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Big Tits

**Author’s note:

*This story was originally written for — and won – a contest at another site. I post it here for my friends here at Lit. I hope you enjoy.

*Also: there is bisexual male content in this story. You have been warned.*


I was hopelessly lost. The company had sent me to meet with a potential client, so here I was, hundreds of miles from home, driving a rented car, with no clue where the hell I was. The map the girl at the convenience store had drawn me was totally fucked up, and I was sure I’d made at least one wrong turn anyway, so there I was.

At least I wasn’t in a part of town where the walls were all covered with graffiti, but nevertheless, I could tell that it had seen better days.

I finally figured, ‘Fuck it, I’ll try to get to some kind of lodging and food, and I’ll deal with it when it’s daylight again.’ The lights of a bar showed a block or so ahead of me, so I decided to grab a quick drink and get some advice on a place to stay the night.

As I pulled up to the bar, I noticed the rainbow awning. “Oh shit,” I mumbled. Then I reasoned, “At least nobody I know will see me.” I’d done a little bit of experimentation with the other side of the fence in college, but mostly at the behest of a bevy of hot coeds, and eased along by copious amounts of alcohol. Since I’d joined the “real” world, all that free-wheeling shit had been abandoned. I didn’t begrudge anybody their personal lifestyle; I just hadn’t let the past interfere with my present.

I could have moved on down the road to see if there was anything else along the way, but it was getting late, and I was damn hungry. Hopefully this place had a working kitchen, and it was still open.

“Teezer’s,” the elaborate sign in the window proclaimed, and taking a deep breath, I stepped through the door.

Inside, it generally looked like other bars I’d been in, except that this place was significantly cleaner than many of them. The room wasn’t filled with smoke, which was another pleasant difference. I saw some male/female couples inside, but there were an awful lot of same sex couples, hence the rainbow outside.

A few appraising looks were cast my way as I approached the bar, both from male and female patrons. At least, I *thought* they were women, but I couldn’t tell for sure. For a gay bar, it surprised me how sedate everyone was being. I’d been in a few gay bars in my college years, and it seemed that the later it got, the wilder the clientele became.

Anyhow, I finally got to the bar. The bartender was a clean-cut, olive-skinned guy, I’d guess in his early to mid twenties. He was shirtless, which wasn’t entirely unusual in these places, and he displayed a really nice body. He probably got hundreds of propositions a night, I figured, or at least, he was likely the object of many a load shot in the privacy of many patrons’ homes.

I waited patiently for him to work his way to me. Finally, he stopped in front of me and turned a set of piercing brown eyes on me. I couldn’t remember feeling like this with another man before. Yes, I’d fooled around a little, as I said earlier, but there’d been no feeling then. It was just booze-induced sex.

“What’ll you have?” he asked, a slight accent tingeing his question. His voice was masculine, lacking the feminine lilt that some gay guys tend to affect.

Quickly, I debated dumping the story on him, then decided to give a capsulated version. “Look, I’m lost as hell. I’m supposed to meet clients in the morning, but I missed a turn or two and it led me here. I need a place to stay the night and *something* to eat, not necessarily in that order.”

He took my explanation without a flinch. “Let me check if the kitchen’s still open. We don’t have a big menu, but at least we can get something in you.” Hypersensitivity to my surroundings threw a double entendre into that statement, but I didn’t think he’d intended one.

“That’d be fantastic,” I responded. “A burger and fries’d be greatly appreciated. And while you’re there, a beer would do me good.”

He turned and got me my order, then said, “I’ll go see if they’re done cleaning in the back.”

I thanked him and started working on my beer. Curiosity got the best of me, and I turned to watch the other patrons while I drank.

The crowd had thinned out a little in the few minutes since I’d arrived. There were two male couples off to one side, three women in a corner, and a mixed pair with a rather uncomfortable-looking guy off to my right. It appeared the interest in me was over, which was perfectly fine by me. I hadn’t come in to get laid; I just wanted food and information on someplace I could crash for the night.

After a little bit, the bartender re-emerged. He came right back over to me and said, “They were packed up for the evening, but I told Phillipe your story. He was ready to be pissy, but when I told him you were cute, he said he’d get you something.”

I blushed at the “cute” bit. Hell, I couldn’t remember ever being called that. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I thought the possibility of “cute” was far behind me. Then kartal escort again, I guessed I had different criteria.

“Thanks a lot. I’ll have to give Phillipe a big tip for accommodating me.”

The bartender smiled. “You better not let Phillipe hear you say that. He tends to take things literally.”

I laughed. The statement hadn’t been meant to be anything, but in here, it seemed almost anything said could mean something else.

The bartender then told me, “It’ll be a few minutes yet. Shouldn’t be long.”

A perverse part of me wanted to respond with disappointment, but I had to remember where I was, and that I wasn’t looking for anything beyond a hotel room after I’d eaten, and I was still convinced that my days of experimentation had been over for more than ten years.

A little while later, a tall, thin, dark haired, dark eyed man came in with a plate holding a great looking hamburger and an enormous stack of fries. I could only assume this was Phillipe. When he placed the plate in front of me, I thanked him profusely and watched him silently back away. He stepped up to the bartender and I heard him, in a loud stage whisper, say, “You were right, TJ, he really *is* cute.” I found my face feeling hot again.

Phillipe turned my direction again and gave me a long-distance kiss, then sashayed back to the kitchen. The bartender leaned in and told me, “He’s into older guys. His last steady was in his fifties.” He motioned to my food. “Enjoy. Phillipe’s burgers are to die for.”

While I ate, I continued observing my surroundings. The place continued to empty. The straight couple was long gone, and one of the male couples. All that was left were the one male couple and one of the three women in the corner. I was the only one now at the bar, so it was getting pretty sparse.

At one point, TJ stopped in front of me and asked, “So, whattya think?”

I pointed at the sandwich. “This, I believe, is one of, if not *the* best hamburger I’ve ever had. These are great fries, too. I normally don’t get too worked up about bar food, but this is fabulous.”

TJ smiled again. “That’s great to hear. We get written up in the local “alternative” paper all the time, and we even had an article published in the local mainstream a couple years back. It’s pretty much general knowledge that we have the best food for a bar in the city, but unfortunately, not too many folks are willing to come to a ‘gay’ bar for a night on the town. It’s a pity. Phillipe and the gang could run their own restaurant if they wanted, but for some reason, they hang on here.”

Holding my sandwich for another bite, I admitted, “I’m sure glad they’re here.”

TJ hung in my vicinity for a bit longer. Eventually, he asked, “So, who are these clients you’re here to see?”

I swallowed and told him.

He thought a while, just saying the name of the place over and over. Suddenly, he called out to the pair of men at the table beyond me, “Tommy, isn’t that near here?”

The guy, apparently “Tommy,” started out, “Uh, I think so. Isn’t that over by…”

He was interrupted by the woman in the corner. “It’s four blocks south and ten blocks east of here. It’s an ugly yellow building with red trim.”

I thanked her, then turned back to my meal. TJ said, “There you go. You’re nearly there already. Trouble for you is, there aren’t any hotels nearby. Only rooms are clear across town, and as you’ve already found out, it’s kind of a pain-in-the-ass route, no pun intended.”

I put down the French fry I had halfway to my mouth. “Fuck. What the hell am I gonna do? I sure as hell don’t want to drive all the fuck back and risk getting even *more* lost at an even *later* hour, and even if I *do* get to a hotel, how am I going to find my way *back*?”

TJ thought a while, obviously torn over something. “Look,” he said, “I’m gonna hate myself for saying this, because folks are gonna think I broke my vow not to sleep with customers, but at this point, I say, ‘Fuck ’em.’ I live around the corner. I got a king size and a couch. No damn sense in you going all the fuck back to the far side of town.”

Was I hearing what I thought I was hearing? I was being invited to spend the night at the home of this obviously hot, young bartender. I heard a gasp and a huff behind me, and I knew the two gay guys, Tommy and his buddy, were astounded. My guess was that they’d been trying to get into TJ’s pants and figured that was what I was going to get to do.

The thought of not having to do any more driving sounded heavenly, but I didn’t want to cause anybody any trouble. “Thanks for the offer, TJ, but I couldn’t impose on you like that. I mean, you don’t know me. I could have made up the story about work.”

He waved off my protests. “Don’t worry about it. Let ’em guess. It’ll be fun to hear ’em whine, ‘How come you let a stranger in, an *old* one at that, into your place? You turnin’ into Phillipe?’ I can handle it. Hell, you don’t know anything about me, either. You could end up in my refrigerator, for all you know.”

I laughed and picked up my last fry. “I don’t maltepe escort bayan think you’d tell me about it if that’s what you intended to do. Thank you for the invitation. I accept. The company will be confused, but happy they won’t have to pay for a room.”

“Cool. I’m gonna close up shop here in a little bit. If you can wait a while, you can come with me.”

I finished my meal and told him, “I have nowhere I need to be at the moment.”

TJ gave last call, so I held up my glass for a refill, which he took care of promptly. While I sat there, I could feel Tommy and his friend’s gaze boring into my back. Eventually they left, leaving just the woman in the corner, TJ and me in the place.

After a while, TJ came from the back, wearing a T-shirt which read, “Bisexuality means you always have a date on Saturday night.”

He hit a switch, and all the lights went off but a set over the bar. “You ready?

I got up from my seat and started toward him. The gal in the corner also rose, came over to TJ and gave him a kiss. TJ started introductions, “This is my girlfriend, Bonnie. Bonnie, this is…”

“Ben,” I filled in for him, thrusting my hand out, an automatic gesture when you’ve been in the business world long enough.

TJ took my hand and said, “I’m TJ, if you haven’t gathered by now.”

I smiled. “I picked that up, thanks.” His handshake was firm, not what I expected. I then realized, any experimentation aside, that I had a lot of preconceived notions about what a guy who worked at a place like this would be.

Releasing his hand, TJ asked, “So, you ready, then?”

“Let’s go.”

TJ locked up and I headed to my car. “You can leave that there,” he stopped me. “Plenty do. This doesn’t look like the best part of town, but folks around here are mostly honest. I live close by. It’s not a bad walk.”

I followed TJ and Bonnie down the sidewalk. From my vantage, I examined their bodies. Bonnie had an ass that I’d certainly love to fuck, and the short skirt she wore would certainly make access easy. TJ, on the other hand, covered his ass in tight black denim. I found myself wondering about sex with him. Sure I’d put such things out of my mind when I joined the ranks of the straight working world, but I found my cock hardening at the thought of spending the night with these hot bodies.

Once inside TJ’s home, I was given the grand tour. It wasn’t a huge place, so it took all of two minutes. He wasn’t lying, there was a king sized bed in the bedroom. I wondered how they’d managed to get it in there; it took up most of the room.

Standing at the bedroom door, TJ pointed to the bed. “Well, there it is. Big enough for all of us.”

My shock must have shown on my face, because Bonnie laughed, “Look, stud, you *do not* want to try to sleep on that couch. Trust me.”

I suddenly needed to find out what she was talking about. Yes, I was tired, but I didn’t know if I could sleep in the same bed as two other people. It definitely wasn’t what I’d had in mind when I agreed to TJ’s invitation, and he certainly hadn’t enlightened me at the time.

In the living room, I sat down on the couch. Holy shit, Bonnie wasn’t lying! There was no way I’d be able to get comfortable enough to sleep on that damn thing.

When I came back to the bedroom, they were both grinning at me knowingly. Realizing my stuff was all still in the trunk of the car, I asked with a sigh, “Since I’m imposing, you wouldn’t happen to have a spare toothbrush lying around?”

TJ disappeared for a moment, then returned with a brand new toothbrush, which he offered to me. Thanking him, I made my way to the bathroom.

I hadn’t realized during the brief tour that the bathroom didn’t have a door. Hell, there wasn’t even a sheet or anything to pull across for privacy. This whole deal was getting weirder and weirder, but I needed to get myself to bed.

While I brushed my teeth at the sink, I was shocked when Bonnie strolled in, totally naked, sat herself down, and just started peeing. There was no embarrassment on her part. It was as if this was simply natural, to relieve herself in front of a total stranger.

One thing this situation did deliver, and it was a chance to further examine Bonnie’s body. Her breasts were about medium size. I found myself thinking how well they’d fit in my hands. She also was a true blond, both top and bottom. I knew that was a rare thing. All the women I’d known before were brunettes down below, regardless of the color of the hair on their heads.

“Nice view?” I was stunned by the fact that I’d been caught looking. My mouth was all full of toothpaste yet, so I didn’t respond.

“Wanna touch? It’s okay. I don’t mind. I like guys, too, obviously. TJ won’t care.” With that, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast.

As strange as this whole situation was, and as dumbfounded it had me, I certainly wasn’t going to pull my hand away. Her tit felt as good as I’d imagined, and I slowly kneaded it, then tweaked the nipple, causing her to moan. Next, she placed a wad of paper in my hand and led escort pendik it down to finish for her. When I was done, I dropped the paper and started to rub her pussy.

Of course, I must have looked quite the sight, bending over with the toothbrush protruding from my mouth, a froth of toothpaste on my lips, while playing with this sexy woman’s smoking hot body.

With no warning, Bonnie got up, gave me a peck on the cheek, then grabbed my cock through my pants, saying in a saucy tone, “See ya in bed.”

I stood, amazed, while Bonnie left the bathroom, her gorgeous ass swaying invitingly.

When I finally came out of my stupor, I discovered that I needed to start over with the tooth brushing bit.

Doing so, I went to it, and was surprised once again by TJ sauntering in, as naked as Bonnie had been. He stood beside me at the toilet and just started to pee. I had to think how lucky I was, at least in the eyes of many of the patrons of Teezer’s. There were undoubtedly dozens of guys, and likely girls, who would have given a major body part to be where I was right at that second.

Once again, I was startled by, “Like what you see?”

My mouth was again full of toothpaste, but I did manage a weak grunt to the affirmative. His cock was perfect, just like the rest of him. It wasn’t huge, but I bet that it would swell to truly mouth-watering proportions, given the proper encouragement.

Similar to what Bonnie had done, TJ took my hand and placed it on his cock. When I looked into his eyes, he said, “Yeah, I know about my policy, but if they’re gonna think I did something, I might as well actually do something.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t so tired anymore. I knew I had the meeting in the morning – fuck, it had been morning for a while already. I hadn’t felt a man’s cock aside from my own in a long time, and I’d been drunk when I’d done it before. This time, I’d only had a couple beers, so I couldn’t really use that as my excuse. Maybe back in college I’d actually done it because I liked it.

I did know that I wanted to sample what these two apparently were offering. If I had to, I’d call in both to the home office, as well as the client and make a pissant excuse like a stomach bug, and postpone a day.

I’d never held another man’s cock while he pissed before. It was definitely a different feeling. Standing where I was, and the fact that TJ was shorter than I am, I had to be careful to hold the angle so that he hit the bowl, and not everywhere else.

Finally he finished, and I shook the drops off the tip and let go. Looking into those deep brown eyes, I realized once again that I needed to get my damn teeth brushed once and for all.

While I went back to the business of brushing my teeth – for hopefully the last time – I felt hands at my belt. Looking down, I saw that TJ was on his knees and had started undressing me. I was warming to the idea of sex with TJ and Bonnie, so I just stood there and let him do whatever he was doing, while I finally took care of my tooth brushing.

He took my pants and boxers down at the same time, and smiled when he saw how hard I was getting. Well, fuck, what did he expect, getting me started with Bonnie, then bringing him into the picture? I almost expected him to take me in his mouth when my cock sprang free, but he refrained, turning instead to getting my shirt off.

Before I knew it, I was finished, both with tooth brushing and with clothes. TJ then got off the floor and nodded in the direction of the bedroom.

I said, “Let’s go,” then headed toward the door, reaching out and stroking my fingers across his ass as I went past him.

At the bedroom door, I looked in at a truly delicious sight. There was Bonnie, laid in the center of the bed: her legs spread wide, one hand kneading a breast, the other vigorously rubbing her pussy. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this.

I crawled onto the bed and nuzzled my face down into the soft blond hair between her legs. Her scent was beautiful, her taste even better. Bonnie pulled her hand away as soon as she felt me at her cunt. Happily, I flickered my tongue all over this luscious pussy, eliciting a host of wonderful squeals and moans.

While I ate Bonnie, I suddenly felt hands on my ass. TJ apparently wanted to get into the action, and I sure wasn’t going to deter him. His fingers felt great on my skin, and one hand slid from my ass down between my legs, caressing my balls and hard cock. Now, I was moaning as much as Bonnie, but it certainly wasn’t going to make me stop what I was doing.

I felt the bed move, and next, I felt warm breath against my privates. Hoping I knew what was to come, I shook my hips a little, to encourage TJ into whatever he had in mind. Next, his tongue was running all up and down my hard-on, and I was going nuts.

Bonnie was getting close to an orgasm. My tongue was doing the trick for her. She started to squirm even more than before, and the juices literally flowed from her pussy. When I pushed two fingers into her sloppy hole, she arched off the bed and screamed. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face even deeper into her crotch while she came. I didn’t stop licking, even though I could no longer breathe very well. I found myself hoping that her peak would subside quickly enough that she’d release me so I could get some air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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