Lucky Buildup Ch. 1


As the sound of the clock radio on the night stand started it’s assault on the quiet morning the only thing on my mind as I awoke was the ironized piece of flesh moving up and down in my hand. Hot as a poker and aching like I had just slammed the window down on it. A few more strokes and I’d have a mess on my hands. My mind says stop but my groin says give it hell. There she blows. Oh, I only wish she were here. What a mess, but what a relief. Now to get up. Not what I had in mind for this morning, after this past week. What a woman. She took me right to the edge and …

It all started Monday morning when I decided it was a bike day. It was a hot humid morning. I decided to ride in jeans and a tee shirt. As I road up the parkway I noticed an old Volkswagen bug on the side of the road with a woman trying to change a tire. As I pulled over to see if I could help she turned around.

She was dressed very smartly in a tailored gray suit, white blouse and black heels. As she approached she walked on her toes so not to sink into the soft grass. I thought to myself “this is a very classy lady.” When she spoke her voice was so deep I could hardly hear what she was saying over the noise of the passing cars. She thanked me for stopping and told me something had broken. I took a look only to find a broken axle. I advised her as to the problem and offered to go for help, as I didn’t think she was the type to take a ride on a motorcycle. Wrong. She asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride to the nearest phone or service station. I took a look at the straight skirt she was wearing and thought to myself, “how she going to handle this?” As we boarded the bike she slid her skirt up just above the tops of her stockings. I nearly dropped the bike.

She just looked at me with a very sexy smile and said “you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.” As we started up the road she slid her arms around my waist letting her hands rest on my lap. At this point I could hardly concentrate on getting into traffic. All I could think of was this lovely lady up against my back with her hands moving on my thighs. I thought to myself, “am I still at home sleeping? This must be a dream. This just doesn’t happen.”

As we rode up the highway I felt her hands tugging at my belt buckle and then at the snap on my jeans. Slowly she slid both her hands into my pants and onto the hardest erection I could ever remember. After about fifteen minutes we came upon a service station and as I pulled in she pulled her hands out.

We went in to arrange for a tow only to learn the truck was out on a call and wouldn’t be returning for some time. As we waited I finally got a chance to ask her name. She told me it was Sandra but said, “you may as well call me honey from the start because that’s what I’ll be calling you.” I was blown away. I was in deep shit and loving it. Then to top that she said “you are now the luckiest person alive. Believe it!” I couldn’t figure this out but it was looking good so far.

As we waited around the station, I noticed they sold lottery tickets. She said I was the luckiest person alive, so what the hell. I bought an instant and a weekly lotto ticket. She just looked at me, smiled and said, “you can take that to the bank.” Yeah sure, I thought. I can never even match one much less three.

As I scratched off the first number $10,000 appeared. Now I knew I didn’t have a shot in hell. Then the second $10,000 appeared. Holy shit! My heart was beating so fast my ears hurt. I scratched off the last and sure as shit $10,000. I could feel my pulse racing and I thought to myself “this is the big one. I’ll never get through this.” As I came back to earth I looked over at Sandra. She just smiled at me with a smile that said “I told you so.” I said “lets go cash this in. Later for the car.”

As we pulled into the lot outside the lottery office all I could think of was, “where did she come from? Why me?”

They gave me a check for $7500, no thanks to uncle Sam. We went next door to the bank and got cash.

When I asked Sandra what she would like to do, her reply was “ride forever.” Well, I was on vacation for the next week anyway so “off we went.”

We returned to the service station and made arrangements to have Sandra’s car towed to a shop and repaired.

I asked Sandra where she would like to go and her reply was “just ride.” “we can’t ride with you dressed like that. Lets get you some riding clothes,” I replied. We stopped at the mall and I bought Sandra an unbelievable black leather outfit, boots and helmet. The outfit was two piece, jacket and pants with zippers everywhere. Sex is the only word to describe it. Sandra really filled it out beautifully. We left the mall with Sandra wearing the new outfit. She looked so good and so so bad. We got to the bike and she put her suit and heels in the saddle bag. Then she unzipped the sleeves and midriff and put them in the saddle bags claiming it’s just to hot now to wear them. How was I going to concentrate on the road with her looking like that. We decided to get a bite to eat before leaving the mall. The restaurant was on the top level and as we rode the escalator I could feel the stares she was getting. Just looking at her gave me the urge to use the zipper running from front Tokat Escort to back between her legs and have lunch where we stood.

We entered the restaurant and were escorted to a booth by a beautiful young waitress. She looked at Sandra as if she was going into heat. We were seated in a booth with Sandra at my side. As soon as our waitress left Sandra’s hand went straight for my belt. It was soon open and her fingers were running along the erection I had maintained for the past half hour. I felt, any minute I would explode, but she was well in control for as I started to get close, out came her hand. She then moved over to the other side of the booth facing me. As I sat there looking at her I realized I had not so much as shook hands with her. She was driving me crazy. Was all this a tease or was there a reason for this madness?

The waitress took our order, her eyes never leaving Sandra for a moment. As she left I asked Sandra, “what was that all about?” Sandra just looked at me and smiled.

The food arrived. As I sat back to enjoy lunch I could feel my erection subside. This was only a short lived condition for as I looked across the table I could feel myself getting turned on again. Sandra was eating asparagus in a cream sauce. No, not eating it. Making love to it with her lips and letting the sauce run off and down to her chin, only to be caught by her tongue. She notice my look and leaned back in her seat. Planting her foot against my re erected prick she began to rub back and forth. As I reached down to touch her foot she gave a little push to tell me “hands off.”

We were finishing up lunch when our waitress came to the table and asked Sandra if she could sit down, as she was on her break. Sandra smiled, ran her tongue slowly across her upper lip and patted the seat next to her. Not another word was spoken. As this beautiful young girl moved in next to Sandra the only sound I heard was the sound of a zipper. The smile on Sandra’s face never changed, but the look in her eyes told me she was being well treated. After about five minutes the girl brought her hand from under the table, kissed and licked her fingers, smiled and left. She returned with the check and to my surprise handed me a note which read, “you could be next. Call me. 555-1232. Stacy.” The check came to $14.00 and I left her an $11.00 tip to cover the entertainment. When we got to the bike I asked Sandra “where to?” Her reply. “just ride.” Just ride had been the bulk of our conversation since we had met. I was curious but what the hell. I was having a good time and I was $7500 ahead.

I decided to go south across the Tappan Zee Bridge and down the Garden State Parkway. We hit the Jersey Turnpike and then the Pennsylvania Turnpike. As we entered the mountains I saw a sign that read “Mt. Lady Lodge. For lovers only”. I pointed at the sign and to my surprise Sandra said “go for it.” As we proceeded up the highway we came upon a general store. Sandra wanted to stop. She asked me for some money and told me to wait outside. She returned with a bag which she put in the carrier on back of the bike. Off we went.

Arriving at the lodge at about 8:30 we found the only accommodation available was the executive suite at $700. Per night. As I signed the register I wondered what could be worth that kind of money. We entered the suite and I began to understand. The main room was a conference room with the 20 foot cherry wood table and 16 chairs being the only furniture in the room. The walls and ceiling were all mirrored. In one wall was a full bar stocked with the largest assortment of beverages I had ever seen outside of a liquor store. As we entered, the soft music and fragrance of flowers surrounded us. The suite had a large bedroom with a king size jell bed. The room was draped in black silk floor to ceiling. The ceiling was a white silk canopy. The rugs were so deep and so white I felt as if I were walking on a cloud.

I entered the bathroom. There it was. The famous heart shaped tub. Not as I pictured it but elevated three steps and surrounded by a brass rail. Overhead hung a large crystal chandelier and above, a mirrored ceiling. Around the room were four dressing tables, numerous closets two bidet, two toilets and a double shower. A great place to socialize. The tub could hold six or maybe more. It was also a jacuzzi. I couldn’t wait. I turned to Sandra. She just smiled and said, “relax and take a shower. It’s been a long day.”

Sandra went into the other room to look around. As I removed my clothes I realized I had nothing else to wear except the robe provided by the lodge. I got into the shower and turned the shower head to massage. What a pleasure. The water was as hot as I could stand and I could feel the tension just drifting away. Then it happened. I felt cool air as the shower door opened and closed. As I turned around my heart jumped. There at the other end of the shower stood Sandra. Her hair was pulled back tight in a pony tail and her lips bright red with fresh lipstick. Her skin looked as soft as a baby’s, but she was no baby. Her breasts stood straight out with her nipples slightly up thrust and erect. Her waist looked so tiny.

Her stomach so flat. As my eyes reach lower a tiny patch of pubic hair leading to Tokat Escort Bayan the prettiest pink lips I could imagine made my head swim and my balls ache. As I started to move in her direction a smile I had begun to know real well told me to stop. Oh shit. What now? As I stood there, my whole body at attention, she took the soap and moved so close I could feel her breath on my chest. She started by washing my face, then my neck, my arms and my chest. She moved around to washed my back and as she ran her hands across the cheeks of my ass all I could think of was, “am I dreaming?” She worked her way down my legs to my feet and back up the front.

Stopping at my crotch, she again moved behind me. She bent me forward moving her soapy hand right to my ass hole. At this point I was almost having trouble breathing. From there she reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, soaping and gently squeezing, then back over my ass hole and up my back. My legs were about to give when she hit the cold water handle. I stood straight up. My prick went straight down. As I was recovering, on came the warm water. Sandra moved in front of me, got down on her knees and soaped up my balls and prick. Then she reached up between my legs to my ass hole and inserted her middle finger as far as she could while messaging my balls with her other hand. I let out a moan. She pulled her finger out of my ass and with one quick smack at my prick it was limp.

As I stood and watched Sandra soap her body I felt defeated. She must have sensed my feelings. She looked straight at me and said, “its no tease. Trust me.” “here we go again,” I thought.

As we exited the shower I handed her a towel. She looked at me, smiled and said, “would you please dry me?” I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought to myself, “dry you. I want to kiss you, feel you and fuck you.” But what I said was, “I’d love to.”

Running the towel over her body I could only imagine what it would be like to put my hands on Sandra’s soft skin, but seeing that smile on her face I knew this wasn’t the right time. Would the time ever come? After drying Sandra and myself I turned to her and asked if she would like to order from room service as I had nothing appropriate to wear to the dining room. Sandra went to the phone and ordered steak and oysters, strawberries and whipped cream. As Sandra hung up the phone she turned to me, smiled and said, “you will need your strength.” She then took her robe from the closet, put it on and added her black heels and the belt from her suit. She took $500 off the dressing table and said “I’ll be back before the food arrives.”

Returning to the closet, I obtained the robe and put it on. As I walked into the conference room I noticed another room. I went to investigate and to my surprise it was a workout room with weights, pressing bench, rings, rowing machine and bicycle. In the corner was a sun bed and through a door was a steam room. Now I could see why the cost was so high.

I returned to the conference room. As I was looking around I came upon a master control panel. One switch had pool printed under it. As I saw no pool, I was curious. I pushed the switch and the drapes on the back wall opened to reveal an outdoor heated pool, completely private. This place was incredible. I closed the drapes thinking I could surprise Sandra later.

Sandra returned with a bell boy carrying quite a few packages. Before he left she gave him her suit and blouse to be cleaned and pressed. I tried to give him my clothes but Sandra stopped him and told him to just dispose of my clothes. She turned to me and said “open the packages.” As I opened the first box I saw a sport jacket and pants. The second contained a shirt and tie. As I reached for the third Sandra stopped me. “that one is a surprise for later.” I thanked Sandra as I carried them to the closet. Then, a knock on the door and the sound of “room service.”

Sandra opened the door and our food was wheeled in and arranged on the conference table. The steak and oysters at one end and the strawberries and cream at the other. I tipped the bell boy. He winked and left. I turned to Sandra, puzzled to see how she had ordered and arranged the food. Steak and oysters for me and strawberries and cream for her. She smiled and said “you’ll see.”

She then asked me to go quickly to the bedroom and put on the new clothes as “we dress for dinner.” I dressed as fast as possible, amazed at how the clothes were the right size. I had to go without underwear as she had them thrown out with my jeans and tee shirt. As I entered the conference room she took my breath away. Sandra had dawned her leather outfit, almost. She wore the pants with the legs removed black stockings and boots. Her breasts were exposed. The nipples were tinted with same lipstick she had on her lips and she had put her hair in a bun and added large ring earrings.

She went to the bar and opened a bottle of chilled wine. As I sat at my end of the 2o foot table. She stood at the other end and with glass in hand and made a toast, “to the luckiest man alive.” I smiled and thanked her. As I began to eat, Sandra picked up a strawberry and ran her tongue around and over it many times before sucking it into her mouth. She repeated this Escort Tokat over and over till all the strawberries were gone, not once touching the whipped cream. I was very turned on but able to finish my meal.

As I looked to the other end of the table, Sandra reached into the large bowl of whipped cream and took a handful. She proceeded to rub the whipped cream into her breasts, repeatedly going back for more until the bowl was empty. Then she stood up and asked if I would like to try some cream. I just smiled. She said I must do it her way and I agreed, not even asking what her way was. She told me to stand and remove my jacket shirt and tie. No sooner said than done. I was so turned on at this point she could have asked for anything. Sandra then ask me to put my hands behind me. From the shopping bag she took a leather strap and tied my hands. Then she got on the table. Lying on her back she said “go for it.” I started for her and my senses clicked in. I said to myself “take it slow. Turn her on. Its time to take over.”

I started kissing and licking Sandra’s neck moving slowly to her ear. As I approached her lips she stopped me.” Only the cream please. My rules, remember?” I returned to the cream, moving slowly in her cleavage up the inside of her left breast circling the erect nipple making sure not to miss any cream. I then moved to the base of the right breast and worked my tongue round and round till I reached the nipple. I sucked and nibbled till Sandra moaned and said, “enough.” As I stood up the engorged head of my prick ran across the silk inside lining of my pants and I thought for sure I was about to loose it. One look from Sandra calmed me right down. It was like she had me hypnotized.

Sandra stood up on the table looking down at me and I was hers. Anything she wanted. As I stood looking up at her only inches away, she reached for the center zipper and all at once her outfit was crotchless. She stood legs far apart allowing me a view of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. She was wet! As I watched she ran her right hand across her pubic hair and inserted her middle two fingers between those pink wet lips. Removing her hand slowly, she brought her fingers to my mouth offering me a taste of honey. As her fingers entered my mouth I could hardly contain the moans coming from my throat. She removed her fingers and brought her hands to the back of my head. Then she surprised me by bending down and bringing her lips to mine. Her kiss was soft and slow, mixed with little kisses and the light touch of our tongues. The rush of blood to my head had me suspended. I couldn’t move, nor did I want to.

As we broke apart I realized her breathing was heavy and she was breaking out in a sweat. “could I be getting to her?” She got down from the table and as she untied me she looked at me and said, “I hope the steak and oysters have taken affect. Are you ready to get serious?” Serious, I thought, I’ve been nothing but serious.

I walked up to her and stood as close as I could get without touching. She smiled up at me, took my hand and led me to the workout room, carrying the brown bag with her. “if you think it has been crazy so far, just wait,” she said.

After entering the room Sandra asked me to position the workout bench in the middle of the room directly under the rings hanging from the ceiling. As I was doing this she adjusted the large spotlight to shine on the bench. Then she turned to me and said, “still my rules. Ok?” “no problem,” was my response.

Sandra then instructed me to remove my pants and boots and lie down face up on the bench. I did as she instructed. The bench being only about four and a half feet long left my legs from the knee down hung over with my feet on the floor. Sandra then went to the brown bag and removed four leather straps. I could feel a raging hard on beginning to form in anticipation. Then she tied my ankles to the legs of the bench and strapped my waist and arms to the middle. Next she placed a rolled up towel under my head to allow me to see my erection, which had grown bigger and harder than I had ever seen it. She took the last strap and ran it over my forehead and around the bench. I could not move.

Then Sandra turned out all the lights except the spotlight. I could hear her moving around but could not see her. Softly, music of Ravel’s Bolero reached my ears. In the background I could hear the rustle of the paper bag. Sandra stood next to the bench, now completely disrobed, spreading oil with the fragrance of coconut all over her body. Then she put on a pair of rubber gloves. Taking a jar in her hand she stepped to the head end of the bench. Throwing her leg over she now straddled my face with her beautiful well oiled pussy. I strained for a taste but she perched on her toes just out of my reach. Then as she bent toward my erection my lips came in contact with her wetness. I could not believe the heat. I licked and sucked savoring every minute. Then I felt her hand rubbing my prick. As she bent over farther I began to see our reflection in the ceiling mirror. The feeling of the rubber glove was strange. Then she took some cream from the jar and spread it over my cock and balls. At first it was ice cold and then very hot. As she rubbed I noticed less and less what she was doing as I concentrated on the moist feast in above me. She grew wetter and wetter. Her juices began to run down her inner thighs. All at once she got up. I looked down at my prick. It was standing straight up. The head look as if it was ready to explode.

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