Lust In The Sun


This is the story of a holiday I will never forget! The holiday itself was much like any other by which I mean my Dad would often get invited to stay in private villas owned by his work colleagues. But something happened on this holiday that made it extra special!

My family consists of my Dad, my Mum, my Brother and myself. We are an average family but we are all blessed with good looks. My dad is in his 40s but doesn’t look a day over 30, his face is shaped by well defined cheek bones and topped with thick dark hair, his body is also extremely well defined and toned. This is something me and my brother also share, we are both quite tall and have short dark hair. My brother is slim and not quite as well defined where as I have inherited my Dads muscular physique. Then there’s my Mum …

As soon as I started noticing girls I started noticing my Mum! She is stunning, long brown hair surrounds a gorgeous face, with deep blue eyes and an incredible smile. Not only does she have the beauty in her face but a body to match. Long smooth sexy legs lead up to a round ass and a perfect hourglass figure, which is emphasised by a pair of enormous breasts! Breasts that I have always lusted after and would love to touch. I love to see them and that is why I love holidays as she always sun bathes topless.

This holiday was no different, we had spent the first three days just relaxing by the pool giving me plenty of opportunity to admire her, and enjoying the area; for me the only area I wanted to see was my mums luscious body! My dads friend announced that he had organised a boat trip for the fourth day. This wasn’t good for me as I’ve never had very good sea legs and I often suffer from sea sickness so I opted to stay behind which everyone agreed was probably for the best. The day of the boat trip arrived and everyone was getting ready except for my mum who had woken with a terrible head ache. She said that she would rather not spend the day at sea, and would like to go back to bed. Of course I immediately backed her up hoping to see more of her around the villa’s pool. My Dad didn’t want to disappointed his friends and I said it would be okay for him and my brother to go as my Mum and myself would be fine. They left and she went back to bed, she then woke a couple of hours later feeling refreshed and fine.

She then came out to the pool wearing a tight purple string bikini. She looked amazing and I instantly felt an errection growing, I turned to lay on the sun lounger on my front so I could hide my excitement. She got out a bottle of sun lotion, watching her cover her body always turned me on; she always worked from the bottom upwards, she began by rubbing her legs working her way up to her thighs, stomach and then next is when I would get a full view of istanbul escort her breasts as she would take her top off and gently rub lotion on them. Much to my disappointment she didn’t remove her top, this was strange as she always did but at that moment I chose not to say anything. She then turned and said

“Can you put lotion on my back please honey?”

I agreed straight away and began to gently rub lotion all over her soft skin and making sure my hands went under the strings of her bikini.

“Thank you” she said when I had finished and she got up and went into the pool, still not taking her top off.

“Have you been for a swim yet Dan?” She asked me

“No” I replied “but I’ll join you now”

I jumped up and made my way into the pool, I watched her swim and she looked as gorgeous as ever, but I was missing her tits already.

“Mum why aren’t you topless today?” I asked, she went a little red

” I just feel a little embarrassed getting my boobs out just for you”

As she said that she turned and leant against the side of the pool with her arms on the side and her back facing me. I looked at her for a second and in that second I lost all self control and lust took over.

“You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about, you’ve got great tits mum” I said as I approached her from behind.

I slowly untied the strings of her bikini, my hands then slid down to her waist round to her front and up to cup and caress her breasts. I stepped forward and began to grind my crotch up against her ass. I groped and rubbed up to her for a few seconds feeling my hardening cock bulging through my shorts. Then my excitement grew as I felt her ass push back against me and heard a moan

“Mmmmmm baby”

I groped more and began kissing her neck, she responded with more moaning, she threw her bikini top out of the pool and her hands lowered onto mine aiding my groping. After a few seconds she turned and my head lowered and I began to suck, lick and kiss her great tits! She made the sexiest noises continuously as I did. She lifted my head and kissed me, I returned the kiss with extra passion and our lips locked and there was full tongue snogging! Her lips distracted me long enough for her to slip off my shorts without me noticing, that was until I felt her fingers wrap around my cock and began to gently jerk it. It got rock hard and bigger than it ever had before. I smiled at her and she seemed a little shocked

” Ooo you are big now”

I responded by fondling her tits more and saying

” I could say the same about you ”

she giggled and then whispered in my ear in her sexiest dirtiest voice

” You are a very naughty boy sucking on mummys tits, now its izmir escort my turn”

she smiled with a wink and instructed me to sit on the side of the pool,I new what was coming and couldn’t wait. My cock pointing directly at her face, she approached it, with a look of hunger in her eyes, she wrapped two fingers around its base and then slowly licked my shaft up and down before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking furiously! She worked it up and down until I exploded cum into her mouth she swallowed and smiled

” I hope there’s more” she said

“Mmmm yes” I replied as I knew I could keep going, my cock was still huge hard and throbbing.

I dropped into the pool and we kissed some more my hands exploring her body (mostly her tits) and my cock rubbing between her legs. Eventually we got out of the pool, she stopped before entering the villa and untied her bikini bottoms, they dropped to the floor revealing her perfect bare ass which I instantly spanked saying “naughty mummy” she giggled and led me to a spare room with a large double bed. She turned to kiss me but I pushed her back onto the bed. She fell back and her legs opened revealing a perfect tight shaven pussy, I wanted it so badly. I climbed onto the bed and over her. Her hands explored my chest so I did the same to her, I leant in and kissed her gently but passionately, as I did my cock rubbed against her pussy, she let out a small groan and bit her lip giving me the sexiest look I had ever seen, her breathing became heavier as she got more excited

“Do you want me baby?”

“Oh mum I want all of you so badly”

“Mmm then do as your mummy says and push that big cock deep inside me”

I was a little surprised at how sluttly she was being but she didn’t have to ask twice, I sat back between her legs, I lifted them, putting her calves under my arms with her knees bent I held onto her thighs as I lined myself up and slowly pushed my hips forward sliding my throbbing dick deep inside my mums pussy. She let out a loud moan and almost screamed

“Oh fuck! Yes baby, fuck your mummy”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and could hardly believe what I was doing. I fucked her hard and fast and then slow and deep for what seemed like hours, with every thrust I felt her cunt tighten around me. The position stayed the same, the only change position was of my hands, from thigh to tits so I could lean down and kiss her. We were both loving every second and her breathing got heavier and her moaning got louder as I continued to pound her.

We eventually stopped and I pulled out, I lifted her up for more snogging and I leant down kissing and then biting her neck.

“No Dan they will see the mark on my neck”

I stopped izmit escort as she pushed me back.

“But if you want to get dirty, oh I can be a very dirty girl” she said as she squeezed her tits together and bit her lip, my cock throbbed and bulged.

“Yumm, show me just how dirty you can be mum”

She turned got on her hands and knees, twisted her body, slapped her hand on her ass and squeezed it; again in a sexy voice she said

” Fuck my ass you bad bad boy”

“Oooo you dirty little slut”

“Mmm dan tell me how dirty I am”

“Sooo dirty, and so naughty” I said with a spank of her ass

“Ooo yes!”

“You need to be punished” I said with another spank.

“Go on baby punish me, fuck me like I’m your dirty little bitch”

I moved closer slid my hand down her body and began playing with her nipples as my cock slid between her legs and I kissed her back, I then placed my hands on her hips and rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks as I sat up into position.

“You sure you want this?”

I don’t know why I asked because I wanted it so badly

” Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me like the whore I am!”

“Damm mum I didn’t know you were so slutty” to which she replied

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me”

with that I guided the head of my cock against her ass hole and slowly pushed it in. My cock was so big and hard and her ass even tighter than her cunt, I struggled to get it in, but eventually it was as deep as it could go, she was screaming with pleasure.

“Oh yes please baby, please just fuck your mummy!”

I used my hands to push and pull her as I thrusted my hips allowing me to fuck her hard slow and deep!

” Aahhhhh, ooohh, oooo, mmmmm baby” she screamed and moaned with each push

“Oh mum I’m going to explode”

“Wait not yet!” She said as she pulled off and instructed me to lay down,

I did and she straddled me sitting on my cock and lowering her self, sliding down it like a fire pole.

“Ouch that hurt” she said as it went all the way in.

I slid my hands over her ass and up her back, I pulled her down, and kissed her passionately; her breasts pressed against my chest and our tongues were like snakes in each others mouths, I could have stayed like this for hours until she sat up placed her hands on the wall, left her tits hanging just above me, close enough for me to reach up and squeeze and she bounced herself on my cock I pushed my hips to help her. She kept going until I exploded masses of cum deep inside her, she pulled up and it erupted all over her stomach and tits, some of it landed on me, and she got down and licked my chest clean, I then helped massage the cum into her soft skin. My cock softened and she laid on top of me, we kissed and touched each other as we laid there exhausted. She fell asleep on me and I stayed touching her for a while, eventually I woke her so we could find our clothes before everyone returned. We spent the rest of the day kissing and touching each other in the pool before they arrived.

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