Lord Kennith’s Kink


Jodie wanted me again.

She said she cared for this old Lord Kenrith. He paid her lots, not just for the caring, to prevent him from going into an old folk’s home but to keep him sweet also, and that meant pleasing him in a certain unique way. “He claims he is too old for sex but likes to get his kicks in other ways.”

“Other ways” I enquired.

“Don’t laugh Alex but he likes to spank nice tight bums.”

“You are having me on Jodie?”

“No I am not, it is quite true. Well why not? There is no harm, well there is to the recipient but just to give old Kenrith the pleasure he seeks, it has its dividends.”

“So you let him do that to you Jodie?”

“About once a week but that is quite enough for me, it takes a day or two to recover.”

“I can see why he likes to do that to you, I always said you have a gorgeous hind for a girl of twenty one.”

“Well yours is not do bad for a fella” she grinned brushing her hand there

“Long time since you did that! I said

“Well you decided to go with Phil so I assumed you were happy with another guy, Alex.”

“I still like your bum” I said making her blush.

“No hard feelings but I don’t think I would fancy you buggering me after you have been with Phil.”

“And there was me thinking that is why you asked me around” I teased.

She pulled down her gorgeously brushed skin-tight jeans and them her little red thong which looked a delight .

“This is why I need your help” she said pouting it out to me.

“You see what I mean Alex?”

I looked and enjoyed the view, but it was easy to see she had been well spanked, each cheek resembling a large dark plum with several small mounds bubbling up here and there, she rubbed it gently and showed me the lotion she had to use after each spanking session, to prevent the bruising.

“Wow! The things you do for a dollar!”

“Well the Lord is nice and it is all worth it both for the money and the satisfaction it is pleasing him before he dies, he is a dear old man and I get a thrill just bending over for him. Strange or what?”

“Whatever turns you on Jodie” I replied. “So where do I come in?”

“As a relief Alex?”

“A relief?”

“Well he has asked me if I could approach you. I have showed him a picture; you know that one we took at the gym. And, well he fancies you, he says you have a nice tight bum and would like to spank you for the entire world. So I said I would approach you.”

“He doesn’t just like girls then?” I queried.

“He just likes bums, period” she grinned. I am sure he would get a great thrill spanking yours.”

“That sounds really bizarre -but id he pays well I’ll give it a try Jodie”

“You are a star Alex, I really appreciate that, the Lord is a very demanding man and if I don’t get relief soon I shan’t keçiören escort be able even to sit down.”

She gave me his details and we arranged a meeting. But I was apprehensive – this was something new, rent boy or not. I redeemer one guy wanting to use a whip on me but that was going too far and anyway, he didn’t make it worth my while.

But with Lord Kenrith offering me a hundred for each session, I’d go with that. The pain and all.

On my arrival he looked at me with a glint in his eye and as he looked down it was like I could read his mind.

“Twist a little Alex, show me what you’ve got” he asked. I wore my best and tightest blue brush jeans, the ones Jodie said I look good in. I did as he asked and felt his charisma – I was beginning to realize why Jodie felt the way she did, he was some sweet old guy and indeed I felt it was a privilege to show him my best.

“Jodie was right, very spankable, have you ever been spanked before Alex?”

“Only by my father when I was a kid and did something bad” I replied.

“Hmm . A virgin of sorts then. I shall enjoy getting you initiated then.”

I was thinking this guy was rather fragile and his spanking would not give me much pain.

“Come closer Alex. Let me give it a rubbing. I would like that. Jodie told you I would give you a hundred for each time you come yes?”

I nodded allowing him to feel; me behind, his old crinkly hands making me feel quite randy as he readily stroked my bottom over my jeans. He seemed quite happy to do that for a while.

Getting into the swing of it I slightly bent forward, he was sitting in his wheelchair so I made it easier for him to enjoy me by standing astride him so that he had good access to what he wanted.

“Back a little more Alex, I would like to sniff you, you must have been well versed by Jodie, the way you arrange yourself.”

I felt his hands slightly part my buttocks and for a while quite enjoyed him sniffing me there.

“You smell good” he said. “Different from Jodie, she had that girly smell but the difference is equally as enjoyable. I would like to take your jeans down right now so I can sniff and take in your flavor but I want to see how you spank in tight jeans first, so over my lap with you Alex, “

He piled some cushion across his lap and bending over made me feel very subservient for the masters pleasure, something I had read about which was rather exciting. I was enjoying it all and was in for the most wonderful experience as he stroked, nudged and excited me with very expert hands.

“I love to do this before the punishment” he whispered. “You have the most appealing backside that cries out for a good seeing too, it is lovely and so well defined Alex?”

I could tell he was getting excited the way he started to stutter etlik escort as he spoke. I manipulated my stance to entice his touch which was rather nice and I was hoping his exploration would wonder in-between my buttocks and find something Jodie could not offer.

It was certainly a delight just to lay there like that and literally be all ass for him.

“I think it is time Alex” he said and I gritted my teeth and waited expectedly for that first connection of hand upon buttock.

But there was a delay. This guy was a real connoisseur. He wanted everything just right. The way he was tendering me, feeling me and adjusting my stance to just how he wanted me.

First I felt his fingers smooth my buttocks each side, teasing and tingling me with his variable touches. I felt him pull my belt in the centre to stretch my jeans more tightly between my buttocks, parting them to some degree.

I heard him sigh with pleasure. He was really enjoying himself.

“Just open a bit Alex, I want to feel your balls, that is the difference huh between you and Jodie, she has no balls but a delightful gap which is enticing too, and I do think she likes me to stroke her quinny in readiness for my pleasure of her. She asks quite often if I would like to go inside but I have to tell her I have no real cock to speak of, I cannot get an erection these days, but equally the spanking scene gives me alternative satisfaction. I do get a wonderful sensation when spanking a well formed bum like yours. This is delightful Alex, where have you been all my life, now let me feel your balls before commence.”

I felt his hands sort of cup them over my jeans. “:Later,” he added,” when you have been soundly spanked I shall require you to remove your jeans. I equally love to spank a bare bottom and I do enjoy watching it bounce.

“It is awkward to explain just how it turns me on sexually but it sure does in the most satisfying way and then I promise I shall play with your balls and maybe eat your rosy red bum, which I love to do whilst it is still hot from spanking that is the ultimate.”

Now the time was nigh for the spanking and for an old fella he had a good firm hand on him and from the every first spank I knew I was in for a good beating. I gritted my teeth and took the pain shooting up my spine as he really went to town.

It wasn’t so bad once I’d gotten used to it. I have a high pain rating and consider I can take quite a lot. But this guy was enjoying himself so much I felt I was doing something good to make old people’s lives happier.

When he stopped he was quite breathless, like he had been actually having sex. In between intakes he complimented me on having a wonderful stance for a guy and he was definitely looking forward seeing me with my jeans off.

“I would love to fuck rus escort that gorgeous ass of yours but I have to settle for next best, thanks to you and Jodie. When I touch her quinny; she is pleased for me to make the movement to settle her. She tells me that the spanking helps create an orgasm which is lovely.

“Strange isn’t it. When I was younger and able I never thought for a moment I was bisexual, but I do now Alex. You certainly make my heart stir in ways I never imagined before. Now let me see the real goods and slip off those jeans, briefs too, I need you raw.”

I made a point of slithering out of them, to make it more of a tease for the old guy. I could not imagine him being a Lord, watching him eyeball me with a very flushed face as I got down to the bare essentials.

“That is divine Alex, you have a carriage to be proud of, come closer and let me touch you.”

I did and felt the excitement in his touch, he was having a rare old time fingering and touching me, cradling my balls and squeezing my growing cock as well as stroking my but all over.

” I can just remember when I could get a hard an like this” he sighed. It is beautiful. Now come across my lap again and let me enjoy you. I feel now I just can’t get enough of you.”

He was soon spanking my bare cheeks again and this time it sounded different. He took his time and between hefty spanks, rubbed some oil into me. My butt was gradually numbing and the pain seemed to be turning to a pleasurable sensation; more so when he paused to feel my balls between my thighs.

“Just part your legs a bit if you can and I will see what I can do.”

It was difficult because, although he could access my balls as |I bent over him my cock was wedged between his legs but by making small adjustments he was able to feel me there and give me a satisfactory wanking as he spanked me some more.

No the feeling was quite intense, the sexual stimulation combined with the sound spanking gave me a whole new sensation of reaching a climax, the way he did it, a sharp spank and then a tight wank and so on. When I delivered in his hand he was happy to wipe it over my crimson ass and stick his finger up my anus.

“It feels so warm and lovely” he said making his finger squelch with the smothering of my white spunk and he seemed to love that, and I was treated to a very wonderful finger massage up my butt.

When he had his session of me I saw he was utterloy7 exhausted, breathing heavy and obviously having reached something.

Whatever it was he seemed so happy and complimentary, saying he hoped he would be seeing me again.

I said it would be my pleasure.

For a day or two I remembered our session very well, nursing the numbness in my hind.

Who would have thought I actually enjoyed the spanking scene, but I discovered there is something very sexy and sensual in being all ass for someone yo0u know is enjoying it so very much.

I could go for that, Jodie and I could work it between us once weekly and it gave the Lord plenty of joy.

I just can’t wait for the next session now!

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