Lucky Night

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She hadn’t wanted to at first. Marti was more than a little surprised when Jasper, her husband of five years, had suggested that they add a third person to their relationship. She wasn’t sure where the suggestion had come from. He seemed fairly satisfied with things as they stood.

So to try something out, Jasper had suggested a night out. They’d booked a room in the hotel adjacent to the local casino. They’d dressed up and found the nicest restaurant in the hotel. After that, Jasper had suggested some time at the casino, trying their luck. “Who knows? We might get lucky,” he’d said with his usual humor.

So Marti had found herself at the slot machine, sitting there, wondering what exactly Jasper had in mind. He’d been very specific about his desires, but Marti hadn’t been at all clear on the terminology he’d used. He’d talked about a “bull” and a “cuckold,” but other than Shakespeare, Marti wasn’t really sure she knew what the term meant. She had found the old-fashioned pull lever machines. On the few times that they’d visited the casino, she’d found that the push buttons lacked the build-up and the excitement of what might come.

Her mind wandered back to her husband’s proposition. She did know that Jasper wasn’t interested in men. Marti had stealthily checked his web browser history for the past few weeks, wondering what if wanted the chance to interact with a male. Yet all of the sites were standard women erotica. She’d felt somewhat relieved by that fact.

She was barely paying attention when the bells at her machine went off. She focused on the machine to see that three bars had come up. She caught the paper voucher as it came out of the machine.

Jasper was nowhere to be seen. She sighed and went back to the machine. She didn’t know what he was up to at the moment, but she was nervous about the entire experiment. Marti wondered if his taste in men for the evening would match hers. She couldn’t imagine a bigger embarrassment than rejecting a man that Jasper had selected for them for the evening. Of course, she would manage to speak up, because the alternative was far worse.

She was down to her last two dollars in quarters when a man sat down next to her. She barely noticed him at first. She was more focused on the machine. She slipped in a single quarter and pulled the lever. Nothing remotely resembling a win came up.

The man at the next machine was playing all the possible combinations. He was putting in quarter after quarter before pulling the lever. She watched him as he got two cherries. He was attractive in a way that she was not used to seeing. He was tall, well-built with short red hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose. He had thick arms that flexed when he pulled the lever. He had a confidence about him, a feeling that he was going to win with the next play.

Marti put in her last quarter and tugged the lever again. A cherry and a lemon appeared, indicating that nothing was possible with this play. She started to get up, but the man next to her turned. He held out a handful of quarters. “I think you’ll bring good luck if you sit here. I hate being all alone with the machines. Nothing good ever happens.”

He gave her a big smile, and Marti liked the white, even teeth. He was a good looking man, to be sure. She took the coins and nodded. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

Marti started her routine again, putting the quarters in one at a time and then waiting for the results. The man next to her pulled again, and the machine lit up. “See,” he said with a smile, “you were good luck.”

He took the voucher and slid it into his pocket. The waitress came by, and the man ordered two glasses of champagne. Marti was sure that one of them was for her, but she felt awkward accepting a drink from a man when her husband was trying to find her an acceptable bedmate.

The waitress came back with the drinks, and he tentatively held out one to her. Marti decided to accept it. If nothing else, she could flirt with the man. Wasn’t that part of what Jasper was wanting from this evening?

“Thanks,” ataşehir escort bayan she said, tipping her glass towards him.

“My pleasure,” he said. “My name is Reed.” He held out a hand that was covered with a fine silk of reddish hair.

Marti took his hand and smiled at him. She took a sip of the champagne and watched him over the top of her glass as he looked her over. He was appraising her, and Marti flushed at the thought. She knew that men found her dark hair and athletic build attractive, but she was not used to the type of look that Reed was giving her now.

She turned back to her machine and played a few more quarters. Jasper showed up, looking glum. “No luck, sorry,” he said as he approached. His shoulders were slumped forward slightly.

Marti shrugged. “On the bright side, I had some luck.” She pulled out the voucher and handed it to him. “Not a total waste of an evening.”

Jasper looked at the receipt and raised an eyebrow. “That definitely covers dinner and the hotel. I’ll go cash that in.”

After Jasper had left, Reed cleared his throat. “Sorry, I didn’t know that you were taken. I just assumed – well, you know…” He let the words trail off.

Marti flushed. “Well, it’s not exactly like it looks. We were, uh, looking for…” She too let the words drift off in the hopes of an understood meaning.

Reed’s eyes grew wider. “For a third?” His hand stayed on the lever, but he didn’t pull it. “Really?”

Marti rolled her eyes. “Something like that. My husband wants to be a cuckold. So we came here to look.”

Reed ducked his head. “Then it may be my lucky night after all.” He look up and caught her glance. Their eyes locked for a moment, and Marti felt a surge of desire in her. She hadn’t expected this.

“It might, indeed.” She spotted

Jasper, heading back to them. She slipped off the stool and walked over to her husband. She didn’t want Reed to hear the discussion about him, just in case they decided against this.

“What’s up,” Jasper asked as she approached. “Ready to go up to the room. Seems to be a bust here tonight.”

Marti bit her lip for a second. “Maybe not,” she said finally. “There’s Reed.”

Jasper looked over to where the man was sitting. From this angle, Marti could only see his broad muscular back and the red hair above his shirt’s collar. Not a lot to go on, but he seemed nice.

Jasper’s expression was one that Marti could not read. She wasn’t sure how he felt about this now that the reality was here. Was he angry or was he excited? “The real question is what you think,” he said finally. “You’ll be the one interacting with him.”

Marti was confused again. She had thought they would all be playing. “What are you going to do?”

“Watch, maybe jack off. I’m not sure. I’ll just go with the flow of it. You two will be in charge.” He gave her a small smile. He was definitely in favor of this scenario.

Marti nodded. She walked back to Reed and told him their decision. He grinned at her, slid off the stool, and put an arm around her waist. Jasper didn’t seem to mind the move at all. He led the way, turning around occasionally to make small talk.

She was too nervous to say anything. Marti just watched the two men size each other up as they made their way to the room.

Jasper opened the door with the keycard and held it open as Marti and Reed passed into the room. Marti walked to the middle of the room and stopped. She wasn’t sure what to do at this point. Jasper stood next to the reclining chair in the comer.

Reed seemed to sense their hesitation and sprang into action. He walked over to Jasper and pushed him so that he landed in the chair. “Stay there,” Reed said. “Stay there, and watch how a real man takes your wife.”

Marti was surprised by the sudden change in the man. He had become commanding and direct. Reed came back to her. He was tender again as he caught her eye. He didn’t speak for a second. The prolonged glance began to turn Marti on. She felt escort kadıköy as if she was the only other person here. Reed didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Jasper was watching.

He leaned down and put his lips near hers. His hand came up and slowly caressed her cheek and neck. The feathery touch sent shivers down her spine. Reed licked his lips and grinned at her before he moved in to kiss her.

The press of his lips against hers was unfamiliar and erotic. She’d grown used to Jasper’s perfunctory kisses. This was different. Reed’s passion was told in his kiss. His tongue found hers, and her tongue darted out to greet his. His tongue wrestled with hers, touching, teasing.

A passion that Marti hadn’t known existed in herself began to build. Not sure what she should be doing, her hands slid to the waistband of his jeans. She tugged at the edge of his shirt until it was free of the pants. Marti let her fingers slide under the shirt. Reed’s stomach was flat and hard. She could feel his rapid breaths under her fingers.

He pulled her closer, and for a moment, her fingers stopped. Their bodies were pressed full against each other. His erection touched her abs. From what she could tell, he was bigger than Jasper. The thought drove her crazy.

Her hands moved again, running around his waist and encircling him. She tugged at the hem of his shirt, and Reed lifted his arms so that she could help pull it over his head. Now she could see the muscular torso of this man. His pecs were flat and hard. His nipples were quarter-sized and growing hard already. His hand slid behind her and pulled the zipper down in a single motion.

Marti shrugged out of the dress. Surprisingly, she wasn’t shy about this move. She stood I front of Reed, wearing only her bra and panties. Over his shoulder, she could see Jasper, who had pulled out his member. The idea of being watched made Marti hotter still. She liked having her husband watch her be pleasured.

Reed kissed her again, harder and wetter this time. She could tell that he wanted her. The kiss spoke of desire. While they kissed, Reed unsnapped her bra and pushed it back over her shoulders. He cupped her breasts and gently touched them. The same feathery touch was like a lightning bolt between her legs.

Reed played with them both at once, tweaking her nipples between his fingers. They responded. She felt them grow hard as he played with them. Feeling her own desire growing, Marti grabbed at the waistband of his jeans and tugged at the zipper. She wasn’t as smooth as he was, and it took her several tries to unzip him and pull his pants down around his ankles. He was wearing black boxer briefs that set off the whiteness of his skin. She’d been right before. He was big.

Reed seemed to follow her thoughts. He smiled at her and gently took her hand in his, pressing their hands against his desire. She moaned as their hands stroked its length. “Tell him how big it is. Tell him how much you want it.” Reed didn’t seem to want an answer. “Tell him that he’s not the man I am.”

Reed’s mouth traced down her neck now, taking small bites as he went. Marti knew that he was laying claim to her, showing Jasper who the man was in the room. He licked her collarbone, and then his tongue brushed across her already hardened nipple. His mouth covered it, and he lapped at it until Marti knew it couldn’t get any harder. Then he repeated the move on the other nipple.

Marti could feel her desire building. Looking over at Jasper again, she felt guilty, but Reed’s moves were quickly making her forget her husband. Reed’s mouth moved again, tracing down the middle of her stomach until it got to her waist.

Reed gazed up at her under those golden lashes, looking part young lover and part experienced man of the world. The sight made her wetter. Marti took his hands now, and put them on the sides of her panties. Reed took the message and pulled them down to her ankles.

He buried his face between her legs. Marti could feel his hot breath against her opening, maltepe escort and she braced herself, placing her hands on his shoulders. Reed pulled her closer. He ran his tongue along her thighs, lapping up the juices brought forth by her desire. His tongue was greedy, licking every drop.

Then his tongue breached her. She gasped as he slid inside of her. He thrust deep into her and then pulled out nearly all the way. He did this again and then began a slow movement with his tongue. He found her pleasure zone, and his tongue teased her by pressing against it and then stopping. She moaned again, closing her eyes and tilting her head back. His tongue was insistent.

She swallowed hard as Reed added a finger to his tongue. She could feel him inside of her and she knew that he would be mounting her soon. The thought of his long member in her made her slick with desire.

Reed added a second finger in her. She gasped at the way he thrust into her, deep and hard. He was not going to be a gentle lover. He was going to be that bull who took her at his pace. Marti’s hands found her breasts and played with them as Reed continued to open her up with his fingers and tongue.

Suddenly, he stopped. Marti slowed her own self-pleasure and looked down. Reed stood up. He was still wearing his boxer briefs, which now had a circle of pre-cum on it. “Sit down on the edge of the bed,” he said in a voice thick with desire.

Marti did so. She wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He licked his middle fingers, sliding it deep into his mouth. He offered Marti his index finger, as if he was sharing a Popsicle. She was curious as to the taste, and she licked her own juices from his hand. She was surprised that there wasn’t more taste to it. It was a bit tart, but with not much in the way of flavor. Reed smiled at her, like he’d corrupted her in some new way.

He pulled down the boxer briefs as she sat in front of him. The long thick member was framed by reddish-brown hairs. His dick was pulsing as he moved towards her.

He bent his knees when he made it to the edge of the bed. They were the same level now. “Put your arms around my neck,” he said, catching her gaze and holding it. She trusted him and did as he asked.

Still matching his gaze, Marti didn’t see him push inside of her, but she could certainly feel it. Slowly he inched into her until he filled her. Marti let out a soft moan. She could hear Jasper make a soft noise as he stroked himself.

Reed slid his hands below her butt and stood up again. He was full in her; her body was pushed against his. He smiled as he began to bend his knees and slide out. Then he stood again, sliding deep inside of her. Each thrust pressed against her own pleasure zone and drove her crazy. She was sweating now, a covering of perspiration that indicated it wouldn’t be long now for her. Reed must have known too because he sped up his pace. In and out, in and out. He had begun to sweat too, beads rolling down his temples. He moved so that her back was against the wall now. He thrust deep, pushing himself into her until there was nothing left to give. He pulled out and did it again. She could barely stand the sensation. She cried out his name as she felt the pleasure engulf her, sending waves of heat throughout her limbs. The sensation went on as Reed showed no signs of slowing up. As long as he was pushing into her like this, the orgasm continued.

He grunted thickly, and he closed his eyes. Marti could feel the spasm of his dick inside of her. He slowed his thrusts and finally stopped. She could barely catch her breath.

He moved them back to the bed and deposited her back on the edge of the mattress. She fell back where she was, and Reed landed beside of her. They didn’t move for a few minutes.

Marti had almost forgotten her husband, who now moaned with ecstasy. She guessed that he had finally achieved his own orgasm. She lifted her head to see him shoot milky ropes of cum onto the floor.

Reed finally stood up and began to dress. He put his shirt back on and then leaned down to kiss Marti. She couldn’t remember the last time Jasper had kissed her afterwards. He buttoned his shirt slowly, and left the room.

Marti was about to clean herself up when Jasper came over to the bed. He slid next to her on the mattress and held her…

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