Loosening Up Bk. 04 Ch. 11-15

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 11 – Subtle Conversions

Friday night Dave felt devilish.

For a change, there were no grandparents around for the weekend. Everyone in the Circle had a fiendish smile on their face. This would be the first night in ages that the Circle could engage in one of their group sex nights on the patio. The weather even cooperated.

Dave took Wendy and Shelby and led them to the gazebo, where the massage table was set up. He knew, of course, that the expanse of dark windows in Bobbie Wyatt’s studio apartment overlooked the gazebo, and could see right into the dimly lit exterior room. He’d even made sure that some of the little white holiday lights were on in the gazebo so that there was additional lighting for any voyeurs lurking on the other side of the tinted glass in the interior room.

Dave could see into the studio if he let his eyes adjust in an optimum way. The shades were partially drawn, but more to keep out the slanting rays of the afternoon sun than anything else.

Dave went down on Wendy as he toyed with Shelby’s pussy right next to her. The two women loved oral sex, and he’d studied all sorts of techniques to enhance the experience for the women. He knew how to apply fingers in just the right way for each of them, taking into account the fullness they wanted to feel, the speed at which he pumped them into each of their pussies, and the way he milkied the resulting orgasms from them.

For each of the women in the Circle, he’d cataloged how they liked him to use his mouth and tongue on them. Wendy liked Dave to make long swipes up her wet slit with his tongue, driving the organ as deep into her crevice as he could along the way. She then loved it as he continually swiped his tongue back and forth over her clit. Shelby preferred him to stay more or less in one place, with his tongue actually fucking her vagina, trying to penetrate as deep as he could. After several minutes of that, as he sucked up her juices, she loved when he captured her swollen clit in his mouth and sucked on the nubbin until she exploded like a Fourth of July fireworks.

Of course, both women had experienced many times his A-spot orgasms as he fisted them. Even knowing the result, they both still fainted from the overload of pleasure he gave them as his fingers stroked the hidden erogenous zone near their cervix.

After bringing both women off several times including a colossal and noisy cum from Shelby, Dave moved up on the table with Wendy and the two made love as Shelby watched and added stroking hands, fingers, and kisses to each of her threesome companions.

When the women went to change places so Dave could make love to Shelby Dave moved into the shadows and through a small gap in the bougainvillea that covered most of the gazebo he studied the windows in Bobbie’s apartment. She was there again, with Maddy. They were standing naked a few feet in from the window so they wouldn’t be seen. They took turns sucking on each other’s modest breasts as they fingered each other. He saw several adult toys and dildos on the sofa, suggesting that they were just getting started.

Dave and Shelby coupled, and now that he had the sight picture he could glance at the window and see the two voyeurs watching them. He said nothing to his partners about being viewed until they were walking back to the patio bar area after finishing their threesome and ending round one. Both of them laughed, and nodded. Circle members were fundamentally exhibitionists.

Rachel and Ashley partnered together to claim Dave for the next round. He led them back to the gazebo, and the youngest members of the Circle tried to turn him into a hazy mass of orgasming male flesh by doing everything sexual they could think of to please a member of the species. In an unusual event, Dave came inside each of them twice, bringing all three of them to a mass of quivering flesh as the three struggled to fit together on the narrow massage table.

Dave was covered in female ejaculate and cum, as were the girls. There was a lot of licking and savoring going on after everyone caught their breaths and regained some semblance of physiological normalcy. Both girls praised Dave as being the supreme lover and how they wanted to be closer with him, and interact more with him. He affirmed that he felt the same way and suggested where and how they could find and mate with him more frequently.

As they eventually parted to take some quick showers at the outdoor facilities along the edge of the core building and then get some late refreshments to replenish all the fluids they’d lost, Dave again secreted a long glance in Bobbie’s window.

Maddy was lying back on the sofa, and Bobbie was between her legs eating the younger woman’s pussy as she writhed and squirmed beneath the talented tongue working on her slit. Dave hadn’t made love with either of the women, but seeing them stirred his libido again. He wanted both of them. He believed bostancı escort from what she’d said, that Bobbie wanted him … and maybe even wanted to become a full Circle member. She had certainly proven to be everybody’s friend, especially with her empathic personality.

Maddy he knew less of because he was gone most of the days when she was working and didn’t get to interact with her much about the childcare. He made note to sit nearer to her at the meals so that he could develop more of an intimacy with the twenty-eight year old beauty.

Saturday morning Dave was again the chef for the breakfast-brunch he liked to do on weekends. This time Bobbie helped, as did Donna, Megan, and Roy. When most of the people had been served, Dave and the others of the kitchen crew also sat down to enjoy their breakfast. Bobbie had made cinnamon roles that melted in everybody’s mouth, a real treat compared to the ‘normal’ breakfasts most people ordered.

About nine-thirty Maddy came over and joined the group. Mike was leading the cleanup crew, and making quick work of the dishes and leftovers with the rest of his team.

Maddy said, “Can we see Ken’s townhouse now?”

Dave rose and carried his newly filled coffee mug, “Let’s go.”

Bobbie brought her mug, too, and the three walked between two of the houses and out to Circle Drive, and across the lightly traveled road to the townhouse complex.

Dave opened the front door to Ken’s unit, and allowed the two women to enter. He noticed that they both had held hands part of the way walking over. He guessed there was some type of romance brewing between the two women.

“OH, I LOVE IT,” Bobbie declared in a loud voice only five steps into the living room. “I love how he’s arranged the furniture.” She turned to Dave, “Will he sell me some of the furniture?”

Dave shrugged. “My guess is yes, but you’ll have to talk to him. I don’t think any of the items are keepsakes to him.”

Having watched the townhouses being built, and knowing the floor plans of each unit, Dave started a low-key sales pitch, explaining about the features of the unit, and what he knew about the operating costs of ownership.

Bobbie asked some good questions. One stopped him, “Ken paid his monthly dues to the Circle corporation and that included meals and jobs in the complex, but what would I do where I’m employed as the chef for the Circle?”

Maddy chimed in, “And what would I do were I to live here, where I’m the nanny for the Circle?”

Dave didn’t have a ready answer. “I’ll have to talk to the board about this situation. Julie is our treasurer and really sharp at financial analysis, just like her sister. I assume they’ll be some counter-credit for the work we pay you for, but … I have no idea. I will bring this up on Monday evening when we have our next meeting. Maybe Julie can do some work ahead of that meeting.”

“What’s Ken selling this for?” Maddy asked.

“I’ll put you in touch with Ken and you’ll have to work that out between you. I am not a real estate agent, and as far as I know there’ll be no commission to anybody, so you’ll both save money on that account. You work it out with him. I’ll get information about your dues as soon as possible.”

Dave turned to the two women as they came into the master bedroom, “It sounded like the two of you are moving in together?”

Bobbie blushed slightly, “We are.”

Maddy said proudly, “We’ve fallen in love. Bobbie will do the deal, and I’ll pay her rent or something, but we’ll be a couple. If this lasts, we’ll change our legal basis sometime in the future.”

Bobbie nodded in agreement. As they went down the stairs she said, “I know you’ve seen the two of us making love while you’ve been teasing us in the gazebo.”

“Me? Teasing?” Dave feigned innocence.

“Yes. I watch how you position the table to be sure that we have a best erotic angle to watch you sexing and fucking your companions.”

“I don’t fuck my companion and I don’t sex them. I make love to them.”

“Well, whatever you’re doing, they obviously love it, want more of it, and are in love with you. I told you before that I’m very open to something between us. You told me all about the Circle, and I have no problem with any of it. You forgot to mention how one takes the first step to open up the sexual side of things.”

Dave asked, “What about the relationship between the two of you?”

Bobbie said, “It’ll be just like it is between you and Alice or your other wives, or Sean and Kat, or Wendy and Dev, for instance. We love each other and put each other in the ‘very special’ category. The other Circle members, that we both love are our special friends and lovers as well, at least we hope so.”

Dave glanced over at Maddy, “I’m not sure anyone ever talked her through all the precepts that make up the Circle the way I did with you a week or so ago.”

“I did,” Bobbie said softly. “I hope I did it all justice, but I think I remembered every point you made. You might ask ümraniye escort bayan why I did, and that’s because they had such a large impact on me. For the first time in my life I realized that I’d been hearing a description of the way I wanted to live my life. All I had to do was recall that and all the points came forward.”

Maddy stepped forward, “I think we know what we’re getting into, both as a couple and as individuals. As a couple we will have some unique challenges. We’re hoping that not too many come from inside the Circle. As individuals we’re ready to blend and bend to what the Circle wants us to be.”

Dave shook his head, “We want you to be what YOU want to be otherwise this won’t work. As for the Circle tolerating your preference for living together as two women, I seriously doubt anybody in the Circle will even raise an eyebrow. We’ll be there to support you and help you grow and face your challenges.”

Dave gave the two women Ken’s email and other contact information, and they left to find Julie. As it turned out he found her in the gazebo cleaning up Christie’s sweet little pussy from some deposits of potent male fluids that Jack had left in the young thing. Christie and Jack were hugging and kissing up top, while Julie did her thing between Christie’s hot legs.

Bobbie and Maddy happened to stand slightly behind Dave watching the cleanup effort. Bobbie whispered to Maddy, “That’s almost as good as what you do to me.”

Maddy said, “No, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. That’s almost as good as what YOU do to ME.”

Dave turned and teased, “Now ladies, no friction here. We are a very harmonious place – an oasis of love and tranquility in a sea of chaos that beats against our walls and gates.”

Julie looked up at the threesome as she finished. Her entire face was slick and wet because of her routing around in Christie’s nether region. Even the sides of her hair were full of cum and pussy juice. She grinned, “Hi.”

“When you’re a little de-sexed, we need your professional services on behalf of the Circle,” Dave explained.

Julie nodded, “Let me take a dip in the pool and clear my head. Say fifteen minutes and then I’ll be cogent for the assignment. I can guess what it is. I’ll be thinking.”

Bobbie, Maddy, and Dave went and sat at one of the patio’s high top tables. He got them all bottles of water from the bar. The two women talked about the townhouse while Dave listened. Their interest was genuine and palpable. Unless the numbers were out of whack for them, they’d be moving in soon. Bobbie started to take notes on her iPhone of things she wanted to ask Ken.

Julie eventually joined the couple. She was more business-like and even arrived with a pad of paper and pen.

Dave explained, “Bobbie and Maddy are seriously considering taking over Ken’s townhouse. Ken pays something into the Circle as membership dues once a month on some basis. Bobby and Maddy would normally do that, but they are also employees of the Circle as our chef and nanny. The question is thus what might their dues be on the property?”

Julie asked without hesitation, “You’re a couple?”

“Yes,” Bobbie and Maddy said in unison.

“So, that tells me we should treat you as such financially and not do dues splitting. You guys can determine that if you want to on your side of ledger.”

Julie verified a few facts about Ken’s unit with Dave and then spoke. “Our dues for both the homes and townhouses are calculated based on the square footage of the home. We take the overall operating expenses of the Circle – food, meal prep including you Bobbie, heating and cooling, maintenance fund, reserves, electric and gas, and so on, add it up and divide by the number of square feet in all the living units in the community. We then just multiple that by the number of square feet in each unit, going the other way, and those are the annual dues. We divide by twelve to get monthly. We’ve been reevaluating at the half-year point, but we are finding things pretty stable unless there are large changes to the budget, probably due to the law of large numbers. Ken’s unit was paying about eight hundred a month, and I don’t see that changing very much unless we screw up the annual budget in some way.”

Dave said, “What about the point that they both work for the Circle and that we’d given them the studio apartments as part of their compensation package?”

Julie nodded firmly. “Let’s take Maddy first. The Circle does not actually pay her. The parents of the children she tends created a fund from which she is paid. Alice set that up Dave, and Pam already talked to me about adjusting that further when she delivers and goes back to work. Joan will start to pay in, too, after November. Heather isn’t paying because she’s still using her mother for almost all of Matthew’s childcare. The studio apartment is so small that I don’t see it making a major impact on the dues either way. I’d rather not compromise the methodology we’ve been using for the two of them, so it’ll still kartal escort be around eight hundred a month. If the board wants they could adjust their base pay. The housing units have more impact on the cost basis of the Circle common areas than those two studios; I’d have to take that into account.

“In Bobbie’s case, it will end up that a few of the dollars that she pays each month will find their way back into her pocket as part of her comp package. It’s easier, I think, for both parties, not to mess with eliminating that portion of the monthly dues, because if we reduce it, we have to increase slightly all the contributions everybody makes to balance out the small difference. We then mess up the methodology for an exception. If we tweak her salary, we don’t have to tweak everybody else’s monthly payment. If we keep her dues based on square footage, then she pays what everybody else does on the same basis. A much preferable situation. I’ll talk to the rest of the board after I run some numbers.”

Dave shook his head, “I think I understood all that.” He looked at the two women.

Bobbie said, “Keep it simple, and on the same basis that Ken paid. We’ll sort out any split on our side between Maddy and me. Thank you.”

Maddy said, “I didn’t realize I was on a different pay scale.”

Julie said, “You’re actually a separate set of books, accounts, and everything. It’s not a slight; it was just a more equitable way to collect the funds to pay you from those actually using your services. We are mindful of how you divide your time between the children, too. If some situation arose where you had to give some new child an inordinate amount of new time, we have a formula for collecting that imbalance from that family. Families and households without children don’t pay in at this point. The current moms created the program.”

Maddy said, “In your strategic thinking, do you plan to send the kids to public schools or home school them? Think ahead to what you’ll need for teaching staff if you do the latter option. Given the trouble at various schools, my recommendation is home schooling, by the way. Matthew is a bit of an outlier because of his age, so he might do well in the usual system.”

Dave nodded and made a mental note to discuss the broader situation with children with his wives and the other mothers.

* * * * *

Saturday afternoon brought a couple of nice surprises. Dave recalled a sign that Pam had hung in the house as the first one occurred: ‘I wonder what nice surprise will happen to me today’.

About noon, the radio for the airfield crackled. Dave was nearby and heard the open call, “Circle Airport, Beech Baron November-Three-Two-Two-Delta inbound, for landing.”

Dave walked over to the radio and picked up the microphone. Baron Two-Two-Delta, winds are favoring use of runway two-seven, twelve knots out of the west. Altimeter three-zero-one-five. No reported traffic. Who are ya?”

“Ahoy mate. This is Doug and Pete inbound. I believe Alice knows we’re coming down. We’re going to use Ken’s apartment and car. We have interviews tomorrow and Monday. We’re about ten miles out, moving along towards an extended base leg.”

“Welcome. This is Dave. I’ll meet you at the hangar.”

Dave rose, got into a golf cart, and rode down to the hangar, getting there just in time to watch the twin-engine aircraft turn onto final in a perfect turn that didn’t require any correction. Three minutes later, the twin flared and touched down on the runway, rolling almost to the end where the hangar was, and then turning off. Dave had grabbed two batons and used them to direct the plane to the desired parking area for transient planes. Soon enough, the two engines came to a stop and the door on the passenger side of the aircraft opened.

“Hi Dave. In case you don’t remember, I’m Pete.”

“Oh, I remember. Welcome to Sarasota and the Circle.”

“This is a great set up. Sky Ranch is what, ten miles from here?”

“As the crow flies, so to speak. A half-hour drive. It’s easier fly. Where’s all your gear?”

“We each just have a small duffle bag. We’re only here for two nights. We fly back to Asheville on Monday afternoon.”

As Pete walked to the edge of the wing and jumped down, Doug Quigley appeared with the two bags. He tossed them to Pete, and then secured the cockpit door. The two men joined Dave in the golf car and he whisked them up to the patio.

Alice and Pam came across the patio to meet the two men with hugs and kisses. Dave watched their effusive welcome. Both men were surprised. Julie and Nancy came along soon after with equally enthusiastic welcomes. Emily came along and joined the group as well, even though she hadn’t met Doug or Pete.

The men settled in at a table and Dave and Nancy got refreshments for everybody. The men talked about the positions at Sky Ranch, which was actually about taking over the place.

“We’re talking about more than working for someone else. We want an equity position in the business and a percentage of the profits we generate. That puts the burden on us to sustain and build the business. We’ve already engaged a lawyer and accountant, and tomorrow, even though it’s Sunday, we’re meeting with the holding company to go over the books for the past five years.”

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