Lucky for Some

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Some people just don’t know how lucky they are. A case in point is Steve, a guy I know from work. Steve was a bit of an arsehole — you know the type of guy I mean. He was selfish, rude and boring. But apart from that he was a real catch. Everything was about him, and none of it was interesting. Anyway, because we were about the same age (he was 25 and I’m 27) and worked in the same wing of the office, I ended up having to listen to everything he said. After a while it was easier to just make noises like ‘uh-huh’, and keep on working.

About three months ago, however, he said something that got my attention. “I’m thinking of breaking up with Veronica. What do you think?”

Without thinking I met his question with another — “Why would you do that? She’s really nice.”

If I had thought about it I might have said something less obvious, or even encouraged him to do it, but I let slip what I thought of her. However, Steve being Steve, it just didn’t register.

“Yeah, NICE — she’s too nice,” he said.

I wondered what he meant but before I could find out anything more, the phone rang. I picked up.


Speak of the Devil — it was Veronica looking for Steve. She had a quiet, soft voice, but it was also a bit hurried, like she was on a mobile and was trying to save money. Maybe she was?

Steve got on the phone and was his usual rude self.

“What?” he said. “When are they coming over?… So you’re saying dinner is out? OK, well look… WHATEVER!”, and with that he hung up on her.

It seemed that Veronica’s parents were flying in from Melbourne for her birthday and would be staying with her at her flat this weekend. That bit of news simply opened the floodgates…

Now I’ve met Veronica a couple of times and, while you wouldn’t say she makes a big impression, she’s always impressed me. She’s shy, conservative and doesn’t dress well, but that doesn’t worry me. If you take the time to look at her like I have, you’ll notice she’s actually very pretty. It’s just that it’s hard to notice because she’s really tall, quite skinny and always wearing long dresses and baggy jumpers. She wears no jewellery or make-up and normally just pulls her hair back in a ponytail. Everything about her says ‘bland’, ‘boring’ and ‘forgettable’. She has lovely green eyes though…

“With her parents staying over there’s not way I’m ever going to get her in bed,” Steve said. “I’ve had it. I’ve been patient and done all the right things, but she just doesn’t want to put out. I’m not going to be her toy any more.”

Steve and Veronica had been dating for about six months, but even so the idea of Veronica ‘putting out’ was almost funny. Steve once told me how she had ‘shared her views’ with him one night when they had just started dating. She was only 19, but her ‘views’ were like those of my grandmother. They included:

? No alcohol, other than one glass of wine with Sunday dinner, ? No foul language under any circumstances, and ? No sex before marriage.

Steve, on the other hand, pretended to be ‘good’ — he went to church and put on all the right manners. In fact it was at some church thing that he met Veronica. However I know for sure that in the time since he started dating her, he’d broken all of Veronica’s rules — just not with Veronica.

Don’t get me wrong — he’d tried. He said he even went as far as putting some hardcore DVD’s in the player one night to get a reaction, but she shut him down fast and left him high and dry.

Steve rarely works. He spends most of his time talking, so he’s spilled all of his ‘secrets’ over time. According to him, the best he’s ever got from Veronica is a hand on her boob, but even then she froze and found some excuse to leave his unit.

One night a couple of weeks ago I had a call from Veronica at my home. I didn’t know that she knew my number, but it turned out she read it off a work phone list that Steve had stuck to his kitchen wall. She apologised for calling me at home, but said she was worried because Steve wasn’t at his unit and she thought they had dinner plans. Did I know where he was, she asked?

Thinking fast, I said “Yeah, didn’t he tell you? He had training on tonight. He must have forgotten to tell you.” We exchanged some pleasantries and she hung up. Meanwhile I was pulling on some shoes and heading for my car — I had to get to Steve before she did.

Earlier that day at work, Steve told me he was heading to a sex club in the city that night. Apparently for $150, guys could buy their way into a two-hour private strip show and sex party. If you brought a girl with you, entry was free, so long as she was easy with her favours. That night he was taking a girl with him who owed him money. I think she was an ex-girlfriend who he lent money to so she could buy a car. He told me they split up and he demanded the money back, and when she couldn’t pay he sued her and won. She had a court order against her requiring hefty monthly repayments over two years, but instead of accepting beypazarı escort money every time, he sometimes got her to wank him or suck his cock to pay off her debt. I suppose she used to do it for free when they were together and probably thought it a cheap way out of her debt. Anyway, he’d told me where the club was, “if you wanna go”.

I don’t know why I was in such a hurry to save his arse. I was kind of curious about this club, but right now I just had to get to him first to warn him. I don’t know why I thought it was so important, but maybe I was just eager to have something over him?

I arrived at the club address and buzzed on an intercom.

“Hi, I’ve got an important message for one of your, uhmm, patrons? Can I come in?” “It’s a hundred-and-fifty bucks.” “Oh no, I don’t want to stay, it’s just that I have an important…” “It’s a hundred-and-fifty bucks.” I got the message. “OK”

The door lock buzzed and clicked and the door swung open. I was in a foyer from where I could see a room with dim lights and music. A huge Maori dude was between me and the party room — no joke he was at least six foot nine. “Money — NOW,” he said. He got no argument from me, and I was quickly past him into the narrow hall.

I peeked inside the room and saw my first ever real life sex show. It was an amazing site. In the middle of the room was a short little blond woman, aged about 45 or so and skinny as a greyhound. Next to her was an Asian girl who looked like she was about 20. The blond was naked except for a cheap red garter belt and stockings, and was reclining on a large padded chair with her legs wide apart. There’s no way of putting it delicately — she was getting totally stuffed with cocks from every direction. I mean she had a skinny pink prick in her left hand and a chunky olive-coloured meatstick in her right. She was clearly struggling to breath due to the hairy, fat bloke shoving his monster schlong down her throat. The younger Asian girl was moving her delicate hands around over the blond’s tiny little tits, trying to flick and pinch the nipples to keep them jutting out.

Every so often one of the guys surrounding the blond would start to pant heavier and groan louder. With that clue the Asian girl would quickly reach for his erection and expert jack it faster and faster until she elicited an arcing spurt of warm white cum onto her face and neck. From what I could tell the blond was doing all the hard work and the cute young Asian was taking every cumshot in an effort to coat her face and lovely firm boobs.

The blond stood up and bent over the back of the chair. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed a blond guy, who didn’t look very old at all, standing behind her. His hands grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and forced them apart as his glistening cock started working its way into her arsehole. She let out an audible grunt as he grabbed both her hips and, with one rough thrust, pushed all the way into her rectum. Now that her butt was skewered, a guy with a ponytail and tattoos made his way onto the chair, positioned himself right underneath her and started working himself into her cunt. By now the Asian girl was on her knees between two and three more erections, taking turns sucking each one as they slapped and rubbed against her cum-covered face.

I just stood there in the dark hallway near the door and watched as each guy took turns shooting his cum on or in her. She moaned as she drank cum, drooled spit and sweated her way through all of these men. This show seemed to be coming to an end because white towels emerged from a side room. They shone a wavy pale blue under the UV lights as the Asian girl quickly wiped herself down and removed all that sticky jizz before it could dry. Meanwhile the older blond was reaching her limits as the young guy pounding her from behind finally delivered a brutal thrust that lifted her off the ground. He held her in mid air, impaled on his cock as he shot what must have been a very healthy load deep into her arsehole.

My attention was diverted for a minute to my left, where I saw Steve sitting with a beer in his left hand, cigarette in the other, and his ex-girlfriend’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. I lifted my hand to wave, which caught his eye. Steve nearly spat his beer on her hair as he kind of bumped her into a sitting position, hastily rearranged his pants and stood up to greet me.

“James — you made it? I didn’t think you’d come.”

“I didn’t — I mean I’m not here for the party. I’m hear to let you know Veronica is looking for you — something about dinner tonight? She’s at your place.”

“SHIT! Shitshitshitshit… What did you tell her?”

“I said you have training tonight and probably forgot to tell her about it.”


“I don’t think you want to take what’s-her-name home tonight though. Veronica is probably going to stick around your house.”

“You are THE BEST. Can I get you a drink?”

“No, I’m fine. çankaya escort But you owe me a hundred-and-fifty bucks and a big favour!”

“You’re right,” he said. “Anything for my good mate James.” With that he pulled out two hundred-dollar bills. “Keep the change.”

As I was turning to go I noticed Steve’s ex riding some old guy’s erection. There was no way she was doing that for free, I thought.

That was about two or three weeks ago. Now he’s saying he’s thinking about dumping Veronica because she won’t give in to his animal urges.

I had to do something. If Steve dumped her, she would be devastated. I got the impression he was her first ‘serious’ boyfriend. At a work function last week she even told me she thought Steve “might be the one”. She didn’t deserve his treatment and I thought she should be told as much.

As luck would have it, tonight Steve really did have training on. He was going to go home at five and be back at the office for a seven to ten session on ‘increasing customer satisfaction’. Suck shit!

That night I was settling down to a nice pasta dish I’d cooked myself — a pretty good one in fact — followed by some hardcore DVD’s, when my telephone rang. It was Veronica, but something was wrong. She was sniffing tears and croaking out her message. “Steve… wants to….bbb…break up with me…” she said.

I calmed her down and tried to talk to her, but she was very depressed and kept bursting into tears. “Look, you called me right? For help? Why don’t you come over here and we’ll chat.”

I raced around cleaning up, which was lucky because about six minutes later, the doorbell chimed. As soon as I opened the door she was pouring herself through into the hall, blubbering and wiping her nose. She was a good two inches taller than me, and I’m six foot on the dot, so when she wrapped her arms around me her boobs pressed right against my chest — it was amazing. She was wearing her work clothes — a blue and cream banking teller’s uniform, knee-length skirt, black stockings and patent leather shoes. He hair was back in the regulation ponytail and her face was red from crying.

We went inside and I sat her down at my dining table and served her a plate of pasta, some warm crusty bread and a large glass of Margaret River merlot.

“This is so nice — no one has ever cooked for me before,” she said.

“Well it is your birthday tomorrow,” I said. “Surprise!”

“How did you know it was my birthday tomorrow?” she asked.

“I know a lot about you Veronica.”

She let that last comment hang in the air a second before her lips started to crinkle down at the corners. “Steve doesn’t want me anymore. That’s his present to me..” she said sobbing.

She took a big gulp of wine and I topped up her glass and patted her back. I told her not to worry about Steve. “The truth is he’s not as good as you think he is Veronica. You’re better off without him…”

With that she was into me with the questions: “What do you mean? Tell me what that means? Do you know something you’re not telling me?”

“All I’m saying is you can do better.”

Veronica wasn’t really focussing on anything other than Steve right now. She started telling me of their argument just before he stormed out on his way back to the office for training. I filled her glass again and listened intently.

“He said I’m a fossil from the 50’s and that girls today do have sex, and drink and go off the rails sometimes. He said I was a freak and that he couldn’t be with a girl who didn’t act normal. What does he mean normal? Could I have a little more wine? It’s very nice.” I obliged.

“What he means is the kind of girl he was dating before he met you. She was a real slut — that’s the only word I can use to describe her. She’d do anything and anyone for money and he was, and still is, right down on her level.”

It was meant to be an insult to Steve and his ex. It was meant to boost her confidence, but it had the opposite effect entirely.

“Steve is just soooo perfect though. If he needs me to be more crazy… and to do some… stuff, or whatever… then I will just have to do it, if that’s what he wants?”

She was meant to be getting him out of her mind and focussing on me, but it was all going wrong. She was drinking more and starting to slur the odd word here and there. If I was going to get through to her, I needed to hit her with the big guns. Here goes…

“Veronica. You know the other week when you called me from Steve’s house? When I said he was at training? Well he was at a sex club with his ex-girlfriend. He was sharing her with other men while people were having sex on stage. He asked me to cover for him. I’m sorry to tell you all this, but he’s different to what you think.”

She just stared into my eyes for moment, her glass poised about an inch from her lips. She looked shattered and took another gulp of red.

“Why? Why is he doing all these things? Am I so awful that he has to çayyolu escort go to some club to get away from me?”

I assured her it wasn’t her, it was Steve. He was the arsehole, the defective unit. He was the one behaving badly. But no matter what I said it just didn’t seem to be getting through to her. She kept drinking and was getting pretty raucous. Finally she stood up from the table and started roughly whacking the crumbs off her skirt.

“OK then, if that’s what he’s looking for,” she said, gulping down the last of her fourth glass of red. “Where is this club? Can anyone get in?”

What? Veronica could not be serious! She hadn’t so much as French kissed Steve, nor probably anyone else for that matter, and here she is proposing a visit to a hardcore sex club? This was going all wrong.

“It’s in the city,” I said “and no, you can’t get in. You have to go as a couple. It’s by referral only.”

“So you have been there?”

“Yes, but only to get Steve out of there and home to you.”

“Well I want to go there. Is it open tonight?”

This must be the wine talking. I could tell she had never before drunk so much in one sitting and wasn’t thinking straight. But now my mind was racing. I had no sense of what was going to happen next, but at the same time I was getting very turned on. In my head I had visions of Veronica servicing dozens of glistening hard cocks. The image was too great to ignore and my erection was now like a crow bar.

I couldn’t get her to stop thinking about Steve. I had to change tactics. ‘It’s now or never’, I thought. ‘Try something bold’.

“Don’t be stupid Veronica. You’re not allowed to just go in there and watch. If you want to go you’ll have to go with me and you’ll have to… join in.”

“What do you mean ‘join in?’,” she said.

I don’t think she really had any idea what a sex club was. She really had no idea what I meant. Her innocence made me so horny I could hardly stop myself. I knew how much she hated obscene language, so I thought I’d try some shocking truths.

“I mean you’re a VIRGIN and it’s a SEX CLUB! You and I would have to STRIP! Not only that you would have to suck a lot of cocks — mine included! Guys would just grab you and lick and fuck your pussy and your arse. You would be getting screwed by anyone who wanted you and covered in cum!”

I’d broken through her bullshit bravado and put it on the line. I was talking real hardcore sex and she was visibly shocked. She stopped what she was doing and stared at me. Was I getting through to her? After my outburst it was now so quiet. Finally she looked away and started fidgeting again and her little nervous voice piped up.

“I would do it. If that’s what Steve is looking for, if it means Steve would want to stay with me, I would do it.”

I couldn’t believe her answer. I didn’t expect this situation.

“But would you want it?” I asked.

She stopped again. I could tell she had never even thought about her sexuality and had no idea how to answer my question.

“I think…” she started. “I mean, I would… I mean, I guess if it made Steve happy I would want to do it?”

“You mean you don’t know?”

She was avoiding my eyes now and was going bright red.

“Haven’t you even been a little bit curious and horny? Like when you’ve watched a porno with Steve. Didn’t you feel a bit curious then?”

That’s when it all came out. She was turned on by the idea of sex. In fact she was dying to watch a porno- she’d never seen one before. “I just couldn’t watch it with Steve though,” she said.


And then she said it.

The problem was, she said, that she was “too tall, too skinny and too ugly”. She was ashamed of how she looked and was scared that she could not show Steve her body or do anything with him because of it. So that was it? Sure she was conservative and religious, but they weren’t the factors stopping her. It was her self-consciousness. What this girl needed was a bit of confidence!

“So you’re telling me you didn’t watch the dirty movie with Steve because you were worried about what he would think if he got your clothes off?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything, but wiped her nose and motioned a shy little nod. When she spoke it was very quiet.

“I’m really curious about what was in the movie he had, but I couldn’t do it! I’m ugly and gawky and I don’t know anything about sex or how to do it. Steve would just think I was a loser! I suppose I’ll never get a chance to watch it now or learn anything from it because Steve says it’s over.”

Steve was such a prick, but I couldn’t get Veronica to see that.

“Maybe it’s not all over,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well maybe you can become what Steve is looking for. Maybe all you need to do is get a little education. You know the dirty movies Steve had? Well he gave me one to watch. If you want to, we could watch it and see how it makes you feel, and if you still want to go to the sex club, I’ll take you.”

She actually smiled and then nodded her head. With that we left the dining room and stumbled into the lounge room. Like a flash I had a really dirty DVD in the machine and was back on the lounge about two feet away from Veronica hitting play.

“So this is the first porno you’ve ever seen?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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