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To start I want to describe what I look like. I am a 5’3″, 120 lbs, female with a 34D bust and a very nice curvy ass. I am very sexual, it doesnt take much to get me turned on. I love sex, I love having people watch me have sex. I love to do video chats and masturbate for complete strangers that I might meet on myspace, or facebook. I will do just bout anything to have a wonderful orgasm. I am always horny. I absolutely love sex. This story is bout how horny I got just sitting at the library.

I was sitting at the Farmington Community Library one day, using my laptop, trying to setup a couple more webcam shows so that I could have a amazing orgasm for a complete stranger. I was so horny that I thought bout going to the bathroom to masturbate. But then something came to mind. Why don’t I do a show for all of the people in the library. I was so horny and the ideal of playing with my already soaking wet pussy in such a public place almost made me cum right then and there. I wanted to be in a corner where I wasn’t so likely to be seen that I would get caught but so that someone might see me, so I picked the corner by the window, and sat down. I was wearing a mid-thigh length skirt and a white blouse. I had on no bra and a very skimpy sexy red thong. Once I was settled I reach up my skirt and slid my thong off, down my ankles, completely off. I brought it up to my face so I could see how wet I was. My thong was so soaked that you could see the moisture in it.
I was so turned on that I licked my own thong, tasting my own sweet pussy juices on it. I loved the ideal that someone might have just seen me do that.
I then stopped what I was doing cause I seen a Farmington Police officer walk into the library. As soon as he was gone I hiked up my skirt a couple inches gaziantep lezbiyen to make it easier to get to my now soaking wet pussy. As I did this I brushed my hand against the chair and found the my pussy juices had leaked on to the chair and had the seat of the chair soaked as well. I knew that this was going to be a awesome day.
As I reached under my skirt I noticed a guy that couldn’t be more than 25 years old watching me. This just made me more horny and more determined to give him the best show in the world.
I continued rubbing my hand up my thigh on the trip up to my soaked pussy. When I finally felt my pussy lips, I let a soft moan escape me. I started rubbing up and down the outer lips then up to my clit and then back down toward my tight little brown asshole. The way I was sitting I knew that the guy that was watching me could see everything that I was doing, able to see righ tup my skirt.
I decided to get a little more bold and slid a finger into my thigh pussy. Doing this and then seeing that the guy had reached his hand under the table to stroke his probably rock hard cock through his jeans sent me spiraling over the edge to my first orgasm. I shook and shivered through a strong orgasm and when I finally started to recover I knew I wanted to have quite a few more of those.
So getting even bolder than I already was I slid the other 3 fingers in, trying to see if I could get my whole fist into my tight little pussy. It was difficult but I finally had my whole hand in my pussy to my wrist. It felt so good, I could feel my knuckles brushing against my g-spot. The guy was still watching, and I noticed that he had actually pulled his cock out of his pants and was gently stroking it under the table.
This got my pussy so wet that I went flying into my second orgasm, actually moaning out loud, now not caring if anybody saw or cared. I took my other hand and slid a finger into my little brown pucker, slowly fingering my tight asshole while still fisting my pussy, making my third orgasm follow close on the heels of the second. I pulled the finger out of my ass and did something that I knew would probable get me arrested if anybody other than the guy watching would have seen, but thankfully the library was empty, so I unbuttoned my blouse revealing my D-cup breast. I started rubbing and pinching my already rock hard nipples. This turned me on so much that I moaned so loud that I am pretty sure that the guy watching me could hear me even though he was on the other side of the library.
I pulled one of my nipples up to my own mouth and after sucking it securely into my mouth I returned the hand that wasnt fisting my pussy to my ass, and decided that I was going to try and fist my ass to.
It hurt as I started fingering my ass with three fingers, then four, then fitting my whole fist in my asshole.

Once my fist got all the way up in my asshole I felt another orgasm start to wash over me, and I began to moan and shake, cumming so hard that my pussy juices squirted out around my fist and sprayed all the across to the table that had to be six feet away from me, and I actually blacked out. When I came too, the guy was standing over me, and he had set his coat over me, before I could get in trouble for being almost completely naked in a public place. He looked down at me and chuckled.
“Finally came too?” he said.
“ Yeah,” I replied “that was so fucking amazing..”
“Yeah well, we should probably get out of here” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“ Cause if we don’t I am going to bend you over the table that is covered in your cum, and fuck you right here in the library.” he replied.

After redressing and leaving we both got in his car and went back to his place. We barely made it in the door, when my clothes and his were in a pile on the floor and his mouth was sucking on my hard little clit. I moaned as he began to slid his fist into my already loose pussy. I came immediately.
“Alright, just fuck me before I die” I said.
He obliged my command bent me over his dinnging room table and slid his cock balls deep into my sopping wet pussy. I moaned. He began to pound my pussy with all his might, slamming into me so hard it started to slid the table across the kitchen. As I felt my sixth orgasm start he pulled his dick out of my pussy and slid it all the way up my ass. I came so hard that I blacked out again.
I woke up with a shock as he smacked his cock across my face. When he realized that I was awake, he stroked his cock right in front of my face and shot his massive load all over my face and hair. I licked up what my tounge could reach. Then he did something really crazy, he picked me up and threw me out the door without my clothes and locked the door behind me.
I sat there on his front porch, naked and wondering how I was going to get home, this was when I noticed where we had went for the first time, I was sitting on his porch which was literally right across the street from my house. I got up and walked across the street, my juices still running down my leg, his cum still on my face, and walked into my house. I had just exposed myself at the public library, shot pussy juices all over the books and table, fucked a complete stranger, had cum shot on my face, and walked home stark naked. I decided that I must have had a great day, went to my room and sleep great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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