Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 05

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Regrettably, many moons have passed since Literotica published the last chapter in this saga. To those kind e-mailers, I have not stopped writing but have been on somewhat of a sabbatical. For those readers who have never read anything of mine, please acquaint yourself with earlier chapters so that you will understand the lustful personality of Lord Anthony Millhaven and how he came to be in this situation.

* * * * *

Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against the doorway watching Mrs. Jessica Phillips pace nervously back and forth from window to window in the airy bedroom that she had been allocated by her hostess, Lady Eliza Montgomery. Dressed in mourning black and possessing a figure from front on that was more reminiscent of a roly poly man, she fidgeted with a lace handkerchief and kept muttering “no, no” to herself. She was a patroness of Almacks and some said the chief patroness. The ladies of Almacks held sway in the ton and determined who held balls, who attended and, depending on how impressed they were, which young ladies met advantageous matches during their coming out season. They were a prestigious bunch, highly respected or feared and chosen for the high moral ground that they all stood for.

Just why Lady Eliza had invited her to be one of Lord Anthony’s amusements at her ‘at home’ was not entirely beyond him as he had been provided with certain information. All afternoon she had exhibited considerable signs that she did not want to be present at this soiree. Completely oblivious to Tony’s presence, she paused in her pacing at one of the windows and leaned over and looked down as if she were looking for some form of escape. This action had Tony sucking in his breath as the action served to show his keen eye three things of interest to him, an interest that had his ever eager penis twitching in anticipation. Firstly, her back was actually quite slender and narrowed to quite a reasonable waistline for a lady that wouldn’t see fifty again. Secondly, the stretching of the bombazine dress over shapely buttocks indicated quite a voluptuous resting ground for his bollocks. Thirdly, whatever was in front of her stomach could not be belly as he had first surmised; it had to be a giant pair of titties, the like of which he had never encountered during his eager quest for bigger, better, or just plain different baby feeders.

Silently, Lord Anthony moved to the chair next to the fire, sat and poured two generous snifters of brandy that had been left to warm. “Would you care for a libation, dear Jessica?” She whirled around at the sound of his friendly voice desperately reaching for her quizzing glass. “Don’t bother with your meagre form of defence,” he said indicating the glass, “I know for a fact that you have perfect vision.”

She slipped into her persona of ‘little old lady’, hunched her shoulders and shuffled over to stand protectively behind the wings of the tall chair opposite his lordship. “I have no idea what you mean, Lord Millhaven, and I shan’t partake of liquor at this hour of the day,” she sniffed disdainfully. She surveyed his lordship, resplendent in a robe de chambre idly swirling his brandy while he regarded her with his piercing gaze. Her beaten heart fluttered as she took in what was unarguably the finest male specimen she had ever seen. For once, Jessica regretted that she would talk her way out of any form of physical contact. She stayed protectively behind the chair but frowned as he rose to his majestic height and firmly but gently urged her into the seat opposite his and pressed the brandy snifter into her hands.

“Drink up, Jessica, old girl. I want you to understand that there will be no secrets between us. You have been living a lie for nigh on 30 years by the reckoning of my informant.” She gasped and looked frantically at the door. He ignored her anxious plight. “No escape for you woman; tonight you confront your demons!”

“I really cannot comprehend what you mean, Lord Millhaven,” Jessica announced with an attempt at bravado belied by the slight quivering of her tone.

“My informant, who has been closely associated with your family for many, many years has advised that while there was a Mr. Phillips very early in the piece, there was some scandal involving spying for the French and said Mr. Phillips was given a one way berth to the colonies – Van Diemen’s Land I believe.” She gasped again. “Your older brother newly back from the Americas stood in for your real husband for close to 30 years until his recent death. That is who you are in mourning for, not your unlamented husband.” Tears were forming on her cheeks and she took a hasty gulp from her glass.

“What else do you know?” she asked dejectedly.

“My informant was not too clear on this point,” said Tony stabbing a finger at her, “but just how close were you to your brother.” The tears came now, copious and accompanied by sobbing. “I think I have the answer, my dear. Do not overset yourself, your secret is safe with me. Such a dark secret explains your attitudes with respect to the standards you set at Almacks. You require extremely modest behaviour in contrast dikmen escort bayan to your own licentious relationship. Stop sobbing, dear Jessica, and tell me all about your dirty, dirty little life.”

Jessica Phillips, doyen of Almacks, took control of her emotions and accepted another glass of the potent brandy. Her shoulders slumped and she gazed unseeing at the fireplace. “I met my husband while travelling the continent. We married there and as he was in the diplomatic corps we were posted to Venice. Shortly thereafter he was arrested and charged with treason. So that the government would not be embarrassed, he was immediately transported to the colonies. I wrote to my brother, my one remaining relative and he came to rescue me. Bearing in mind the huge embarrassment of my husband’s disgrace and my need to retain my standing in society, I readily agreed to Hugo’s suggestion that we pretend to be married. Little did I know what he had planned all along. Within days of returning to London, I found myself trussed to my bed while he made free with my body.”

Tony steepled his fingers. “Made free? More information, dear Jessica, if you please, and as accurate as possible. While I have never needed to tie any of my playmates down, the idea intrigues me.”

“I awoke just two nights after returning to my husband’s house to find my brother astride me. My hands were tied to the bed posts and he was pushing his, er, er, um thing between my chestal mounds.”

“Speak English, woman. You mean he was titty fucking your huge breasts, with his cock, his prick, his babymaker!!”

“Yes, yes!! Twice he inundated my upper body with his fluids. He pushed and pummelled, grabbed and groped my poor abused breasts. He ignored my pleadings and when he lay down beside me he explained that he had been obsessed with them since we were teenies when he saw them accidentally one night. He had plotted for years to have at them and I never knew. He reminded me that my whole life depended on his munificence and patronage and that I was to be ready for him at any time, day, morning or night. While he had me vaginally and even anally, it was my breasts that fascinated him most.” She looked up shyly at the extremely handsome Lord Millhaven through shimmering lashes and looked almost girlish. “He made me dress in such a way as to disguise their size so that no other man would give me a second look. I am not an oil painting, sirrah, and he knew it. My lot in life was not so bad, really. He did look after me though, and I do miss him. However, he was the only one who got any pleasure from our sexual interludes and I am positive he never gave a thought to whether I enjoyed any part of our bed times.”

“I am appalled madam. I simply cannot enjoy a congress between myself and my pleasure partner without her experiencing at least the same amount of bliss if not more given the unfortunate fact that women are multi-orgasmic, damn them!!”

“Orgasmic, my lord??”

“Damn right! You have no concept of a lady’s orgasm. Good Christ, where have you been all your life??”

Jessica cast her eyes downward. “I have been a means by which my brother fountained his lust upon me but never in me.” She shifted her eyes to his. “I am given to understand, my lord, that you are somewhat skilled in the art of er of er sexual relations, and that is why I am here. I mean to find out what it is really all about, and I am, er, willing to do whatever is necessary to do so!” She fixed her gaze upon the enormously handsome young man in front of her. “Anything, anything at all, my lord.”

Tony steepled his hands in front of his handsome visage. “Hmmm. Let us start by getting you out of that ridiculous dress. Please disrobe, madam. Let the ferret see the rabbit.”

Almost mesmerised by his authorative tone, Jessica Phillips stared into his eyes and slowly began unbuttoning the 30 buttons that did up the front of her unattractive black bombazine dress. Sipping his brandy, Lord Millhaven narrowed his eyes as the first ten buttons revealed a tightly wrapped bandage about the upper chest. His eyes widened as button after button revealed more wrapping until it stopped about belly button height. She shifted her arse forward on the seat and kept unbuttoning. When the buttons were undone to lap height, she pulled the dress off her shoulders and arms and dropped it to her lap. She stared at him as his widened by the sight of two enormous bulging breasts livid with purple veins capped with two simply enormous teats pointing downward.

“There, Lord Anthony, you now know my secret,” she said softly. “I am deformed and my brother made me hide my deformity.”

“Deformed my sainted aunt! You simply have the most enormous udders I have ever seen, Jessica. Stand up and get rid of the ridiculous strapping; let me see all of you.”

Urged by the obvious lascivious interest in his intelligent eyes, Jessica slowly stood and reached to the end of the strapping and began unwinding it from around her body. As she did so, her dress slowly slid down over her womanly hips, down over curvaceous thighs to puddle at her feet. emek escort bayan Her elongated tits reached to below her crotch not allowing the lecherous lord a view of her mound of venus. She dropped the strapping on the chair and slowly stood erect.

Lord Anthony, cock prominently bulging under his robe de chambre, took in the sight before him. Her alabaster skin was without blemish except for the long stretch marks that ran for the top third of her breasts. They bulged out into huge gourd shaped rounds capped with enormous teats upon large saucer sized dark brown almost black areolae that were pimpled with whitish protrusions. The bottom part of a profusely curly haired pussy covered any vaginal lips beneath. Her legs were astounding.

“Turn around, my dear,” he ordered, his voice hoarse with excitement. Slowly she swivelled and he took in the perfect violin shape of her beautiful back, her full round hips and dimpled knees. “Bend over and place your hands on the chair arms.” She did so and her elongated breasts touched the seat. “Spread your legs, dear Jessica.”

“No, please no,” she whimpered, “I cannot. You will see my secret place. My brother told me it was the most horrible sight he had ever beheld.”

“Indeed I will. Now do as you are told or I will have your secret all over London within 24 hours and you will be laughed out of Almacks.”

Sobbing, Jessica slowly slid her feet apart and he almost laughed to see her clench her buttock cheeks to try to keep her private place hidden from him. He reached across and smacked her hard on one delightful arse cheek, then using his other hand to help, spread her tight buttocks to reveal one of the strangest pussies he had ever seen. It was clear that her vagina was not large but her labia majoria was not only huge but strangely shaped. He rose from his chair and spun her gently around and pushed her into her chair. He dropped to his knees and roughly pushed her thighs apart eager to see more of her strange apparatus.

“Please, no,” sobbed Jessica, “I know it is too horrible to look at. My brother refused to…”

“Rubbish, woman. You have one of the most unique pussies it has been my pleasure to see. Hold those titties to one side while I become better acquainted.” As the veil of her breasts was parted, Tony peered more closely at the strange sight before him. Bulging outward by at least two inches, the upper part had the left lip overlapping the right lip and the reverse on the bottom half. From top to bottom, the length was less than three inches. One single translucent drop of secretion hung from the bottom. The lips themselves appeared to be glued tight. Tentatively, Tony placed a finger at the top juncture and insinuated it between the huge vaginal lips and began to prise them apart. A small aperture appeared. Running his finger gently down to the bottom half he was rewarded with the slow unfurling of huge petals. Ignoring the fact that she had gone breathless, he ran his finger back up and back down noting a slight dewiness and the widening of the aperture as the cunt lips further unfurled outward then sideways to lay apart upon her hairy mons revealing a dull pink vertical slit. At the top was small bulge that hid her clitoris. Leaning forward, he used the point of his tongue to lick from bottom to top, bottom to top, over and over until he felt a sudden opening in the centre. He pulled back eyeing the serrated nymphae of her ruined maidenhead through a hole no bigger that a button from one of his jackets. He drove his rigid tongue deep into the hole and began to tongue-fuck her. Tony reached up and removed her hands from her breasts and allowed them to drape around his ears while pinching, tweaking and mauling her burgeoning nipples. Vaguely, as if from afar, he heard her sobs turn to moans and felt her pelvis begin to squirm against him. In out, up down, in out, up, up, in and out he drove his tongue enjoying the unique bittersweet taste of her until he finally tasted something different, somehow sweeter and thicker.

He peered up through the canyon of her tits and enjoyed the sight of her alabaster shoulders mottled in red, her eyes shut tight and her small mouth gasping for air. Tony stood and divested himself of the robe, his tremendous cock pointing out horizontally at her. “Open your eyes, my dear woman and gaze upon the instrument that is about to give you the best fucking of your life. Open I say!” Her tear bedewed eyes opened and then widened in astonishment at the beautiful staff before her. “It needs to be made stiffer, my dear – give it a good sucking. Mmmh, that is nice although a bit tight. Lave the knob and especially the area just under, that’s right, you’re doing fine. I bet your brother had you do this to him, hmmh? Now, how in hell could he titfuck those enormous dugs of yours?”

Jessica leaned back and looking him in the eye, gathered her enormous pendulant breasts and held them straight out, the hugely erect nipples pointing at him like two accusing eyes. “He put his thing into them and drove himself in and out until he was finished. It never took long.” Although rampantly eryaman escort bayan erect, Tony forced his prick to almost horizontal and slowly penetrated the warm soft mound of breast flesh held before him. When drove in his length to his balls until he could feel the rigid nipples against his upper thighs. He still had some way to go before he reached the solid wall of her chest. Slowly she began to oscillate her breasts over under and around his steel-like cock.

“No wonder the silly bastard didn’t last long! You have a rare talent there, dear Jessica, but I am damned if I’ll waste my load there when you have a mouse’s ear to be taken. Lay back and put your legs over the arms of the chair.”

Jessica laid back and slowly raised her beautiful legs over the chair arms so that he had an unimpeded gaze of her spread lips and tiny hole that winked at him in welcome. “Please be gentle, Lord Anthony,” she murmured, “I have only been penetrated a few times before on my honeymoon and you are so big.”

“All the better to give you satisfaction, satisfaction you have been craving for years, dear Jessica.” On his knees, he inched forward until the flared head of his angry cock with its drooling urethra lined up with her tiny cuntal opening. Usually he would slide his knob up and down normal sized openings but this was no normal sized opening. He began to have doubts that he would get it in at all. Flexing his muscular buttocks and ignoring her anxious moans he slowly inched his hungry cock into her. Miraculously, the waiting cunt seemed to widen as his patient entry proceeded and once the flared head had conquered the entrance, it seemed to suck his rigidity right into her tight hot depths until he lodged against her cervix with still several inches to go.

“Ah, my dear, rarely have I been in a tighter pussey. Ye gods I’m glad I loosened you up before I put my cock to you. Now lift your dugs up and drape them over my shoulders and hold on for dear life. I intend to fuck you until you scream for mercy, dear Jessica.” The feel of her heavy jugs upon his broad back was unique to say the least. She had her tiny hands clasped to his heaving haunches and it felt like he was in the arms of a voluptuous octopus. Slowly he started pushing his pulsing phallus in and out of her tightly grasping cunt and within seconds felt a warm creamy emission bathe his staff. Although this did not lessen the exquisite tightness it did aid the deepening of his thrusts as he ground into her until his swinging balls crashed against the puckered ring of her anal ring. Increasing the speed of his fucking, he was delighted by all the senses; the smell of her agitated cunt and lightly perfumed cleavage, the feel of her majestic tits rolling around his shoulder blades and of her hands scrabbling at his muscular arse cheeks, the sight of her beautiful eyes that stared up into his revealing the amazement of her experience and the sound of her excited moans and cries as his pounding cockhead pummelled her womb. She came again and again, and with a savage primal cry, he felt his balls tighten and unleash a massive load deep within her. Jessica felt the inundation of his hot sperm and came with a deep shudder that rippled throughout her body. As he reared up to ensure that he spunked her deepest recesses, her humongous breasts slid from his shoulders and onto her chest. Since she was still clutching his buttocks, he was rewarded by the sight of the chasm of her cleavage and the pulchritudinous pouting of her dark brown nipples. As his outpourings diminished, he placed his hands either side of her mammoth mammaries so that the nipples were only a couple of inches apart and attacked her teats, worrying and biting so that she moaned anew and continued her mini peaks of her orgasm. As she came down from her heights, he gentled his attack and began laving and sucking her sensitive nipples until they began to deflate.

His organ had itself deflated enough for him to lean back and extract himself from her clinging cunney. When at last his outrageous cockhead pulled free of pussey lips, he was amused to see their combined cream pulse out of her tiny slit and slowly trail down the cleft of her fine arse to pool upon the chair. She inched up a little and her elongated melons fell down toward her pussey. Gently, Tony worked more of his fluid out of his cock and anointed each of the areolae and then wiped his tired prick between the bulging mounds. He lifted one breast and presented the glistening nipple to her lips and ordered her to lick and, after licking all of his residue from her dark teat he did the same to the other.

Lord Anthony stood, reached for his robe and tied it on. Looking down and the still spreadeagled doyen of Almacks, her pussey dribbling, what he could see of her stomach palpitating and her huge breasts resting in her tiny hands. “My dear Jessica, that was a mighty fine fuck. Clearly you need further exercising in the lusty arts and I am just the man to provide you with such an education. My housekeeper, Mrs. Forsythe will call on you within the next several days. Please ensure you follow her instructions to the letter. Unfortunately, there are still two more ladies awaiting my services so for the moment, I bid you adieu.” He turned and strode from the room leaving her gasping at his impertinence and knowing that she would do anything – anything at all to savour once again the highest sensual plateaux she had ever experienced.

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