Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 22


“I’m baaccckkk!” Actually, I’ve never left. Just kind of got side-tracked. I wrote this chapter awhile back and as I was putting the final touches on it, my computer crashed and I lost all of it. Then I just got a little depressed thinking that I lost some “quality writing” and this chapter sat on the back shelf for a little while. I do have about the next 4 chapters of this story written, but it’s still all in my mind. But it’s there. Anyway, what gave me the strength to finish this chapter were some e-mails I’ve gotten from you! Oh yeah, you may be enjoying this story, but believe me I’ve been enjoying your letters! Thanks for your support!!! – herdad


Shit…. the room was soooooo quiet. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever picture my wife and her sister fooling around. But here it was! In the silence we could all hear Terri lapping away at Beth’s pussy. Beth had her head laid back, her eyes closed, one hand laying on the couch while the other joined Liz’s, playing with Hal’s dick.

I finally broke the silence. “Damn Beth.” She opened her eyes and looked at me, “Your sister has a very cute ass.” Candy’s hand was gripping my cock so hard the head was turning purple. My fingers, now three, were easily sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I looked at her and said, “Look at your mom Candy… she’s licking your aunt’s pussy. Look at her ass… isn’t it beautiful?” As my fingers slid in and out, my other hand began screwing her nipples bringing me her sweet moans.

Beth spoke, “Oh god… Terri… you’re great. Lick my pussy. Oooohh yeah… show our daughters… that’s it… ooohhh show our daughters… how to eat pussy.” Beth kept playing with Hal’s dick and used her free hand to comb her sister’s hair with her fingers. “That’s it sis… eat me.”

Candy and I continued watching the show and playing with each other and I came up with an idea to hopefully get Candy more involved. I whispered in her ear my idea. She looked at me and giggled, “I can’t do that.” I kept coaxing her on and her giggles got a little louder and her face began turning all sorts of red. She let go of my dick and said, “What the hell.”

She quietly got off my lap and reached for the dildo that was still pretty wet from being in Liz’s hot snatch. She got on her knees behind her mom and began massaging Terri’s butt. Terri didn’t miss a beat. She just kept licking away on Beth’s pussy and her butt began wiggling back and forth. “Your cunt looks lonely mom… do you think it would like some company?” As she finished her question, she sunk a finger in her mom’s pussy.

Beth looked down at her niece and said, “I bet your mom would rather have a dick in her instead of your finger.” Candy smiled and removed her finger. She spit on Terri’s ass and I watched as the spit slid down her crack right into her twat. “Fuck your mom Candy… fuck her as she eats me.”

Candy finally found her wild side and asked. “Do you want my cock mommy?” And Terri didn’t say a word, she just kept munching on Beth’s pussy. Candy smacked her mom’s butt with the palm of her hand. “Tell me mom… beg me to fuck you.” Still no answer and another loud smack landed on Terri’s ass.

That one got her attention. Terri’s head raised a bit and she said, “Yes honey… give me your cock. Fuck your mommy sweetheart.” And her head went back down and once again she continued eating out her sister. Candy smiled and stuck one end of the dildo in her mom’s pussy and slowly began running it in and out.

Liz hoped off of her uncle’s lap and said, “Shit Candy. Fuck her!” And she kneeled on the other side of her aunt and grabbed the dildo from Candy and began ramming it in at a lot faster and harder pace. Terri tried to raise her head but Beth kept her in place. She removed her hand from Hal’s dick and put both of her hands firmly on Terri’s head.

“Eat me Terri… make love to my pussy.” Under the voice of her orders everyone began hearing the moans of Terri. And I watched from across the room as her ass began bouncing from side to side. Liz kept fucking her aunt and leaned forward and for a second stared at Candy. And then they kissed. A heavy kiss. Their tongues bouncing around each others mouths and lips. Candy reached up with both hands and began playing with Liz’s tits.

I couldn’t help it any longer. I began stroking my meat. Right before me I watched as my wife, was getting eaten out by her sister and their daughters joining in. The moans from Terri were getting louder and the glassy eyes of Beth, Liz and Candy made me realize that this was the start of something really special.

Hal sat next to this all-girl orgy in a state of shock. His fat belly couldn’t hide his hard-on. It stood straight up, starring at the ceiling, with no help from Hal. His hands were at his side, his mouth wide open and his eyes glued watching his wife munching away. Beth looked at me and smiled. “What do you think honey? Look at all this tit and ass… do you like it?” And as she finished speaking she let go of Terri’s head, leaned forward, reached underneath and grabbed her Escort bayan sister’s tits. Still looking at me Beth said, “For an older lady… she sure has firm tits. Maybe later you can play with them.”

Terri finally was able to raise her head and tried to escape Liz’s fucking. “Oh no Aunt Terri, I’m not done with you yet.” And she rammed at least 10″ of that double headed beast into her twat. Terri couldn’t go any further and rested her head on Beth’s tit as her niece continued pounding her pussy.”

“Oooohhh Beth… oooohhhh…. oh my god…. ooohh Beth.” It was like a broken record the same words coming from Terri’s mouth begging for mercy. “Oooohhhh Beth…. oooohhh please…. I’m…. ooohhh Beth.” And Beth raised Terri’s head and began kissing her sister as Liz continued ramming her pussy.

Beth broke their kiss and the two looked into each others eyes and Beth asked, “Would you like to have a hot tongue licking around your twat? Maybe even sucking on those puffy lips of yours?” Terri just kept moaning but she did shake her head yes. “OK… sis.” And Beth then looked over Terri’s shoulder at Liz and said, “Liz? Take that cock out of your aunt. We don’t want to wear her out.” Liz listened to her mom and pulled it out. As Liz held it in her hand she stared at it like it was a science project. That rubber cock was just drenched.

Beth was still smiling and looked at me. “It looks like Terri is pretty turned on! Want to see what she tastes like?” I quickly shook my head yes and was ready to leave my seat when Beth said, “Liz, let him taste it.”

Liz chuckled, “You bet mom!” And on her knees Liz walked over towards me. Candy had a dumb founded look on her face. And behind Liz, I could see Beth helping Terri get up on the couch with her.

Hal still was just starring at his wife when Beth took hold of his cock once again. She looked at him, “Don’t worry about Terri,” and she pointed towards me and said, “look over there.” By the time he looked, Liz was kneeling in between my legs. She grabbed my cock and began rubbing it on her titties and raised the dildo up to my mouth. I opened wide and began giving the dildo a blowjob, licking every little drop of Terri’s pussy juice from it.

Hal finally spoke, “Son of a bitch!” All the girls laughed. And I just kept sucking.

Beth said, “Oh don’t get jealous I’m sure Dave will suck your cock later. That’s a good girl Liz… now come here.” And Liz took the dildo from my mouth and set it on the floor. I got a bit depressed when she let go of my dick and moved her titties away from it. Still on her knees she started crawling over to the couch.

It was quite a sight. On the couch, Beth sat in the middle, gently stroking Hal’s dick. Both her and Terri looked like they had been in a wind storm. Their hair was a mess. Beth’s was a tangled mess, sticking out around her ears and a couple of strands laying in front of her eyes. The always dignified and proper looking Terri looked like a two-bit whore. Her perfect permed hair was covered in pussy juice and now my hardened sperm could clearly be seen in it. Hal didn’t know what to do and just sat and watched.

Liz made her way over to her mom and rested her hands on Beth’s knees. Like the perfect daughter, she waited for her mom’s orders. Beth smiled down at her, brushed her hair with her fingers and said, “Show every body how much you love your mom.” Liz turned her head to the side and kissed the palm of Beth’s hand and then lower head and kissed her knee, then inch by inch she gave a little kiss up her thigh until finally she had found her home, buried in between Beth’s legs.

There was another long silence and I looked around the room. Poor Hal looked like he’d died right there. Candy just stared and slowly reached out with her hand and began gently massaging Liz’s back. Terri’s mouth was wide open. Finally, Terri broke the silence, “Damn Beth… your beautiful young daughter is licking you… and… and… you’re letting her!”

Beth smiled and still stroking Liz’s hair she said, “She’s my little angel. Ain’t ya?” And she rested her head on the back of the couch, “I’m going to cum in your mouth Liz. That’s OK isn’t it?” And Liz didn’t answer, instead she raised her hands and began playing with her mom’s sore tits. “Easy honey… Uncle Hal was kind of hard on them.”

Beth raised her head and looked at me, then spoke to everyone. “Dave loves watching Liz eat me… ooohhhh…. she’s so talented…. ooohhh… he also likes watching me eat her…. that’s it little girl eat your mommy.” Then she looked at Terri, then Candy and said, “I bet your mom would love for you to show your love for her…. uuummmhhhh…. that’s it Liz…. ooohhh yeah.”

Terri and Candy didn’t know how to respond to Beth’s suggestion and Terri meekly started opening her legs. Candy starred at her mom’s totally soaked crotch and leaned forward… stopped… then leaned forward again. She was just inches away from her mom’s pussy… but she was frozen. Beth said, “Go ahead honey… eat your mom’s sweet pussy…. ooooohhhh that’s it Bayan escort Liz…. look at Liz, Candy, she’s pleasing her mom…. ooohhh… please yours!”

And Candy said, “What the hell.” She dove those final inches and found her mom’s twat with her warm tongue. What a fucking sight! On the couch sat two sisters… one being my wife. Ten years separated the two. And in all honesty, my wife’s older sister had the hotter body. For sixty years old, there was no flab to be found on her body. Her tits sagged a little but still had a nice round melon shape to them. Her pussy had a neatly trimmed patch of hair and when she was dressed she looked like a million dollar professional, but right now, with her daughter between her legs, her hair covered in cum and pussy juice, she looked like an everyday slut.

Earlier, Beth’s face was totally covered with Hal’s cum and now her face just seemed to glow. Her tits bigger then her sisters sagged quite a bit in comparison and you could see little welts on them from Hal’s brutal assault. With her legs spread apart, I could still see her wide hips, but she was still fucking gorgeous.

On their knees in front of them, were their daughters. And both their asses starring at me. My cute little 18 year old step-daughter, with her boyish little ass, seemed to be winking at me. And my mind race to the one time I buried my dick in that tight hole. Next to that cute ass, was Liz’s 29 year old cousin Candy’s ass. Nice and round and in that position her hips spread out beautifully. And known to everyone, except Candy and Hal, these two were more then cousins, they were sisters! I had to have them!

I had fucked Liz and Liz’s mom. Now I wanted to fuck Liz’s sister. The thought was driving me crazy. On the couch both Terri and Beth seemed to be repeating each others thoughts to their daughters. “Ooooohhh that’s it honey… lick mommy’s pussy.” Then we’d hear their moans, “ooohhh sweety lick my clit.” They just kept repeating different commands to their little girls and both Liz and Candy obliged their mom’s.

I couldn’t fucking handle it anymore. I got off the chair and crawled behind Liz. I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and gently massaged them. I looked over at Candy’s ass and I slowly glanced up her body. Her waist looked perfectly flat as she was on all fours. Her tits hang down just waiting to be sucked. And for a split second I thought about moving away from Liz and crawl underneath Candy and start sucking on those titties. And I looked up a little further and saw Terri’s butt cheeks and Candy’s chin. Every now and then I’d see her tongue flicking around her mom’s twat.

My eyes continued their journey and saw Terri’s chest going in and out, her nipples sticking straight out, her head tilted back and her mouth opened just a bit. I looked to her left and Beth was starring at me and she had a big smile and she asked, “Enjoying the show?”

I smiled back and said, “Hell yes.” Beth’s hand had returned to Hal’s cock, giving him a nice hand job. Her boobs sagging down and like her sister her nipples were hard and enjoying Liz’s gentle teasing with her fingers. And down below that was Liz’s head munching on her mom’s muff. Right then I felt more in love with my wife then I ever had. I let go of Liz’s ass and joined Liz’s hands on Beth’s tits. They were still tender from Hal’s assault, but man were her nipples a bright red. I leaned in more and our tongues danced together in the air.

As we were kissing my cock was riding in between Liz’s butt cheeks and I thought I’d cum right there. I felt a hand on it and pulled back from Beth and I looked down and saw Liz’s hand coming up from between her legs and guiding my cock towards her pussy. And I just watched as she led my cock into her wet hole. She was drenched! I grabbed her hips and slowly began fucking my step-daughter in front of a very horny audience. “My little girl wants my dick doesn’t she?”

Terri opened her eyes and looked at the sight before her. We made eye contact and I said, “That’s right I’m fucking your niece.” And to confirm this I slapped Liz’s ass a couple of times. And I began banging her a little harder. I turned my head to the side and saw another wonderful looking ass waiting for some action. And as I fucked Liz, I used one hand to rub Candy’s ass.

I continued making eye contact with Terri, Beth, and yes even Hal, as I stuck my fingers in Candy’s hot snatch. “Terri… Beth… play with your tits as your girls eat you out.” And without any hesitation but the ladies grabbed their tits and started squeezing their boobs. Poor Hal had a raging hard-on and no one to help him. So I said, “Grab your cock Hal. Jerk off for us. Hal your daughter has such a tight pussy.” As I kept rocking in and out of Liz, I kept talking to Hal. “Man, I barely got two fingers in her… I wonder how tight it would feel with my dick in her?”

Hal looked across towards his daughter’s ass and saw my hand below her. That’s all he needed and he grabbed his cock and went to town pulling on it. “That’s it. Pull your meat.” Candy raised her Escort head and looked across the couch and saw her dad jerking off. She watched for a couple of seconds then returned to Terri’s snatch.

I lightly tapped on Liz’s ass and said, “I’ll be back,” and I pulled my cock out of her. I could hear a slight moan of disappointment from her but she kept eating out Beth. I shuffled my knees a little bit and lined up behind Candy. Then I shuffled my knees back away from her and got on all my fours and right in front of my nose was her butt.

And I dove in and began licking her butt hole. Candy raised her mouth from Terri’s pussy and said, “Aahhh… Uncle Dave… that ain’t my pussy.”

Beth broke out laughing and said, “Oh he knows that dear… he loves licking a cute ass.” And as I licked away, I put a couple of fingers back in Candy’s twat and she went back to eating out her mom.

After a minute or two I rose back up and shuffled my knees closer to Candy’s waiting body and slid my dick in her wet cunt. God… her lips felt like a warm blanket surrounding my cock as I worked my way in and out of her. I looked straight ahead at Terri and said, “Later… this dick will be in you.” Beth just smiled as she continued to play with her tits. And there sat Hal next to her – jerking off. I looked at him and pointed at the book stand next to him and said, “Open the drawer.” He opened it and I told him, “Grab the lotion and put some on your cock.”

It was a bottle of hand lotion that had been in there for a long time. And a bottle I hadn’t needed in quite awhile. As I fucked his daughter, I watched as he poured a large amount on his cock and now his hand slid freely on his rod. “Good boy.” And I reached out and he handed the bottle to me. I opened it and looked at Liz’s pretty ass and I poured some on it. As I pounded away on Candy’s fuck hole, I began rubbing the lotion all over Liz’s butt and down her crack.

Beth said, “Dave… she can’t do that… she’s too small.” Terri and Hal looked bewildered trying to figure out what was going on.

Liz raised her head from Beth’s snatch and said, “I want it mommy… I want daddy to stick his dick in my ass.” And I slid a finger in her tight bung hole. “Oooohhh mommy…. my butt has a finger in it… more daddy… more.” And I slid a second finger in. And Liz bounced forward a little and Beth quit playing with her own tits and hugged her daughters head against her chest. Liz was ready for ass to be fucked. I slid out of Candy and as I shuffled back behind my luscious step-daughter, I poured some lotion on my cock and… and put my cock head at the entrance of her butt. I moved my cock in a slow circle around her hole, remembering how tight she was, I knew I had to be patient and slow to get my cock inside of her.

“Stick it in daddy.” Liz was willing and as I looked at Beth all I saw was the concerned look of a mom. “Come on daddy… stick that dick in my ass… give it to me dad. Don’t be nice… give me that cock… fill my ass with your hot rod.” Alright, little girl you want my dick? I know longer cared about being nice with Liz, she wanted it and I wanted it more. Everyone was watching, except Candy who was still munching on her mom’s muff.

I said, “Alright bitch.” And I slid my oiled cock in Liz’s tight butt hole. The first time we butt fucked I relaxed Liz and took my time. This time, while I slid in slowly, I never stopped. I just kept plowing in until my pelvic bone was resting on her butt crack.

In between a couple of loud grunts, Liz screamed, “OOOOHHHH FUCK!” And as she struggled to catch her breath, I slid my cock out and went back in a little faster. “OOOHHH FUCK DADDY… FUCK MY ASS.”

I looked ahead at Beth and she still had a concerned look on her face and I just smiled back and said, “Our little girl… likes it up the ass.” And I slapped that pretty little ass and began going faster and faster in and out of my step-daughter. I felt like I was on top of the world and I looked around the room. I looked at Hal and he was pounding his meat as fast as he could. I laughed and said, “Slow down big boy… I’m not done yet.” Then I looked at Beth and said, “Grab his dick honey… slow him down.” And Beth took her hand off of Liz’s back and placed it on Hal’s dick and took over jerking off her brother-in-law.

As my tempo into Liz’s ass was getting harder and faster, I looked at Terri and pointed down at Liz’s ass and said, “Later… this is going to be you.” Then I looked at Candy’s ass and my mind raced about sticking my dick in her butt. Again I looked at Terri, pointed at Candy’s ass and said, “But she’s first.” And as I fucked Liz, I grabbed the bottle of lotion and poured some on Candy’s ass, which got her head away from Terri’s twat.

She moved forward, resting her head on Terri’s chest, she looked at me and just starred as I rubbed the lotion around her ass and down her crack until I sunk a finger into her butt. Candy let out a little moan and looked at Liz. Liz smiled at her and in between breaths said, “Ready for daddy’s dick… OOOHHH FUCK… in…. shit daddy slow down…. please…. in your ass?” I kept running my finger in and out of Candy’s ass, as I continued to pound my meat into my baby girl’s tiny butt. “Ooooohhhh… ooohhh fuck…. fuck daddy…. oooohhh shit daddy…. please stick it in Candy.”

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