Like Mother, Unlike Daughter

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My pulse quickened as I sat outside her house. I really was not even sure that it was her house. It had been years since I had quite by accident ran into her sister-in-law who willingly showed me the pictures of Dawn and her children at the Christmas party. It had taken me years, but thanks to classmates; I had learned that her name-married name was Smith. Thanks to the archives of the Daily News, I had learned her husband’s first name from an old article about her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Next had provided a telephone number and street address, and finally was able to provide door-to-door directions. What old friends and rumor mills had been unable or unwilling to do, the internet had amply provided.

I just had to see her. It had been over 25 years since I had placed my sailor’s cap on her head and she had given me a good-by kiss. I had hoped to woo her back, but she was steadfast in her determination that our high school relationship was over. I had seen her maybe twice in the next two years; both times, she had remained coldly aloof. I had emailed her a couple of times through classmates, and she was cautious enough to never give me here direct email address. I saw the lights go off from one room and on in the next. My palms got clammy for the first time in a long time. I fought for the words that I would say to explain my presence waiting outside her door. Nothing sounded right. No amount of explaining could justify my uninvited intrusion into her world.

Soon enough the front door opened. What I recalled as a 5’4″ average size blond with sparkling blue eyes walked out the door the very essence of her 5’6″ mother who I recalled from my childhood. No longer sporting 32B breasts, now even cloaked in her winter coat, this woman was more than 210 pounds. My heart sank! My fantasy of winning her back now did not seem worth the effort. NOT that she was not still the same woman inside, only that I had been sleeping with a much more beautiful woman for the past 20 years!

I waited as she backed her car out of the drive way and into the street. Her tail lights fading into the distance as I sat unsure of what to do next. I did not wait for long. Once again, the door opened. Once again, a female form crossed the threshold. This young women a near clone of my long lost lover. This must be the same child I had seen in the photograph years ago. This was Dawn’s daughter, Julie. She seemingly floated over to the 2003 white Ford Mustang Convertible. The engine roared, the back-up lights lit as she shifted into reverse.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I slipped my van into drive and pulled out to follow her. The moves make it seem so easy to follow somebody, but with stop-lights and people turning right on red and 4-way stops, allowing others to interlope, maintaining a safe distance and at the same time not loosing site of your target is difficult at best. Somehow, I was able to arrive at Wal-Mart only seconds after Julie. She parked and locked her car. I waited until she was nearly inside before I took advantage of the empty spot next to the driver’s side. My racing heart pounded, as I instinctually knew what would happen. Although it was winter, it was not that cold. I waited a few more minutes. Unsure if this was her quick trip for morning milk, or if she was going to work. As she did not exit the store within the hour, I decided to risk missing her, or worse yet running into her on the front sidewalk. I scanned the store as the greater wished me a good morning. There she was, or was it her, the girl at the cash register on lane 5. I walked to the men’s room, in order to get a better look. In the words of Yogi Berra, it was like “déjà vu all over again.” It was her, but it was not her. The same blond hair, the same cute lips, the same flashing eyes. For a moment, I was no longer 47 years old. For a moment, I was again 17. For a moment the long years morning the loss of my first love passed and I was alive like I had not been in years.

I had to speak to her. I had to hear her voice. I quickly walked around and grabbed a national inquirer and a Dr. Pepper. I stood in line, although I had just used the men’s room, it felt as though I would wet my pants. What would I say? What could I say? “Hi, I’m the man who tried to take your mother’s virginity, can I have yours instead?” That would not work! “Hi, you look as pretty as I remember your mother being, do you want to go out after work?” “Hi…”

My thought was interrupted, by the angelic sound of this picture of perfection. “Hi, will that be all?”

I looked up, she was talking to me, and all I could say was “yes, all for now!”

“That will be $2.95” she said. I quickly removed $3.00 from my wallet and handed it to her, attempting to touch the skin of her hand as I did.

I returned to my van. Unlocked the door and got in, “Christ, I fucked that one up big time! The National Inquirer! Shit, I bet that made an impression!” I thought to myself.

It is funny; when I was 8-years-old Pendik Escort the 21 year olds all fawned over me! By the time I was 16, they all said “Oh just wait until you grow up!” Then I turned 21 and all the 21 year olds were looking for “older guys.” It was not until I was 25 that the 21 year olds went for me once again. That ended less than 4 years later. Now the 21 year olds look through me as if I am not even there. I can only guess that at 71, once again I will be considered “cute” but for now, as far as I can tell the girls here age don’t even care enough to have an opinion, and likely asking for one would get me brandished a “dirty old man!” What was I thinking? There was no line that would have worked with her! Nothing short of something comparable to “Luke, I am your father!”

I stared at the headlines of the National Inquirer “My Daughter Was Kidnapped By Aliens.” It was like a message from God. I knew what I had to do! Once again, I walked into Wal-Mart. This time I went directly to sporting goods and gathered up nylon cord and a hunting knife before locating the duct tape and the ski masks. I bought some food and water as well as a lamp and other camping equipment. Once again, I went through her lane. As I suspected, if she had recalled seeing me 2 hours ago, she showed no indication of it.

Once again, I returned to my car. It was a long day. Finally, the Wisconsin winter sun slowly sank over Wal-Mart, I watched intently through the passenger side window, waiting for Julie to return to her car. I hoped that she would be alone. Finally, as if a lifetime of waiting, I caught a glimpse of my intended. I pulled the ski cap down over my face, I pulled the knife from it’s sheath. I maneuvered to the sliding door and just as her back was to the door I pulled it open, and with a quickness that surprised myself, I slid out, placed my right arm around her chest and pulled her back towards me and into the van.

She did not yell. She did not struggle. She simply let out a little “huh.”

“Shussh, I do not want to hurt you!” I whispered, trying to stay calm, trying to stay in control.

“Who are you? What do you want?” She too was whispering.

My arm was still around her chest. I had not anticipated these questions. I had anticipated a fight. I had anticipated violence. Nevertheless, there was none. It was she and I in the back of the van. My arm around her chest, her neck next to my mouth. Her smell, it was different then that of her mother. We had been together as teens, she wore “Love’s Baby Soft” perfume. Julie was at least 4 years older than her mother had been when we broke up. Her scent was more mature, more of a woman than a girl.

“You would not believe me if I told you who I am. Let’s just say that I’m somebody who has, well I’m somebody who just wanted…. Look, I can not tell you who I am” I blurted out, afraid that whatever I said it would force me into a decision that I suddenly realized I could not make.

“Well then, what do you want?” She whispered in an almost sultry voice.

“Right now I just want to be with you.” I said, fearing her response to anything else.

“Ok, so you are with me!” She quipped. “Now what?”

“You seem to be taking this pretty well!” I said.

“Look, I know who you are, you came through my line twice today!” She said in such a unemotional tone so as to make me question my own sanity.

“You know who I am?” I asked.

“Well not your name, but I recognized your coat and that hat you bought. You seem like a nice enough guy. You seemed sane, I know you bought the knife, but you just don’t strike me as the kind of man who would use it on an animal, much less a human!”

Now I was feeling like a victim. I could not find words to respond.

“Look, you must have been here all day. Obviously, you didn’t just happen to park next to me, you didn’t just happen to park next to my car.” She correctly deduced.

I felt a flood of emotions, more than that, I struggled to hang on to reality. “Your right. I did pick you.”

“But why? I do not recognize you. I don’t think I have ever seen you before!” She was still whispering. “Look so far you really have not done any thing wrong, at least nothing that I could prove! I don’t think that you have the ability to kill me, and I’m pretty sure you do not want to go to jail, so why don’t you just come clean with me?” Her voice now became stronger, taking more control.

She was right; I had not gone too far. I hate to admit it, but she was right, what was I thinking? I could not rape her, I could not kill her. I pulled the mask off my head.

“I used to date your mother.” I said. “I knew her a long time ago, I miss her so much, I have never gotten over her.”

“So you saw me and thought of my mother?” Julie laughed. “I may look like my mother, but I am nothing like her!” “I bet you two never even fucked, did you!”

Now it was my turn to gasp. This was one cool cookie, one tough female.

“Listen, do you want Kurtköy Escort to have some fun?” Julie asked.

I swallowed hard. It was a case of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

She pulled away from me and got into the driver’s seat. In a flash, the motor was running and she was backing out of the parking spot.

Now I was being kidnapped! “Where are you taking me?” I inquired.

“We could go to lookout point” she replied.

I had tried to get her mother to go to lookout point, but she was much too cautious for that.

“Or we could act like adults and get a hotel” see continued.

I was busy weighing the options. Lookout point or a hotel, either way if this went south it would look very bad for me.

“Ok, listen, let’s get a hotel, but I don’t have a credit card, can we register in your name? Of course I will pay.”

I lied, but then again considering what had already happened a little lie was not such a big deal. At least if it was in here name, and if she talked to the clerk it would be harder for her to tell anybody that I kidnapped her!

She agreed, although I am pretty sure that she knew why I wanted her to use her credit card. We pulled into the Best Western. She got out and went in alone. Now my mind started to race again, what if she told the clerk she had been abducted? What if they were in there calling the police right now? I thought about just pulling out. But that would just make it look worse. I needed to maintain. I needed to be calm. I needed to just accept my fate.

After what again seemed like hours, she came out. She tossed the key to me, “room 117,” she said as a smile crept across her face, which told me everything would be all right, while at the same time letting me know that this little girl was all grown up.

No sooner had the door closed then her shirt was off. She walked over and placing a hand on either of my shoulders, she pushed back and I sat on the edge of the bed. Her bra was white lace.

She turned, “unhook me” she commanded.

I reached up and undid her bra, as I had her mother’s so many times years before.

Once again she turned. Her eyes fixed on mine as she slowly dropped the bra. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, they are beautiful!” I said honestly.

Her breasts were somewhat larger than her mother’s had been when we were in high school. I would guess a 34C. Her breasts were white, her areola’s were darker than her mother’s light pink ones. This girl had been pregnant. She was not her mother, that was for certain. Her nipples were much longer and much thicker than I remembered her mothers as having been. Dawn had been a virgin throughout our relationship. This woman was no virgin.

She walked towards me. Standing between my legs, she pulled my head forward between her breasts. She held me there, slowly rocking back and forth. Her having worked all day had altered the scent of her perfume. Nevertheless, it was still sweet. She rubbed my head. Then she backed up. She reached down and unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled it off me and then tugged on my tee shirt, until it too was off.

“Do you want to see more?” She teased, as she undid her belt and unsnapped her jeans.

I shook my head, unable to form words.

She jiggled her ass as the pants fell, revealing her white panties. I could see the outline of her muff as she had not saved her pussy hair. I swallowed again as she turned to walk to the shower.

“I’ve had a hard day! I need a shower, do you want to watch?” She whispered.

It was as if she knew every fantasy I had had concerning her mother. Of course I wanted to watch. I had tried to watch through her mother’s bathroom window as a teen, but was never able to catch her in the shower. She stepped out of her panties and into the shower. Her blond bush was more than I could handle, my cock now fully erect was straining against my Dockers. I watched as she lathered up her breasts and her pussy.

“Don’t you want to get in?” She yelled over the water.

With that I undid by pants and removed both them and my briefs at the same time. I stepped in to find her soapy hand grasping my cock. Almost as soon as she touched it, it began to throb.

“Easy there, big fellow! I can see we need to slow down!” She giggled as she withdrew her hand.

She pushed herself up hard against my chest and looked up. “Kiss me!” She commanded.

I replied with her request. At once her mouth opened and her tongue found its way between my lips.

She broke from the embrace. “Come on” again she commanded. She stepped out and handed me a towel. “dry me off!” I dumbfounded complied again without question or comment.

“Do you like my body? Did my mom treat you like this?”

“Yes and no” I uttered, somewhat in shock.

Her mother had been sweet. Her mother had been innocent. Her mother had been cute and coy and had always drawn the line at anything beyond oral sex.

She took her turn Kartal Escort at drying me off. Then she took my hand and led me back to the bed room. “If you guys didn’t fuck, did you eat her pussy?” Julie’s frank question amazed me.

“Yes, we had oral sex” I answered.

“Do you want to eat my pussy?” Julie asked bluntly. Then her tone changed and she again took a more commanding tone “eat my pussy!”

Again she tugged and turned and I landed in position to enjoy her young folds. As my mouth kissed and licked and bit her pussy, she moved in such a way so as to control her pleasure.

“Oh yes, oh my god, your tongue is won-n-n —deeer—ful!” she exclaimed! “Oh, yes, oh yes, I’m going to cum” and with that she pulled my face tight against her pussy.

Her juices were flowing like white-water. My tongue flicked as I tried two swallow the flood of her moisture with my saliva. Her hips rotated to lift her tight ass up off the bed as she came.

Without missing a beat, she pulled me up to were our eyes were now inches apart. “Kiss me!” she commanded and I complied.

My cock was rock hard. She pulled back. “Now, fuck me! Fuck me like you wanted to fuck my mom!”

With that I pushed and my cock easily slid in to her young pussy.

“Fuck me faster, harder, yes, oh, yes.” She purred. Her fingernails poked into my back. Her pussy rocked in sync with my thrusts, making the most of every stroke.

The she whispered, “Let me be on top.”

With that, we rolled over on the king size bed. I was now under her. She sat there, I wanted to fuck her, but without her cooperation, it would not have been much fun.

“Do you want to cum inside of me?” She asked.

Did I want to cum? Did I want to cum? Of course, I wanted to cum! “yes’ I said.

“Let me tie you up with the cord you bought!” She suggested.

“Huh?” I asked dumbfounded.

“If you want to cum inside me, let me be in control. I want to feel your cum in me, but you have to give me something for it! Now, do you want to fuck our do you want to take me back to the car? I think I have been very nice to you so far, now do you want to cum inside me or what?”

“Yes, you can tie me up.”

With that, she was off me and into the plastic bag. Before I knew it, my hands were tied, and my feet we tied. All the while, she attended to my cock with her hand between knots to keep it hard.

Then, she grabbed her purse and obtained a condom. She placed it in her mouth and then over my cock. Quick as a flash she was back on top. She fucked me like a $2000 Las Vegas prostitute. This girl had been around the block a time or two! The excitement was too much for me. Despite the condom, I came like a 20-year-old.

With that, she was off me. She removed the condom, and then she ripped off a 6″ strip of duct tape and quickly applied it to my mouth. My plot turned fantasy, now turned into a nightmare. What was she doing? Next she took of the condom and tied a knot in the open end. She retrieved her cell phone from her handbag, as fate would have it, the phone was equipped with a camera feature. She snapped several photos.

“Now, sweetie, it’s not like you were not a good fuck, but you must admit the ‘date’ started badly, and I can not have you getting any perverted ideas about trying this again! I fucked you because I wanted to fuck my mom’s first boyfriend. You fucked me because you wanted to fuck my mother. But you must never show your face around me again, or these photos and this soon to be frozen cum will end up in the hands of the police!” She said as she was getting dressed.

With that, she picked up my pants and shit, leaving only my tee shirt and briefs. And located the keys to the van.

“Your van will be left at Wal-Mart. You should have no problems finding it. Never under-estimate your opponent is what I always say!”

With that she kissed my cheek and massaged my balls.

“I’m glad you were not my Daddy, because as old men go, you are a pretty good fuck!”

She laughed as she opened door to the parking lot and walked out without looking back. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I closed my eyes. Not only was I spent, but the adrenaline had rushed several times in one day.

The next thing I knew, it was the middle of the night. I had fallen asleep. I awoke to find that the bathroom light was on and now I could see that while she had tied my left wrist with a square knot, she had tied my right with a half hitch. I was able to shake my wrist enough to maneuver the end of the rope to where I could release the knot.

It was somewhat difficult to convince the cab driver that I was going to a toga party. I located my van. Found my pants and shirt and get dressed. I returned to the hotel room just long enough to return the sheets, then I checked out and drove a few hundred yards down the road to another hotel room.

I was lucky in more ways than one. A few days later, I received an email with a photo of a naked man attached. I recognized the room, as well as the form, it was clearly me. The Email read, “just in case you need to remember the deal! XO JS.” She could have had me arrested, she could have told her mother, she could have threatened to show my wife unless I paid her off!

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