Like Our Beautiful Summer Pt. 01

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Please note: All sexual activity presented is that of consenting people over 18.


It had been such a long academic year, but luckily I knew there would be a great summer ahead. Don’t get me wrong – I’d been to more parties than ever before but it never feels quite right when there’s academic pressure looming. It had also taken a hard toll on my love life since aside from a couple of flings with random girls and one date with a guy, my life was something of a desert in that regard. The worst part was that it had been three months since I’d fucked anyone. I was 21! It was the horniest time of my life and the magic wasn’t delivering.

I sat alone in my apartment the day after my final exam and realised that I really needed to get out there so on a whim I messaged David, Annie and Stefan, my best friends from school who I’d known for forever but hadn’t seen in way too long. They all agreed to come stay over the next night and I got to work towards making it the best damn night ever.

David was my neighbor as a kid and we were inseparable. Same school, same interests but it wasn’t so helpful that we were always into the same girls. That’s why we hadn’t met up in nearly a year, we had apologised and called it even after it transpired that we’d both been secretly dating Annie’s sister for a month when he decided to tell me he’d met someone and the lie became clear. We’d also experimented with each other the summer after graduation. Nothing much, we jacked off together a few times and the last time it happened I gave him a handjob but it clearly wasn’t a big deal to him because he never even mentioned it afterwards. Not that that stopped my lust for him. By the night we reunited, we were already talking again occasionally but we were not yet as close as we had been before.

Stefan, on the other hand, joined late and burned fast in our group. Openly gay, he was famous in high school for being a gym freak and he was definitely proud of it. He was tall, muscular and attractive – I’d always wanted to get off with him but couldn’t gather the courage to experiment any further with people I knew. I had a straight guy image to maintain! Really we just ‘drifted apart’ as he went off to study Hospitality at college while I was at USC studying Engineering. Still, despite our distance my fantasies about the taste of his cock lingered a little too long for me to ignore.

Then there was Annie. My confidante and the first girl I ever kissed, she always knew what to say when I was down. She was probably the coolest of all of us, she always knew how to dress bahçelievler escort to impress and her charm offensive took down many of the same boys that ran to Stefan on the side. She was a good 6″ short than my 5’10” and she always liked to play up the cute and petite on the surface, dirty behind closed doors dream girl thing. Her sister told her a lot of bullshit after the double dating incident and by the time she found out that we were played by her, she had moved a few hours north for work so we never reconciled. Luckily this weekend she was back to visit her parents and her search for some fun brought her to me.


DAVID, 11:43am: Hey Z, plans for today cancelled, u mind if I come down a lil early today?

Oh my god, he’s pretty eager! I was anticipating it being a bit less awkward having all of us reunited at once rather than individually but it would not have been cool to just flake on him.

ZAC, 11:54am: Yeah sure! 🙂 3 okay bc I need time to go buy everything for tonight?

DAVID, 12:00pm: Perfect, can’t wait to see u man.

An extra four hours alone with David had me nervous but excited since I didn’t know if we would still be as tight as we were in high school. I stocked up on all the party essentials: a fuck load of vodka with mixers, enough weed to knock out a few elephants, plenty of junk food and some condoms (just in case).

Back home I prepared myself both physically and mentally. I decided it was time for a change and dyed my hair black away from my usual chestnut, as my natural color felt a little bit young for me. I picked out my best tank top from last summer – it was pretty tight since I’d bulked up in the time since but it looked hot enough. As if that wasn’t vain enough, I put on my new pair of barely-there Andrew Christians underneath that made me feel brilliantly sexy. I smoked some kush to calm my cold feet as I wondered how the day would go.

And at 2:57pm, there came our signature knock on the door: quiet knocks that quickly build into OTT fury and impatience. I laughed and grimaced in cautious anticipation of the night ahead.

“Hey.” He looked down at the floor and shuffled awkwardly. “Fancy seeing you here, huh?”

“It’s been so long! How are you, man?” As I spoke he warmed to me quickly and though it didn’t exactly feel like it used to, I still felt a certain attraction to him. The way his messy shock of hair fell upon his face was irresistable to me and when I saw the sparkle in his eye I hoped he felt the same way about me. balgat escort His eyes, his lips, his beautiful abs, his sweet, throbbing…

“You know, same ol’ boring shit.” I snapped back to life as he spoke. “Job, alcohol, music and nowhere near enough sex.” I began to wonder if he was dropping hints but he couldn’t have been. He was as straight as I was pretending to be. Right?


After a half-dozen shots of vodka for him and a few joints for us both, the conversation was flowing and we were basically back to our old ways.

“We had so many great times back home.” He said wistfully.

“Like when we tried to start a punk band!”

“Oh god, we were such nerds!” David moved closer to me as we howled with laughter at the mistaken adventures of our younger selves.

“And we tried to learn card counting. We were gonna be millionaires from our cheap schmuck scam.” I laughed dismissively at the thought.

“Do you remember when we were seniors in high school, how we used to sit down on the beach and get high and talk about all the hot girls we were gonna fuck? Although we never did follow through. I guess we weren’t really the kinds of guys to think with our dicks as much in those days. You could say they were more innocent times but I thought all the same thoughts and dreamed the same fantasies. We just didn’t always have the balls to go through with them. Y’know when you’re 18 it can be hard to express feelings when it seems dangerous. Most of the things I did just became afterthoughts in comparison with everything I wanted to do.” More hints. I began to consider that perhaps my Adonis of an old friend could feel the same lust for me that I requited and my mind began to slip anyway from his words and back towards his body.

“Perhaps some things you wanted weren’t possible straight after high school. We needed a little maturity to handle it.” I try to encourage him to come out and say what he wants as my body seizes at the thought.

“You know what happened between us? When we first started doing stupid stuff like hanging out nude and comparing dicks, I thought it was just teen guy stuff. The usual experimentation that most of us go through. But the day you jerked me off, I knew there could be something more between us and I wasn’t ready. That’s why I never said anything about it – I was scared you didn’t feel the same.” I always have, I thought, and I hope it’s not too late.

“How couldn’t I feel the same? You’re… beautiful. That day meant more to me than you can imagine. The day we batıkent escort stopped talking was so hard on me because it was impossible losing both my closest friend and someone I loved and lusted for.”

He inched down the couch until his leg brushed mine. The tension between us electrified the air until all pretensions of his straightness and anyone’s labels fell away. I leaned in for a kiss and his warm, full lips reciprocated my affection. My cock responded as if my veins were ready to burst and adrenaline rushed through my body. He kissed my neck with the gentle sensuality of a king preparing to take his lover’s virginity.

“Yes.” I moaned as the pleasure took over in a way that I couldn’t control, enhanced by the drugs and the passion of his kiss and my deep lust for my best friend. “I’ve been waiting years for this.” I reached for his shirt as he unbuttoned mine with the ferocious vigour of his that has always driven me wild.

“I want to taste your cum.” He growled as he kissed my chest. “I’ve dreamt of worshipping your dick.” I took a sharp intake of breath as he unzipped my jeans. The feeling of his mouth on my cock was almost enough to push me over to instantaneous orgasm. He gave me 6″ of unparalleled pleasure as I continued to moan and tell him not to stop. Eventually the feeling was too strong and my hot, thick cum shot into his mouth as I struggled to hold in the screams of my best ever orgasm.

I wanted to pleasure him as he had to me and I could already see from the bulge in his jeans that I was lined up for a monster. As I pulled down his underwear, out sprung an 8″ cut masterpiece of a penis with a head already glistening with precum. I swallowed his cock as he fingered my ass and we were consumed in ecstacy. His groans of pleasure only grew more intense until he was about to hit the point of no return and I let him go.

“Don’t stop. You’re amazing. Please.” His expressions turned again in erotic anticipation as I ripped open a condom with the promise that he would soon be inside me. With a little lube, he slammed straight into me as I gasped with pain and pleasure. It was my first time bottoming but I trusted him to make me scream.

He continued to ride me as I could no longer contain my ecstatic screams. He wanked me off with unmatched skill until we were both ready to cum.

“I’m there, David. Cum with me.” His semen attacked me with warmth as I shot onto the couch and for a moment we were united in euphoria after years spent apart. We collapsed together revitalised by our amazing sex as we kissed softly again oblivious to the world around us.

“You were brilliant.” I said to David as we lay naked and speechless after the intensity of our encounter.

And as quick as it began we were snapped out of our passion by the loud arrival of our friends at the door to my apartment.

(To be continued)

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