Loving Aurora Ch. 03

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[Continuing the story of Thorfinn’s passionate, risky affair with his younger sister Aurora. This is a longer chapter which goes into more detail about their relationship and further explores Aurora’s past. There are some references to my Seducing Anya series in this chapter, but as before, you don’t have to have read that series to get into this one. More chapters of both series are in the works.

Be aware, this is a fairly hardcore brother/sister incest romance with some pissing scenes, so don’t read if that’s not your thing.

Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Piss, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


Aurora kept her promise to Thorfinn. During an extended dinner with their parents, she did not make a single sexual innuendo or flirtatious comment, despite drinking her fair share of wine. She didn’t give him any sultry looks or suspiciously fond kisses. After her deeply suggestive behaviour at breakfast, it was refreshing to see her being so sensible.

That didn’t make the meal any less awkward, however. Thorfinn had to look his father and mother in the eye, and make normal conversation with them, while sitting opposite their daughter and pretending he hadn’t spent the last two days fucking her.

I’ve buried my cock in my sister’s tight young pussy and listened to her scream my name, he thought, as he helpfully refilled his mother’s wine glass.

I’ve seen my come dripping out of my sister while she recovered from an intense squirting orgasm, he thought, as he told his father about the civil infrastructure project he was working on.

I’ve officially fallen in love with her, he thought, as he tried very hard not to make eye contact with Aurora. He didn’t think he could handle her mischievous smile right now.

“Magnus, isn’t it wonderful to have our boy and girl home again?” Eva said as the meal drew to a close, beaming at her children across the polished mahogany of the dining table. “I don’t think we’ve ever gone so long without a real family dinner.”

“Personally, I was enjoying the peace and quiet,” Magnus said. He was in his mid-fifties, tall and broad-shouldered like his son, his hair shaved down to a fine stubble. He was dressed rather formally for a family dinner – charcoal slacks and a crisp white buttoned shirt, as though he’d come straight from the office. He was a partner at a successful architecture practice, and usually commuted into the city on weekdays; even on weekends, he telecommuted. “Though I’ll admit the nest was starting to feel a little empty. I’m glad you haven’t entirely forgotten your old man, Thorfinn.”

“I’ll be here more often, going forward,” Thorfinn replied. “We’re hoping to have site prep finished next month. That’ll take a lot of the pressure off my team. It’ll be easier for me to take trips like this.”

“Generous of them to finally give you some time off,” Magnus opined, swirling his glass of sauvignon blanc. “You must be enjoying the rest.”

“So much. I hadn’t had a real break in months.” Even talking about work made Thorfinn feel vaguely exhausted. “The head of department actually told me I should take a few days. He said he’s suspicious of guys who work too much overtime. He thinks maybe they’re hiding from something.”

“Oh? And what were you hiding from?” Magnus asked amiably.

An empty apartment and the memory of Genevieve slamming the door shut behind her, Thorfinn thought. “Having to tidy my place up,” he joked. “I’ve had so much work on I’ve let the housekeeping slide pretty badly. Mom, don’t come visit. You’d have a fit.”

“It can’t be any worse than your old bedroom,” Eva said archly.

“God, I remember. Looked like a tornado hit a laundromat,” Aurora smirked. It was the first thing she’d said in a while. She was on her third glass of wine, and judging by the gleam in her eye, the alcohol was starting to hit her.

“Aura, yours was even worse,” Eva reminded her. “At least your brother didn’t yell at me every time I tried to tidy his room.”

“You wanted to throw all my clothes out!”

“You never wore half of them, darling.”

In fact, Aurora had just never worn clothes much at all. Eva’s nickname for her back then had been the Barefoot Princess, since she never wore shoes or socks at home, and indeed seldom put on more than a tiny skirt and top. Though Eva and Magnus didn’t know it, when they were out of the house Aurora had usually been the Topless Princess too. Thorfinn had seen his little sister’s bare breasts bouncing around more times than he could remember. It was only now, in light of recent events, that he realised she’d been deliberately flashing him the whole time.

“I just wanted to be comfortable in my own home,” Aurora said defensively.

And a body like yours deserves to be shown off, Thorfinn thought. His mind wandered back to their escapades at the cottage earlier that day. Her nude beauty sprawled out underneath him on the sofa, letting him lick and fuck her, then her skilled mouth servicing his bursa escort cock, and her curling up to drowse satisfied in his arms. Her straddling and riding him outside in the garden, daring anyone to see them. Her pissing in the summer sunshine, naked and happy, without a care in the world.

He had to quickly cut off the train of thought, as his erection began to build under the table. As if he needed any more awkwardness.

“Our home, Aura,” Magnus corrected his daughter. “Of course you were allowed to be comfortable. It’s just that your idea of comfort always rather stretched the definition.”

Aurora glanced at Thorfinn, a momentary look that spoke volumes. “Daddy, please can we not have this argument again. Not while Finn’s here.”

“It’s not an argument, sweetheart, just an observation. Anyway, it’s nice to see you so smartly dressed.”

“Well, I couldn’t find a nun outfit,” Aurora muttered. She did indeed look lovely in her white pleated dress, which she’d chosen for its relative modesty. Though in Thorfinn’s opinion, she looked a lot better naked.

“You know, I’ve often thought some time in a nunnery would do you good,” Magnus said, with amusement. Aurora’s expression became decidedly sulky.

Eva was kind enough to change the subject. “Thorfinn, your father and I have been thinking about booking a family holiday. We’re looking at villas in Tuscany, maybe for a week in late autumn, when the crowds aren’t too bad. It’ll be the four of us, like old times.”

Thorfinn had always enjoyed family holidays – his mother had a knack for finding lovely accommodation, and an Italian villa sounded like the perfect antidote to the urban grind. But now normal family life had been permanently upended. It was hard enough to police himself through this one dinner. How could he bear to spend a week with Aurora, being unable to touch her or even kiss her? Living in constant fear that his parents would find out about them?

“Sounds great,” he said hesitantly, noticing Aurora’s nervous look. She’d clearly come to the same conclusion as him. “Depends on my work, though. I can’t plan far ahead right now.”

“Of course. Let us know when you’re sure.” Eva began to serve up the dessert, a peach sorbet sprinkled with fresh raspberries. As she did so, she saw Aurora pouring herself a fourth glass of wine, and frowned. “Aura, darling, that’s enough for you, I think. You’ve had more than any of us already. You’ll be reeling all the way home.”

“I’m not drunk,” Aurora protested.

“Listen to your mother, Aura,” Magnus said.

Aurora sighed and slid her glass away. She gave Thorfinn a weary look.


“God, that was aggravating,” Aurora said, as they walked back to the cottage in the last gleam of light. “They treat me like a child.”

“I mean, you are a pretty difficult kid,” Thorfinn teased her. Now they were safely out of sight of their parents’ house, he was holding her hand, enjoying the warmth of her slender fingers.

“Dad still hasn’t forgiven me for Mel. He won’t ever trust my judgement again.”

Thorfinn pondered that. It was an understatement to say that Magnus had been uneasy with his daughter’s lesbian relationship. To their credit, him and Eva had both tried to be as welcoming as possible to Mel. Unfortunately, the welcome had been wasted on that hostile, argumentative girl. There had been widespread relief in the family when Aurora finally broke up with her.

“What if you told him you’ve started dating a high-flying project manager? With a big dick,” Thorfinn added casually.

Aurora laughed. “So modest. Your ego’s definitely bigger.” She looked up at him with a tired, slightly tipsy smile. “I was good back there, though, wasn’t I? Civilised, like I promised.”

He squeezed her hand affectionately. “I was proud of you. I don’t think Dad suspected a thing.”

“Do I get a reward?” she asked sweetly.

Thorfinn’s penis instantly started to get hard. He knew what his sister’s tone of voice meant. It had been a long day, and he was tired, but not that tired. “You said you wanted a night off.”

“From you fucking me, yeah. I never said anything about fingers. Or tongues.” She poked hers out at him, then licked her lower lip suggestively. “I know you like the taste.”

“I don’t know, babe. It’s late. Maybe I should just put you to bed.”

“Thorfinn, don’t be a bitch. This is me giving you an invitation.”

“An invitation, or an order?”

She shrugged. “Pick one.”

In the end, he took it as both. Back in her cosy bedroom, he stripped her out of that demure dress, laid her out naked on the bed, and made love to her with his tongue. He held her long legs apart as she squirmed and bucked under his thirsty licks. She clutched at his hair, making small, choked gasps as the tip of his tongue flicked between her soft labia. He serviced her perky clit in a rapid darting motion – Genevieve had always loved that technique, and Aurora clearly did too, judging by how oceanically wet it made her.

Her bursa escort first orgasm made her thrust her hips hard against him, forcing her sopping pussy into his face. She squirted a warm, sweet flood that drenched his chin and chest and drizzled wet spots all over the disarrayed sheets. She was still coming when he resumed his work. He was gentler this time, caressing her clit rather than overwhelming it, soothing her pussy with long, deep kisses. When he looked up momentarily, he saw she was now playing with her naked breasts, clutching them close together and toying with her erect nipples. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open in a breathless smile of joy.

At a slower pace, it took him longer to make her come again, but he managed it. Her whole body flexed and arched forcefully as the climax pulsed through her. Her squirting was just as voluminous as the first time, generously soaking both her bed and her brother. He drank her sweet pussy juices as if they were the nectar of heaven. He was rock-hard all the way through it, and fairly frustrated that he couldn’t fuck her again. But after how thoroughly he’d split her pussy open earlier that day, he was willing to give her some rest.

“Come in me,” she whispered to him, as they lay together afterwards. She was obviously exhausted, her hair in a crazed blonde tangle and her makeup smudged in the faint glow of the dimmed bedroom lights. He couldn’t understand how she could still look so beautiful.

He kissed her, hoping she could taste her own pussy on his lips. “It’s your night off, remember?”

“Don’t fuck me. Just come in me. I want to go to sleep with it inside me.” She stroked his erect cock with the back of her hand. “And you need the release. You’re so hard.”

Seeing no reason to argue, Thorfinn knelt between Aurora’s parted legs, holding his erection in one hand, as if he was about to work it into her pussy. A wicked part of him wanted to do just that – force it all the way inside her and fuck her unconscious, no matter how sore she was – but he shook the thought away. He wasn’t an animal.

He stroked the giant cockhead softly up and down his sister’s pretty labia, relishing her quiet “Ohhh…” of pleasure at the contact. He pressed the very tip against the entrance of her vagina. Looking at her pussy in its relaxed, post-orgasm state, it amazed him that he’d ever been able to fit inside it.

“Did you ever do this with Gen?” she asked him sleepily.

“Babe, I don’t want to talk about Gen,” he said, annoyed despite his arousal. Trying to get over his ex was difficult enough as it was. Did the memory of Genevieve really make Aurora so insecure?


Thorfinn began to slowly pump his closed fist along the length of his cock, rolling his thick foreskin forward and back over the head, while keeping the tip kissing against Aurora’s vagina. After being primed to explode for so long, he didn’t take more than a minute to come. He ejaculated his warm, loving semen into her welcoming cunt, making sure as much as possible was spilled into her, while resisting the urge to thrust. When he’d drained his balls, he leaned forward over her for a kiss. Her tongue curled inside his mouth, their warm breath mingling. Hers tasted of wine.

“I wish you were making a baby in me,” she murmured after the kiss. “I hate those fucking pills.”

Thorfinn grimaced silently, remembering their conversation in the garden hours before. He’d never realised Aurora wanted to have kids so much. Twenty-three was pretty damn young to get broody, especially for a free spirit like her. Maybe it was just the alcohol talking.

But he wanted to make her pregnant, too, insane though that was. And he wasn’t even slightly drunk.

“I’ll be godfather to your kids one day. And you’ll be my kids’ favourite aunt,” he promised her.

“Or you could be their father, and I’ll be their mother,” she said, sounding defiant.


“Why do we have to hide like this? Why can’t we just tell Mom and Dad we love each other? What’s so fucking wrong about that?”

“It’s the way things are. We have to be real about it.”

“That’s such a fucking cop-out, Finn.”

“I don’t know what you think we should do. Change our names and run away to South America?”

“Why not? I’ve always wanted to see Peru.”

Thorfinn snorted, though he had an inkling Aurora was being serious. He kissed her and pulled her into his embrace, so they were face to face. “I’ll look at flights in the morning.”

“Make sure they’re first class.”

They drifted off to sleep together, both of them too tired and too comfortable to care about the wet patch on the sheets.


The next day dawned hot and humid. Thorfinn woke up feeling sweaty and dehydrated in the close, soupy air. He lay looking out of the window, watching the clouds scud past over the poplars, not wanting to disturb his slumbering sister. Aurora was clinging to him in her sleep, her soft warm presence feeling so good bursa eskort he thought he could lie with her like this all day.

His cock, however, had other plans. It was colossally erect, the massive veiny shaft jutting up into the warm air, a beam of sunlight from the window crossing it in a curiously artistic way. It didn’t want to let Aurora sleep. It wanted to be so far up inside her she’d need stitches.

With care, Thorfinn extricated himself from her. She mumbled nonsense words to herself as he rose from the bed beside her, but didn’t wake. He left her sleeping as he staggered to the ensuite bathroom, took a very long and very difficult piss, and staggered back, still hard as steel. He was so impatient he barely stopped to admire her naked body before climbing onto the bed and kissing one of her young breasts. He licked the soft nipple, sucking lightly on it, until she stirred beneath him.

“Wake up, Aura. You slept late. It’s nearly noon.”

She groaned, opening her blue-green eyes and squinting groggily out the window. “No, it’s not. You just want to fuck.”

“Guilty,” he admitted. He nibbled that delightful nipple, sucking it harder while squeezing the firm flesh of her breast. She gave a contented sigh that built into a little gasp of pleasure. Her nipple was growing hard and sharp in his mouth. He took her other breast in hand and played with it in the slightly rough way that he knew she liked. Her moan of his name was all the proof he needed.

But when he tried to move on top of her, keen to get the fuck started, she stopped him, keeping her slender legs firmly shut. He thought she might just be playing one of her games, and persisted for a moment, trying to slip his hand in between her thighs. She knocked the hand away, not aggressively, but hard enough for him to get the message. She sat up in bed, her nipple gleaming with his saliva, and gave him an apologetic look.

“I can’t,” she said, almost mournfully. “I’m sorry, I’m just too sore. I need more time. The last two days were so wonderful, but I can’t take any more.”

“It’s fine,” he reassured her. He was disappointed, naturally, but his disappointment was tempered with pride. “We only do what you’re comfortable with. Just let me know when you’re ready.”

She gave him a grateful kiss. “Don’t think my pussy isn’t willing. She loves you. She’s just got to get accustomed to that horsecock you’re packing.”

Thorfinn smiled. “Tell her I love her too. Best one I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, she knows that already,” she said modestly. She put one hand on his yearning erection, stroking down its length to the root. Its engorged shaft was red and monstrous in her dainty fingers. “We’re not taking the day off completely, by the way. I’m still horny as fuck. I hope your tongue is ready, because it’s gonna get a real workout today.”

“It was born ready. How about yours?”

“Tongue’s ready. Gag reflex might need some work, though.” She looked at his penis with apprehensive curiosity. “I hope you’ll go easier on my mouth than you did my pussy.”

Thorfinn looked at his sister’s small, sweet mouth, remembering how she’d struggled to fit it around the head of his cock the day before. “No promises,” he said evenly.

Aurora sighed, as if accepting her tragic fate, and nodded towards the bathroom door. “Let’s shower before we do anything else. I feel so gross. This humidity is fucking awful.”

Even a cool shower wasn’t enough to dampen Thorfinn’s hard-on. It stayed stubbornly huge and painfully stiff, making it almost impossible to cuddle Aurora – the damn thing kept getting in the way, and there was no comfortable way to tuck it when it was that hard.

Aurora found it hilarious. She very deliberately soaped his cock with her closed fists, too slowly to actually jerk him off but provocatively enough that soon she was practically edging him. He almost begged her to make him come, though he knew she wouldn’t be so merciful to her male plaything. After a minute or so, she abruptly stopped her cruel teasing, and simply left him to suffer.

Then, inevitably, she made things even harder for him. “Hey. Watch this,” she said, standing with her feet planted slightly apart under the falling water. She smiled up at him, a sweet and demure smile in contrast with her gleaming-wet nakedness.

The water pooling between her legs suddenly turned gold as a stream of urine started gushing from her pussy lips. It was a strong, healthy jet, more forceful than the shower’s downflow; she’d obviously been desperate to piss. Her smile widened and grew mischievous, but she didn’t move from her pose, or break eye contact with Thorfinn, until she was done.

“Nice,” was all Thorfinn could say, as his cock throbbed with impatience. He wanted to fuck her so badly it was almost physically painful.

“Morning pee. Best feeling in the world,” she told him, wiggling her hips sinuously as the shower washed away her piss.

“Better than sex?”

“Depends who the sex is with. I’ve definitely had some fucks where the pee after was more pleasurable.”

“Not with me, I hope.”

“No. You just cripple me for the rest of the day,” she laughed, stepping forward to kiss him. His erection stroked her thigh as she did so. Even the feel of her wet skin was pure torture.

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