Life of Paul: Rendezvous: Kelly

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.

If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


Early August, 1998

Inline skating and skateboarding were two of my favorite things to do in the whole history of stuff I like to do. There were other things, one of which ranked way higher, but these were something I could do in public.

I mean, I guess the other thing can be done in public, but skating was best with friends.

Although, the other thing involved friends as well.

Eh, in either case, skating was fun and I did it a lot. I was a regular at the Rancho Hills skatepark; a concrete park with lots of ramps, courses, and a bowl.

Most days since Amber left I could be found here. It had been a few weeks since I closed the deal for my prototype, and only a few days since all the money cleared the accounts. I really never again had to do anything.

So then, if I didn’t have to do anything, what should I do?

That question had plagued me for the last few weeks, and no matter how much time I spent at the skate park, or skating at the school, or going to other parks or areas, that question kept coming back to me. Although I didn’t ask for help with an answer because I didn’t want to tell anyone I was wealthy. People tend to do funny things when money is involved, no matter how peripherally it seemed. So far only Amber and Uncle Mike knew. The former because she was there; the latter because I paid him back all the stipend money he’d given me over the last 2 years. He was surprised and appreciative, and as was his way, gave me some solid advice about money. I appreciated it.

Still, no matter how much I concentrated on landing a varial heelflip, the questions kept coming back.

So engrossed I was with myself, I did not notice the two ladies who had walked up to my area of the skatepark one fine August afternoon.

“Hey, Paul,” Ashley said. “How’s it going?”

I turned to see Ashley, looking stunning in a short, green, sleeveless sundress. It had a deep V cut in the front that displayed just a hint of breast. It was a stunning contrast to her platinum hair and lightly tanned skin.

Accompanying her was, surprisingly, Kelly. I had not known that these two ever hung out together. But since they were both at one time cheerleaders, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. What was surprising was Kelly, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

She was taller than I remember, a little taller than Ashley. Her long, dark brown hair was blowing gently in what was called the ‘valley breeze’. She was also dressed down more than I had seen her, wearing what I would know later to be a cami dress. It had a pink and white tiny floral pattern, with spaghetti straps holding up a stretchy top and a flowing short skirt. Surprisingly those straps were holding up very full D cup breasts that Kelly seemed to be proud to display. And rightfully so. She smiled at me like an old friend.

“Hey Paul,” she said in a high, clear voice. “It’s been a while since history class.”

Thats right! We had sophomore world history together. I played it cool though.

“Oh, right, that was what we had,” I said.

Yea, totally played it cool.

“So, we were in the neighborhood,” Ashley said, “and we thought that we’d come say hi.”

I motioned for them to join me in the little grassy area behind the skate bowl. It sloped down to the back of the park and created a little area that no one below could see. It made for a very quiet place most park goers used to smoke cigarettes they stole from their parents.

We sat down and I immediately caught a flash of…something from Kelly. She was sitting with her legs together, flat on the grass. Ashley, though, took a more relaxed pose, sitting with her elbows on her raised knees. I couldn’t help but notice that she was not wearing any panties.

As usual, I played it cool. Sorta. Mostly. Ashley winking at me when she saw that I noticed.

“So,” I said in a not at all squeaky voice, “what are you ladies doing out this fine afternoon?”. I sipped on a bottle of water, trying to play it cool still.

“Oh, we had a pretty relaxed day,” said Kelly. “We went and got a manicure, lunch, did a bit of shopping at the mall. Oh, and Ashley just gave me the best pussy licking of my life.”

It was safe to say I nearly drowned myself on hearing that bit. Coughing in a very not cool way, I caught my breath.

“Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? Did you just say…”

“Yes, she did,” Ashley answered. “And yes, I did.” She smiled at Kelly, proud of herself it looked. Kelly similarly looked proud.

“And you felt the need to come here and tell me this,” I asked. “I mean, it’s nice you almanbahis yeni giriş thought of me and all, but not sure what to say.” I tried to think of something witty but nothing was forthcoming. “Congratulations, I guess. Well done.”

Kelly laughed lightly at my obvious nervous blundering. “Is he always this weird,” she asked Ashley.

“Mostly,” she responded, turning to me. “But his other qualities far outstrip any social awkwardness.”

I suddenly felt like a gazelle on the Savannah; a feeling of being hunted. Although, if these two are doing the hunting, I don’t think I’d mind getting caught.

“I’ll bet,” said Kelly. Turing to me, she said “So I’ve been meaning to get a hold of you for a few months now, but end of school and then college prep has been keeping me busy.”

“What school?” I asked.

“San Diego State. I’m starting the marine biology program. Someone’s gotta save the whales.”

“Nice,” I said.

“Anyhow,” continued Kelly, “I’m friends with a lot of people we have in common. Mostly women, like Ashley, Min, and Sarah to name a few.

“Ashley, while we were out today, mentioned that you were a bit down because of your friend leaving. Which I understand. And on a somewhat selfish level, this bit of info made me form a plan that would solve a bunch of problems at once. Curing your loneliness, among other things.

“So,” so said, raising her knees to rest her elbows on them, “I propose that you and me find an out of the way place and see what we can do to help each other out. What do you say?”

Glancing down at Kelly, sitting on the grass with her legs up, I saw that she, too, decided to go commando. It was a brief look however, just enough to confirm but not really take note of.

“So, if I’m understanding you,” I said to Kelly, glancing around for would be eves droppers, “you would like to hookup to not only help me not miss my friend, but also to satisfy your curiosity?”

“Thats about the sum of it, yes,” she said.

I could feel the stirrings of excitement in my pants so I shifted slightly to try and hide it. “And did you have a time and/or place in mind?”

“Ashley and I had plans this afternoon, but I’m free now if you are. As to the place, the closer the better I think.” Her smile was something that I did not want to take away by saying no, so I didn’t.

“OK. Sounds awesome.” Thinking of where could be convenient, several things came to mind. My apartment was close, but maybe not close enough. This spot was fairly private, but could easily be intruded upon.

Glancing around, options were limited. There was a rec center on the other side of the parks, but that was also fairly far walk. However, if she wasn’t caring about the place, something right here would work. And it would have some helpful items in it as well.

“OK,” I said to Kelly, “see that building right there separating the skate park and the hockey rink? There is a storage room that has large soft crash pads in it. And its pretty clean. I think that’s the best bet.”

Kelly glanced over at the building I indicated. It was ignored since it blended into the hillside, but it was all I said it was. Turning back to me, she said “I don’t think I’ve ever done it in a storage building, so that should be fun.” She got up, making a show of spreading her legs before getting to her feet, and started toward the building

“And Ashley,” I said, “you’re welcome to come along if you like.”

Kelly turned back to me, a questioning look on her face. “Really?” she asked.

“Well, if you two have already done what you said you did, Ashley would not be seeing anything new,” I reasoned to her.

Thinking on this for a moment, Kelly answered “You’re right. Ashley, you’re more than welcome to join. In any meaning of the work you like.” She winked at Ashley and started off.

Ashley practically hopped up and ran after Kelly. The two started quietly chatting as we went up to the storage room.


The storage room was just that. It was very large and had a lot of stuff in it. Foremost was spare lights, but the crash pads were large and soft and clean so this wouldn’t be too dirty of an adventure.

The door was also never locked; something the locals knew but few others did. Still, I locked the door once we were all inside, just to be safe, and took a quick look to make sure it was indeed empty. Locals sometimes came in here for various purposes so best to make sure we were alone.

Taking down two of the pads to form a sort of bed, I sat down and motioned Kelly to join. Instead, she leaned against a large table, resting her hands on the edge.

“Since Ashley is going to join, I think I’d like to preview what I would be getting into. So, while I…observe, Ashley has kindly volunteered to demonstrate your abilities.”

Ashley, a conspiratorial smirk on her face, gave me a wink. I couldn’t help but smirk back.

“Oh, has she now,” I queried.

“Yes. So,” Kelly said, turning to Ashley, “at your leisure, almanbahis giriş Ashley.”

“Well,” said Ashley in an instructional tone, “like any young man, Paul here is quite turned on by a naked woman. So, to save yourself some work, it’s best to get naked.”

With slow and methodical movements, Ashley undid the buttons at her waist, one at a time. She undid the inner buttons next, turning just as she released the last one. With her back to me, she opened her dress and let is drop to the ground. She turned back to me, smirking at my ogling her up and down.

“You see, he’s already getting hard and I didn’t have to do a thing.”

She wasn’t wrong about that. Turing to Kelly, she said, “Go ahead. Give it a try. You’ll get him going in no time with breasts like those.”

Kelly, looking my way, stood up fully, smirking at me as well. She slowly took off one spaghetti strap, then the other, before turning around but not all the way. She was giving me a great 3/4 view which showed most of her backside. Looking now at Ashley, she pulled down her top, sliding it slowly down her torso, over her hips, and bending slightly as she dropped it down to the floor. Still wearing her low wedges, she stepped out of her dress and turned back to face me fully.

Her smile was nothing but amusement as she saw the way I looked at her. Her skin was lightly tanned all over without a hint of tan lines. Her D cups were sitting full and high on her chest, with small dark nipples and areola topping them. Her stomach was smooth and flat leading down to a completely smooth vulva. Her hips were wider than her dress led on as well, which was a pleasant discovery, along with the paw print tattoo she had on her left hip.

“So,” Kelly said, “from the looks of that tent you’re sprouting, I take it you are very excited.” Turning to Ashley he asked, “What’s next?”

Ashley slowly walked towards me, looking me in the eyes as she stood me up and reached for my belt. I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes as she undid the buckle. “It’s also a time saver if you undress him. It’s exciting when someone is pulling off your clothes, makes you feel attractive and wanted,” she said.

She was right again. Having a hot woman take off your clothes because she wants you is all kinds of turn-on.

Pulling on my pants and boxers, she pressed close to me as she pushed them down. Her B-cup breasts were full and her nipples hard as she pressed them into my chest. Our lips were very close but neither of us made a move towards each other.

Once freed of my boxers, my almost fully erect cock sprang up and smacked Ashley in the chest. She didn’t seem to mind though, and started stroking it with her hands as I stepped out of my pants. She turned me so that Kelly got a good profile view of us. Ashley pulled away slightly and hefted my member for Kelly to see.

“And vualá, Paul in all his hardened glory,” she said, still stroking me as she showed me off.

“Holy crap,” Kelly commented, her eyes wide as she stared at my member, “how does that even fit in a person?”

“I’m glad you asked,” Ashley said as she went down to her knees. “It’s better to be viewed up close, so why don’t you come down here, Kelly, so you can see better.”

Kelly moved towards me, grazing my arm with a breast as she joined Ashley on her knees.

Once settled, Ashley demonstrated her technique to Kelly. She started taking long, slow licks on the underside of my cock from base to tip, flicking her tongue over the head playfully. She continued this as she stroked me, her hand adding pressure now and again trying to squeeze me erect.

She then moved on to taking my head into her mouth, opening wide enough to swallow it and a couple of inches of my now fully erect cock. Adding twisting motions to her hand, her blowjob went deeper with each bob of her head, but only a little bit. She was drawing it out for Kelly’s edification and my enjoyment. She pulled off after a minutes or two.

“And just like that, we have a giant hard cock ready to do with as we please.” Stroking me at a more sedate pace, Ashley pointed my cock at Kelly. “You want to try,” she asked.

Kelly, tentatively, placed a hand on my stomach, moving over my groin and leg, working her way towards my member. “I’m not sure I can take that in my mouth,” she said. She reached the base and took a handful of shaft and squeezed. Ashley was still stroking the upper half in easy strokes.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “we can work up to that. How about we just do some tongue work. You take that side and I’ll take this and we can play in the middle.” She put words to action and started flicking her tongue over the left side of my cock. Kelly, still grasping my base, stuck her tongue out and took a few long, slow licks up the right side, eliciting a moan from me.

It was at this point that I realized that I never before had two women give me a blowjob at the same time. Both of their tongues were wet, their breath hot and humid as they worked over their almanbahis adres respective sides of my cock. When they met at the tip, both of their tongues danced over it, licking at the precum that was streaming out of it. They also played with each other, my cock head wrapped up in two sets of beautiful lips and two very playful tongues.

It was an eternity and yet too short a time before they pulled away, Ashley continuing her instruction.

“Usually Paul is very attentive and makes sure that the woman cums first. But since we are probably driving him crazy, we might let him get off first this time.”

“Wait,” Kelly said, hand still stroking the lower half of my shaft, “you mean he can get a woman off? And he does this first?” Her tone was mocking, but I wasn’t going to point it out.

“How about I show you,” I offered. I pulled her up and brought her back to the table, hoisting her up onto it. She spread her legs as I knelt down in front of her and planted small kissed and licks along her knees and inner thighs.

“Oh, I think I like where this is going,” Kelly said.

“Then you’ll love what comes after this,” Ashley chimed in.

I ignored her and concentrated on Kellys hot, moist sex only inches from my face. I started out with long, slow licks as she scooted further to the table edge to allow me room to work. I dipped my tongue slightly into her entrance before moving up to her clit, nibbling as I came to it.

Kelly moaned and put a hand on the back of my head, forcing me to stay on her clit. I obliged and started probing with my fingers, looking for her g-spot.

During this, I felt the familiar presence of Ashleys lips and tongue grazing my cock head. She crawled under the table in order to blow me. After a moment I felt her mouth take me in and start bobbing up and down at a slow pace. This spurred on my own cunnilingus on Kelly and applied more pressure and speed to my tongue and fingers. My exploring paid off sooner than I thought. After only a few minutes Kelly was close to cumming.

“Oh, fuck, right there, yes fuck, thats the spot,” Kelly moaned. I added pressure to my fingers on her g-spot, and started lapping at her pussy and clit. This got her hips rocking and her hands on my head pressing me into her harder.

Ashley, that minx, was continuing her blowjob on me at a slow pace, despite me finger fucking Kelly at near light speed.

“Oh, oh, ooooooooooooh, fuck Paul, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhhhhh, YYYYYEEEEEEES,” she screamed as she came. Her orgasm felt sporadic with my fingers inside her, hard and then light, fast and then slow and then fast again. I stopped my finger action but continued sucking on her clit as she rode out her orgasm. She pushed my face away when she was done.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God. That was the fastest I think I’ve ever cum. Let along from a guy,” she said elatedly.

Ashley had pulled off of me at this point and got up to sit next to Kelly. “Right?!” she said.

Kelly hopped down from the table and put her arms around me, kissing me fiercely. My cock was still quite erect and pushed against Kellys soaking we pussy. Breaking our kiss, she turned around and put her hands on the table.

“Do you think he’d like this position,” Kelly said to Ashley. Ashley came around and examined Kelly from the back. She ran her hands from her legs, up and over her ass, squeezing it playfully, and spanking it loudly, before moving up her back and around her torso to cup her breasts, squeezing them as well.

“Oh, I think this will work. But there’s only one way to be sure,” she said. Ashley grabbed my member and lined it up with Kellys pussy, rubbing the head on it. Once sufficiently lubed, she pushed on my ass to slowly insert my cock into Kelly. She moaned deep and long as I pulled out and pushed back into her. I grabbed her hips as I sank into her all the way, pushing into her as deeply as I could.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, “you are so fucking tight.”

“I know right,” commented Ashley, “I had my fingers in that pussy in the parking lot.”

I started taking long thrusts into Kelly and burying myself into her deeply with each one. I tried to keep a steady pace, but the tightness of her pussy and the blowjob from Ashley got me so far along that it was hard to control. I started picking up speed and thrusting harder into Kelly’s ass after a few minutes, reaching around to fondle her breasts, which felt amazing as well.

“Fuck, yes, I’m getting close,” I told Kelly.

“Me to, just hang on, hang on, ooooo, fuuuuuuuuuuck,” she moaned. ‘Yes, yes yes, ohhh YYYYYEEEEEES FUCK!,” she screamed. She bent farther over as she came, her legs quivering as I kept up my pace. After a few moments I was ready go cum and told her so.

“Don’t cum in me,” she said, still quivering slightly from her own orgams, “pull out so I can see it.”

I kept fucking her doggy style, trying to think of somewhere to shoot, when Ashley offered up a solution.

“Cum on my face,” said Ashley. She got to her knees and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

Seeing this sent me over the edge. I thrust hard into Kelly a few more times before pulling out. I twisted to face Ashley and Kelly twisted around to watch, taking my cock in her hand and stroking it quickly into Ashleys open mouth.

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