Lust Letters No. 02


I could tell by the way you walked in the door that you had endured another rough day at work. It was not the first time this week, but thankfully, it was Friday, so I could do a little something to relieve your stress.

I hand you a martini, knowing that after a week like this, a glass of wine wouldn’t be enough. “Get comfortable,” I tell you. “I am going to fill up the tub for you, and let you soak for a bit. After you’re done, I am going to take good care of you.”

“Oh?” you respond. “And just how are you going to take care of me?” you ask as you sit down. You have a smirk on your face, so you know I am up to something.

“Let’s just say that I am going to help you live out a fantasy or two this weekend,” I tell you as I walk off towards the bathroom. We had told each other our fantasies a while ago, and I knew that you would be racking your brain trying to figure out which one I had planned this weekend.

A couple of minutes later, I return to you and tell you that your bath is ready.

“What fantasy are you going to give me?” you ask as I walk you into the bathroom.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I told you as I slowly undress you, kissing your body as I remove your work clothes.

I help you into the tub, sit you down in the hot water, and tell you that I would refill your drink and be right back.

I return a couple of minutes later with a fresh martini and hand it to you. As you sit back and enjoy your soak, I reach into my pocket and hand you a present.

“What’s this?” you ask, looking at your new toy.

“I was going to give this to you on your birthday, but I figured you could use it now,” I tell you. “It’s a waterproof pocket-rocket. It’s called a dolphin. The little nose can either tickle your clit or slide in to your pussy, and the ears can work on the sides of your clit.”

“It’s waterproof?” you ask as you looked at it.

“Yep,” I respond. “Now, just relax, and enjoy. I’ll be back in a bit. I have to get a few things ready.”

“Wait,” you yell as I start to walk out of the bathroom. “At least give me a clue what you have planned. Did you talk to that girl you work with? The one who I said was cute?”

I just laugh and walk out the door. “You’re mean,” you yell. “That’s not fair!”

I pop my head in the doorway and tell you, “Just relax and enjoy your new toy,” and I close the door.

While you are soaking, I go into the bedroom and get everything ready. That only takes a few minutes to do , so I sneak back to the bathroom door. By the time I get there, I can hear you moaning lightly, and the water splashing around just a little.

Slowly, I open the bathroom door, very glad that I oiled the hinges and doorknob, and stick my head in.

I see you laying back, your eyes closed, squeezing one of your beautiful, full tits with one hand, and the other hand under water working the vibe over what has to be a very hot, tingling pussy.

I stand in the doorway for a few minutes watching you, as I squeeze my hardening cock through my shorts. I always enjoy watching you get yourself off, but this is the first time that I have had a chance to do it without you knowing that I was watching.

Your right hand is squeezing your tits and pulling on your nipples as your left hand is holding the dolphin still over your pussy. I could tell that you are getting close to cumming, and I don’t want that yet.

I walk in the bathroom, letting you know I am there, and tell you, “OK, baby, time to get out.”

You gasp, not knowing I am there, and start to protest. “I’m glad that you like your new friend, but it’s not time for you to cum yet,” I tell you as I stand you up and help you out of the tub.

“Ooohhh,” you protest. “But I was sooo close.”

“I know,” I tell you.

After I put the vibe on the counter, I softly dry you off with the towel, wrap you in your silk robe, and lead you back to the living room. “Do you want another drink?” I ask.

“Sure,” you answer. “I could go for one more.”

When I return with your drink, you are sitting on the sofa, so after I hand you your drink I sit next to you and sip on my bourbon. As we sat there, we kiss softly, and I stroke your nipples and pussy through the silk robe.

“Are you going to tell me which fantasy you are going to give me, or are you going to keep me guessing?” you ask as your breathing got heavier.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” I whisper into your ear as I nibble on your lobe and neck.

“At least tell me if that girl from work is involved. What’s her name, Kat?” you ask impatiently.

Chuckling, I say, “Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. You must really be interested, if you can remember her AND her name, after only one meeting.” I know that if you remembered all of that, you also remembered that Kat was bi, and that she told me that she thought that you were pretty hot, too.

“Smiling, you just say, “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

Soon, you finish your martini, so I stand up and take your hand. I pull a blindfold out of my pocket and wrap bornova escort it around your pretty face.

“What’s this about?” you ask, gasping as I tie it.

“As much as I love looking into your beautiful eyes when we play, this is all part of the

plan,” I tell you, leading you into the bedroom. “Now hush and enjoy.”

When we reach the bedroom, I bring you to the side of the bed. Standing behind you, I place my hands on your hips, and you can feel my rising cock rubbing against your ass.

“Stand here,” I whisper in your ear, and leave you for a second. Quietly, I walk over to the corner of the bed and turn on my video camera, knowing that you have said that you thought it might be a turn-on to tape ourselves, but that you weren’t sure if you could do it. I also take off my boxers, letting my stiff cock wave in the cool air.

Returning to you, I stand behind you again and softly kiss your neck as I slowly slide your robe off of you, letting the silk slide over your breasts and your neatly trimmed pussy.

Pulling you back to me, you feel my hard cock as it nestles itself between your asscheeks. “This weekend, you are to give up all control to me,” I whisper into your ear as I softly squeeze one of your breasts. “You are my little slave, and you are not to question ANYthing I tell you. Do

you understand me?”

You gasp softly, and whisper meekly, “Yes.”

I then turn you around, and you feel my cock spring up and hit your pubic mound. I place both hands on your shoulders and lightly push down, forcing you to your knees.

“I want you to suck my cock,” I tell you.

Immediately, you open your mouth and reach up with your hands to grasp my stiff rod, brushing against your face.

I reach down and grab your wrists. “No hands,” I tell you. “You can only use your you mouth.”

You sigh, and I feel your breath as you move your head around so you can get your mouth on my waiting cock.

You start to bob your head over my thick shaft and I sigh at the incredible feeling of your hot, wet mouth engulfing me. I reach down and squeeze your tits and you try to get my cock as deep as you can.

You suck and lick my cock for a few minutes, until I pull you back up to your feet.

I lay you on the bed, on your back, and raise your hands over your head.

“What are you doing?” you ask, gasping softly as you feel my hard cock against your side.

“Hush, and enjoy,” I whisper in your ear, a little more forcefully this time.

I then reach under the pillows and pull out a silk rope and tie your hands together. As I am doing that, you moan and ask again, “What are you doing?”

“If you don’t stop asking questions, I am going to put a pair of panties into your mouth,” I

tell you as I tie your hands to the headboard.

“Oh, that would just be terrible,” you tell me, trying to mock me.

“It would be, because I have better plans for your mouth,” I tell you, making sure that your hands are tied tight.

You moan, and I see you subconsciously lick your lips as I move to the foot of the bed and pull out two more silk ropes and tie your feet down.

I see you testing the ropes as I walk to the drawer where we keep the toys. When you discover that you can still move your legs a little, I hear you go, “Hmmm.”

Quietly, I pull out all of the toys, along with the bottle of lube. I place everything at the foot of the bed, and walk over to one side. Leaning in to your face, I kiss you deeply and passionately on your lips, and then start moving down your neck.

I work on your neck, and my hands glide over your full tits. When my lips get to that one spot on your neck that I know drives you crazy, I start to pinch and pull on your nipples. This makes you gasp, and you moan loudly.

I start to kiss my way down your chest, and my hands slide down your body. When I get to your tits, you try to arch your back to get your nipples into my mouth. Chuckling, I avoid your sensitive nipples, and instead kiss and lick my way around your heaving breasts, paying extra attention to the bottoms and the areas just surrounding your aureolas.

Just to tease you further, I flick my tongue lightly over your stiff nipples, not touching anything else on your breasts. I switch to the other nipple, and give it the same treatment.

Finally, I wrap my lips around one nipple, and start to suck on it as my fingers glide over your inner thighs. As my fingertips get closer to your pussy, I start to suck harder on your nipple.

You are moaning louder, and trying to move your hips to get me to make contact with your moist pussy, but I keep avoiding it as my fingers seem to touch everywhere BUT there.

I switch nipples again, and you gasp and moan as I roughly work over this one. I start to lightly nip at it with my teeth, and then flick my tongue over it. I then plunge my mouth over your hard nipple as I try to suck your entire, full tit into my mouth. At the same time, I am sliding my hand back up your buca escort body, and start to softly squeeze your other breast.

Pulling my head back, I place one hand one each tit, and push them together. With your stiff nipples almost touching, I flick my tongue lightly and quickly over both of them at the same time.

As you continue moaning, I suck both nipples into my mouth, and you gasp as you try to pull on the ropes tying you down. I know that you want to pull my head into your chest even harder.

Releasing your nipples, I flick them again with my tongue, this time applying a little more pressure, and then I pull away again. I start to kiss and lick my way down your body, as I look at your tits, nipples shiny and wet.

As I work my way down your body, you are starting to struggle against the ropes. Climbing between your legs, you moan again. As I kiss your belly, just above your trimmed pubic hairs, I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy, and I can see your juices starting to leak.

As I continue to kiss my way down your body, I purposely avoid your pussy, even as you keep trying to move your hips around to get me to kiss you there.

As my lips, tongue, and fingertips glide across your thighs, you are writhing and moaning, pulling on the ropes that keep you from moving. I know that you would love to pull my face tight against your hot, moist pussy, and you want to squeeze your full, round tits, but you can’t. You are helpless, and at my mercy, and that thought is driving you crazy!

After kissing my way down to your ankles, I work my way back up your legs. Spreading your pussy lips apart, I can see how wet you are, and your juices flowing down to your asshole.

I flick my tongue slowly up one side of your moist pussy lips, and then the other, still avoiding your wet hole and your hard little clit. You moan loudly, again moving your hips in a vain attempt to get me to make contact with your sensitive nub.

I then stand up, getting off of the bed and walk towards the head. I kneel on the bed next to your head and place my hard cock on your lips. You turn your head and start to lick and suck on my cock, moaning loudly.

As you are working your oral talents on my thick shaft, I reach down and grab your small vibe. You hear me turn it on, and you moan again, trying to take as much of my cock in your mouth as you can.

As you try to bob your head on my cock, I place the vibrator on your pussy mound, just above your clit. You let my cock go for a second as you groan, and whisper, “Please?”

Placing my cock back into your hot mouth, I slowly slide the vibe down, until it makes contact with your stiff clit. You gasp and moan, and start sucking on my cock with more vigor and enthusiasm.

You are doing such a good job on my cock, I have to moan, and I tell you, “Oh yeah, baby. Show me how much you want my cock.”

You try to swallow as much of my hard shaft as you can as I slide the vibrator down towards your seeping pussy. I lean down, dipping just the tip of the vibe into your pussy as I leave just the head of my cock in your mouth.

You keep sucking on the head of my cock as you flick your tongue all over it, and I take the small vibe, its’ tip coated with your juices, and slide it down towards your tight ass. I dip just the tip of the vibe into your ass, applying a little bit of pressure, and you gasp and moan, and then raise your head, trying to take more of my cock into your mouth.

Sliding the vibrator back up to your clit, I hear you moan and sigh. As you open your mouth, I pull my cock away from you and start to climb off of the bed.

Holding the vibrator in place, I take a hold of your larger dildo and start to slide it up and down your wet slit, moistening the head. Then, I slide it in a couple of inches, just about to the depth of where I know your g-spot is.

Once it is in where I want it, I take your feet and place them on the bed, as close to your ass as I can, with your knees in the air. Closing your legs, I lean in to you, and whisper in your ear, “I want you to keep that vibrator right where it is. Don’t let it fall.”

You gasp and moan as you feel me climb off of the bed, and you ask me, “Where are you going?”

“I told you, no questions,” I respond.

While you lie there, I walked quietly out of the room. When I returned a couple of minutes later, you were starting to squirm from the effects of the toys, and trying to keep them in place.

Quietly, I walk to the side of the bed, and place my fingertips on both of your nipples. You jump when you feel my hands, and the ice cubes they hold, touch your sensitive skin. “You looked really hot laying here,” I whispered in your ear, “so I thought that I would help cool you down a little.”

As I slid the melting cubes over your tits, paying particular attention to your nipples, you wiggled around, and your legs fell open, dropping the vibe to the mattress.

“Oh, that’s a bad girl,” I tell you as I move slightly away. karşıyaka escort “I told you not to let the vibrator fall. I think I may have to punish you for that.”

You whimper at that, knowing that whatever kind of punishment I give you, odd are that we will both enjoy it.

I reach down to your clit, sliding another ice cube over your excited nub. You jump when you feel the first cold drop of melting water, and try to wiggle away from the cold. As you wiggle around, though, the dildo shoots out of your wet pussy, landing next to where the vibrator lay.

“Couldn’t hold that, either, huh?” I teasingly ask you. “Well, you can guess what that means.”

Hearing that, you know what is coming now, and you try to struggle with the ropes, to no luck. Laying on my side, across your belly, I hold you down and grab two new cubes. I started to slide one around your clit, I took the other one and started to slide it down your wet slit.

You almost jumped when you felt the one cube glide over the top of your clit shaft, and the other cube slid right up your het, wet pussy.

“Oh my god!” you yelped as both cubes melted, leaving cold water covering your pussy and leaking out of your steamy hole.

I then climbed in between your legs, stuck my tongue out, and started to lick, slowly, from your cool, tight asshole, slowly up to your pussy hole, where I buried my tongue as deep as I could.

Slowly pulling my tongue out of your wet depths, I proceeded to continue my licking up

to your red little clit. When I reached the little nub, which was standing out firm, I wrapped my lips around it, and started to slowly suck on it while my tongue flicked across the tip.

Gasping, you try again to struggle against the bonds, until you finally give up and collapse on the bed. At that point, I reach down and grab more toys. Taking your egg, I turn it on to medium speed and slowly slide it up and down your slit, which is heating up again rapidly.

Still sucking and licking your clit, I slowly slide the egg into your soaking wet pussy, trying to keep it up at the top of your wet, silky walls. I then take your bigger dildo and start to slide it all over your wetness, and finally rest it against your body, the head poised right at your asshole.

I reach down and grab the bottle of lube. Squirting out a good amount, I cover the head of the dildo and get a bit on your tight ass. You gasp and moan as I start to slowly push the fake cock into your ass while the egg in your pussy vibrates away.

Soon, I have the dildo deep into your ass, and I start sliding it in and out, while keeping the vibrating egg just inside your pussy. I start fucking your ass with the dildo faster, and I slide the egg out slowly.

I bury the dildo deep as I slide the egg up to your clit, and then I take the other vibrator and slide it into your pussy, turning it on high. You yelp at the sensory overload as it consumes your body.

Planting your feet on the mattress as best you can, you start to hump your hips in the air, and your breathing get heavier. Soon, I hear you start to moan loudly, signaling your upcoming orgasm.

You moan out loudly, “Oh, yes! Oh honey, I’m right there. Oh, don’t stop!”

As soon as I see you start to shake, and your body start to stiffen up, I immediately stop the vibes and pull the dildo out of your ass. You moan in frustration as your body crashes to a quick halt.

“Oh my god,” you moan. “Why did you stop? I was right there!”

I lean and take your head in my hands, turning it towards me. As I lay my stiff cock across your lips, you open your mouth to take me in, and I tell you, “I know. I don’t want you to cum yet.”

You moan around my cock as you suck on it, bobbing your head and taking it in as deep as you can. I pull it out and lay the shaft across your lips, and you start to lick the underside rapidly.

After you work on my cock for a couple of minutes, I pull away from you and walk to the foot of the bed. I untie your feet, climb back on the bed and grab your ankles.

Pushing your knees to your chest, I place your feet on my chest and I start to slide my cockhead up and down your wet slit, teasing your hard clit. You moan and start to wiggle, and I line my cock up with your seeping wet pussy.

I lean against your feet, letting my cock slide in just a bit. As you wiggle your hips and moan, I take hold of your legs, and with one swift push, I bury my cock deep into your hot, tight pussy.

You gasp and yelp as you feel me bottom out inside you, and I move my hips a bit, grinding my pelvis against yours.

“Oh yes, that feels sooo good!” you moan as I hold you down and start to fuck you slowly.

I continue to slide my cock in and out of your wet hole, pulling all the way out, and then sliding back in. Sometimes I give you the whole cock, other times you get just the head.

I slam my cock deep into you, and you gasp. Then I reach down and take the smaller vibe. Turning it on as I remain buried deep inside you, you gasp again and your body jumps as the tip of the vibe touches your sensitive clit.

I keep fucking your tight pussy, feeling the wet walls grasping at my cock as it slides in and out. Leaning forward, my pelvis traps the vibrator against your clit as I reach up and start to squeeze your tits as they bounce around your chest.

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