Love in an Elevator


Crazy fun. My girl and I are fascinated with the heightened awareness that comes with exploring our daring fantasies. The feeling is electric, an itch out of reach, like a tickle you can’t avoid.

Our fascination grew almost imperceptibly at first. Sneaking intimate caresses in a dark movie theatre. Making out in a public park. Not knowing if someone would see us. Would they be entertained by our actions? Would they indignantly express their disgust with our indiscretions?

I think we became fully aware at a bar in Kansas City. I could feel the sexual tension between us in the bar. I wanted to take her right there in front of everyone. I was no longer interested in my Guinness or what was on ESPN. I was totally enamored with how she looked at me, the way she would cross her legs again and again, caressing her thigh with one hand and running her fingers up and down her glass with the other and how she pursed her lips after she licked them like she was hungry.

I had enough. I threw some bills on the table and waved at our waitress as I led my girl out the door. With a sly smile she asked where we were going. I smirked and led her back to where we parked in the garage. I walked her right past my truck and up the stairs to the next level. I saw Tekirdağ Escort only a couple of cars on this level. Up to the next level and no cars. I led her over to the elevator and pressed her against the doors

I felt like an animal. I was going to ravage her right there up against the elevator in an empty parking garage. I didn’t care if anyone came by and I wasn’t going to stop for anyone.

She freed my cock from my jeans while I pulled her shirt up releasing her tits from her bra and sucking on her nipples. I pushed her down to her knees, on to the dirty concrete and she wrapped her lips around my cock. I pushed my cock as far as I could into her mouth till her head was pressed against the elevator doors. She had one hand at the base of my cock to prevent me from ramming her throat and the other hand was on my ass teasing me to push harder into her mouth.

I was just about to come when I got a wicked idea. I pushed the down button on the door. She didn’t see me do this as she much to busy in her attention to my cock. Once she heard the elevator in motion she looked up at me in alarm and made to get up. I pressed her into the doors. I held my cock in her mouth. I wasn’t to going to let her get up.

The doors Tekirdağ Escort Bayan opened and she nearly fell on her ass. As she fell into the elevator, she spun around searching the small room for the occupants she knew would be there. I was fast upon her, reaching for her. I wasn’t going to let her recover. She turned back to me, smiling at me, like you got me. I knew she was about to make a smart comeback, but I turned her around and pressed her against the wall as the elevator doors closed.

I attacked from all directions all at once. My left leg went between her legs forcing them slightly apart. My right hand went to work on her belt buckle and zipper. My left hand groped at her tits and tugged at her nipples. Using my forehead, I pressed the left side of her head against the wall and assaulted her ear with my mouth and tongue. Both of her hands gripped the elevator railing as she allowed herself to be taken by me.

As I pushed her tight pants down to her knees, I stepped away and pulled her hips to me. She was now bent over, gripping the elevator railing as I plunged my cock to the balls into wet pussy. She yelled at my forceful entrance and I gripped her hips with both hands and long dicked her cunt. I was hitting Escort Tekirdağ her pussy so hard that her head kept hitting the wall despite her grip on the railing.

Even though we were still on the third floor I couldn’t imagine that anyone on the first floor approaching the elevator couldn’t hear us. As much as I enjoyed long dicking my girl bent over in a dirty garage elevator with her pants around her knees, I wanted to finish this without us getting caught. I willed myself to cum.

Just as I was about to cum, I spun her around and dropped her to her knees. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and with my other hand I ran my cock towards her mouth. She grabbed my ass with both hands and took my cock completely into her mouth. She milked every last drop of cum out of me while I made every effort to stand. Eventually I had to grab the elevator railing with one hand while keeping a fistful of her hair with the other.

She sat down on her ass exhausted and spit out a mouthful of cum onto the elevator floor. She looked back up at me with an expression of exhilarated exhaustion. I helped her to her feet and we went to work on our clothes trying to become presentable. She clung to me as I walked her back to my truck.

As we drove back to our hotel, we talked about our experience in the garage. We both loved it but she felt it was too dirty, too cheap. I thought maybe she regretted it and that perhaps I went too far, but then she stated that next time, (NEXT TIME!?), she wanted to do it in a luxury hotel elevator.

How I love my girl.

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