Long Tall Sally


Have you ever heard the saying “Putting the “fun” in dysfunctional”? That was my family.

First off there was my father. He used to be a construction worker, however when I was about 5 he suffered an accident (he never fully explained to me what happened as I was too young to understand) that left him partially blind in his right eye, a steel rod and screws in his left leg, and several of his vertebrae had to be fused. He went on permanent disability and spent most of his time watching either sports or the news and complaining about how badly his favorite sports teams were playing or the state of the country. He almost always had a beer in hand.

Then there was my mother. I never realized the pills I always saw her taking like they were Tic-Tacs were not “vitamins” like she always told me, but antidepressants. I also didn’t know she was addicted to them. I was way too young to understand what my mother was depressed about (again, it was never explained to me). In the wedding pictures I found of her and my father she looked vibrant and happy. Now she looked… washed out, like an old faded picture.

Then there was my twin sister Dina. As long as I can remember she hated everything. I think she was born evil. She hated my parents. She hated me. She hated school. She hated the teachers. She hated other kids (she had no friends). She hated the weather. She hated most of her toys (and broke half of them). She hated cartoons. She hated coloring books. Everything. When she was ten she ran away from home. She slipped out in the middle of the night while the rest of us were sleeping. My parents called the police when they woke up the next morning and realized she was gone. Apparently Dina had gotten scared and tried to come back home, but because it was dark, she got lost and ended up wandering around scared all night. The police eventually found her halfway across town and brought her back home.

Unfortunately this did not put Dina off from trying to run away. Two years later she tried again, this time slipping out her window in the middle of the day. When she didn’t show up for dinner that night, my parents again called the police to report her missing. She had somehow made it to the airport, and was trying to sneak past the TSA checkpoint, but was eventually caught by airport security. The police then returned her to us. I asked her where she was trying to go, and she told me “Anywhere but here”.

Then there’s me, Danny. Because of the aforementioned problems, I was an introvert and barely spoke. So much so that my teachers thought I was mute when I started school. I didn’t have many friends, and most of the time when I was home I stayed in my room playing with my toys or reading comic books.

There was only one bright spot in my entire family. My mother’s older sister, my Aunt Sally. She was the opposite of my mother in every possible way. If you saw the two of them together you would never know they were sisters. My mother took after my grandmother. She was short, standing at only 5′ 5″, brunette and fat. The drug addiction didn’t help matters. It made my mother look older than she was. Aunt Sally on the other hand, took after my grandfather, she was a statuesque 6′ 1″ (grandpa was 6′ 4″), blonde, and kept herself in great shape. She looked younger than she was despite being two years older than my mother. She often joked that the Little Richard song “Long Tall Sally” was about her.

Aunt Sally didn’t have any kids of her own, she and her ex-husband tried to have kids a year before Dina and I were born, but unfortunately she had a miscarriage and lost the baby. The doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again. Her husband filed for divorce literally telling her “Well, if you can’t give me kids, what’s the point of being married?” He cited “irreconcilable differences”, but when Aunt Sally told her lawyer the real reason for the divorce, her lawyer, as the old saying goes “took him to the cleaners”.

No matter how shitty things were going, when Aunt Sally came to visit for the holidays, my whole family seemed to change. She’d arrive a few days before Thanksgiving and stay through the first week of December. When she was around my dad stopped drinking so much and ranting at the TV, mom seemed to ease up on how many pills she was taking, she was about the only person Dina liked, and I opened up more around her as well.

It was about a four hour drive to her house, but every summer, she would make the trek to pick Dina and I up and we’d spend the summer with her with my parents’ blessing. The pictures I have from those visits are the only ones I have of my sister smiling. It was also the only time Dina was nice to me.

Once we went back home, or Aunt Sally left after her holiday visits however, things went back to normal.

Then one year, the shit hit the fan. When I was 14 Dina ran away for what would be the last time. When a full day passed and she didn’t come home and wasn’t found on the streets, Nişantaşı Escort at the train station, bus station or airport, search parties were organized, and between police and volunteers a two week long search ensued (there are a lot of woods where we lived), but my sister never turned up. A very small, naive part of me wants to believe that she’s still out there somewhere, but the more realistic part of me doubts that. We never saw her again.

That pushed my mother over the edge and after the search was called off she took a fatal overdose of antidepressants and sleeping pills. She went to sleep that night and never woke up. I don’t know if she purposely OD’d, or if it was the stress of Dina running away again. Unfortunately at around the same time my father’s health was quickly deteriorating. He was too drunk to realize it and tried to numb the pain with more beer, my mother was too strung out to realize it, and Dina and I were too young to realize or understand it.

With my mother and my sister gone and my father too sick to even take care of himself, let alone me, it was Aunt Sally to the rescue. My father was put into an assisted living facility and Aunt Sally took me in. The last time I saw my father was on his birthday a year later. It was one of the few times I can remember seeing him sober. He apologized to me for not being a better father, and told Aunt Sally “Take care of my boy.” He died a week later.

All right, enough of the depressing shit.

Life with Aunt Sally was a total 180 from life with my parents. It was like a permanent summer vacation. She turned the guest bedroom that she used when Dina and I came to visit into my room, and she was always finding fun things for us to do together. In my first year living with her, I opened up more and came out of my shell.

Aunt Sally had a business online selling handmade stuffed animals. She had always done it as a hobby, she had made teddy bears for me and Dina when we were born (I still have them), as well as stuffed animals for her coworkers’ kids. One of her coworkers suggested she sell them so Aunt Sally set up an Etsy shop. One order turned into two, two into three, three into ten, ten into fifty and so on. Aunt Sally eventually quit her job and started selling the animals full time. She moved off Etsy and started her own website, Sally’s Menagerie. It started as just bears but expanded into cats, dogs, elephants, lions, unicorns, etc. She took special requests, but had a lot of basic designs that she sold the most of. She had me help her so we could spend more time together. Since she also made her own hours, it gave her plenty of free time to spend with me doing other things.

Aunt Sally’s positive attitude rubbed off on me. When I went back to school (after we went through the process of getting my records transferred), I was more social and made a lot of friends. When I started high school the next year I made even more friends. I even started dating a girl named Janice.

All that backstory has been leading to this. The year I graduated high school I was 18 and happy to be free for another summer before I started college. I had also grown a lot. Like Aunt Sally, I took after my grandfather, and was already six feet tall. The local rock radio station was having their annual “Summer Cookout Concert” which was a huge day long outdoor concert. It featured a few local bands during the day, and at night it would be national bands like Halestorm, Evanescence, Theory of a Deadman, and Metallica. My friend’s father worked at the radio station and managed to net him some backstage all-access passes. He kept one for himself (of course), gave me one, and the rest went to our circle of friends. I ran home to show Aunt Sally.

“Hey Aunt Sally?” I said heading into the house. No sign of her downstairs, so I headed upstairs.

“Hey, Aunt Sally, check th–” was as far as I got.

The bathroom is the first room on the right hand side of the upstairs hallway, directly opposite Aunt Sally’s workshop, and our bedrooms are at the end of the hall. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye when I reached the landing.

She was in the bathroom, and had just stepped out of the shower. Aunt Sally had a garden in the backyard and she must have been working out there. She’d always complain how sweaty and dirty she was, so she would take a shower after working in the garden. When I spotted her we were both frozen in place for a moment. She was naked except for the towel she had just wrapped her wet hair in and was standing there with her hands on her head securing the towel in place. It was almost like she was posing the way she was standing. I ran my eyes down her body, from her face to her amazing tits, topped by two perky pink nipples, across her flat stomach, her perfectly curved hips, and the blonde triangle between her long, sexy legs. Normally she wore t-shirts and jeans, and even when we Pendik Escort went to the beach, she wore a conservative one piece bathing suit, so it wasn’t like she went out of her way to show off her body. But as I got older and took an interest in girls, I realized my aunt had an incredible body. Now I was seeing it for the first time.

“Danny!” she suddenly cried out grabbing another towel to cover herself.

I turned away, feeling the blood rush to my face and my groin at the same time, my heart beating a million miles an hour in my chest.

“Sorry Aunt Sally!” I said, stepping away from the door which was quickly shut.

I stood in the hallway trying to catch my breath. Never in a million years did I think I would see my aunt naked, but damn! She was stunning! I headed down the hall to my room and sat on the edge of my bed, dropping the backstage pass on my dresser. I heard the bathroom door open and looked up to see Aunt Sally, now in her bathrobe, rush into her room and shut the door behind her, not even looking at me.

I closed my door as well, the image of Aunt Sally’s naked body burned into my brain. I quickly pulled out my now hard cock and started masturbating to the mental image. I had seen naked women before when one of my friends swiped one of his older brother’s issues of Playboy.

Also Janice and I were having sex on a semi-regular basis. Our first time was after my 18th birthday party. I was driving Janice home when she told me she had my “real present” at her place. I had an idea what she meant, and when she told me her mother wasn’t home, I knew exactly what she meant. That night we had sex for the first time, it was kind of awkward and was over way too quick. But over the next several months it got better as we became more experienced. The more we got together the more adventurous we got, finding out what worked and what felt good.

Janice, who had turned 18 a month before me, was raised by her mother, as her parents were divorced. Her mom went out of town twice a month on business trips, usually on the weekends. For a while Janice had babysitters, but once she hit 15, her mother just asked the neighbors to check in on Janice once an hour. Once Janice turned 17 her mother trusted her to be home alone for those weekends she’d be gone. She never suspected that Janice would use that freedom to bring me over so we could fuck once we turned 18. We always made sure to use protection because we weren’t ready to be parents.

This was the second woman I’d seen naked that wasn’t in a magazine or video, and the fact that it was my sexy aunt was not lost on me. Within just a few minutes I hit the point of no return and exploded in an intense orgasm. I grabbed a hand towel I had swiped from the linen closet that I used to clean myself up with, and tucked my dick back into my pants just as I heard a knock at the door.

I stashed the towel, pulled up my pants and made sure I looked presentable.


Aunt Sally poked her head in, now dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt “Hey kiddo, what’s up?”

I grabbed the pass and excitedly told her about the concert, forgetting about what just transpired. Hey, I was 18, my mind changed tracks quickly.

Later that night, after we had both gone to bed, I woke up needing to go to the bathroom. As I exited my room I could hear Aunt Sally snoring. I went to the bathroom, and as I returned to my room, the incident from earlier popped back into my brain. I started getting hard thinking about it and before I could think about what I was doing I carefully opened the door to Aunt Sally’s room. She was laying splayed out in the bed on her back, one of her gorgeous tits almost popping out of her nightgown. My cock rose to attention as she shifted and her nipple slipped free making my cock jump in my shorts. I slowly reached for the strap of her gown and slowly pulled it down fully exposing her breast. She mumbled and shifted a bit in her sleep and I backed towards the door, but she settled back down and stayed asleep.

I moved back towards her and again reached for her, and gently squeezed the exposed breast. God it felt amazing, her tits were bigger than my girlfriend’s, and firmer as well. Her nipple was erect, and I gently pinched it. Aunt Sally moaned in her sleep and I lost my nerve and quickly retreated from her room, closing the door behind me, my heart again beating quickly in my chest. I went back to my room and furiously masturbated to another satisfying orgasm.

The next morning I was sitting in the kitchen scarfing down a bowl of cereal, Aunt Sally came downstairs wrapped in her bathrobe.

“Morning.” she mumbled kissing me on my forehead.

“Mornin’ Aunt Sally.” I said around a mouthful of cereal. “You okay? You look a little… flushed.”

She offered me a lopsided smile, “I’m okay, I had a rather… intense dream. Have you ever had dreams like that? Where everything Rus Escort feels so real?”

“All the time.” I said, finishing off my breakfast, “Anyway, I’m gonna hop in the shower. Me and the guys are going bowling.”

“Yeah, have fun. I’ve got orders to fill.” she said, rooting through the fridge. “I’ll see you later.”

That night, I tried for a repeat performance. I waited until I could hear Aunt Sally snoring, and snuck into her room. Again she was laying on her back, and most of her tit flesh was sticking out from under her nightgown. I slowly slid the strap down to expose her like I had the night before. I got bolder and reached over to slide the other strap down to expose both of her breasts to me. I stood there with the light from the hallway poking into the room enough for me to see both of my aunt’s perfect tits, again I reached down to fondle her tits, first one then the other.

She mumbled a bit and shifted, and I almost backed out like I had the night before, but I stayed when she stopped moving. Being even more daring I pulled my rock hard cock out, and started masturbating while fondling Aunt Sally’s tits. When I realized I was about to cum, I backed away from her bed and used the hand I had just been using to feel her up with to catch the cum that was now shooting out of my cock as I bit back a groan of pleasure. I kept my eyes on her tits as I came and when the sensation had passed I slowly backed out of her room, quietly closed the door behind me and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I kept this up for the rest of the week. I’d sneak into her room when I knew she was asleep, pull her tits out, and masturbate while I fondled her. I used the hand towel I had swiped to catch my cum so I wouldn’t get it all over my hands or anywhere else. I also started covering her tits up when I was done so she wouldn’t get suspicious. Waking up with her breasts exposed once would be an accident, twice would be a coincidence, but anymore than that would be suspicious.

The next week I got even bolder. I snuck into her room, exposed her tits as usual, but then I got the idea to pull up the bottom of her nightgown so I could see her pussy too. I carefully pulled the covers down to expose my aunt’s sexy legs, and slowly pulled up the hem of her nightgown, and holy shit, she didn’t sleep with any underwear on! I slowly reached towards the blond tuft of hair between her ridiculously long legs and gently rubbed my fingers along her soft pussy lips. I took my cock in my other hand and stroked the both of us at the same pace. She moaned a bit, and I wondered if she was having another “intense” dream. I could feel her getting wet, and now I didn’t care if she woke up. I was half tempted to climb into the bed to try and fuck her, but I decided against it. I had already gone too far as it was. She moaned again, a slight “Yes…” escaping her lips. I was about to cum, so I pulled my hand away, grabbed the towel and shot my load into it, and snuck back out of her room to clean up.

I kept this up for the rest of the week, always wanting to climb into bed to try and fuck her, but I kept chickening out, content to just rub her pussy, inserting just the tip of my finger into her warm pussy. She would moan and squirm, but never woke up.

One day I woke up to find the house empty. I found a note from Aunt Sally on the kitchen table saying she had gone grocery shopping. I headed back upstairs and reliving the last few nights, pulled my cock out and started masturbating, imagining that I was bold enough to actually fuck Aunt Sally. In my fantasy she woke up, realized what was going on, was into it and encouraged me to keep going.

“Hey Danny, can you give me a hand… oh!”

I hadn’t thought to close the door and I was so into my fantasy I hadn’t heard Aunt Sally come home or up the stairs. My eyes flew open and I turned to see her standing in the doorway, her eyes fixed on my cock. I stopped stroking myself but didn’t cover myself. Like when I saw her in the bathroom a couple weeks ago, we were frozen in shock, staring at each other.

Finally I whipped the blanket over myself, unsure of what to say.

“Is that because of me?” she finally asked. To my surprise she walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge.

I couldn’t look at her, so I stared at the wall.

“It’s okay Danny,” she said, then to my surprise pulled the covers back exposing me to her, “You’ve seen me, so it’s only fair that I see you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these in person.”

When she said “one of these” she wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly started stroking me. I had gone limp, but that didn’t seem to matter to her.

“Aunt Sally, what are you…?” I said, but she shushed me putting her finger to my lips.

“The same thing you’ve been doing to me for the past two weeks.” she said smiling.

I was stunned and embarrassed, “You… you knew?”

She nodded, “I may be a heavy sleeper, but it’s kind of hard to sleep through someone fondling me.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “But after I saw you in the bathroom that day…”

“It’s okay Danny,” she said, never letting go of my cock, “I like the fact that my body turns you on. I liked the feel of your hands on me. It’s been a while since a man touched me like that. Or at all.”

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