Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 13

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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I highly recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted is purely fictitious, as well as the story line except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


The next morning after Louise and I spent the afternoon together, I was just about to make my morning cappuccino when Maureen called. It was early even for her, but I knew why so I decided to have a little fun and not make it easy for her.

As soon as I answered…”Well?”

“Well what Maureen? And don’t I even get a ‘Good morning Sweetheart.’ anymore?”

“Good morning Sweetheart. Now you know very well what.”

“No I don’t Maureen.”

“I want to know about yesterday, and if I was right.”

“Right about what?”

“Why are you making this difficult?”

“I’m not Maureen, I just don’t know what you’re talking about as far as being right. Might be because I haven’t had my caffeine fix yet. You should know by now how I am until I do.”

“Yes I do, so let me be more clearer for you…did you and Louise get intimate? Or put another way…’fuck’?”

“Is that why you called? To find out if Louise and I had sex?”

“Yes! Now don’t make me come over there to get an answer. If I do, I’ll strangle it out of you if I have to.”

“Let’s do this Maureen, allow me to have my cappuccino first, then I’ll call you back. Okay?”

I didn’t get an answer so I asked again. Still no answer, and it’s when I realized she hung up.

Just as I finished making my cappuccino the doorbell rang. It was Maureen, and by how she was dressed, she did so hastily. No make-up either, and “bedhead” for hair, which meant she hadn’t even showered yet.

Soon as she was inside the house…”Now don’t make this more difficult than it has to be. Did you and Louise get intimate?”

“Let me make you a cup of cappuccino before I answer. By the way, do you always look so good first thing in the morning?”

“Very funny Lacey.”

Once we were sitting at the kitchen table with our cappuccinos…”Now what is it you wanted to know about me and Louise?”

“I don’t even have to ask any longer. By the way you’re jerking me around, I already know the answer. Now the question is, are you going to share with me what took place?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Of course I do, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you so early in the morning looking like something the cat dragged in if I didn’t. Now you don’t have to share all the salacious details, just what transpired in generalities. And if it makes you feel more comfortable, Carol’s probably having the same conversation with Louise as we speak.”

“She probably is.” And added jokingly…”I hope Louise is giving her a hard time too.”

“Me too after what you put me through.”

“Let me start by saying you were right in that we were intimate. But it was probably as much my doing as Louise’s. As for you thinking she might be submissive…she’s not. Somewhat aggressive maybe, but not timid or shy in any way. And while I’m far from an expert, she’s pretty much your average bisexual in that she simply enjoys Sapphic sex. She’s a lot like you and me, Carol too even though I don’t know her as intimately as you do.”

“I’d be batting.500 if I were a ball player, so I don’t feel bad about not being 100% correct.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to know?”

“Of course, but for now, just what led to you two getting intimate.” While she didn’t press me to share the all the salacious details, eventually she would. Maybe not today, but I could bet my life she would at some point, and soon.

“All I’ll say is we first got frisky in the hot tub before ending up in the bedroom. And as I indicated before, it was probably me more than Louise who was responsible for initiating things. Once we were in the bedroom, we had a very enjoyable time together. She’s a doll. Everything about her is adorable, and it was like having sex with an eighteen year old in many ways because of how petite she is. And she’s just as energetic.”

“I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. And knowing you like I do I’m sure she wasn’t disappointed.”

“She didn’t leave me with the impression she was. As a matter of fact, she insisted on us getting together again. We plan to, but it’s tentative due to her wanting to check on her husband’s schedule since he travels a lot.”

“I think I’ve created a monster.”

“In some ways you have, but I’m not complaining. Now since you’re here, and I was thinking about masturbating before I went bonus veren siteler for my bike ride, would you mind going down on me?”

“You’re insatiable Lacey!”

“Yes I am, but you only have yourself to blame. But it’s not often I have another option to self-pleasuring myself on a weekday morning. After you do, I promise to take care of you.”

“You can’t. Unfortunately it’s that time of month. I flow pretty heavily at first and even have to use Tampax Pearl Ultra tampons when I do. So once again I have to take a rain check, which seems to be the story of my life with you. But forgetting that, I don’t know why I should after you gave me such a hard time this morning. But I will. And only because it’ll be a neat experience to go down on your pussy first thing in the morning before you showered. And here on the kitchen table if you don’t mind since I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

She made me laugh, but before she had time to change her mind, I got a throw pillow from the living room before I shed my robe and was on my back on the table with it under my head. Maureen stayed seated in the chair, and after I scooted towards her I draped my legs over her shoulders.

After grabbing me by the hips she gave me a very mischievous look before taking several deep whiffs of my pussy…”My God Lacey…you smell incredible. Not as fresh and sweet as you usually do, but more like someone who’s cum a number of times. And you definitely are in heat from how pleasantly strong your aroma is, and from how much love juice is already oozing out your cunt. No doubt it’s going to be a very wet orgasm when you do.”

“As horny as I still am from yesterday, expect the worst Maureen. And yes I have orgasmed more than once in the past twenty-four hours, thanks to Louise. Now if you don’t get busy, I’m going to have to masturbate here on the kitchen table in front of you.”

She didn’t hesitate by first going after all the love juice that oozed out my vagina. After she all but devoured every drop, she began licking my labia from my perineum up to my clit in a steady up and down motion as she gradually worked her tongue into my slit. Once my inner labia were parted she concentrated on my fuck hole by licking all around it before inserting her tongue. Soon as it was, she tongue fucked it deep as she could by bobbing her head back and forth.

Suddenly she stopped so she could tell me how I tasted…”You not only smell incredible, but taste wonderful. I can’t even begin to describe it. Exotic as hell. Maybe it’s just me, but I could easily become addicted to going down on your pussy first thing in the morning.”

“I’m sure it can be arranged, Maureen, but for now, please continue with what you were doing.”

She immediately did by taking my now very swollen clit between her lips and began sucking it. I couldn’t help but gasp when she did…”My God Maureen, nobody sucks my clit better. Now don’t dare stop until I cum.”

She didn’t, but along with sucking my clit, one of her fingers found its way to my soaking wet fuck hole and after swirling it around, she inserted it in my asshole and began fingering it.

Between sucking my clit to perfection, and fingering my butthole, it wasn’t long before a much needed orgasm overtook me. After grabbing Maureen’s head, my ass raised involuntarily off the table and I became stiff as a board before I exploded. My body stiffened so much my legs shot out straight while still draped over Maureen’s shoulders, and my toes even flared.

To say I squirted, would have been putting it mildly. If you didn’t know better, you’d have sworn I peed by the amount of vaginal fluids that shot out my cunt. And just when I thought it stopped, I had a second orgasm and squirted again. Obviously Maureen was showered, but she didn’t seem to mind. She even giggled in delight from the way she made me cum twice.

After Maureen had her “breakfast of champions” as she called it, we showered together. Had to. When I squirted, it all but soaked her. I even had to provide her with something to wear for her walk home, and another tampon since hers became over-saturated from a combination of her menstrual fluids and love juice from getting so aroused eating my cunt.

As for me squirting, it seems to be an almost regular thing now. Was kind of intermittent when I first did, and only when my orgasms were very intense. Now I squirt more often than not, and more so it seems when having Sapphic sex, of which the orgasms have been more intense lately than from heterosexual sex.

After Maureen left, and since I showered with her, I decided to forego my bike ride to get myself ready to visit Julie at her boutique/shop. I promised her I would one day this week and hadn’t yet with it already being Friday. I wore a simple floral wrap-around sundress with a tie at the waist that came down to just above the knees, along with sandals. No bra since the sundress had spaghetti straps with a shallow v-shaped neckline and looked better without one, although I was displaying a fair amount of cleavage. bedava bahis And I made sure to wear plain cotton panties because of the warm weather since I “discharge” more than normal when it is and I’m out and about.


As soon as I entered Julie’s shop, I saw her behind the counter tending to a customer who was paying for their purchases. When Julie saw me, she broke out in one of her incredible smiles.

I couldn’t help but smile back. Seeing her luscious lips spread across her face had me remembering what it was like kissing them. Made my nipples ache and my clit throb.

As soon as the customer left, I went up to her to say hello…”And I apologize for not being able to stop by sooner, but it’s been a hectic week. How have you been?”

“Good Lacey, and you?”

To keep things strictly cordial in a public place…”The same, and how has your week been here at the shop?”

“Busy, which for obvious reasons is a good thing.”

Just as I was about to tell her how terrific she looked, Anna, who works part time for Julie on Friday, Saturday and Sundays with it being her busiest days, came up to us and after we said hello, asked Julie about a sundress a customer was interested in. Wanted to know if she had it in a size 4 or 6 P.

“Did you check in the stockroom?”

“I did, but couldn’t find anything.”

“I’m not surprised, I don’t keep many petite sizes in stock since there isn’t much need to. But let me check since I have a better idea where things are since I put them there when they first come in. After she left, it left Anna and I to chat for a bit.

I don’t know Anna very well as I rarely visit Julie’s place on Friday or the weekends. She’s an attractive woman and a few years younger than Julie and I. About five foot three with an average build and around 125 pounds in weight. Pretty facial features with long brown hair that comes down to the middle of her back and is the color of dark chocolate. Beautiful olive skin tone from being of Italian descent, of which the latter is also reflected in her personality. Very vivacious and feisty at times. Probably hot tempered too, although I’ve never seen her when she’s lost it.

As for her personal life, I know very little about it. Although she had to be married since she wears a wedding band.

Once Julie was out of hearing range…”Knowing Julie for as long as you have Lacey, what do you think of the ‘new’ her?”

“If you mean by the way she dresses now, I think it’s great. You?”

“I think it’s wonderful, and long overdue. Plus her personality is so different, which was very noticeable more so first thing this morning for some reason. She seemed like a totally different person, and in a good way. When I asked about it she kind of shrugged me off.”

“I wouldn’t be concerned since it’s all been for the better.” Even though I had a good idea why her personality might have seemed noticeably different…”She might be going through the ‘change’. I know it’s affected me in ways I never imagined.”

Eventually I became aware Anna kept sneaking a look at my cleavage when she thought I wouldn’t notice. When she suddenly realized I did, she began to blush. Just as I was going to say something to put her at ease and I was flattered by it, Julie returned.

“I couldn’t find anything in petite sizes either. Let the customer know I can order the dress in her size, but it’ll be about a week before it comes in.”

While still blushing somewhat, Anna couldn’t leave fast enough to inform the customer. I became curious for some reason, and when I stepped away from the counter to look around the clothing racks was surprised to see Louise with Anna.

Soon as she saw me she gave me one of her cute dimpled smiles, and after excusing herself, came up to me and gave me a big warm hug.

“How nice to see you again so soon Lacey. And you look fabulous as always.”

“You do too Louise, and I didn’t know you shopped here.”

“It’s the first time I have. I don’t know why I haven’t before based on the great clothes it has. Been by it a hundred times and I never thought to stop in. You?”

“I’ve been shopping here for years. And let me introduce you to Julie, the owner and sole proprietor.”

After I did…”Now I know why Anna asked me about a size 4 or 6 P. You are petite.”

“Unfortunately it makes it hard to find clothes without having to resort to a place that caters to teenagers. Most places for adult women’s clothing keep a limited number of petite sizes on-hand. But it’s a nice problem to have versus having to shop for something in a plus size. And while I’ve resorted to buying clothes online, it’s only when I have to. At best it’s a 50-50 proposition since you don’t know if it’ll fit just right, or if you’ll like it once you see it on you. Then there’s the hassle of returning it, along with the expense.”

After Louise explained her dilemma shopping for clothes…”If you promise to shop deneme bonus here on a regular basis, I’ll be sure to keep more clothes in your size as long as you give me an idea what style clothing you prefer. Speaking of which, I’ll be happy to order the sundress you like.”

“Thank you…that’s very nice of you, and yes I will make it a point to shop here more. I love the selection of clothing you have. And now I know why Lacey always looks so good.”

“So much for best kept secrets, not that I was trying to keep Julie’s place a secret.”

Louise then checked the time on her cell phone before saying…”I hate to run without getting to know you better Julie, but I need to meet someone in fifteen minutes.” After she gave Julie her cell phone number so she could let her know when the dress came in, she said her goodbyes to her before she turned to me and gave me another big hug. Only this time with a kiss. Not a long lingering one, but a tad longer than I would have liked in front of Julie…or in public.

As soon as she left, Julie couldn’t help but ask if we were good friends…”Seems you two know each other very well.”

“I guess you could say we do, and she’s the sweetest person once you get to know her.” Not wanting our discussion to become about Louise and I, and after looking around to make sure no one could hear us…”So how have you been relative to what took place Monday. I hope you have no regrets after you’ve had more time to think about it.”

“Absolutely not. I’ve actually been kind of on cloud nine ever since and I’m sure it shows.”

“Seems it has as Anna noticed. And while I might be wrong, she gave me the impression she thinks a lot of you. And I don’t mean in a way in which some employees admire their boss. While she didn’t say anything in particular, I couldn’t help but get the feeling she’s somewhat taken with you.”

“It’s funny you should mention it since there’s something I need to talk to you about relative to Anna, but not here of course. Would you mind meeting me for coffee on Monday again?”

I didn’t have to think about it much…”I’d love to. Same place and time would be good.” Then after looking around again…”Do you have anything else in mind other than a conversation over coffee?”

After she gave me another one of her incredible smiles…”I’d be lying if we couldn’t get personal again. You?”

“I’d be disappointed if we didn’t.”

Just then Anna came up to the counter to use the register with another customer. When they did I excused myself to look at some new sundresses Julie mentioned she got in. After trying on a few, I fell in love with two. By then, the shop was beginning to fill up with customers so I decided to be on my way so Julie could tend to business. But not before we reaffirmed getting together on Monday.

On the way home, I couldn’t help but wonder what the odds were to meet Julie and Louise in the same place after having sex with both of them for the first time just days apart. I also couldn’t help but think how different it was with both of them. Julie couldn’t have been more caring and loving, while Louise was a lot more rambunctious. But being experienced as she is, she knew exactly how and when to do all the right things…and very well. While Julie was very unsure of herself because it was her first time with another woman, the sex was still very “personal”. Whereas with Louise, it was more of a physical thing. If asked who I enjoyed more, it would be Julie, but not by much.


With it being Friday, Jim and I went out for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant as soon as he came home from work. We asked for a booth so we could have a little more privacy than usual. On the menu was a once a month special of homemade four cheese ravioli with Braciole. The four cheeses being parmesan, provolone, ricotta and romano. To say both were anything but excellent would have been an insult to the chef and owner.

As we were enjoying our meal, Jim asked me how my week was.

“Better than yours I suspect.”

“That wouldn’t be hard.”

Although I already knew his week wasn’t the best, he didn’t share the details with me as he usually makes it a practice to keep work and our home life separate. The only time he’ll discuss anything with me is when he has a personnel issue with a female employee, and asks for some advice.

“You didn’t answer my question. How was your week?”

All week I’ve been procrastinating about whether to tell him about Julie and Louise. And with him being occupied with work issues it was easy to avoid it. But now I didn’t have an excuse. When we first discussed my bisexual curiosity he all but gave me his blessing to explore it. While I was hesitant about doing so at the time, he point blank said…”If an opportunity should ever arise, you might want to think about taking advantage of it.”

Once he learned about Maureen and I, he pretty much accepted my bisexuality without any qualms. His only request was that I share with him any extra-curricular activities I had with other women, and at the time, all the salacious details as he put it. So I bit the bullet, and while not getting into specifics, shared with him about Julie and Louise.

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