Love and Death

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“Third time’s the charm.” Eugene Gwandoya said, as he prepared to set the ball to his star middle hitter Alaina Lampur. They were finishing up an individual practice on a Tuesday afternoon. Eugene’s mind wandered as he thought about that morning, the argument he had with his wife as they left the house. She was on her way to work at the day care center and he on his way to his office, which was in the same building as the gym. It was about money, of course. It had been a common quarrel between the two and Eugene was wondering if all the trouble was worth it anymore. They had not been in love for years.

“I can’t get it, I don’t see the point of doing this over and over again if I can’t fucking get it right.” Alaina had been working on shifting her weight appropriately while she hit, and could not seem, to get the move to flow. It was hard for her to unlearn the technique she had picked up in her seven years of high school ball. Eugene turned towards his athlete and placed his hands on her shoulders. Looking directly into her eyes he said, “you can’t just give up, changing things like this takes time.” He let his hands linger a moment longer than he needed to and they both realized it. He removed them quickly, but to his surprise, Alaina only drew closer. She arched her mouth up to his and kissed him, tentatively at first, but it soon grew tumultuous tongue slamming. Swirling and twisting in each others wet mouths, experiencing a feeling that was so wrong, but yet so right.

They parted and stood looking at each other. The tension was so thick you could have beat it down with a dildo. “I, I’m sorry” Lampur said as she slowly backed away from him. Eugene just stood there not knowing what to say. Alaina had retreated to the locker room, happy to have one safe haven where she could hide her embarrassment. She heard a noise and looked towards the door. Eugene stood in the door with madness in his eyes that could only be instilled by lust. He walked to her and looked into her eyes. She did not see her coach anymore. She just saw a man, at the mercy of his own animalistic impulses, no longer able to resist or control them. He was a slave to his own madness. He pulled her spandex around knees and thrust his middle and ring finger his right hand into he majestic kartal escort bayan cavern. He moved them in and out of her juicy cunt as her body straightened and collapsed against his. He ran the index and middle finger of his left hand up and down her slit, finding her aroused clit, slowly moving his fingers in a circular motion around it. She shuddered. Her hand had already made it don the front of his shorts, feeling the hard veiny goliath that resided there.

“I would like to see you in my office.” He said, withdrawing his dexterous fingers from within her. He walked out of the locker room smelling them. She left soon after, making her way to his office as quickly as she could, the space between her legs aching for him. She entered his office and shut the door behind her. She approached her coach. He shoved his fingers in her mouth, “Taste yourself whore, tate it.” He said. Alaina ran her hands down Eugene’s chest, stopping momentarily to stare into his dreamy eyes. “Set me up baby”, she crooned. “Don’t worry” he said, returning her stare and placing his hands on her spandex-laden hips. “I am an experienced setter.”

He rhythmically removed her top, her body glistening with sweat. Alaina looked at Eugene and whispered, “What if your wife finds out?” Eugene, lifting his head from her muff, ” I’m not supposed to talk with a full mouth. But she can go fuck that Persian she met at Bed, Bath & Beyond.” Alaina stared into Eugene’s hurt eyes, “Lampur” he whispered, “I’m really digging you. I want to feel you against me. I want to be in you.”

Alaina paused, unsure if she should tread down this tumultuous path. “Ok.”

“I need you to do something for me” “Anything” she replied.

“Put me in your mouth.” Eugene moaned, displaying his sexual frustration quite visibly.

She pulled down his nylon windpants, making visible his sculptured nubbin. “Oh,” she said loudly, “I didn’t know you were that big.” “Lampur,” he replied. I didn’t get to this point in my life with only an average sized penis.

Rolling her eyes, she accepted the pork sword into her salivating mouth. He nearly made her vomit. But she loved it. Eugene thrusted his sword in and out, matching the rhythms and sounds of dolphins making love. “Eeeeeeeee,” escort maltepe he said, on the verge of exploding. She pulled away, “Leave some for me, big daddy.” Eugene complied and slapped her across the face with his dangling appendage. She cried out, an ambiguous scream, one which displayed the dichotomy of pleasure and pain.

He slid down her Under Armour shorts, revealing her lubricated slit. His fingers traveled, flirting with her special area. She grew excited, moaning slightly but then quickly containing herself. He inched his penis closer, unsure when to make his last stand. When it made contact, he knew. Her vagina was like a stick of melted butter, if the friction ceased then the moment would be lost. Melted butter, Eugene thought to himself. Melted butter and I’m lactose intolerant. The irony was enough to make him blow right then.

“Coach, just go already. I want your rock hard cock, the ball is in your court.”

Eugene realized life is a lot like volleyball. First there is the set-up, then the attack, and then hopefully the dig. If one is able to do this, then one has volleyed in the proverbial sense at least. But he was wasting time. He thrust, meeting the barrier that was her tight vaginal walls. He was nearly blocked, his large member nearly unable to fit. “OH,” she squealed like a pig with it’s balls in a salad shooter. “You really are horny, coach.” Eugene sunk his head, but thrusted further. In and out, the sweat now glistening on both their bodies. She rubbing her hands on his sculpted chest and he touching her voluptuous chest. Seconds turned to minutes which turned to some more minutes, which eventually turned to hours. It was like battle. He attacking with his nether rod, she defending with her quiver bone. Every now and again, he would quickly pull his penis from her moistened hole and stick it in her mouth, screaming, “Taste yourself whore, taste yourself.” Whoever gave up first in this game would not be a happy camper.

Finally, as Eugene was about to reach apex, Lampur screamed, “Shoot it on my face!” He pulled out, slapping her vagina and chest, while stroking his one-eyed monster.

His ejaculate struck her face and chest and he flipped her around finishing his load on her smooth, round ass.

“Suck pendik escort it off, ” he said, in a dominatrix sort of way.

She was about to engage in the sort of grooming that only comes after a sexual act as this one, when she noticed the looming figure standing in the background.

Eugene’s wife stood in the open doorway, her mouth set in an open gape, fit for only the largest of cocks to be sucked in (she had a really big mouth). She walked into the room, her Persian boyfriend following closely behind her. The door closed behind them. The Persian moved to the corner pulling a gold butterfly knife out of his pocket and flipping it open. Alaina walked up to her coach’s wife, who she had met only a few times at volleyball barbecues. Wiping some of her coach’s spunk of her face on her index finger she inserted it into his wife’s mouth and watched her suck it off. Alaina turned the wife around and threw he onto Eugene’s desk while he only watched in amazement. Alaina tore the wife’s shirt off revealing a pair of milky white tits to big for the constraints of any bra below a double D. Alaina kissed her way down to the wife’s glorious forest and lifted her skirt up above her head. Alaina began to kiss and lick her luscious lips and clit. The wife screamed, “My god, fuck me, fuck me for all I am worth. I’m a free ball, anyone, anyone take me.” The Persian stood in the corner; his pants down around his ankle while his dark hand ran up and down his average sized cock. He had the butterfly knife in the other, he was cutting his arm with it. The blood ran down his arm an onto his erect cock. It pooled in the little nest of black pubic hair that covered his undercarriage. A definite ball handling error.

As for Alaina, this was no jungle ball. She was taking an inside shot on the coaches wife and was definitely making an isolated play on a certain piece of anatomy. The wife called, “Lampur, you definitely get a service point.” As he came and spewed ejaculate into Alaina’s face. It mixed with the come that was already there.

While watching this spectacle and his member grow he had not had time to see the masturbating Persian move from his corner. It was too late, Eugene was dealt an underhanded serve as the Persians knife, covered in blood and semen, was plunged into his throat. The Persian ran out of the room, his average sized Johnson hanging from his pants and flopping and he ran. Alaina and the wife sat by Eugene as he lay on the floor of his second story office bleeding. Making his way towards death.

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