Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 04

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Ch. 4: Giselle and Jason


Of all my duties at the cleaners where I worked, inventory was the worst. Specifically, having to squeeze into the tiny, storage room located in the back of the store, with shelves full of supplies.

The place was small and dank. With only a few loyal customers, as of late, the store had not seen the same income that it had at the height of its success. Meaningless papers cluttered the floor and plastic wrap that we placed newly cleaned clothes in were crumpled everywhere. I did my best to keep the front of the store tidy since that was directly in the customers view.

Despite my level of detest for this job, I needed it. The cost of living here was much lower than other, more populated areas. My small salary was just enough to cover all my responsibilities and maintain my not so lavish lifestyle.

The apron the Harris’ required me to wear was a bit silly and uncommon for a dry cleaning store. However, it was a requirement from the boss so an apron is what I wore.

Maneuvering around some boxes that I emptied from this morning’s supply delivery, I heard the chimes on the front door which indicated someone had entered the front of the store.

“I’ll be right there” I yelled. I nearly tripped trying to make my way to the front desk. To my surprise, I saw Jason standing there.

“Hey Jason” I exclaimed. That statement came out a little more high-pitched than I anticipated but I was genuinely surprised to see him. I told him and Brent where the store was but I didn’t expect him to remember. I didn’t expect him to show up on a slow Saturday either.

We embraced. He smelled so good. He had a masculine scent but it was fresh. His clothes were neatly pressed. Better than some of the clothes I sent out of here with customers.

“What are you doing here”

“I came to see you” He said smoothly. That sent shockwaves through my entire body. That was unusual for me because I normally expected a guy to come up with different ways to prove that he was interested.

Jason wanted to have lunch or take me to dinner later. My shift was over in about two hours so I decided on dinner. Coming into town from where he lived was quite a drive. Another reason why I never expected him to pop up. I offered him the keys to my place so he wouldn’t have to make the long drive back into the city. Instead, he pulled me in for a deep kiss, taking my breath away.

I am really beginning to like this guy’s style, I thought. I led him with one hand, through the cluttered store, back to the main office. Mr. Harris’ desk was the neatest surface in the entire store.

I pushed Jason onto the top of Mr. Harris’ desk. While kissing him, I unbuckled and lowered his pants to his ankles. Taking his semi-hard cock into my hand, he moaned while he lifted up his shirt. Looking up at him with lust in my eyes, I smiled.

I took him into my mouth, spreading my saliva all over his shaft. I cupped and licked his balls, while squeezing and stroking his puffy-veined member. I inserted the tip into my mouth and tightened my lips around it. Making a popping sound by quickly removing and then inserting the thick head of his cock into my mouth again, I teased him.

“Yes…” He said in between moans. Jason stroked my hair which I wore down today. I had natural, wavy textured curls with tips that would brighten in the sun. I took as much of him into my mouth as I possibly could. Bobbing my head up and down on his now, rock hard cock, I swallowed a few more inches each time. I felt the skin in the corners of my mouth stinging again. He tasted so good. He pushed my head down causing me to choke and gag on his cock.

I could tell he loved it. His eyes were closed and he began lifting his hips up off of the desk, forcing his cock deeper into my throat. I slurped and sucked as quickly and as loudly as I could.

Soon, saliva mixed with precum escort ataşehir began to dribble out of my mouth onto the floor, I felt Jason coming in my mouth. His burning hot cum seared the interlining of my throat. Sweat was pouring from both of our faces as the air conditioning unit in Mr. Harris’ office was turned off.

I stood to my feet. My panties were lodged in between the lips of my wet pussy. I wanted him here and now but decided against it. A customer or even Mr. Harris could walk in at anytime. I wasn’t expecting the old man today but he could come into the store unannounced.

“Damn G, I’m gonna have to visit you at work more often” Jason said. I liked that he had given me a nickname. We both laughed and returned to the front of store.

My shift was over before I knew it. Jason hung around the store and he even helped me lock up for the day. He followed me in his car back to my place. We decided on dinner later in the city and to avoid the long drive back, I decided to stay at his place for the night.

My place was nothing special. A one bedroom, one and a half bathroom with a small living area and kitchen was little to brag about. Each wall had great big windows with views of the surrounding wooded area. I had a knack for decorating and arranged the few items of furniture I possessed to make the place feel bigger.

Jason was searching through my ipod for music which I kept connected to the stereo system in my room. My mind was on that thick cock in his pants. I loved it in my mouth but in my pussy was where I wanted it at the moment.

I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled off my pants just out of his view. I removed my bra and my boobs bounced forth. My nipples were painfully hard and longed to be sucked.

After finally selecting a song, Jason looked in my direction to see me standing in just my red laced, thong panties. He nearly ran over to me and immediately lowered his mouth to my plump, left breast. Sucking my tits was a major turn on for me. Their large size attracted many pairs of hungry eyes and if I caught someone staring, I could read their facial expression that said they wanted to maul my large hangers.

Jason teased my clit and my sweet nectar rained on his fingers. Fingering my slit, he delved into my tight heat. He stuck his warm tongue into my mouth and I sucked it.

He sat down on the floor and I moved my pussy just above his lips. Slightly bending my knees, I sat on his face. His tongue danced on my sensitive button. Making a trail with his tongue between my pussy and my ass gave me tiny goose bumps all over my aroused body.

Gyrating on his mouth, I felt my orgasm building. Moaning, I fondled my huge tits. My body craved more. Straightening my knees and turning to walk a few steps to the bathroom, I turned on the hot water. My juices seeped from my middle and ran down my inner thighs. Jason came up behind me after removing his clothes and nibbled on my neck.

We stepped into the shower and Jason hungrily fingered my dripping wet snatch. He rammed his cock into my tight slit from behind and the pain soared through my body. The pleasure nearly took me over the edge but he withdrew from me as quickly as he entered.

He put his tip at my entrance and kept it there. I tried backing onto it but he stepped away from me. I looked over my shoulder at him and he had a sinister smile plastered on his gorgeous face. The wide, rain-like showerhead cascaded warm water over our bodies and interfered with the pleading look I was trying to convey to him.

“You want it” He asked.

“Yes, PLEASE” I begged. “Please fuck me baby”. The nerve of him to make me beg. I wasn’t in the mood for games. I was only in the mood to get fucked hard. I guess that was his issuance of payback for my teasing of his cock earlier. I inwardly smiled.

He turned me around and pressed my face against the wall. kadıköy escort He rammed me to the hilt and I cringed from the pain. He continued to pound away at my pussy and I could barely hear Maxwell’s ‘Bad Habit’ blaring from my room over my screams from pleasure.

My body began to vibrate and shake. I felt the waves of my orgasm crashing over me, causing my knees to buckle. Luckily, Jason was holding me up with his large arm secured around my waist as he unloaded his bucket of cum on my wet, shaking to and fro ass cheeks.



Giselle was so beautiful, sitting across from me at the dinner table. We had chosen a newly opened restaurant that featured American style cuisine. We chose a table outside on the terrace. The restaurant had tables set up on terraces that overlooked the street in front of the restaurant. The tables were small so we were near each other on opposite sides of the table.

She had on a lavender dress that had barely inch-thick straps. Her cleavage was visible for anyone to see and her double d cup size tits looked scrumptious as they sat up perfectly in her dress. The silky flower in her hair enhanced her striking appeal. Her honey brown skin glistened from the candlelight in the centerpiece on the table.

“What are you getting” she asked. She had been browsing the menu while I gazed at her beauty.

“I’m thinking the steak with potatoes and grilled asparagus” I answered.

“That sounds delicious, I’ll have the same”.

After the waitress filled our glasses with pink moscato wine that Giselle selected, she took our orders and left. We chatted a bit and enjoyed each other’s company.

After our glasses had been refilled, the waitress brought our meals to the table. We ate in silence with the exception of a few compliments of our meals. Just then my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I looked at the screen and saw that my long-time buddy, Brent was calling.

“Yo” I answered. Brent wanted to know what I was doing tonight. I explained I was out to dinner with Giselle and afterward we would be heading to my place. He said he would join us.

Brent had a thing for Giselle but I wasn’t sure if it was just sex. She enjoyed both of us, adored the pleasure we provided to her show stopping body.

On the way to my place, Giselle and I continued our chat. She had dreams of leaving the small town she was from and still currently lived in and wanted a home in the city. I told her I also wanted to eventually become a homeowner.

My parents owned a few different properties on the northeast side of the city. Currently occupied by tenants, one day those properties would belong to me. I had no idea what I’d do with them but had to include them in my future plans.

We arrived at my apartment and headed inside.

“Heyyyyy” Brent said. He had a key to my apartment since the day I signed the lease. He would often let himself in if I wasn’t home and being that I trusted him with my life, I surely didn’t mind.

Giselle and Brent embraced and gave each other a peck on the lips. Brent slid his hand under Giselle’s dress and I’m sure he was getting a feel of her beautiful, shapely ass. He lifted the hem of her dress, exposing her luscious ass and gave her ass a hard smack. She winced in pain but had a smile on her face. Brent had his own way of greeting the ladies.

“I say we make some drinks and get in the hot tub” Brent suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” I agreed.

“Come undress me” Brent said to Giselle. Brent enjoyed dominating the women he dated. Well, Brent never really “dated” anyone. He’d use women for his satisfaction and once he tired of them, he sent them on their way or just ignored them until they got the hint.

“I’ll get the tub filled” I said as I walked into my bedroom. I had an on-suite bathroom with a glass enclosed shower complete with double vanity sinks and maltepe escort bayan a jetted tub.

I turned the knobs on the faucet and water began pouring out. I sprinkled some bubble bath that I kept specifically for my jetted tub. The marble that outlined the tub sparkled. I lit three candles and placed them on the edge of the tub.

I dipped my hand into the water to check the temperature. The water felt hot enough and I unbuttoned my shirt. I took off my shoes and socks and laid my slacks along the foot of my bed as I exited the room.

I walked into the living room to find Giselle, her legs bent into a squat position and Brent fucking her mouth. He had a hand full of her and was thrusting into her mouth. She made gurgling noises and moaned.

I knew she received pleasure from having a man fucking her mouth. I saw her fingers jamming into her pussy as her tongue swirled around Brent’s cock. Her cheeks contracting with each stroke around him.

I felt myself getting hard and it showed through my boxer briefs. My dick was pointing straight up and I wanted in on the action. I stepped up behind her and pulled her dress over her head. She didn’t have a bra on so her massive tits were now bare. She turned so that she could get to both of our cocks.

Alternating between us like she had done that night we met at the club, she took her time swallowing both of us. She went back to Brent and he held the sides of her face. Thrusting his hips into her mouth, he pumped in and out until he finally came. Giselle continued sucking him until none of his cum was left.

She came to me and I lifted her chin. She opened her mouth wide and I shoved my cock almost all the way into her mouth. She had learned to accommodate my large size in her tiny, compared to my big dick, mouth. I pumped her face similar to the way Brent did but gave her a chance to take in some oxygen in between strokes. I came hard. My entire body shaking uncontrollably, my toes crinkled and curled. She licked and sucked me until there was no cum left.

She had small strands of cum hanging from her chin that dropped down on her big tits. She rubbed it into her skin and over her nipples. God she was so sexy. I removed her panties and we walked through my bedroom to the tub. Brent was already emerged in the water.

He stood up to help Giselle in. I wasn’t expecting him to do that. I told you, the man didn’t have a chivalrous bone in his body.

I went back for our drinks and then lowered myself into the water. I put music on with the remote to the stereo in my room. Giselle was in between us and put each of her legs on top of Brent and I’s leg that was closest to her. She laid her head back on the built in neck pillows at the edge of the surface of the water and closed her eyes. I began gripping her thighs and groping her tits. Brent did the same and took one in his mouth.

Gasping, Giselle rolled her head back in pure ecstasy. Brent inserted two fingers in her pussy beneath the water and she moaned. He sped up his pace and her body began to vibrate. Causing the water to splash, her body shook wildly. I pressed and twirled her hot button between my thumb and index finger.

She came almost immediately and a smile of satisfaction crept onto her face.

She raised her arms, covered in suds and snapped her fingers. Apparently, she liked “Love” by Musiq Soulchild. She began to rotate her shoulders and sing aloud. Her buzz was clearly visible, her eyes were red and slanted.

“Woooo” She said laying back. Sweat began to pour from her face. Yeah, she was officially impaired. Enjoying herself, she sang aloud to the next few songs while Brent and I talked about a mutual friend’s upcoming party.

“It’s tomorrow night” Brent said.

“I’m going” Giselle interjected, her eyes closed.

“You two go, I have to go see mama” I admitted reluctantly.

Exiting the tub not long after, Giselle immediately collapsed on my bed. Walking near the edge of the bed, I gripped her ass. Her skin felt so warm and soft.

“Giselle, I’ll come get your ass tomorrow” Brent yelled from the living room. No reply. She was in the unconscious state of beauty rest.

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