Lori Returns Home to Face Her Husband


(Dear fans of The Young Widow stories. I decided to take this detour from the story of the three girls for a few stories before returning to finish the week at the Caymans. For those of you unfamiliar with this series, I have written eight chapters in the “The Young Widow series. This story follows Anne’s sister Lori as she returns home after having her first by-sexual experience with her sister and her babysitter Jen. I promise to go back when I have time to finish the other series. Thank you for all your nice comments and encouragement, suggestions and even critic.)


Lori watched the trees speed by the car window. She couldn’t take her mind off the incredible week she just experienced with Anne and Jen. She didn’t know how life would be the same or even if it could be the same. She knew that she loved Doug very much but she was also aware that something had been missing in their relationship. Now she realized that it was mostly due to her own limitations. Doug had always tried to be spontaneous and creative when it came to their love-life. It had been her own inability to loosen up and try new things that had weighed down the relationship. Now as they were driving home, she wondered if she should tell Doug what happened in the Cayman Islands. Would he understand? How would she even bring up the subject?

Doug had picked her up at her parent’s house which was a couple of hours drive from where they lived. Earlier in the week he had picked up their daughter and took her to his parent’s house for a few days. They would have a few days alone in which Lori had the time to broach the subject should she have the courage to do so. Suddenly the scenery became familiar. Her subdivision came into view. It will be just a few more turns before they pulled up into their own driveway.

It took very little time for them to unpack and once again become reacquainted with their home. Both were tired from the long journey. “I think I’m going to take a shower,” said Lori.

She walked to the other side of her bedroom and proceeded to address. Doug looked at her and realized how much he had missed her. He could not get over how beautiful she still was. There seem to be a different glow about her that he did not remember seeing before. There was also a distance, a sense in which she was lost in her thoughts. Perhaps she was just tired from the journey, Doug thought himself. From the vantage point of their bed he could see into the shower. He watched in amazement as she showered. To him she had not aged one bit since the day he met her. In fact, to him she was more beautiful now than ever. It had been nine long days of separation. He realized that he been so busy all those days that he hadn’t even thought about sex. Now just looking at her made him hard.

Doug watched her as she stepped out of the shower and began to dry her hair. Her figure was perfect. She glanced at him and smiled. Doug then got up and made his way into the shower. He took longer than usual. The warm water felt so good on his tired body. By the time he got out of shower, Lori was already in bed. She was wearing a tank top with matching boy shorts. It didn’t matter what she wore as far as Doug was concerned because to him she made anything look sexy. Once he was dry he put on a pair of boxer shorts and joined her in bed.

Lori was thumbing through a new magazine. She wasn’t really reading, just scanning. There seemed to be something strange going on in her mind Doug thought to himself. The last time he remembers her acting this way was just before she announced to him that she was pregnant.

“Is everything okay?” asked Doug. Lori paused and wondered if her apprehension was that noticeable. It was obvious that Doug could tell that something was askew. How in the world could she possibly put into words what she had just experienced? More importantly, how would Doug respond? All she knew was that they had never kept any secrets from each other in the past. She could not possibly keep this to herself.

“Yes, I’m okay,” replied Lori. “There is something however that I need share with you and I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

“Sweetie, it can’t be all that bad,” answered Doug who by now was very curious as to what was going on in Lori’s mind.

“You might not think so after you hear it,” said Lori in almost a whisper. “This week I did something that I never thought I would ever do in my life. My only hope is that it won’t mess up our relationship.”

Doug knew by the tone of voice that what she was about to tell him was indeed serious. He could not think of anything that could be that damaging to their marriage. But as he began to process it the first thing that came to mind was that Lori had had an affair.

“Are you having an affair?” asked Doug not knowing if they he wanted to hear the answer to that question.

“Yes,” replied Lori without even hesitating. “But not like you think.”

“Well now you have lost me,” responded Doug still Sivas Escort unsure about what he just heard her say. “Either you had one or you didn’t. I don’t think there’s a middle road.”

“I guess you could say that i had an affair this week but it wasn’t with another man,” replied Lori she stared down at her hands.

“Sweetie, you have really lost me,” responded Doug. “Maybe you should start at the beginning and tell me what exactly happened this week.”

Lori began from the very beginning telling Doug how she had spied on Anne and Jen. She relayed to him how seeing them make love that night made her feel and how she had struggled with what to do with the invitation to join the girls in the Cayman Islands. She relayed to Doug that once there she practically threw herself into Anne’s arms. She described in vivid detail her first sexual experience with another woman, namely her sister. Then she told him how she had seduced Jen and how the three of them had this incredible week of sexual discovery and exploration.

Doug sat there in disbelief listening without interrupting her until it was obvious that she was through relaying the events of the past week. Lori looked at him for any signs that would indicate his reaction to the account she had just given him. Doug sat there in silence for a few minutes trying to process what Lori had just told him. Honestly though, the only thing that came to his mind was the vision of seeing his beautiful wife and her sister making love.

“Are you going to say anything?” Lori asked fishing for some kind of reaction from Doug.

“Wow! What can I say? I suppose I should be mad or upset. But honestly, that is the hottest story I have ever heard. You probably will think that I’m some kind of pig, but I’m sorry that’s just plain hot.” Doug was being completely honest, maybe too honest. But that’s how he felt and since Lori bared her soul to him, he might as well come clean too.

“Men! You are all the same,” replied Lori half upset and half smiling.” I share a life changing moment with you and all you can do is think with your stick.”

“I’m sorry Sweetie,” replied Doug. “I guess I’ll need more time to process all of this. But for now just know that if it brought you pleasure and opened another door of exploration in your life, then I’m not really that upset. In fact, I’m happy for you. The only thing I would love, and this is the pig in me talking, is that maybe I will get the privilege of seeing it for myself. You have to realize that that’s every man’s dream.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know about all your dreams,” replied Lori a little annoyed. “But I am glad that you’re not upset with me. It really hasn’t changed how I feel about you. In fact, I probably owe you an apology.”

“Apology? Why would you have to apologize to me?” Asked Doug a little surprised.

“Well because for a long time you have been trying to get me to open up sexually and I’ve either been resistant or not interested. For the most part you have been very patient and understanding with me. I want you to know how much I appreciate that you never put pressure on me to do anything. And I promise you that I will be a little more open to trying some new things with you. I don’t want us to go back to the way things were.”

Doug reached around and hugged Lori planting a kiss on her lips. “You know I love you more than anything in this world. All I want is for you to be happy. I will never put any pressure on you to do anything you don’t want to do. Honestly, just thinking about what I just heard will be enough to carry my fantasy life for the next decade.”

“Oh I doubt that,” laughed Lori. “I know you better than that. This might last you a day or maybe a week before you’ll want another adventure.”

“That may be so, but right now I want to enjoy the one I have,” said Doug squeezing her between his arms. Lori turned to face him and they wrapped their arms and legs around each other and kiss passionately. For several long minutes they enjoyed the simple pleasure of just being together. It wasn’t long before Doug began to kiss down her neck and shoulders.

Lori pulled up her shirt allowing him access to her midsection. As he kissed up her body he removed her top exposing her beautiful breasts. He delighted himself in sucking on them, feasting on them as if it was his last meal. Lori couldn’t believe how much she had missed that. Anne was right, sex with a man was not better but different in a good way. Lori had to admit to herself that she had missed it more than she thought she would.

Doug worked on her breasts until both of her nipples were standing hard and erect. Then he traced a long trail down her body. He helped her out of the boy shorts. Then he progressed down the length of both of her legs reaching her toes delicately licking each one. Lori moaned with delight. She could not believe that even after all the sex she had the week before that she would still be craving Doug’s touch. Sivas Escort Bayan As Doug worked his way up her legs kissing, licking, and nibbling on her thighs, Lori’s anticipation grew with every inch. Lori couldn’t put her finger on it, but it seemed that Doug was demonstrating more passion than she had seen in him in a long, long time. By the time Doug arrived in the area between her legs, Lori was dripping in her own juices.

Without hesitation Doug dove in like a lion devouring its prey. Lori moaned pulling on Doug’s hair while rubbing her legs on his back. She twisted and squirmed under him as he engulfed her pussy with his mouth. Lori began to ride his mouth pushing her backside up and down thrusting herself deeper into his waiting mouth. All Doug could do was to hang on for dear life. He fucked her with his tongue while rubbing his nose on her clit. Lori threw her head back in pure ecstasy. The orgasm that came didn’t build like it usually would. It simply exploded in wave after wave of gut wrenching passion.

“Oh, God,” cried Lori, “I’m coming!”

Doug held on as best he could until Lori came down from her spasmodic climax. Before she totally calmed down though, she lowered her legs and pulled him up her body. As he came up she wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him deeply, passionately, hungrily not letting him come up for air. Lori used her hands and legs to wrestle his boxer shorts off. She wiggled her hips under him positioning herself to receive him. In one quick, swift move he inserted his rod in her. She groaned into his mouth as she wrapped her legs around his backside and began to grind her pussy against his body. Once again Doug felt like he was not in control. Never in their seven years of marriage had Lori behaved this way. He was so hard and so turned on that he knew he would not last long.

Doug began to rock slowly at first but Lori would have nothing of that. She bucked underneath him moving her ass up and down forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her waiting pussy. There was nothing Doug could do but simply ride the wave of passion that now seemed to consume his wife. All he knew is that he loved her at this moment more than he ever thought it was possible to love someone. He began to feel the familiar feeling in his balls. He knew it would come soon and there was nothing he could do to stop it. As much as he wanted to savor this moment, Lori was literally squeezing the cum out of him.

Doug pulled back his face from Lori’s mouth long enough to say, “I’m coming!”

At hearing this Lori intensified her movements. Doug could feel her pussy walls squeezing him, fucking him instead of the other way around. Almost simultaneously as he began to explode Lori threw her head back and once again began to moan as another orgasm poured through her body. Both of them now moaned and groaned into each other’s mouths as they rode the wave of pleasure.

Once they both calmed down Doug slowly and tenderly rolled off Lori’s body. He continued to kiss her face and neck and shoulders while massaging her breast with his hands. Lori could feel Doug’s cum pouring out of her open hole. From the feel of it Doug had saved up his cum during their time apart. Lori felt so fulfilled and satisfied. She had to admit that the week she spent with her sister and Jen had awakened something in her that up to now have been dormant. She looked over at Doug watching him breathing hard as he tried to catch his breath. She ran her hand down his chest to his stomach until it reached his now semi-hard cock. It glistened with a mixture of their juices. Lori leaned over and kissed him while reaching with her left hand to massage his cock. The heated lovemaking session must have affected him sexually, because as soon as Lori’s fingers touched his cock it sprung to life again.

Lori stroked it gently feeling the mixture of their juices on her fingers. She started to kiss down his body nibbling on his nipples while she sucked them. Doug moaned at the feeling of pleasure surprised that he would be this aroused so soon after ejaculating. But there was something about the way that Lori was making love to him that was so different than anything they had done before. It was almost animalistic in nature. He waited with anticipation to see what Lori would do next. When Lori reached his cock it was rock hard cock. She started kissing and licking the base working her way towards the underside until she reached his balls. With her right hand she slowly massaged his hard cock while she engulfed his sack in her mouth. She could taste her own juices that had obviously flowed out of her pussy while he was fucking her. She raised his sack and began to lick the gap between his anus and a sack.

Doug could not get over the pleasure she was giving him. She was doing things to him that she’d never done before and she seemed to be enjoying it. Her mouth was like magic as it explored places it had never been before. Lori Escort Sivas reached up and grabbed his hands and placed them underneath his knees as she pushed up his legs. Then she once again stroked him with her right hand while continuing to lick and suck his balls. The next thing she did sent shockwaves all the way up and down Doug’s body. She started lick his anus forcing her tongue into his virgin hole. Doug threw his head back in sheer pleasure not believing that his young, shy, beautiful wife was doing this nasty thing to him that he always wanted to experience. At that moment it seemed to Doug that his once shy, reserved wife had broken through the shell and now was a wanton woman.

It wasn’t long before Doug was once again at that point of no return. He looked down and he can only see the top of his wife’s head as she worked on his anus. Doug groaned and moaned those familiar sounds indicating the proximity of his climax.

Immediately Lori moved her mouth over the tip of his cock and began to suck it moving it deep into her throat. Doug looked down in complete surprise. Normally Lori would blow him but only up to the point just before ejaculation. Only once had she allowed him to come in her mouth. After that experience she refused to let him do that ever again. Now here he was about to explode and she was sucking him for all she was worth.

Doug felt that he should probably warn her that he was close. He didn’t want to assume that this new passion that had overtaken Lori would include her doing something she swore never to do again.

“I’m close,” warned Doug as he thrust his hips up toward her mouth. Lori didn’t miss a beat but continued to work the length of his cock into the back of her mouth. She then took her finger and inserted it gently into his anus. Doug grunted like a wild boar at the feeling of the insertion of Lori’s finger into his ass hole. Never before had Doug felt anything as erotic and pleasurable as what Lori was doing to him right then and there. He couldn’t hold it any longer as his cock exploded in her mouth. Lori didn’t miss a beat as she swallowed every drop and continued to milk his balls until Doug was bone dry. She continued to gently kiss massage his cock until it went limp in her mouth.

“Oh my God, that was the most amazing thing you have ever done to me,” said Doug still trying to catch his breath.

“Did you really like it?” asked Lori truly pleased with herself that she could satisfy her man so completely.

“Words cannot describe how good it felt,” replied Doug.

“Mmm, I’m glad you liked it, because from now on there’s a lot more where that came from,” smiled Lori as she worked her way back up Doug’s body until she came face-to-face with him.

They kissed and for the first time Doug tasted his own cum on Lori’s mouth. What a turn on that was for him. He kissed her hard exploring the depth of her mouth with his tongue. Lori moaned softly into his mouth once again pleased with herself that she could pleasure her husband. She had to admit that his cum didn’t taste as bad as she had remembered and she cursed at herself for denying him this pleasure for long.

“God, I love you,” whispered Doug coming up for air. Her 5’9″, 130 lb. body laid over her six foot frame. He reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks spreading them. Once again she moaned this time in his ear.

“How long before you can go again?” Lori asked in a little girl voice as if she were asking her daddy for some candy.

“Again? Wow, maybe I should let you go away more often,” replied Doug.

Lori raised herself up and slapped him gently in the arm. “You are such a pig,” she retorted.

Doug laughed, “That might be true, but I’m your pig and don’t you ever forget it.”

Lori was now sitting on his stomach running her hands on his chest. “Yeah, you are my little piggy,” she replied smiling at him sheepishly. “And my little piggy wants to see his wifey have sex with her sister.”

“Damn right he does,” grunted Doug. “What man alive wouldn’t want to see that especially two hot sexy women like you two?”

“So you think Anne is sexy?” asked Lori.

“She’s your sister and you two look so much alike it is almost scary. And you are by far the sexiest woman I know so yes I think she is sexy in her own way,” answered Doug.

“Awww, you are so sweet to say that. And I can say with truly authority that Anne is every bit as sexy as you could possibly imagine,” replied Lori.

“Well, actually I don’t have to do a lot of imagining when it comes to that,” responded Doug.

“What do mean? Have you seen Anne naked?” asked Lori in a bit of a surprised tone.

“As a matter of fact I have,” replied Doug. “It happened about three years ago when we took that vacation in Florida together. I was in the pool with the kids and Jim was cooking on the grill. Johnny had to go to the bathroom and so I hopped out of the pool to take him but he just took off. By the time I caught up to him he had busted into the bathroom. I didn’t know that Anne was in there taking a shower until I came through the door chasing him. She was totally naked drying her hair with a towel. I bolted out the door as fast as I could but not before I could an eyeful.”

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