Lunch Date

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She sat at her desk staring at the clock on the telephone. She could not stop thinking about the email he sent her. “Come to my desk at lunch….Everyone else left for the restaurant. No one is around.” And the last brief sentence triggered another anxious wave of need, “Take off your panties.” She quickly hit the Lunch Out tab on the digital timecard when the clock on the telephone displayed 12:00 PM. She turned her chair to block the view of the ladies walking past her cubicle on their way to the parking lot. Then, still sitting, she reached up under her mid-thigh length, snug-fitting skirt and rolled her thong down her legs. As she stood up from the chair, the material of her skirt brushed softly against her skin. She thought about his email again and then she felt a sudden wet trickle slide out of her aching pussy down her thighs. She walked unsteadily out of her cubicle to the double doors that led to the stairs up to the main floor, oozing juice all the way. She wanted him to fill her aching hole, but they were in an office building with cameras mounted in every corner and at every doorway. Some of the cameras caught her journey to the Claims Department on the first floor, but she did not care–no one was monitoring them over the noon hour. But someone would review the recordings at 1:30, after lunch. She had to hurry. He was waiting for her.

He was waiting for her in his cubicle. His cubicle walls were much higher than hers. Standing in her cubicle, she could be seen from the waist up; standing in his cubicle, people would have to walk through the door opening to know whethe or not anyone was inside. As soon as she appeared in the door opening, he stood up. She looked around her to be sure no one was close, and then she walked inside. Everyone was at lunch, so they had the entire level to themselves, at least for the moment. When he stood, she again admired his toned body through his Dockers dress pants and Ralph Lauren polo. He had lost the use of one arm in a motorcycle accident a few years before, but he was still an extremely attractive Pendik Escort man. She never really noticed the special sling he wore for that arm anymore. She only noticed his hard penis stretching to break free from behind the material of his pants. As she stared at it, more juice sluced from her swollen pussy. She had never gotten wet for a man before. NEVER! She was not a virgin, but no one had ever made her pussy juice up as this man and his emails did.

He stared at her for a moment and then he told her to sit in his chair. As she moved to the chair, he began to stroke his hard member through his pants. Her eyes were fastened to the action. She pulled her skirt up to her waist before she sat in his chair, purposely moving her legs in a way to make him notice the pussy juice rolling down her inner thighs. At the sight, he unzipped his pants and his dick popped out, quivering and oozing precum already. He moved closer to her as she sat forward eagerly in the chair. She unfastened the buttons of her dress shirt and pulled her tits out of her bra. He inhaled involuntarily and grunted as he tried to catch his breath–he loved the sight her her toasted-brown tits, the sight of her darker nipples which were hard and protruding at the moment. He loved her chocolate brown skin, loved even more the sight of his dick white between her ebony tits.

But time was ticking away. He reached his hand behind her head and she reached for his dick with one hand. Her other hand, he noticed, was gently massaging her own clitoris, sometimes dipping between her pussy lips into her wet cunt for lubrication. As he watched with anticipation, she opened her mouth and moved her tongue around his cockhead a few times before taking his dick in her mouth. It was ectasy! He loved the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock! He panted slightly as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, tightening just a bit as a pussy would. She was moaning softly as she sucked him and jerked his cock. He was enjoying it. She was enjoying his pleasure and Kurtköy Escort she began to ooze more cunt juice. His chair was soaking up her moisture and she was soon sitting in a growing wet spot. He could see the wet chair between her legs as he watched her work her clit. His eyes went back to her mouth encircling his cock just as his hand went to her tits. He held one tit, squeezing it as he hitched his hips forward every so often as he was sucked off. He suddenly heard a squelching noise. He looked and saw that she was sticking her fingers into her cunt. Yes, she needed something to fill her hole, but they had only a little more time before the first few people returned from lunch–not everyone took an hour to eat.

He was enjoying the sensation of her mouth on his cock, but he was getting close to cumming. “Where do you want it?” he asked her. She looked up at him without removing her mouth from his hard, smooth cock. She wanted him to shoot his nut juice on her tits, but they were still in the office. So she deliberately held his eye while she sucked on his dick, letting him know that she would swallow his load. “In your mouth? I’ll nut off in your mouth!” He grabbed her at the base of her neck and began jacking his hips forward, not vigorously but not slowly, either. Each thrust of his hips sent his cock deep into her mouth, almost down her throat. She relaxed her mouth and neck a bit and his smooth cock DID slide further down her throat. She loved it! She released his cock and grabbed her own tits instead, one hand slick with her cunt juice. She alternated between her tits and her pussy, rubbing her nipples and then fucking herself with her fingers.

As he listened to her fingers squish inside her dripping hole, he could not stop himself from cumming. His nut juice squeezed up from his tight balls and slid up his penis. He fucked her mouth a little faster knowing he needed to cum. One, two, three, four thrusts and he was cumming. But neither of them anticipated the size of the load. He shot and shot into her mouth. Tuzla Escort She swallowed and then felt more cum jetting between her lips. She lost her suction on his cock and his cock popped out of her mouth still spraying hot, white cum. He took his spurting dick in his hand and jerked himself. “I’m still cumming!” he cried softly. “I’m still cumming, uhn!” She leaned forward to take the tip of his cock in her mouth but instead settled to open her mouth as wide as she could while he shot his load in and around her mouth, all over her face and on her tits. She was still fucking herself with her fingers. Just hearing the squishing of her hand in her pussy made him cum more. He jacked his hard shaft and watched his cum land on her brown skin. Finally his dick stopped spraying but it still jumped and throbbed. No one had ever made him cum like that. She took his dick in her mouth again and gently sucked him. He reached down to her leaking pussy and put his fingers in place of hers. He fucked her with his fingers while she sucked his softening dick. Her hips moved in the wet chair and lifted herself up slightly to roll her hips in motion with the movement of his hand. She wanted to cum. She wanted him to feel her juice slide over his fingers. She was coming to an orgasm. She knew the his cum was dripping down her face onto her chest and tits. The thought made her breath catch slightly. Then, she felt it. Her pussy clenched around his fingers and she jerked her hips forward quickly as she came.

After she came, he softly thrummed her sensitive clit a few times. She cleaned her face as best she could, but she could still feel some of his cum drying on her face. Before she pulled her skirt down, she turned around and rubbed her ass cheeks back and forth across his stiffening cock. He was so close, all he had to do was bend her over further and stick his cock in her pussy. One quick fuck and he would cum again. But it was already 12:35 and he could hear people talking on their way back from the break room. She ran out of his cubicle after licking his cock a few times and sticking it back in his pants for him. He sat down at his desk fantasizing about their next “lunch date”. She thought about the same thing as she ran to the bathroom to wash her face and tuck her tits back into her bra properly. Hmm…lunch date….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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