Lightgirl’s First Adventure Pt. 05


The Superheroine once called Samantha, now Kitty, woke up from a rogue smell in her isolated room. Moments later someone entered the room. Kitty expected to see her Caretaker bark at her as usual to get ready, but this time to her surprise and displeasure it was the villainess that has captured her -Black Whip!

Kitty used her hands to protect her modesty and tried to sound brave and defiant as she spat at the leather clad woman, “What do you want? It’s not time for another one yet!”

Her ass still still felt sore and tingled as she thought back to the previous night.

“Watch your tone Kittycat.” The villainess warned. “The woman who takes care of you normally hasn’t come in today so I graciously offered to take over for today. Aren’t you grateful?”

Kitty just stared at her. When the woman said her name she had felt another jolt of pleasure and she tried not to make it obvious.

“Do you recognize these?” Black Whip asked and held up a pair of handcuffs. Kitty did recognize them. They were her own from the night Black Whip had tricked and captured her.

I’m going to use these on you tonight. “That’s right, it’s my turn tonight. Better get used to the idea.”

Kitty wasn’t impressed. How much worse than the other villains could she be?

As if in response to her thoughts the villainess showed her a bag of toys she would use on her tonight. Kitty could make out a variety of Dildos, vibrators and other devices she didn’t know.

“I’m going to enjoy tonight.” Black Whip told her smiling. “But first it’s breakfast time. Come on get up you lazy Pussycat.” With a slap on her ass Black Whip got Kitty to stand up.

Black Whip quickly sripped down while Kitty had to watch and wonder where this was going.

Most of her black leather suit discarded Black Whip retrieved another box and sank down on the vacated spot on the bed. She opened the box and revealed Kitty’s breakfast. It wasn’t the boring bread and cereal she normally got. Instead it was a delicious looking collection of many different sweet fruits.

Her stomach reminded her that she didn’t eat any dinner yesterday and she licked her lips unconsciously.

“Hungry pet? You’ll have to eat it off of me though.” She arranged the fruits on the naked skin of her stomach and tits. A particularly juicy looking cherry came to rest right between her legs.

She topped it off with some whipped cream.

“Come on and get it tiger. But no hands.” The older woman looked at her expectantly.

Kitty turned her head away. She wasn’t hungry enough to humiliate herself by licking food off of someones skin.

“Aww, don’t be like that Kitty. I know you want to. You have such a sweet tooth don’t you?”

As Kitty still refused the villainess voice grew sterner. “Here I am going out of my way to get my pet a nice breakfast and she won’t even eat it. I’ll remember your disobedience tonight.

But for now I need to make sure you get enough nourishment, so you don’t collapse on stage during your big show.

Want to know your last keyword Kitty? Be a good girl and lick me clean Kitty. NOW. And don’t you dare miss a spot.”

Kitty turned to ignore the order and walk away… but her body didn’t listen to her. She had to watch as she kneeled down in front of Black Whip powerless to stop it, a prisoner in her own body.

On its own her body leaned forward and dragged her cat tongue over smooth skin in search of the sweet fruits. It finally found a slice of an orange and eagerly lapped it up.

The evil dominatrix started petting her orange hair and told her what a good Kitty she was.

Kitty found she could somewhat control her body again. She couldn’t actually stop licking no matter how hard she tried, but she could choose where to lick and position her lower body in a more comfortable position.

Almost all the fruits were gone now. Only the ones caught in the villainess pubic hairs remained. She turned her sensitive nose but had no choice but to bury her face in the hairy crotch and seek out the last few pieces.

“Mmmh better get used to that position Kitty. I have a feeling you’ll need it a lot in the future.”

Black Whip scratched her behind the ears like one would pet a housecat while the humiliated heroine lapped up the last few bits of the sweet fruits off of her.

After she finished, Kitty suddenly regained full control of her body and jerked back resulting in her falling to the floor.

The villainess inspected her skin and smiled down at her. “I feel even cleaner than before Kitty. Maybe I should have you bathe me every day, would you like that?

Kitty vigorously shook her head but Black Whip wasn’t paying attention anymore.

Instead she handed her what was left of her official superhero bodysuit, now more of a superhero bikini, with a generous cleavage and a hole for her tail.

As Kitty got dressed she felt Black Whips gaze on her, watching her like a hawk.

When she was dressed and ready, the villainess ordered her to follow Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort her and led her towards the show.

Before they arrived there they ran into Matter himself who stood and waited outside the entrance to the stage. As they approached he smiled and gave Black Whip a nod.

Then he turned to Kitty and started “Hello Samantha.”

Kitty briefly cocked her head to the side, before she remembered that that was indeed her real name. Damn! The Baptism already made her think of herself as Kitty.

“The show will be over soon and I have been contemplating what will happen to you should you lose. When I originally thought up the whole idea of kidnapping heroines I was planning on making them my wives. That way I would have a harem of fallen heroines fawning over my cock. But I don’t think you quite deserve that honour do you? Instead I have decided as soon as you lose-”

“I haven’t lost yet, bastard!”

“As I was saying, as soon you lose I’m going to make you my personal assistant. Maybe I’ll even give you a few new personality traits, so you can be my shy, obedient Kitty assistant.

Yes, that’s a great idea. You’ll get your own office space -under my desk. And one of your other duties will be taking care of other heroines we catch, much like Whip is doing for you now. That way you will help your former colleagues get used to the idea of becoming like you. An eager kittyslut.”

“I will never let that happen!”

“Better not lose then Lightgirl, you only have two more chances.” With that, he turned to leave.

“I’ll be expecting you tomorrow after the show in my office. Then I’ll either have an escort for you to guide you to freedom. Or your collar.”

His word still rang in Kitty’s ears as Black Whip pulled her through the door. Her Collar. It would be a symbol of her enslavement. She shivered in the warm, scent filled air of the show room.

“Welcome, welcome Ladies and Gentlemen of the underworld, I am Mr. Blitz and once more I have the pleasure of presenting to you our lovely contestant. Today she will have another chance to gain her freedom. Or new perks. It’s win-win for her, really. After that we will have the pleasure of witnessing another bonus round where our heroine will struggle against the odds and gain a new tattoo every time she fails.”

Blitz enthusiastically riled up the crowd while Kitty awkwardly stood beside him, trying not to reveal anything in her skimpy outfit.

“Today we will have her jumping, when we activate this automatic jump rope. It will keep going for 10 minutes and if she can hold out the entire time without tripping she wins. Should she however miss even just one beat, she loses and takes penalty points depending on her time. She will get one penalty less at 5 and 7.5 minutes.”

Kitty was positioned in the middle of the rope and it started swinging slowly at first. Careful not to trip over it she jumped up straight, allowing the rope to pass under her.

She inwardly cursed as she realized just how taxing this would be. Keep going like this for ten minutes? This had to be one of the hardest challenges yet.

Her generous tits bounced up and down with every jump and she quickly worked up a sweat.

She had to give it her all if she was going to have a chance at making it, so she did her best to block out all the distractions threatening her concentration like the many scents permeating the room or the repeated slapping of her tits against her torso. Jump. Wait. Jump. Repeat.

Kitty tried making her jumps as small as possible to conserve her energy, her bare legs barely allowing the rope to swing under them.

Suddenly a bottle crashed beside her on stage making her flinch and almost lose her rhythm.

It came from someone in the audience who threw it in hope of breaking her concentration.

Out of corner of her eyes she could see the culprit being escorted out not all too curtly.

“Please refrain from throwing any objects on stage. The next one to throw something will earn himself a few months watch duty. Even if you managed to make her stumble we would just have to start over again. We at Fallen Superheroines advocate fair play above all after all.” Blitz warned the publicum.

“I’ll tell you what you can do so it won’t get boring while we wait for our jumping beauty to make a mistake.” he continued. “Feel free to direct all your catcalls and other encouraging words at our contestant anytime, it’s not against the rules.”

As soon as Blitz had finished his sentence, the smelly thugs in the rows started assaulting her with rude suggestions, lewd demands and all other kinds of verbal abuse.

“I hope you fall and land on your fat tits!”

“Hey Superslut, how about you come see me afterward? I’ll make you feel good all night.”

“Oi lose the bra n’ jump topless ya whore!”

For Kitty however the voices became just another thing she had to block out. Another thing that would only serve to distract her from the swinging rope. Jump, Wait, Jump, Repeat.


“Five minutes have passed and our catestant is still jumping. Well I think it’s time to let you all in on one of Kitties little secrets. You see every time someone says her new name she will feel a jolt of pleasure because of the effects of ‘Keywords’. Use that information as you see fit dear spectators. Oh, by the way Kitty the swing pattern will change in a few seconds. Think fast.”

Kitty barely caught the pattern change as it started swinging twice every second time, forcing her to adjust her jumping pattern. Jump. Wait. High jump. Wait. Repeat.

The changed pattern of the rope however was nothing against the change in the abuse directed at her. Every sentence she heard was punctuated by at least one mention of her new name and keyword.

“Hey Kitty, I have a bowl for you at home to lick.”

“Do you fuck as well as you jump Kitty?”

“Let’s hear some meows Kitty!”

The words and the pleasure she was forced to draw from them left a big dent in Kitties concentration. Every new mention of her name added a little bit to the lubricant rolling down her legs. The same lubricant sprayed from her feet during every jump and it started to leave visible wet spots on the stage.

“Hopefully I won’t slip on it. That would be an embarrassing way to lose.”

The jumping continued until someone in the crowd landed a lucky hit.

“Does the academy have regular jumping training for you sluts of justice, eh Kitty?”

That sentence instantly ended all of Kitty’s jumproping ambitions as she was once again overcome by the incessant need to be filled by something.

The rope slammed against her ankles toppling her over and sending her crashing to the floor.

She barely registered the horn announcing her failure because she was too busy noisily sucking her thumb and sticking her other hand underneath her suit to stick a finger in her aching tunnel.

The rope swung around one last time smacking her ass like a final insult and the audience broke into cheers.

Slowly Kitty came down from her Keyword induced craze and stood up shakily and more than a bit frustrated.

“It’s not fair! I could have done it! It’s your fault because of the stupid jus… I mean the keyword.”

She protested.

“Yeah well, you wouldn’t have that if you hadn’t earned it yesterday. Your first choice for today is:

Soft whispers, Fabulous flow or Catwalk. You can choose two this time. If I may be so bold, I think Catwalk would be a wonderful and thematic choice.” He grinned at Kitty.

Like hell she would give them the satisfaction of voluntarily turning into their sex kitten.

She had to choose something else. Luckily the other choices didn’t sound that bad this time.

“Fuck you, I’ll take the other two.” She hissed at Blitz briefly gaining satisfaction in his disappointed face. Like a child being told he couldn’t have his favourite toy.

He regained his composure fast however and almost reluctantly pushed the button.

This time the familiar tingles were concentrated in her scalp and throat.

No feelings of overwhelming pleasure or horrible agony this time, at least not right away.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t feel at least one of the changes however.

Her already long hair crept lower and lower as it grew outward revealing more and more orange and black mane. Her hair hung just past her shoulders before but now it was in the process of growing past her ass, hiding the base of her matching tail.

When the growth finally stopped, her hair hung down all the way to her thighs, stopping just shy of her knees.

Additionally it seemed to be fuller and smoother, a luscious mane like she came fresh from a hair stylist.The Perk name was very descriptive, it truly was a “fabulous flow”.

“At least this one isn’t too bad. And I can cut it anytime if I decide it’s too much.” Kitty mused.

As if reading her mind Blitz begun his explanation of her changes.

“Quite a beautiful Perk don’t you think? It almost makes up for the lost cat theme.

Kitty’s hair will now always be like you see it now. Long and luscious. Even if she were to cut it she will discover it will have already grown back on the next day.

As for the next change… Why don’t you talk to us Kitty?”

Ignoring the jolt in her pussy Kitty started going on a tirade about how Blitz was the worst commentator she knew and how the crowd he entertained was a bunch of human refuse that deserved to rot in a prison cell. That was what she wanted to say anyway but after she spoke her first few words she stopped herself.

She had meant to shout at him, to use harsh and biting words, but instead her voice came out as barely more than a sultry whisper. She tried to shout at him again but instead of insulting him by calling him a pig, it sounded more like she was flirting with him and trying a bit too hard doing it.

Even the worst swearwords she directed at him sounded more like an invitation than an insult and as much as she tried she wasn’t able to raise her voice higher than slightly below normal talking volume.

“The effects of Soft whispers everybody. Are you liking it as much as I am?” Blitz asked bemused. “I’m afraid our heroine won’t be able to stop bank robberies by shouting “Stop!” anymore. Not like that ever worked anyway.

We will have a short break and after that the much anticipated bonus round. Don’t go anywhere. In the meantime I think I will check to see how Lightgirl’s new voice sounds when moaning.”

He gave the audience a wink and turned to leave under a bombardment of jealous boos.

Kitty turned to follow. Even if Blitz was going to force her to suck him off again, at least she would get off the stage and away from the leering eyes.

Backstage she retreated to her usual bench and hoped he would forget about her until it was too late but that hope was in vain as she saw him sauntering up to her, already undoing his belt.

“Turn around and bend over the bench, slut. I have something nice and hard for you.”

“Fuck you, I’m not your sex slave yet.” Kitty turned her head and showed him the finger.

Blitz sneered at her resistance. “Did you forget who asks the questions in your next round? You will do as I say if you don’t want to end up covered in tattoos from head to toe.”

“I don’t care. Touch me and you’ll see stars for the next few hours.” Kitty threateningly raised her hand and pointed her palm at him.

“It’s about time you ceased your useless resistance. Take a look at yourself. I can’t even take you seriously with your bedroom voice. Your body is that of a sex slave now, how could you ever go back to being a superheroine. Won’t those tits get in the way when trying to fight thugs?”

His word cut deep into Kitties self conscience. She shook her head. Even if her ability to fight crime was impaired, she wouldn’t willingly end up a slave to an evil crimelord.

During his speech Blitz had crept closer and closer to her. Two other men approached from the sides and Kitty found herself cornered.

“I’m warning you. Any closer and I’ll blind you.”

“That’s the next thing. Even before your power was laughable for a superheroine. Did you get the position because the academy took pity on you? Face it, you’re suited much better as a bedwarmer than as as some defender of justice.”

Kitty did her best to fight the urge the hated keyword caused to no great success. She barely managed to keep her hands away from her loins but her thumb still popped into her mouth to be sucked on vigorously. Of course it tasted of oranges like always since she got the Deluxe flavours perk.

Seizing the opportunity Blitz and his helpers jumped her and wrestled her to the floor.

Her sparse clothing was torn away and some spanks rained down on her butt.

Strong hands yanked at her overly long hair to pull her off the ground only to shove her towards the bench. The piercing in her belly button stabbed painfully into her as it was trapped between her and the wood of the bench.

Before she had a chance to recover, her rapists lifted up her hips further and Blitz plunged into her wet snatch in one smooth stroke. A long, low moan escaped Kitties lips at the sensation. She was shocked at how erotic it had sounded.

Blitz fell into a steady rhythm of fucking her sensitized tunnel and soon Kitty discovered she could still scream. Sometimes. More specifically, only involuntarily and in ecstasy.

Something spanked her ass, and her squeals already drowned out Blitz’s voice as he started mocking her again.

“That’s more like it. I could tell you were hungry for cock from the start. Why did you have to make it so hard on yourself whore?”

“I-I’m not. I don’t want this.”

“Doesn’t sound convincing with that voice of yours. Also from the way your pussy is squeezing my dick it looks like you’ve been desperate for this all day.

“N-no it’s because of the- ahhh! Because of the modifications.”

“The modifications only helped you see your true nature. That of a desperate cocksleeve whose main goal is to get her pussy filled.”

Kitty wanted to object but suddenly a dick in her mouth blocked her from talking. The other two men had decided they wouldn’t just watch any more. While one of them pressed his smelly crotch in Kitty’s face the other helped himself with her smooth hair. He took long strands of the orange black hair and wrapped them around his dick. How could he possibly find this pleasurable? Oh well at least he wasn’t trying to fuck her ass or something.

Blitz rammed into her harder and harder and Kitty could tell he was close.

“Make you an offer Superslut. I’ll forget your disobedience from before if you beg me to cum inside you. And do it convincingly.”

Kitty fought with herself. Would she give in and give this cruel man what he wanted? She knew she said she didn’t care but she still rather wouldn’t end up covered in tattoos more than necessary. She decided to take the humiliation over the lasting consequences. The cock in her mouth momentarily withdrew to let her beg.

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