Life Outside the Cult Ch. 02

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Late in the afternoon, I called Ginny and Betty. I asked if they would like to meet me for a late dessert and walk around the deck. To my great delight, they agreed. Ginny asked me to wait on the phone for a minute.

“Betty just went into the bathroom. Jim, you embarrassed me.”

“What did I do?”

“First of all you pleased me like I have never been pleased. But you left me asleep in the bed. I just woke up. Betty told me I needed to bathe.”

Her giggle made my dick start to harden.

“Jim, I still cannot understand what you said about Betty. She has been my friend for years.”

“It will be easier to show you. Maybe tonight during our walk, there will be a chance. Don’t fret. For her it is a good thing. It is who she is. It’s natural for her. Are you sure you can handle what you might see?”

“No, but I want to see it anyway.”


After too much dessert, we began a slow walk around the dimly lit deck. The deck we choose did not go all the way around. We walked toward a dark dead end and paused when we reached a large, waist high tarp covered mound of extra deck furniture next to the railing.

All three of us leaned against the railing, looked into the near darkness and talked for a while. When I stood behind Ginny and nuzzled into her neck, Betty idly walked around the tarp toward the dead end.

Ginny and I kissed a few times and explored each other with our hands. Betty had not come back.

“This might be a good time to show you about Betty. Give me a few minutes and then come over to us.”

Betty was staring off into the darkness leaning against the railing. I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her and buried my nose into her soft shoulder length hair. “Your hair smells wonderful and is making my head swim.”

I turned her to face me, pressed my body into her, pushing her against the railing and kissed her passionately. After just a few moments, she eagerly sucked at my tongue and offered hers. We made out like horny teenagers. We nibbled lips, ears and put the tip of our tongues in each other’s ears as we breathed out softly. I slipped my hand down the top of her dress and rolled her hard nipples. I took her hand to cover and squeeze my almost hard dick. She liked that and sighed into my mouth.

I opened the top buttons of escort dikmen my shirt and pulled her lips to my chest. She licked and kissed then decided to become more of the aggressor. Wanting to please me. One by one she opened the rest of the buttons on my shirt and kissed the trail down. With the last button she stayed and licked my bellybutton. All the time I caressed her neck, ears and breasts.

Betty was licking and sucking at one of my nipples when Ginny got close enough to see in detail what her friend was doing. Betty glanced at her but returned to me when I pulled at her. “Your mouth and tongue are getting me excited. My dick is very uncomfortable. Take it out for me.”

Ginny stood statue still and watched as Betty slipped to her knees in front of me, un-zipped my fly and fished out my cock. She pulled the skin back on my uncircumcised shaft, rolled her thumb through the slippery pre-cum and then lowered her lips. As her lips touched my cock, her tongue flicked out to taste me. I knew she had one of her hands in her panties and was finger fucking herself. In slow motion she kissed and licked allowing just a tiny more of me to slip into her mouth with each touch. It probably took two minutes for her to close her lips fully around the head.

Betty picked up speed and bobbed into me long enough to make me groan. Ginny was rubbing her pussy through her sundress as Betty began to cum on her own fingers and loose interest in my cock. I stopped Betty short of her full climax by pulling her to her feet. “Ginny has been watching us. See if she is wet.” Without hesitation, Betty slipped her hand up Ginny’s leg and had her fingers find their way to her friend’s cunt.

“Yes, she is wet.”

“How does she taste?”

Betty took her hands from under Ginny dress and brought her fingers to her own lips and sucked them. “She is fresh and sweet.”

“Would I like the taste?”


“Then pull her panties off, wet you fingers in her and bring them to me.”

The best-trained soldier could not have followed my instructions any better. I sucked clean the three fingers Betty brought to my lips. I asked for more. Ginny spread her legs wider and Betty seemed to take longer working her fingers in.

“I want lots of her juice, Betty. Work her up, make her juice so hot it burns my escort emek lips.”

Ginny was unsteady by the time Betty presenting her glistening fingers to me. I pulled Ginny to me and we kissed through Betty’s fingers licking and sharing the taste. Ginny did not object. I knew she could taste Betty’s juices mixed with her own.

“Ginny bend over the tarp. Betty guide my cock into her cunt.”

As the tip of my cock touched her folds I pushed and Betty let me slip through her fingers and bury deeply into Ginny. “Betty play with her nipples and squeeze them hard when she cums.”

Ginny was already starting to cum after only half a dozen thrusts. When I felt her body begin to tremble, Betty squeezed and twisted. Ginny screamed and pushed her face into the tarp to try to stay quiet but she continued to moan loudly and thrust back into me.

Wonderful Betty freed one of her hands and brought it to massage my balls and press her thumb against my asshole. That was too much for my overly teased cock and I began spurting into Ginny’s womb. She could feel the throbs and they took her over the top one more time.

I collapsed onto Ginny’s back and pulled Betty to me. As Ginny and I recovered I kissed Betty’s lips, eyes and nose while thanking her for pleasing me and following me. I told her how beautiful she was and that I wanted to make love with her and be good for her. She glowed and smiled.

We couldn’t find Ginny panties but we got ourselves reasonably in order and headed for the door back inside the ship. We smelled of sex and could not keep our playful hands off each other as we returned to their cabin.

Once inside the cabin, I asked Betty to strip for us and then undress both Ginny and me. She enjoyed her tasks and took some liberties, biting my nipples playfully, squeezing my balls right to the point of hurting and slipping two fingers into Ginny again and licking our combined cum from them. That was my cue. I pushed Ginny on her back onto the bed with her legs hanging off. Then I pressed on Betty until she was kneeling between her legs. Betty knew what I wanted and eased forward and began to lick and tug at Ginny’s pussy lips with her mouth.

“Finger her and kiss her.”

I too knelt, but behind Betty. I too licked and kissed. Up and down Betty’s beautiful ass, ducking lower escort eryaman on each pass until I was lapping at her pussy and clit. She wanted more. She kept pushing back into me wiggling her ass. I licked her asshole and she moaned. I pushed the thumb of my right hand inside her cunt and pressed against her g-spot and licked her ass some more. She moaned some more and kept moaning. She was so easy to regulate. I timed her climax with the one she was giving Ginny. I almost came when I saw Ginny’s cunt push some of my cum out and Betty suck it up and swallow it.

I had to have her. I flipped her onto her back on the bed and crawled up her body trailing my wet dick up he leg. She seemed so small but bore my weight easily. Her cunt sucked me in and held me. Her hands were on my ass teaching me the exact pace and angle she wanted from my thrust. Her body was open in total surrender to me. In her surrender she could control even my breath. Without thought I slammed hard into her and ordered her to cum for me. She came from feeling the strength of a man taking her. I learned to hump and grind almost tenderly and then slap into her belly. This kept her ridding her orgasm. It seemed to be never ending. When she dug her nails into my ass, I knew she needed this to end for a while.

“I am going to cum into you Betty. Your body is sucking the juices from my balls. Take me Betty. Feel me fill your wonderful sexy body.”

Her little body arched, lifting me off the bed. I could feel her hot wetness flow out around my cock. Her eyes were open a little but I could only see white. Her face was twisted in a painful pleasure. My body began to jerk and pump rope after rope into her. She collapsed breathing heavily under me.

I couldn’t stop kissing her neck, lips and breasts. She had satisfied me better than I could remember. I wanted her to know how pleased I was. I rolled half off her, not wanting to crush her. She followed, pulling her lips to mine, just barely touching with her tongue flicking out to taste. I watched her. Soon her eyes opened, she snuggled and said, “Thank you, I needed that.”

We both drifted off to sleep not remembering that Ginny was there.

Sometime during the night, I awoke, tangled and stuck to Betty. She complained but did not wake up as I got out of bed. She missed the body contact and scooted up against the sleeping Ginny. I could see the covers move as her hand came to rest on her friend’s breast.

While I washed and dressed, I thought about all the guilt that would be surging through Ginny by breakfast time. I hoped I could kill most of it once and for all.

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