that developed as I drove my fingers right against her sensitive spot, and asked me to stop. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and slightly drunken despite her red face. I knew that she thought her body’s reaction to be strange or unseemly. However, she took me at my word when I said it was sexy and watched me lick my own hand to demonstrate. When my fingers returned to her pussy and my lips once again gripped her clit, I could feel her sink into her own pleasure. Within minutes, her back arched off the bed, her legs shaking as she gushed and screamed. I spread her legs wide again with my knees, one palm patting her clit while she watched me once again lick my fingers, then scoop more of her sticky cum to rub over my cock. Her clit was too sensitive to touch directly, but the gentle tap of my hand kept it stimulated. Without even realizing it, she began pinching and rubbing her own nipples. After several soaking wet sessions, Tina J.’s body began to associate my palm on her clit with that gushing wetness.

The first time she sucked my cock, I lay back with her legs spread on either side of my head, pussy right over my face. As she sucked, my palm steadily patted her clit. I hesitate to use the word “slap,” because this wasn’t about any sharp stinging; however, the pressure of the contact was firm. Her back arched more and more and her upper body lowered until her breasts were against my belly. This limited the movement of her mouth on my cock, but the excitement of her moans and the wetness of her pussy kept me on edge. As she began to cum, she sucked my cock so hard that I gasped and shuddered, cumming suddenly and without warning her. Without any instruction, except the oral enthusiasm I’d demonstrated to her, she swallowed all of my cum.

The incredible nature of this event cannot be overstated. Tina J. had never Escort had a man cum in her mouth. She’d had only very limited experience with oral before deciding it was a disgusting act. Her eager consumption of my cum owes something to my openness with her sweet pussy juices. But, more than that, it reveals her inborn need for cum. For her, one taste created insatiable desire.

The next time she sucked my cock, she insisted on lying on her back, while I knelt over her head. She said that she’d be able to suck better in that position—and she was. She spread her legs very wide and I leaned forward onto one hand, patting her clit with the other. She would bob her head up and down along my cock, her fingernails scratching along my inner thighs, or one hand rubbing my balls. The wetter she became, the more she would suck. Sometimes when she felt my cock swell and my balls tighten, she’d pull her mouth off, leaving me panting and trembling. Then, with the barest tip of her tongue, she’d lick the tip of my cock. She learned that these teasing delays strengthened my orgasm and increased my cum. Soon, whenever she’d do this, I’d stop my patting and place two fingers in her squelchy pussy, hooking them to press against her spot without moving. These maneuvers caused us both to cum so hard that we’d often spend several hours in bed, her sucking, stopping, licking, me patting, stopping, pressing until we were tightly wound with anticipation. With just a few sucks and pats, we’d both explosively flood mouths, faces, pillows, sheets. We lived in a kind of amphibianic state, our mouths and genitals needing constant wetness to survive nights and weekends, and then accepting the transition to lungs during daytime hours.

Tina J.’s pleasure was so sharpened by these encounters that, years later, she told me that just the feel of a man’s palm on her pussy created an irresistible desire to suck. She, who at one point couldn’t imagine how any woman could enjoy oral, became a shameless cumslut. She told me of several different encounters. How a stranger put his hand up her skirt on a dance floor, and she ended up tearing a hole in her stockings as she sucked his cock in an alleyway. How in the darkened hallway of her office building at Christmastime she felt a man press against her back, his hand cupping her pussy, so she dropped to her knees, taking a surprised coworker’s cock in her mouth and swallowing his cum, ignoring all her other colleagues cluelessly partying just a few doors down. Or how years ago during a Fourth of July weekend gathering her brother-in-law stroked her pussy through her bikini, and she opened her mouth for his cock as he continued to stroke; how even now he loves to pull out of her mouth, spraying his cum all over her face and breasts, calling her his cumkitten as he watches her hands collect his sticky semen, and listens to her purrs of satisfaction as she licks it all up.

Naturally, not all women have Tina J.’s extreme sensitivity. Remember, you’re to have no ego investment in how her hunger manifests. Your greatest display of power is through your own behavior. If you are a servant-leader, constantly adjusting and adapting to create that perpetual pleasure-loop, her own desires will be come irrepressible. Your open enjoyment of her pussy and all it contains and produces cannot help but impress her senses. Focus on creating ever-increasing pleasure, and she’ll abandon any ideas of oral fasting for the continued sweetness of cum-gluttony.

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