Literary Lessons


It was Stacy’s idea to go to the posh hotel, downtown, where the writers convention was being held. She insisted that it was an opportunity they simply couldn’t pass up on. An opportunity to meet their favorite writer and maybe even get him to read their manuscript. The idea was to approach Jack Matthews, the most famous and prolific writer at the convention, and get him to read the manuscript they had worked so hard on for almost two years. Actually, although Stacy had provided some minor plot points and descriptive dialogue, Jean had done most of the writing. Stacy handled all the outside duties, acting as agent and PR manager. Both their names would appear on the book though if it ever got published. And that was a big IF! They had no problem slipping into the conference area where all the writers were congregated. They quickly spotted the large mysterious figure. A big man, in his forties sat staring out at his readers and fans from behind the many piles of books. He seemed so much larger in person. Well over six feet tall, broadly built, when he stood he towered over everyone else in the room.

Jean, intimidated by his steely gaze, was ready to around and walk right back out again, but Stacy seemed to feel right at home. She walked right up to Jack Matthews and interrupted the conversation he was having with a group of people. She made her pitch in a single breathless gulp of a seemingly endless sentence, telling him their names, their admiration for his work, the fact that they had written a great thriller which he absolutely had to read.

The way in which Matthews looked at her, his grey-green eyes squinting slightly, reminded Jean of a hawk sizing up his prey. He glared at both the girls as they stood there before him.

“Everyone that has a computer thinks that they are a writer these days.” he said, and all the people standing around him burst out in laughter. The two girls sulked away, deflated and humiliated.

Now, up in his private room, Stacy rummaged through Jack’s desk bent on revenge. “Yes!!” she shouted out loud all of a sudden, pulling an overflowing blue file folder out of the drawer.

“Here it is! It’s Jack’s brand new manuscript! Perfect!”

“Have you lost your mind? Put it back!” Jean said, “You have to put that back!”

“On no, we’re gonna do a little switcheroo. Our manuscript for his, with a little note saying that if he wants to see his precious manuscript again, all he has to do is read ours!” Stacy informed Jean.

“You’re crazy!” Jean responded nervously.

“Just hand me our manuscript.” Stacy said.

Jean knew from experience that is was almost impossible to say not to Stacy. She was pulling the manuscript out of her handbag and was handing it to Stacy when the door burst open.

“What the hell are you two doing in here!?” Demanded an upset Jack Matthews.

Jean froze but Stacy put her hands on her hips, struck a sassy pose and said, “What’s it to you anyways?”

Matthews loomed over them, “What are you doing with my manuscript?”

“Reading it…” Stacy told him. She wore her blonde hair pulled back over her ears, with just a few stray strands wisping across her cheeks. She brushed them aside in defiance. “Which is a lot more than you were willing to do for us!” she added.

Matthews laughed at her boldness, “How old did you two say you were?”

“Old enough!” Jean said, her knees shaking, as she surprised herself by her words.

“Old enough to know better!” he said, “I should call security and have you thrown out!”

In actual fact, Matthews was delighted to see them. Their tight young bodies had stirred him from the first moment he laid eyes on their invasive presence. The easy availability of sex was what he enjoyed the most about these conventions. What could possibly be better than banging star struck young women with literary pretensions? And what better way than to have them discreetly delivered to him, this was simply too good to be true!

The cocky blonde was tall, with small tits, a narrow waist and long shapely legs that he hoped would be perfect for the hard driving sex he liked so much. The quiet, more nervous one, had beautiful wavy black hair, very large tits that were nicely accentuated by her tight blouse. Her dark brown eyes and full red lips made her a sight fit to suck any cock!

Damn! He couldn’t wait to seduce the two of them, but he knew he had to proceed slowly.

“OK…you win!” he said, his tone of voice softening as he smiled, “Anyone who is this determined, deserves a second chance. Let’s have a look at what you’ve got here.”

Jean was unable to hide her surprise. Stacy’s’s scheme had actually worked! Kadıköy Escort “Are you sure Mr.. Matthews?” she asked handing him the folder containing their two hundred page manuscript.

“Yes…” he told her, “And call me Jack…please.”

Ten minutes later the two women watched as jack read their work. He had produced a large bottle of wine and three glasses. He sat in a chair he had pulled up to face the velvet couch where the tow girls sat, sipping a glass of wine.

As Jack read, he paused twice to refill the wine glasses, and Jean glanced at her reflection as she smiled into the half empty bottle of wine. Whenever Jack said something like, ‘Nice Touch’ she imagined herself receiving awards and six figure advances for their literary works. About halfway through their manuscript, he stopped and said, “I think you ladies might actually have something here! Of course some of this needs to be rewritten, but….”

Jean looked defeated. Stacy leaned back, crossed her legs and frowned. Jack quickly reassured them that, overall, what he read was excellent.

“Well what’s wrong with it then?” Stacy asked.

“Well,” he replied, “some of the sex scenes aren’t very convincing, they’re not realistic enough. When I read them I get the feeling that you’re not very experienced, at least in certain areas.”

Jean looked at Stacy and then shook her head shyly, “I guess you’re right about that, but I can only speak for myself.”

“How about you?” he said, looking at Stacy. And for the first time since Jean had known her, Stacy didn’t have a smart come-back.

“Well….ahhh…” Stacy stammered.

“Come on, the Truth!” he requested.

“OK….yeah….,” Stacy told him, “So we’re both a bit inexperienced. You mean to say that it’s that noticeable that it shows through in our writing?”

Jack smiled. Jean thought he looked so handsome, sitting there with advising them, teaching them all about his craft.

Jack got up, walked over to the couch and sat down casually between them. He pointed out a passage to them where the hero kisses the woman who would later be kidnapped by a gang of international terrorists. “For example….this part here….this kissing doesn’t’t sound very believable…” he told them.

Jean’s eyes filled with admiration and curiosity. “Do you think maybe you could show us how you would write a scene like….mmmmmmph…”

He sealed her lips with his own. His arms circled around her back and his tongue probed it’s way deep into her mouth. After several seconds he pulled away with a sexy smile.

“You see?” he asked enthusiastically, “That’s so different then how you described it….don’t you think?”

Jean was frozen for a moment. Her heart was racing, her blood was warm, and she suddenly felt very hot. She felt hot enough that she wanted to take off her blouse! She felt a tingling sensation between hers legs.

“How about showing me how different it is…?” Stacy asked boldly, initiating a kiss with the writer, who embraced her quickly. As their moths locked together his hands roamed over her body and slipped inside her blouse. He stopped suddenly though, and leaned back casually.

“Of course there’s so much more to it, much more than just kissing,” he told them, “I can show you more if you like.”

“I’m not sure that’s such a good……” Jean started to say, but Stacy quickly interrupted her.

“Yes!” We’d love that….show us everything.” she insisted.

“Everything?” he asked, “Are you sure you want me to show you everything?”

Jean started to voice her concern again, but Stacy and Jack were already locked in a very passionate and soulful kiss. This time the writer’s hands lifted up Stacy’s blouse, lifting it up and off over her head. Without hesitation he expertly unsnapped her lacy bra and exposed her pear shaped titties.

“Oh my! Now that’s beautiful!” he said, leaning down as he began licking each of her nipples, teasing them with his tongue, sucking each boob into his talented mouth. Stacy moaned out loud, her nipples jutting out like hard bullets.

The words finally came out of Jean’s mouth, “Stacy, we really shouldn’t be doing this you know!”

“Nonsense,” Jack said dryly, “This is exactly what writers do, they gather information, they gather experiences. It’s like water off a ducks back, there’s nothing to it. Here, give me your hand.” Without waiting, he took Jean’s hand and placed it on the bulge in the crotch of his pants. His cock throbbed and sprang out through the opening of his underwear. He took her hand, pressed it against the thick length of his shaft and onto the throbbing knob of his swollen dickhead.

“Go Kadıköy Escort Bayan ahead….touch it, feel it, rub it,” he told her, “It doesn’t’ bite you know.”

Both Jean and Stacy gasped with astonishment as they admired Jack’s long, thick, hard cock. Jean could barely hold it in one hand. The fat mushroom shaped head was a rich deep purple color and the veined shaft throbbed constantly.

“It’s so….so….”Stacy mumbled.

“Would like to taste it? he asked, guiding her head down towards his member. Her lips parted and her mouth opened. She took the big head between her lips and coyly went down on him while Jean held the base of his cock. “That’s it! You suck and you stroke….yeah!” he said, directing their moves.

Jean was stunned. She never imagined that a cock could be that large and that hard, yet feel so silky smooth and soft at the same time. It pulsed in her hand like it had a mind of its own, growing larger and getting harder the longer she held it. She watched Stacy’s attempts to slurp on the big knob and suck on the thick shaft.

Suddenly Jack pushed Stacy away, tweaking her rose bud nipples as he did so, “Stand up and turn around,” he told her, “Now lean forward on the desk with your legs open wide.” Once she was in position Jack raised up her skirt, latched onto her silky panties and peeled them down to her ankles. He gently rubbed and probed her moist pussy meat with his fingers.

“Oooooo…..that feels great……..mmmmmmm” stacy moaned out loud.

“I’m glad…..I want to stretch your tight pussy hole sweetheart,” he told her, “but I’d say you’re good to go right now!”

Stacy was supported on the desk by her elbows, she had her hands clenched into tight little fists, and her neck was craned down so low that her nose was pressed up against a brass pencil holder ion the desk. Her legs were spread open wide in a wonderfully sexy inverted V. Her skirt was flipped up over her hips revealing her perfect, pert little bum. The clean shaved mound of her cunt was in plain view, the tender pink labia and moist folds pouting out as to be beckoning a deep french kiss!

Even Jean had to admit that her friend looked enticing and very desirable. She could understand why Jack, who was aiming his fat, throbbing cock at Stacy’s meaty pussy from behind, was so crazy with lust. A part of her wanted to see her best friend’s pussy stuffed completely full with the writers’ big cock. Her own breathing was becoming heavy and her moist pussy lips were sticking to her panties.

Jack took Stacy by her narrow waist and firmly pressed the head of his cock against the soft, fleshy opening of her hot pussy. With a single thrust he shoved the entire length of that monster cock inside her tight pussy. Her head jerked back and she gasped out lout in pleasure. She tried to say something but her words came out as incoherent moans and groans instead while the writer stretched and reamed her pussy even more with each long, powerful thrust. She glanced form one side to the other, wanted to see every angle and perspective, eager to learn the experienced ways of her tutor.

Jean was unable to think of anything except for the wonderful sight of Jack’s veiny shaft repeatedly filling her friend’s tender, tight slit. She watched with fascination as the outer pussy lips folded inward with each forward thrust and then clung wetly to the shaft on the backstroke and accompanying it all the way out. It seemed as though her tight pussy was reluctant to feel that big cock withdrawing and wanted to hold on to it, to keep it inside.

The blonde girls moans of pleasure quickly turned into shout of joy as she rotated her ass wantonly around the writers’ big cock, bucking and drilling his big dick balls deep inside her. Jack’s face dripped with sweat, his cock was wet and shiny with their combined juices. Suddenly he roared out loud and stepped up his pace. He pistoned in and out, back and forth so fast that his cock and body was no more than a sexual blur. His balls dangled to and fro and slapped loudly against her hairless crotch.

Then, his body stiffened and he unleashed a barrage of motion that sent forth torrent of hot cum that filled Stacy’s cunt completely. As his hot creamy load squished and squirted out of her pussy with each thrust of his big cock he slowed down until her finally was at a stand still, his cock deflating inside her drooling hole. Out of breath and spent he pulled his semi-hard cock out of her wildly twitching snatch with a wet plop.

His handsome cock dribbled as it swung back and forth between his legs, while he walked over to the couch where Jean sat.

He placed Escort Kadıköy one of his hands on her shoulder and the other one behind her head. Then his slick, strongly scented cock started parting her, strangely willing, lips. As his pungent tasting gland, slippery with Stacy’s pussy juice, and dribbling with Jack’s own cum, slid into her mouth she felt it twitching beginning to grow bigger again. Soon she was holding with both her hands again, as if she were clutching a baseball bat. She was sliding her mouth over top of his throbbing knob, sliding down further and further, wanting to feel it all the way inside her mouth. She found herself enjoying the taste of her friend’s pussy, while Jack’s cock wiggled, wormed and pulsated in her mouth. Her mouth was drooling and salivating as she sucked Jacks large and powerful dick.

He pulled away from her mouth and face, took her by the hand and brought her into a standing position beside the couch.

“Let’s get those clothes off….shall we?” He said, kissing her lips and probing into her mouth with his tongue.

Before she knew it, Jack had removed her blouse as he’d done with Stacy. He unhooked her bra and buried his face in her full and lusciously up thrusting and supple tits. She gasped with pleasure at the sensation of his mouth on her tits. He peppered her nipples with wet kisses and nibbles. he unzipped her skirt and pulled down her panties while he continued to suck and lick her titties. She was naked except for her shoes and socks, she was in his arms and his hard cock pressed and pushed into her soft belly, poking and prodding her like a Knight’s sword.

Jean felt her heart pounding rapidly in her chest and Jack eased her down slowly to the floor. He spread apart her thighs and nudged the slippery knob of his cock against the narrow, fur-lined opening of her nubile pussy. His fat cock slid inside her with ease. Her cunt was drooling from when she watched Jack plow into her friend, and she was more than lubed.

Beads of sweat formed on Jacks’ brow while he made circular motions with the head of his cock. Slowly he pressed forward, screwing and twisting himself into Jean’s hot eager pussy one inch at a time.

Stacy, having regained her composure was lying next to Jean watching, while she too took Jack’s big fat cock. “Just relax…..Once he’s in all the way it feels GREAT!” she said.

Suddenly Jean felt more wetness between her legs. he closed her eyes and moaned out loud while Jack drove his hard cock deeper and deeper into her velvety pussy.

Finally, with his swollen balls slapping against the cleft of sexy asshole, he took her breath away. He pulled back all the way our and then slammed himself right back in. Over and over, filling her hot and horny hole completely, he took her to the point of no return.

Jean was amazed when she looked down between her legs to see how wide apart her pussy lips had stretched. Jack was driving his cock in and out faster than she’d ever imagined possible. Even more astonishing though, was the way in which her inexperienced pussy was reacting. Expanding and contracting as ripples of pleasure coursed through her overheated snatch, spreading like a bush fire all the way down inside her belly and out along her thighs and legs. Seconds later she was raising her hips up madly to meet his thrusts with one of her own.

“OH YES! Yes Yes Yes!” she cried out, “OMIGOD! Shove it in….that feeeeeeeels soooooo gooooood!!”

Jack eased her feet back until they touched the floor on either side of her head. They both had a clear view of his cock plowing in and out of her sexy cunt. Her whole body began to shake and shudder, her pussy clenched and clutched greedily at his swollen cock as she came and washed his member with her hot flow. She came and shocked herself when she saw how she had soaked the two of them. Tears of joy streamed down her soft cheeks. Still hammering away at her cunt, Jack leaned forward, kissed her face and licked the salty stream of tears.

“Your pussy!” he shouted out, “God….it’s so tight….so wild…….uuuuumph!”

His throbbing cock exploded inside her narrow passage. After about a dozen or so more heaving spurts he collapsed on top of Jean. The both took deep labored breaths. Stacy stroked his cock, squeezed his balls and rubbed his asshole while the three of them embraced.

“Teach us more….teach us more about writing!?” Stacy asked, once they all regained their senses.

“Yeah! We need a LOT more of these literary lessons! And a LOT more experience too!” Jean said, blushing at the fact that she actually said that, as she looked at the exhausted writer.

“All in good time girls, all in good time. A good book can take months, if not years to complete. But if you’re willing to listen, willing to learn and willing to experiment, I think we can make excellent and experienced writers out of both of you!” Jack said with a sinister and confident smile.

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