Life’s Changes Ch. 07

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The next morning I awoke feeling better than I have all week. I wasn’t tired like I was yesterday. I wasn’t worried about my work. I felt great I had two people in my life that love me unconditionally. Life couldn’t get any better. I stretched like a cat just waking from her nap.

Both Pam and Glenda where gone I heard the shower running. So I knew one or both where in there. I secretly hope it was Glenda and Pam was getting my coffee. Just as I swung my feet out of bed and sat up Pam came in with my coffee. Yes being Mistress to her and Glenda was a good thing.

“Good morning Mistress did you sleep well?” Pam asked in a cheery voice

“Very well and how did you sleep?” I said my voice sounded as cheery.

“I never had as good a night’s sleep as I did last night. I don’t think I woke once all night.” Bill came out of the bathroom combing his hair.

“Good morning ladies how are you both this morning,” We both told him we felt wonderful. Bill sat at my make up table to put on his stockings. I walked over and sat on his lap and said

“Sweetheart I have a favor to ask you and if you don’t want me to, I’ll understand.” I stopped before I asked the favor.

“What is it? Anything you want I’ll give you within reason?”

“You know tomorrow I have to take off from work. If it’s ok with you I’d like to invite a girl from work over for breakfast.”

“Sure that’s ok I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

“Well I was hoping that she and I might have a little fun together.” I was trying to be as coy as possible.

“What kind of fun? Are you going to play cards or a board game.” Bill was teasing me he knew what kind of games I was talking about.

“No maybe we could play doctor.” I said as I started to play with his nipple ring.

“Maybe I should stay home and be your nurse?” Bill said as his eyes glazed over from me playing with his sensitive nipple.

“I’m not sure how open minded she is yet.”

“Sure honey you can have you little play mate over tomorrow. Just so there are no boys. I want to be here when there’s boys over.” He teased me so I decided to tease him

“That’s only because you want the boys too.” Bill didn’t miss a beat

“Yep sure do. I also want the girls too.” I put my arms around his neck and said

“Well since Janie’s bi maybe her husband is too. We’ll have to see.” I kissed him on the lips before getting up to take my shower.

I arrived at work my normal time. Ginger was in as usual my coffee already poured. I had two meeting this morning with department heads that wanted to know how I was going to handle their departments. We set up how they were to handle the day-to-day operations and when they needed to bring me in on problems they were having.

After that I looked thought the phone book for costume shops. There where quite a few. One in particular look promising, the ad said they specialized in adult costumes the way they emphasized adult caught my eye. I jotted down their name and number on a scratch pad along with one or two others. By eleven o’clock Janie still hadn’t called me I decided to go down for a work out.

When I was changed I walked into the gym Janie was on the stairmaster. I said, “This place is sure getting popular.”

“Well that’s what Malcolm wants isn’t? Besides I could see what this stair thing does for your butt. I wouldn’t mind my looking like that.”

“Your butt looks pretty good to me. In fact it looks good enough to eat.” I said

“I may take you up on that. So are you still free tomorrow?”

“I sure am. Would you like to come over for breakfast? Say about ten or so.” I asked

“Ten you say sounds pretty early for a day off. But there’s no sense in lying in bed alone when there’s better things to do. So what’s for breakfast anything I might like to eat?”

“Well I could cook some eggs and sausage. Or I could serve some honey buns.” I kid

“No I don’t think I’d want any sausage at lease not the real kind. But the honey buns sound good. You know the kind with the slit down the middle and with cream on the inside.” Janie sure knew how to play on words.

“I’m sure I could have some of those around.”

“Ok if your going to have them then I’ll come.” Then I asked

“Does your husband know your coming over tomorrow?”

“Kenny, he knows I go to other girl’s houses to eat honey buns.”

“He doesn’t mind?” Janie looked at me. She looked as if she was trying to decide how much she could tell me.

“He doesn’t mind.”

“Call me later and I’ll give you my address.”

“I have your address and your phone number as well as your birthday and your husbands. I even have your anniversary date. You don’t think Fred remembers all those thing do you?”

“I was wondering how he knew when to send cards. So it was you all along.”

“Yep it’s me put that’s part of my job and I get paid well for it. I don’t know if Ginger’s told you what she gained coming up with you? I know what she gained and it quite substantial.”

“I never ask how much ulus escort bayan she makes, but she did tell me she got a twenty- five percent raise with the move.”

“Oh she got more than that. I’ve been wanting to thank you for a long time but I always forget to when I see you,” she said

“Thank me for what?”

“Three years ago. When you got your first bonus you gave half of it to Ginger. I mention it to Fred not really looking for anything, just to let him know how nice you where. The next day he gave me some of his. I wouldn’t say it was half but it was quite a some of money. Then I found out that all the VP’s did the same. And every year from then on we got a split of their bonus. And it’s been all because of you. I remember when he asked why you would do that. I told him what Ginger told me that you said. ‘You do most of the work you should get at lease half the bonus.’ When I told him that he said ‘You know she’s right.’ The next day I got my bonus so if no one has thanked you I’m thanking you now.” She came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, “You a very special person please don’t change.”

“I didn’t know that happen. I was wondering why all the secretaries seem to like me.”

“They like you because you a sweet caring person. Granted the money helped, but I’m sure they would have like you with out it.” She looked at the clock and said. “I have to get back to work. Oh by the way when you get this place up and running, Fred’s going to tell every one that they get a paid for a half hour to come down here and work out. So get this place going I think you’ll see a lot more of us down here.”

“I need to find a trainer first so they can help me get this place in to shape.” I told her

“Have you got anyone in mind?”

“No not yet. Do you know anyone?”

“I have a friend that was a trainer for the girls soccer team at the college. Till they got a new coach this year. She’s a trained paramedic too. She might be what you looking for and she’s available right now and I know she wants to stay in the area.”

“She sounds just what I’m looking for. Tell her to make an appointment with Ginger for next week.”

“I could bring her with me tomorrow. You could interview her at your leisure.” Janie said in a suggestive manner. I knew where that would lead and I didn’t want to go that route.

“No I’d rather not mix business and pleasure. Have her call Ginger.” Janie looked a little hurt and said.

“What about me we work together?”

“You work for Fred. She’ll work for me directly. I know it’s a fine line but I’d rather not cross it. I hope you understand?”

“Yea I see what you’re saying I’d never go to bed with Fred. Only because it would be awkward around the office. I’ll have her call Ginger if she interested.” then she said “I really have to go Fred will have a fit if I’m not back by noon so he can leave. He’ll be gone the rest of the day. That means the VP’s will be gone soon after. If you get my drift?” That meant I could leave early too. “I’ll see you at ten tomorrow.”

I though to my self this work out proved to be rewarding. I might have found my trainer. Plus I could leave early today I could almost chalk this work out up to a business meeting.

Back at my office Ginger was still on her lunch break. I called the first costume shop on my list. The woman that answered the phone let me know right off that they didn’t rent costumes. And their costumes leaned more to the intimate side. I had her give me the address and hung up the phone. Ginger came in and asked

“Do you want to speak to Franks this afternoon?”

“No that can wait till next week. Do I have anything else I need to do this afternoon?”

“No you can leave like the rest. If that’s what you’re asking?” This woman knew me too well.

“I think I will. Why don’t you leave too with pay of cause? If anyone wants me they can page me.” Ginger though about it then said

“Ok I think I will. I’ll see you on Tuesday. Oh Mrs. Marsh called she said she’ll call back.” I thanked her before she left. I called Jenny’s office.

“Jenny, Sheri here what can I do for you.” I asked when she pick up the phone

“You could get me out of this place I can’t believe how stupid some people are.” I could hear the frustration in her voice.

“Well I though after last night you’d be in a good mood.” I said teasingly

“The only reason I haven’t killed some one today was because of that lovely thing you did last night.” Then in a whisper she said, “She was quite refreshing I’ve never had anyone that submissive I hope I get her again?”

“She seems to enjoy it. In fact she called you inventive.”

“Inventive well I don’t think I’ve ever been call that. But next time if there is a next time you must let me remove that plug.” I could almost hear a pleading in her voice

“She wouldn’t let you remove it then?”

“Oh no and I quote ‘Mistress said I must leave it in till I get home.’ She was quite adamant about it. I could do anything I wanted but that. yenimahalle escort bayan She was quite attentive to my needs. If you decide not to keep her can I have her?” I laughed

“No you can’t I think I’ll keep her. How can I turn anything as sweet as she is away? If your real nice to me I’ll let you barrow her once in a while. She’d like that. I think she got a kick out of me giving her to you like she was a possession.”

“So what are you going to wear tomorrow?” She asked changing the subject

“I haven’t got a clue. I’m going to a costume shop this afternoon to see what I can find.”

“Where are you going?” I told her and she said, “That’s a good one I go there often. Make sure they take you in the back. That’s where they keep the really good stuff. When are you going, maybe I can come too?”

“As soon as I get off the phone. Can you come?” I asked

“No it’s too crazy here today. Why don’t y’all come over tonight for dinner.” I knew that was coming.

“No I just want to stay at home tonight and relax. I have been on the go since last week and we’re doing something all weekend so today I just want to rest.” I hoped I did sound like I was whining.

“I understand. Some times you just need to unwind. I have to go call me when you get the chance.” She said before she hung up. She sounded disappointed. I hope she didn’t take it personally. I grabbed my things and left

I walked into the costume shop. It was like most costume shop I’ve been to. It had all the typical costumes. Cat woman, Bat Man, Prostitutes, Saloon Girls. When I saw a nurses uniform I giggled to myself thinking about what Bill said this morning. A woman in her fifties walked up to me and asked

“Are you looking for something special or just looking?”

“I’m looking for more of the intimate costumes that you talked about on the phone.” I said letting her know I wasn’t looking for anything she had out front.

“Please follow me. You’ll be looking for what we have in the back.” I follow her to the back room.

When we entered I saw mannequins with all different costumes. My eyes when immediately to a cat costume. It was like nothing I ever seen before. It had ears attached to a hood that cover the wearer’s head. There was a mask a collar and lead. The suit itself was made of shiny black vinyl it also had a tail. The lady notice where I was looking and said

“That’s a new one we got in this week. There’s spandex on the sides of the body and the insides of the legs. To pull it in tight. The tail is quite unique in the way it attaches to the wearer. You might want to look at it carefully before you buy it. There is no crotch material.”

I went up to the costume the tail was attached to the suit in back but there was also what appeared to be a butt plug on it. The crotch was open so that the plug could be inserted. I knew I had to have it for Pam. She’d look absolutely charming in it and irresistible.

“I take this one.” The woman didn’t even bat an eye.

“Would you like to try it on?” I handed her a sheet of paper that had Pam’s measurement on and asked

“Do you have one to fit that frame?” She looked at the paper and then at me. And said

“I have one to fit this person.” She said it in a way as to let me know she knew it wasn’t for me. But also she seemed to relax. then she said. “I’m sorry if I seemed defensive but a lot of women we get in here, especially ones in business suits become irate when the see these costumes. My name is Trudy.”

“Well Trudy as you can see I’m not one of those women.” We smiled at each other then Trudy said she’d be back. I looked around some more. Trudy came back with a box and said.

“This should fit this person perfectly. But when she tries it on have her wear undergarments and please don’t insert the tail in case you have to bring it back. Now is there anything else I can get you.”

“I’m looking for something for myself and something for my husband.” This I could see threw her a little. I’m sure she thought I was a lesbian.

“Your husband. Tell me about his nature.”

“He likes golf and to cross dress, and is submissive to me.” She looked at me as if to say what does golf have to do with it.

“He could go as a saloon girl or a harem girl. I have a tiger costume like the cat one.’

“Let me see the harem girl.” Trudy took me over to the far wall. The costume she showed me looked like the one in the I dream of Jeanie show except this one you could see right thru. There was a veil that would cover the face and a bra that would hold his breast forms. “I’ll take that. Now something for me.”

For my self I picked out a pair of leather pants that the crotch was missing a leather vest like the one that Jackie was wearing and a biker’s hat. I picked up a leather mask to complete the outfit. I paid for my purchases and drove home.

I arrived home at three. No one was there. I went up stairs and put in the tape “Mistress trains her pet” And laid down on the bed to watch. It show eryaman escort bayan the mistress treating her pet like a dog and then made him do things, that to me where revolting. Like when she pees in his mouth. Made him eat from a dog bowl. Her treatment was demoralizing. Not long into the movie I lost interests in it and fell asleep. The next thing I knew was Pam waking me

“Mistress Dinner will be done in half an hour. Would you like me to draw you a bath?” I looked up at her she was so pretty with her makeup done just right and her hair in a French braid.

“What time is it?” I asked sitting up.

“Five thirty. I turned the tape off when I got home at four thirty”

“No, no bath I take a shower instead. Do me a favor. Take that tape in he vcr and throw it away I don’t want you or Glenda to see it.” I stood up I was still wearing my business suit except for the jacket and the heels. Pam undressed me like she did yesterday when I was completely naked I asked,

“Can you join me or do you need to tend to dinner?”

“I should watch dinner while you in the shower I could come up when you’re done and help you dress.”

“No you stay down stairs and tend to dinner. I’m just going to wear shorts and a tee shirt tonight.” Picking up the box with the cat suit in. I said,

“After dinner I want you to try this on to see if it fits. When you try it on you have to wear panties but if you keep it you don’t wear panties with it. Let me know if you will wear it to the party tomorrow.” I gave her the box and said “Just put in your room for now you can look at it later.”

Pam took the box to her room as I went for my shower. When I was dressed and did my make up. I went down stairs as I went though the kitchen Pam was hard at work, I notice she had changed into shorts and a tee her hair was now in a pony tail. She handed me a glass of wine then chased me out of the kitchen.

I went out on to the patio the pool looked inviting. The water temp was just right but the air temp was still a little cool another week or so it should be just right. Bill came out on to the patio and said

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you.” Bill looked longingly at the pool and said, “Almost, another five degrees and it will be perfect.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. Come sit here by me.” I motioned for him to take the seat next to me. Bill came over and kissed me and sat down next to me. “How was your day?”

“Not bad I had two meetings with clients and did some paper work that was about it. How was your day?” I told him what I did then I asked.

“Bill how do you feel about Pam staying here permanently?”

“To tell you the truth I didn’t think it would work out as well as it has. Pam was always grumpy at the old office. I had to work hard to get her to smile. I could never get her to laugh. But since she became your slave or whatever you want to call her she’s happier. She’s always smiling. She even went out to lunch with the other girls from the office that’s something she never did at the old place. And I though that with her here I’d lose part of you but that hasn’t happen. You even seem more content then you everywhere. I think this has worked out pretty good for all of us. My vote is that she should stay and became a permanent part of our family.”

“Your not saying that because you think its what I want to hear are you.”

“Sheri I couldn’t do that if I thought it was a bad Idea I’d have to tell you. I don’t think it is.” Then to change the subject I asked

“Are you going to change for dinner or stay in you suit. If you stay the way you are then both Pam and I will change.”

“Since both of you are already changed I’ll go get changed. What should I change into?”

“Change into Glenda put on shorts and a tee then your makeup. You better hurry, if dinners done before you are Pam may take that paddle to your bottom. Wait you may like that just hurry.”

Bill said yes mistress and ran upstairs. Pam came out to refill my wine glass. Taking the bottle from her I had her kneel in front of me. She always seemed so content kneeling by me. I then said as I took her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger

“Pam honey if I put a ring in this nipple your mine you have to stay with me.” She looked at me I could see her eyes start to water. I knew it wasn’t from me holding her nipple. I wasn’t holding it that tight. “Is that what you want to became mine to always do as I say to do what ever I tell you and to whom ever I tell you?” Pam knelt up and placed her hand on my lap and said

“Please Mistress make yours. I wish to serve you in any way you desirer. I want to belong to you always and forever. Please Mistress pierce my nipple and make me yours.” I leaned forward and kissed her head and said

“From this point on you are mine. I will have your nipple pierced this weekend and you will be mine always and forever.” Tear where flowing from her eyes now not in sorrow but in happiness. “Now go finish dinner I’m starved.”

“Yes my Mistress. Would you like to eat out here or in the dinning room?”

“The dinning room.” Pam went back in as I waited for dinner. Yes, things where pretty good. I was happy and content. Glenda came out dressed in a very tight pair of running shorts and a halter-top. She was holding a long velvet covered jewelry box. Pam came out right behind her.

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