Lisa , Will , a Sybian

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My boyfriend brought home a big box that was for me…

“Ohhh … what’s in the box sweetie? Something for me..?” I asked

“Oh Yes it is Lisa, I think this is something we are going to have fun with..” Will said.

He set the box down in the front room and started to open it. He lifted out what looked like a half-barrel covered in black plastic. It had four legs that held it about 3 feet off the floor, and two sort of wooden skids along the sides.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s called a Sybian.” Will replied.

He reached into the box and pulled out another smaller box and poured out on the floor what looked like about 10 different attachments, some looked small and straight, some looked just like a penis, and some were very large.

Will attached a small control box to the Sybian, and then picked up a small attachment that looked a little like the letter Y but curvy.

“Lisa… take off your clothes for me.” Will said

“Will, did you remember that this is that time of the month for me.” I replied. “My period just started this afternoon and it’s very heavy right now…”

He walked towards me and put his arms around me and kissed me. His hands moved down my back and then slowly around to the tops of my jeans. He slowly unbuttoned and then unzipped my jeans. He pulled my top up and unbuttoned it. He slipped my top off and let it drop to the floor. He slowly unclipped my bra and it too dropped to the floor. He knelt in front of me, and I knew what was coming next, Will slowly grasped my jeans and started to pull them down my legs.

“Will. please no…. my period is so heavy right now…. I’ll make a mess anywhere I sit… ” I said.

He slowly continued pulling down my jeans until they were around my ankles. I lifted each foot so he could slip them off and then he took off my socks too.

I stood now in front of him in just my panties…. Because this was the start of my period I was wearing both a tampon and a small panty liner.

Will put his arms around my waist and held his head on my belly. He kissed me though my panties and I instrictivly pushed my hips towards him.

He slowly pushed his fingers along the sides of my panties, and started pulling them down. I squirmed a bit but I just knew that what ever he wanted was what was going to happen.

He pulled down my panties to my ankles and I stepped out of them. I now stood naked in front of William. He kissed the lips of my vagina gently. I picked up my panties and held them to his lips. The panty liner had no stains on it at all. I held it up to my lips I could smell my scent… ohh I was getting excited…

He looked into my eyes and I wanted to melt…

“Lisa I love you…”

He stood up beside me and put his arms around me. I put my arms around his neck and stood touching him with my naked body. I tried to rub my vagina on him, but he moved a little and I knew he would soon be taking away from me the last small bit of period protection I had. He loves to see me bleed from my vagina during my period.

Wills hands slowly went down my back to my butt. He held me close and I felt his fingers slowly spread my cheeks. His fingers found my anus and he gently rubbed me. I felt so good being in his arms…

He pushed me back a little and took me by the hand. He sat on the couch and pulled me forward to sit on his lap. I snuggled up to him and I felt his arms surround me. He started kissing me and I gave in to him. I felt his hand slowly move between my legs. He stroked my inner thighs and behind my knees. He slowly and so softly raked his fingers over my shaved vagina. He leaned forward and began sucking one of my nipples. I felt myself becoming excited and I spread my legs just a little. He kissed his way back to my lips and he gave me a deep passionate kiss. His hand started to move to between my legs. I put my hand on his and I guided him to the string attached to the tampon that was deep inside of me. I guided his hand to help him pull the tampon from me. We intertwined fingers, I grasped the small white string that was coming from inside of me, and helped him begin to pull on it. He grasped the string in his fingers and slowly and gently pulled it. He did it so slowly I could hardly feel it move. Then I felt it move slightly inside of me and he continued to pull on the string, it slowly slid from my vagina. He lifted it up to where we both could see it. It was deeply stained red the full length from my flow. He carefully laid it on the floor beside the couch.

Will has in past months during my period done things like, he arrived hoe, stripped me naked, took my tampon out of me, put my panties back on me, put some jeans güvenilir bahis On me, and took me out for dinner. It wasn’t long as you can expect that I bleed through my panties and then through my jeans…. Or when he took my pad off me (which I wear when my period first starts put a short skirt on me, and we went walking. It wasn’t long before the insides of my legs were stained red. We stopped at a local bar and most of the guys that walked by me saw what was happening… Will really likes showing me off during my period. If he had it his way, I would be nude for the whole week and we would go out just like that…..

I looked deeply into his eyes.

“Will I am yours.” I whispered.

He kissed me again and again. His fingers made their way to my vagina again; he started circling my clitoris with his finger. I felt them brush across it now and again, but not enough to hardly tell. He was making me more and more excited.

“Lisa, stand up.” Will said to me in a kind voice.

As I did I could feel some of my period blood run out of me… “Oh Will. Please wipe between my legs..” I said. He walked to the bathroom and picked up a washcloth and came back. He reached between my legs and gently but firmly wiped my vagina, and the insides of my legs. He lifted the cloth to my nose so I could smell my flow….

He took my hand and walked me to the Sybian. I was very excited and could feel the excitement welling up in my vagina. My nipples were very erect now….

“Lisa, do you know what this is for?” as Will pointed to the Sybian.

“Will I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I can guess that this has to do with me cumming.” I said.

I could feel a little bit of my period flowing down the insides of my legs. Will really likes looking at me like this.

He took me by the hand and we walked up to the Sybian,

“Lisa, climb onto the Sybian and bend your knees so they are on the side boards and sit on it. ”

Will stood to my side and reached both in front and in back of me, and slid his hands under me. One of his fingers slid into my vagina, and another finger started to slide into my anus…. I looked at him and kissed him again and again.

‘Oh Will. That feels so good…”

He gently lifted me up and I straightened my knees so I was no longer touching the Sybian. He moved me forward towards the rubber penis attached to the machine. He slowly and gently lowered me over the penis looking attachment. I squatted slowly until I was almost touching it. He slowly and gently spread the lips of my vagina, and said,

“Lisa, further down sweetheart, it has to enter you.”

I lowered myself and felt the first sensation of the being taken….

“Oh Will, its going inside of me.” I whimpered.

“Lisa, lower yourself….”

I squatted onto the Sybian and felt the falus enter me completely. “Oh Will… hold me.”

Will held me under the arms stabilizing me so I didn’t topple over.

He moved behind me and started to bind my wrists with elastic banding. This strap was attached to a rope that ran through a hook in the ceiling. The rope attached to my wrists was slowly pulled by Will so my arms were raised over my head. He tied off the rope and sat on the Sybian down behind me. He pulled my hair back and slipped a hair tie on it to pull it into a ponytail. He then took some body oil, and started rubbing oil on my tits and belly. I felt him reach between my legs and grasp my clitoris and pull it slightly.

“Oh honey… please.” I whimpered.

Then I felt something between my legs I have never felt. Deep inside my vagina I felt something starting to move, to vibrate, to gyrate. As my William rubbed my belly and tits, I became more excited. I laid my head back so it was on Wills shoulder. He rubbed some more oil on my underarms and then again on my belly. He reached between my legs and seemed to move the attachment that was now inside me. I felt something touch my clitoris. Will had clicked in place a small contact piece that was attached to the falus that was touching me.

He turned the sybian on higher and I felt it spring to life. With the attachment vibrating against my clitoris and the penis inside me, I started to slowly move my hips in rhythm with the sybian. Will kissed my neck and I started to lose control of myself.

Will reached between my legs and grasped my clitoris and pulled on it.

“Oh Will… please no.” I whimpered.

He continued to pull on my clit until I was pushing my hips forward to stop the pressure on it. He squeezed my clit until it hurt…

“Will no, please no…”

He continued to pull on my clit until I could see he türkçe bahis had pulled it from my vagina about a half-inch. With the vibrations becoming more intense from inside of me I was able to focus on the pleasure of the vibrations.

Will took a strong piece tape and taped my clitoris to the vibrating attachment. I just about went wild…

I pushed my hips forward hoping to have an orgasm, but Will had his own ideas about my cumming.

He slowed the sybian to almost a stop. I squirmed and panted and then started to whine…

“Will, no don’t stop. I need to cum, please help me, Will”

He stopped the sybian all together, and kissed me.

I wanted to grab the controller and turn it on again, but with my arms over my head, I had no way of controlling the magic seat.

Will walked out of the room leaving me alone for about 10 minutes. This was the most agony I have felt in along time. No pain, but I had to cum, oh and now since I hadn’t relieved myself before we started I also had to pee so badly.

The guests

I hoped Will would be back soon and relieve me of my frustration. I heard him walking back to the door and the heard it open. To my horror, not only did William my lover walk through the door, but about 20 of our friends did too, both men and women. They gathered around me in a circle and I must have been as bright red as an apple with embarrassment. I looked into Will’s eyes with the feeling of betrayal.

Will walked to me, kissed me and picked up the controller. I knew then that it was time for Will to play with me.

He turned on the vibrator on that was inside me and I felt the vibrations start. I could not control my hips since the way Will had me in this thing I couldn’t control the contract of the penis or the outside vibrator against my clitoris. I was in Williams’s hands.

“Will please no, not with all the people around. ” I begged.

Then I remembered that not only was I strapped to this thing but also I was having my period. Soon someone would notice the red coming from inside of me.

Then just as I expected one of the guys asked his girlfriend to walk closer to me. She did and then I heard her say..

“Look here. She is bleeding, she must be having her period!” “Oh this will be fun.” she exclaimed.

I tried to hide my face but all I could do was look down.

Then the vibration became more intense…. And I started to gyrate my hips. I started to push harder and harder as the vibrations became more intense. Will started rubbing oil on me again from behind and I again laid my head back on his shoulder.

He continued to rub my belly and gently squeeze my nipples. I started to feel the growing orgasm. I gasped for air, and pushed harder to grind my vagina into the sybian. Will then did something that really embarrassed me.

Wills hands made their way to my belly and he pushed hard on it. This really made me have to pee.

“Lisa, do you need to pee?” he whispered in my ear.

I whispered back. “Oh Will yes, please let me up out of here.”

He continued to push on my belly and I was in aguish.

“Will whispered to me “If you need to pee, then you have to ask my permission, do you understand”..

“Yes Will. I understand, Oh Will, please let me up to pee, ” I whispered as quietly as I could so only Will could hear me.

“I can’t hear you Lisa, what did you say?” He said out loud for everyone to hear.

“No Will please don’t make me say it to everyone.” I cried.

“He reached between my legs and put his finger carefully but easily into my urethra. I whimpered as he did this. Along with the gyrations of the vibrator, I was beginning to loose it again.

I rolled my head to the side and looked into Wills eyes. “Is this what you want to hear Will?”

“Yes Lisa, I want your complete self.” Will said.

“In a loud voice, I said,”Please let me pee William, please may I pee.”

“Everyone, what do you think? He said.

The women all shouted out yes…

“Lisa, you may pee for all of us to watch.” Will said.

“Lisa, you must say when you start to pee, ask everyone to watch you pee.” “Is that clear?”

“Yes Will, I understand.” I whimpered.

He pushed harder and harder on my belly until I was about to burst from the pee inside of me.

“Please everyone, watch me pee. Please watch me.” I shouted…. And I turned a beet red with embarrassment. Wills finger was still in my urethra. And I started to push to pee… “Will move you fingers from inside me so I can pee… please Will…please”

Will slowly pulled his finger from my urethra and I started to pee right there on the sybian….. güvenilir bahis siteleri At that moment Will turned the sybian up to full speed and I went wild, I wanted to cum so badly but I had to pee too. I squirted pee as hard as I could. I knew that when I had pee’ed then I could cum. I could hear most of the guys smart ass comments on me pee’ing… but I didn’t care anymore…. Sweet relief…

Then I felt the clitoris vibrator kick on high. I went nuts, I pushed my hips to the sybian, and squirted pee and hard as I could. I thought I felt someone put something on me between my legs but was not sure. While I was so excited someone attached two tens pads to either side of my vagina, and attached them to a shock controller.

Will whispered..”Are you close to cumming Lisa?”

“Oh yes Will I am so close I can almost taste it.” I whispered back as best I could.

“Again Lisa you have to ask permission of everyone to cum.” “Do you understand?”

“Oh Will please no, please not that, ”

But the urge to cum was so close I couldn’t control it, and I started to topple over that point of no return, and then it hit me. A huge electric shock went through my vagina. My vagina squeezed down hard on the rubber penis inside of me. My eyes sprung open wide, and I babbled something. Will turned the sybian on even higher and I went into more gyrations and pushed my vagina to the sybian.

“Lisa… ask for it… ask permission out loud or it will hurt even more.” Will said.

I lost control and cried out “Please my I cum… oh please watch me cum everyone…”

And with that the sybian went deeper into me that I have ever felt anything. The vibrations were right against the opening to my uterus. I pushed hoping it would enter me further, I pushed and pushed. Will could see what I was trying to do and reached below the sybian and pushed the rubber penis further up so it would go deeper into me. With that I pushed again and felt it squarely in me.

I cried out again “Please let me cum!!!!!” “Please oh please I beg you!!”

A couple of women shouted that I should be left like this for awhile but most of the guys took pity on me and shouted let her cum…

With that Will whispered in my ear. “Lisa cum for us… Cum over and over again.”

I started to orgasm like I had never done before; I could feel the rubber penis inside of the vibrator and me on my clitoris and myself pushing like never before.

I pee’ed and pee’ed as I got closer to cumming. Without me knowing it, Will took hold of a squeeze bulb that was underneath the sybian, and with a hard squeeze, injected warm oil through the rubber penis into my vagina to simulate a male breeding me. He squirted more and more into me… I looked into Wills eyes.

“Will breed me. Please.” I whimpered.

“Say it out loud Lisa. Say it to everyone.”

As the second orgasm washed over me tears were running down my face from the embarrassment, “Please Will… breed me.” I said quietly.

“Louder Lisa, or the shocks will start again.”

Not wanting that, not now, I shouted out. “Please breed me… please I want to be yours Will. breed me…”

And with that a pump was turned on the started pumping warm oil into my vagina and then into my anus. It flowed into and then out of my vagina like a river. Along with the oil you could see the red tint of my period..

As I came down off my orgasm, Will lowered my arms, and helped me onto his lap. I tried to close my legs, but two guys were holding them apart for everyone to see. My vagina was wide open and was dripping with the oil Will had put in me. One of the guys picked up a washcloth and started wiping my vagina. I tried to close my legs but couldn’t. I lay there as everyone watched me being cleaned. He opened my vagina lips and wiped me and then wiped my anus too. I really didn’t like another make other than William wiping me, especially during my period, but I was so warn out that I couldn’t do anything about it. He rinsed the cloth out and came back to me. He wiped me again focusing on my anus. He was gentle about cleaning me, but when he was done, he held up the cloth for everyone to see…

“Look everyone, she is clean for now…”

Another guy picked up my panties and slipped the over my ankles. Then Will helped pull them up. I was now covered and I laid in Will arms for about an hour. I awoke in about an hour to hear Will saying.”

“We need to say good-bye to everyone Lisa.”

Will helped me to my feet and I staggered a bit towards the door. We started to say good bye to a couple and I looked down between my legs and could see that my panties had a large red stain from my period flow and you could see the oil stains down the insides of my legs. I tried to turn away, but Will took me by the shoulders and held me face first to the guests as they left. Everyone had a chance to see me flow… Everyone loved my humiliation…

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