Lunch or Sex?

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“Are you in the mood for anything in particular?” I ask as we pull out of the parking lot. You immediately begin laughing. “What? What are you laughing at?” I quickly realize why you are laughing and flick you in the stomach as I laugh too. “I guess that means I shouldn’t ask what you feel like eating, hunh?” You only laugh harder. I roll my eyes at you. “Good thing. Otherwise I’d tell you my house is only 15 minutes from here.”

“What?” You stop laughing and look at me.

“Don’t be surprised. Coming from me that shouldn’t surprise you. Now, if you were to say it, it would be surprising.”


“OK what?”

“OK that your house is only 15 minutes from here.”

I cut my eyes at you, trying to stay focused on the road. “What are you talking about?”

You take a deep breath. “Let’s start that conversation over again, OK?”

“OK. Are you in the mood for anything in particular?”


This is starting to border on annoying. “Let me rephrase that,” I say. “What do you feel like eating?”


I turn my head to look at you as my jaw hits the floor. “Red light,” you say, and I slam on the brakes. I look at you. You give me that smile. “Is that OK?” I smile back and nod. You take my hand and kiss it.

The light turns green. I move my hand to shift into gear. You cover my hand with yours, fingers intertwined, rubbing your thumb on the back of my hand in a circular motion. You slowly run your fingertips up my bare arm to the edge of my sleeve. Chills run through my body. I have missed your touch.

You lean toward me, your breath in my ear. The desire to close my eyes is great, but I know I’ll run us off the road if I do. Barely, just barely, you brush your lips against my ear. You run your tongue around the edge of my ear, pausing to clench my earlobe between your teeth. You barely breathe my name into my ear.

I grip the steering wheel even tighter, trying to control the feelings coursing through my body. As you continue to torture my ear, you take my right hand in yours. You guide my hand to the tight bulge in your jeans, rubbing my fingers up and down your shaft through the fabric. I can feel you growing beneath my fingers. You place your hand on my stomach and slowly slide the thin fabric of my shirt up.

“This is it,” I say as I stop the car. I turn toward you and your mouth covers mine hungrily. You kiss me deeply, your hand sliding through my hair, pulling me closer to you. We break the kiss and quickly get out of the car.

You press your body Tokat Escort up against my back as I am fumbling with the keys. You kiss my ear then my neck, your hands cupping my breasts. I can feel how hard you are. Your mouth covers my ear again. “Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about eating you?” you murmur into my ear, your hands at my waist, unzipping my jeans. I groan as I finally get the door unlocked and we stumble inside.

You kick the door shut behind you as you kiss me again. We don’t even make it to the couch or to the bed upstairs. In about two seconds, we are on the steps, you half next to me, half on top of me. You pull my shirt up and unhook the leopard-print bra, breaking the kiss to bury your face in my cleavage. I take my shirt and bra off the rest of the way and help you shed your shirt. I kick my shoes off as you finish with my zipper and pull my jeans over my hips.

You kiss my stomach, pulling on my navel ring with your teeth. You slide the matching panties off my body and shift yourself down a step. Your hands spread my thighs a little further apart. I run my fingers through your hair, grasping your head in my hands, my heels wrapped around your lower back.

After what feels like an eternity, I feel your breath. You slowly lick up the length of my lips. A jolt runs through my body. “Oh God.” I feel your tongue on my clit, lightly teasing me, driving me crazy. Your thumbs spread my lips. Suddenly, you drive your tongue into me as far as you can. I moan and tighten my legs around you. You plunge your tongue in and out of me, bringing me closer to the edge. I am so close to the edge, but I want to beg you to slow down, to stop and make it last longer. But I don’t; my hands only pull you closer.

The thrusts of your tongue become deeper, if that’s possible. You flick your tongue across my clit as I cry out in pleasure. Your lips cover my swollen bud and you suck, gently at first, and then harder. My body explodes. You lap up the juices flowing from my body, your touch making the orgasm last even longer.

You continue to tease me. You lick my lips and my clit and kiss my thighs. Your hands go under me to lift me slightly off the stairs. You trail your tongue down my thighs toward my ass. You lightly run your tongue where the tops of my thighs join my ass, sending an intense shiver through my body for the millionth time today. I gasp from pleasure as you sink a finger inside me and rub your thumb on my clit again. You run the fingertips of your free hand across my ass until my entire body is Tokat Escort Bayan shaking from pleasure.

You flick your tongue against my clit again, and rake your teeth across it. Your finger is still inside of me, slowly pumping in and out. I feel your eyes on me and look down at you. Your eyes have that look in them. “Ready to go again?” they ask. I moan and close my eyes at your smile. You increase the speed of your finger and sink a second one inside of me. Your lips cover my clit and you suck.

“That feels soooo good,” I moan. It almost feels ticklish, but I know that means I’m close to the edge again. You increase the pressure on my clit, rubbing your tongue against it as well. I buck my hips closer to you, my heads still on your head. You lightly clench my clit in your teeth and I almost scream from the intensity of the orgasm. “OH GOD!”

You don’t move your lips from my body until well after the orgasm has finished, and I start giggling. You slide up and kiss me. I love kissing you when I can taste myself on your lips and tongue. There is something so intensely erotic about that. I wrap my arms around you, kissing you deeply.

We break the kiss and start getting our clothes back on. I see the look of discomfort cross your face when you stand. I know you are still rock hard, and if I didn’t think we’d both get fired for not coming back to work, I’d drag you upstairs.

Instead I pull you to me and kiss you again. “Come on, sweetie. We gotta get back to work.” I pull you outside and lock the door. “Here,” I say, handing you the keys. “I’m not sure I can drive.” I grin.

We get in the car to go back. You adjust the seat and the mirrors. You turn to me. “You sure you want me to drive your car?” I nod and kiss you again as I slide my fingertips up your shaft and begin to unbutton your jeans….

You groan as I unzip your jeans. “Hold on,” I say. “Before you start the car…” I slide the jeans slightly down, exposing the tops of your black boxer-briefs. I can see your erection pressing through the fabric. I rub the tip of you, feeling how wet you already are. “Now, make sure you don’t close your eyes,” I tease. “And tell me if we pass anyone from work.” You groan again, and shift the seat back slightly.

My hands free your straining cock from your briefs. I lightly run my fingers up and down your shaft, exposing as much of you as I can. I shift in my seat so I can lean in closer to you, and I run my tongue just barely over your tip. I hear your sharp intake of breath. “Make sure you keep Escort Tokat your eyes open,” I caution again. Then my lips cover you.

“Oh God.” You lean as far back into the seat as you can, giving me as much access as is possible in the car. I take as much of you as I can in my mouth; not quite your full length. I try to position myself to get the best angle. I slide my lips up the length of your shaft, almost breaking contact at the tip, and then I run my tongue back down. This is so incredibly erotic and I feel myself getting wetter.

I continue to tease you, sliding my tongue up and down your shaft, varying speeds. I wrap one hand around the base of your cock and lightly squeeze. I again take as much of you as I can in my mouth. I suck deeply, trying to pull you further into my mouth.

“Babe, we’re about a mile away,” you tell me. I increase the pressure of my mouth and my hand, stroking your full length with both. I can feel you growing harder with every passing second; feel you swelling even more in my mouth. The tip of my tongue finds the sensitive spot right below your head. I apply pressure, gently at first, then more firmly until you cry out. “Oh God. Oh God. I’m … gonna ….” I hear you moan, seconds before you explode in my mouth.

I adjust myself so I can swallow every drop, continuing to massage your head as you climax. I am on the edge as well, and know that I will need to be heading to the ladies’ room once we get back to take care of that, wishing that you could join me.

My lips still on your shaft make you start to squirm, so I slowly slide them off of you. I sit up and look at you. We are at the stoplight by the office. Your hands are clenched on the steering wheel so tightly your knuckles are white. Thank God it’s a red light, because you’ve practically put the brake through the floor. I grin at you as I slide your briefs back into position. I put the emergency brake on, giving you a chance to shift so I can pull your jeans back up and zip them. And then, because the light is still red, I lean over to kiss you.

“Wow,” you say when you break the kiss.

“Wow is right. We’ll have to go to lunch again sometime.” I grin.

“Yeah.” You laugh. At my quizzical look, you tell me, “I hope no one asks what we ate.”

I burst out laughing. As we pull into the parking lot, I tell you, “I hope no one’s in the ladies’ room. There’s something I need to take care of again.”

You groan. “Why do you tell me these things when you KNOW I can’t do anything about it?”

“Because, love, I want you to imagine me trying to control my moans as I bring myself to yet another climax today. And because the whole time, I’ll be wishing you were the one bringing me there again.”

You groan again.

“Thanks for lunch, darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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