Liza Gets a Blindfold


“Go around the back of the building, there’s a black SUV parked underneath my kitchen window. It’s unlocked, get in the back seat, on the seat is an eye mask, put it on and buckle yourself in.” Chris’s voice is dry, almost emotionless as he speaks to Liza.

Earlier today he’d sent her a message asking if she had several hours to burn that evening. She’d paused, wondering why he was asking, when they’d seen each other only a few days ago, but answered that she did.

“Do you trust me?” His next message came through immediately. That gave her even greater pause, and she considered what he was asking. Putting her trust in someone was usually a lengthy process, and she’d only known Chris for a few months. He hadn’t given her any reason to not trust him, and had certainly allowed her to make all the decisions about their relationship. Still, the Danger sign was flashing brightly in her head, neon and vivid. “Yes.” She typed and sent it before she could rethink her answer.

“I’ll be on the bench at 10. Further instructions then.” Appeared on her screen and she took a deep breath, wondering what she’d just given him permission to do.

At 10 here she is, dressed in her usual running attire, approaching the bench where Chris is sitting with another man. She slows as she comes even with them, her eyes darting between the two men. Chris makes no effort to introduce the man sitting with him, so she surmises that he was just passing time chatting while waiting for her.

Nodding that she has heard his directions to the car, she keeps moving and jogs around the block to the parking area that flanks the old buildings. The black SUV is right where Chris had said, and yes, on the back seat is the eye mask. Liza picks it up and holds it in her hands for a moment, the silk fabric soft against her skin, fingers pulling gently on the elastic band that would hold it around her head. Her brain screams Danger, but she is also incredibly aroused at the possibilities that race through her head.

Decision made, she belts herself in and dons the mask. Sitting in the quiet car, her vision absent, she feels her other senses sharpen. Music from the band at the bar pushes against the windows of the car and she can clearly make out the words of the song being sung. The car smells faintly of lemon and the leather seats feel slightly oily, as though they had just been cleaned. Suddenly her chaotic thoughts are interrupted by not just one, but two doors opening and both sides of the car rocking slightly as two people step into the vehicle.

Two. That number makes her pulse accelerate instantly. Chris is known Danger, a second person is an unknown and far more frightening Stranger and thus a higher risk of Danger.

“Hello?” She says tentatively, hand rising to the front of the mask, ready to pull it off and bolt from the car.

“Do you trust me?” She hears Chris’s voice ask from the driver’s side of the car. Her right hand hovers over the mask, and she reaches out with her left, searching for his. Her fingers connect with his arm and she holds on for a moment, taking several deep breaths. mamak escort The car is decidedly quiet while she considers her answer. She tries to remember what the other man looked like, but all she could pull up in her memory is that he looked generic, blond hair, younger than Chris, cute, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Not much to go on, if he was, in actuality, the 3rd person in the car. And why would there be another person in the car?

Even as her brain contemplates that, her last conversation with Chris pops into her head. “Maybe start with two guys first. I have a buddy who is cool with the idea, if you want.” There is no guarantee that the man she saw on the bench actually IS the other person in the car…it could be anyone, even someone whom she’s already met, and there is no way for her to know who they are. OMG, her brain screams, what if he’s a friend of her husband’s?? It could be her Calc Instructor, she has no way of knowing who the friend Chris mentioned actually is!

Shit just got real, she thinks.

Chris is still waiting for her to answer, and she loosens her grip on his arm and sits back in the seat, ankles folded primly together and clasps her hands, fingers gripping each other tightly. “Yes, I trust you.”

Without another word, Chris starts the car and backs out of the parking space onto the road. The car is silent for a minute and then someone in the front turns the radio to a local pop station and music fills the silence.

They drive, around and about and Liza wonders if Chris is deliberately taking a circuitous route to confuse her. Where could they be going? To the other guy’s house maybe? Not to Chris’s house unless the wife and kids are out of town, even then she doesn’t believe he’d do that. She’s beginning to get anxious again when the car slows and turns to the right. It stops and Chris shuts the engine off.

“We’re here.” His voice is light and teasing, “Hold on, I’ll come around to get you.” She hears two car doors open again and then slam shut. After a few seconds, the door next to her opens and Chris reaches in to unsnap her buckle and swing her gently out of the car, resting her against his chest for a minute.

“Let’s go inside.” He guides her carefully across the yard and up two steps onto a porch, where it’s 8 steps to the door. She’s counting, her brain occupying itself with that instead of the terrifying scenarios it keeps trying to present.

He leads her from the main entry down a hall and into a room that she instantly knows is a bedroom. “Where are we?” She asks him, half afraid of the answer.

“A friend’s house.” He answers and then steers her to sit on the bed. “I know this must feel scary to you — a complete unknown. All I ask is that you let yourself enjoy it. As is with everything we’ve ever done, you are in complete control. If you want to stop, we stop. If you don’t like something, you say it out loud, we stop. We need a safe word, a word you can use at any time and the whole night is immediately over. What is something that comes instantly ofise gelen escort to your mind and lips?”

“Wine.” She replies at once, to the sniggers of laughter from both men. “Do you have any? Can I have some, a bottle or two?”

“No wine tonight.” Chris answers, lingering laughter in his voice. “Just pure, unadulterated fun for all. Take your clothes off but leave the blindfold on and lie down on the bed.”

This night is definitely different than any other time they’ve spent together. Chris is in charge, that much is obvious, he’s enjoying giving her what amount to orders and Liza isn’t sure that she likes it. Begrudgingly, she pulls off her t-shirt, unzips the sports bra, dropping both onto the floor where she stands, then sits down on the bed and pulls off her shorts and underwear, letting those fall too. Feeling self-conscious, she wiggles her naked body in from the edge of the bed, not sure where the middle is exactly, but not wanting to fall off.

Chris joins her on the bed, sitting next to her, and grasps one of her arms. “I’ve got two pairs of handcuffs here and I’m going to attach each of your wrists to the headboard. You have control over when this night ends, but no control over what happens until then. Do you understand that?”

“Yes.” Liza mutters, still not thrilled with his attitude.

Chris completes his task with the handcuffs and grips her chin gently with his hand. His mouth covers hers and she falls into kissing with him, gently, then firmer, enjoying the familiarity of this action. Wrapped up in what is happening with Chris, she forgets entirely about the other man until he lays down on her right side and his fingers touch her lightly on her stomach, resting there. She jumps, rattling the handcuffs, which has the odd effect of escalating her level of arousal instantly.

The other man begins to stroke her skin, caressing from her stomach up between her breasts and then back again. He leans closer to her and kisses her chin and her neck, and Chris leaves her mouth to do the same, on her left side. The feeling of their mouths on her skin in tandem with the hand stroking her belly, dropping lower each time, makes Liza orgasm, hips rising from the bed and a deep moan echoing from her throat.

“Shit, you weren’t kidding about that.” The other man’s voice is guttural with his own arousal as he addresses Chris. Obviously, they had talked in length about her, Liza thinks but then all thought is gone as his hand drops between her thighs. Both men keep the simultaneous descent of their mouths, on her neck, her shoulders and then each takes a nipple in his mouth and begins to suck. Harder, softer, licking, teasing and a hand cupping her from each side. Liza jumps again, bumping her head against the headboard as the fingers between her thighs begin to stroke.

Only one hand, one man, and he’s sliding his fingers from the top of her slit to the bottom, up and down, pausing to press into her and then back to stroking. She’s absolutely soaking wet, pushing herself against his fingers, otele gelen escort wanting him to stop teasing and use his hand to fuck her.

Another hand, more fingers and it’s Chris rubbing her clit, pinching her as he’s done in the past, driving her insane. The two men’s mouths, hands, fingers all bringing her to climax again and again.

“Please, please…” She pleads hoarsely, unable and unwilling to voice what she wants them to do. She has no idea what they have planned to do to her next, but she’s pulling on the handcuffs, straining to touch one of them, wanting to grab an erect cock and put it inside her. To have one, someone, fuck her until she passes out from the pleasure that they’re promising with the teasing.

Powerless to do so, she’s begging, wanting to rip the blindfold from her eyes so she can SEE what they are doing. The teasing continues, the fingers, the mouths on hers, on her neck, her stomach and then the fingers are gone from her cunt and a mouth replaces them.

Squealing, she twists her hips, the shock of the mouth and tongue on her clit, her slit, a tongue inside of her are making her gasp for air. The mouth moves with her and then the fingers are back, inside of her along with the mouth kissing, licking, biting and thrusting. Fireworks go off behind her eyes and she’s pushing and meeting the thrusts even as her feet slide fruitlessly on the soft sheets.

It’s too much, the continuous orgasms are leaving her literally breathless with pleasure. She winds her legs around the head between her thighs and says, “Stop, stop. Stop — let me catch my breath. I can’t breathe. Give me a minute to catch my breath.”

Chris’s voice is in her ear, “Is that a full stop my dear? Cause I don’t think you’re really ready to stop.”

Liza is gasping, and shaking her head. “No, just a minute to breathe, please.” She’s moaning, her entire body shaking with arousal. “I don’t want to stop, I just want to be able to be alive to enjoy it.”

Both men laugh out loud at this admission, and she knows for certain that the Stranger is the man between her legs, driving her mad with his tongue and fingers. She realizes too, that when she allows them to continue, he will most likely fuck her with his cock and she also admits to herself that she wants that, badly.

Her breathing is slowing and while she would love a glass of water, she wants the fucking and cumming more. She unwinds her legs a bit and relaxes them on his back. He has moved down the bed a bit and now begins to trace a path up her left leg with his tongue, stopping to bite her gently on her thigh and then up to her belly where he leaves off until his mouth is on hers. Liza responds eagerly to his kiss, wishing desperately that she could wrap her arms around him, pulling futilely on the cuffs again. “Fuck me.” She breaks the kiss to say against his lips, “Fuck me please now,” before resuming kissing him.

With a knee, he pushes her left leg out and seconds later his dick is inside her, gliding in the wet passage as though he was made exactly to fit. She’s cumming already, breath hitching against his mouth, even as he’s fucking her so hard that they’re moving the bed against the wall. After what seems like forever, he stills, and moans, his lips still on her mouth. Her legs have been wrapped tightly around his back and she lets them flop to the side, completely exhausted.

“Wine.” She says weakly, “I need a bottle of wine please.”

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