Louise Sexploration Ch. 01


Louise has long black hair and deep brown eyes. What some might call a wide glide at five foot six and one hundred ninety pounds she wasn’t petite but soft in all the right places. Double ‘D’ breasts, half-inch long nipples, wide hips and rounded globes for an ass, what more could a man ask for? Full of the ‘you had better please me, now’ attitude especially when it came to sex.

We had married young, before either of us were even legal to drink, so naturally we celebrated my twenty-first by buying a few drinks at the local convenience store on the way home from work. That night changed everything.

After consuming over half of the bottles of beer we started making out on the couch and she had asked me if my fantasy was having two women like most guys, and I had answered (dishonestly I might add.) “I hadn’t thought about it but I wouldn’t turn it down I guess.”

“Oh” she said, with a hint of disappointment on her face. Now I am getting excited cause I am thinking that she is wanting that sort of thing. So I opened Pandora’s box and asked, “Why, hon?”

“It’s just that most guys do, and well I was sort of wanting to. Well if guys can want two girls then a girl can want two guys, that’s fair!” she said defensively and in a rush. “Gina says that one of these days she is going to do it as soon as she finds the right guys. But then she wants gay guys for some reason. And I am thinking they would be too interested in each other to do me much good.”

I am sitting there stunned and stoned and I don’t know which made it worse. My wife is all but saying she wants to fuck other men. “what, am I not good Escort Bayan enough for you?” I asked.

“That isn’t it, its just that you can only be in one place at one time, if you know what I mean. You know how I like it in the ass as much as I do in my pussy. Gina and I were talking about it once, and she had told me that she bought matching dildos just to try it. She had tried to get her boyfriend to use one on her pussy while pumping his dick in her ass, but he wouldn’t do it… hey… would you?” she looked at me then as though some thought just struck her.

I am thinking that since we don’t have any sex toys, I won’t be called on it, “yeah I guess I would.”

“Well then let’s try it” she says, and goes into our bedroom and rummages around in her dresser. I am floored of course because I didn’t know that she had one at all.

“Where did you get that?” I asked as she came out with a seven or eight inch flesh colored dildo.

“Gina got me one for my birthday last year, she said every girl should have at least one, but should have several different sizes to fit her mood. Kind of like shoes.” She finished with a giggle.

Thinking that this Gina chick has got to go, I ask “Have you used it?” feeling sort of betrayed by this already, but for some damned reason kind of turned on.

“Of course, silly, I actually kind of like it. Not as good as the real thing of course, but close enough once it is warmed up.” She said as she tossed it down in my lap. She then made sure all the blinds were tight and the door locked and started to finish getting undressed. Louise sat down on the Bayan Escort edge of the recliner and leaned back spreading her legs showing me her dark haired pussy. She started running her finger down the slit clear to her ass hole, watching me, knowing I love to watch her masturbate. “Have another drink baby while I give you a show, in fact give me the toy while you get another beer.”

Not knowing really what else to do, I walked over and handed to her, she reached up and pulled me down to kiss her wrapping her arm around the back of my head. When she finished kissing me, deeply, which I eagerly returned thank you very much, she pushed my head down to her breasts which I greedily started sucking one then the other. Louise moaned softly then growled as she pushed me away, “go get your beer and have a seat.”

I got my drink and sat back across the room from her on the couch. She tossed on leg over the chair arm twisting herself so that her pussy was directly facing me and tilted in such a way I could see the little brown eye below if she would spread those ass cheeks a bit, which she did. She started by rubbing her self then dipping one then two fingers into her wet pussy. Slowly she worked her fingers in and out drawing enough of her pussy juices out to soak her fingers up past the knuckles. She then started to slide her fingers up and all the way down so that soon the entire crack glistened with her pussy juices. Then, seeing that I was totally enthralled she pulled out ‘the toy’ as she called it, that I had totally forgotten about. She started by rubbing its head up and down her crack in place Escort of her fingers, then she eased it in her pussy slowly, moaning the whole time as it entered her. I sat there mutely turned on and jealous, jealous of plastic for crying out loud. As my shame of being jealous of a piece of plastic over-rode the jealousy, being turned on by it started taking precedence and I was as hard as a rock. So hard it was starting to hurt. So I striped down the rest of the way as well.

Louise laughed,” that’s right baby I knew I would still turn you on. Now come over here and help me do it right.” Normally that would mean my sucking on her clit while she would tweak her nipples but with this I wasn’t sure how this would work. She saw my dilemma and saved me from wonder, “come here and suck my clit and pump that cock in and out of me.”

I grabbed the base of the soft plastic cock and gently worked into her about three or four inches and started to lick her clit. “That’s right, work it all of the way in, it won’t hurt me.” I complied thinking that this thing is pretty much the same size I am. So now she is getting the feeling of me being inside her while at the same time I am sucking on her clit. I used my lips to wrap around her clit and started to suck on it, hard just like she loves. Simultaneously I worked the fake cock in and out of her pussy, hearing the wet noises as it comes out. Louise grabs the back of my head moaning loudly, “harder, fuck me harder!” while grinding her clit into my mouth. So I complied by pumping the dildo into her a bit more vigorously, still worried I may hurt her. She started screaming as she came then she clamped her thighs down freezing me in place, her fingers digging into my scalp as the full orgasm swept through her body, then she gasped and collapsed back onto the chair. Only then did I realize I blew my load all over the front of the chair.

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