Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 02


It is Sunday afternoon. Lynn and I are just waking up from a nap after a long night of little sleep for both of us. Lynn had her first date with Jim, a man that she had met recently. She is attracted to Jim because he is sexually dominant. I am a loving, submissive husband who is happiest when I am serving my queen. At my suggestion, Lynn keeps my dick locked in a chastity device, so I please her in other ways besides intercourse. Lynn likes to wrap me around her finger by only letting me out of the cage occasionally. This works for me since I love the feeling of being constantly horny and frustrated.

Lynn likes being pampered by a submissive husband, but she wants, no needs, to be taken by a dominant man sometimes. That is where Jim comes into the picture. Lynn met him recently and with my encouragement, Lynn spent the night with him. This morning I picked up Lynn from Jim’s house. Lynn told me a little about the beginning of her night with Jim, but I am anxious to hear the rest.

I wake up when I feel Lynn get out of bed. She goes into the bathroom for a few minutes and then comes back out and grabs her robe from the closet.

“Come down to the den and I will tell you about the rest of my date with Jim. Bring the wrist cuffs with you.”

I take a couple minutes to freshen up in the bathroom and then get the wrist cuffs out of the nightstand. I head down to the den and see Lynn relaxing in my recliner.

“Kneel down facing me and put your hands behind your back.”

I comply with her directions. She gets up out of the chair and secures my wrists. She gets back in the recliner and her robe opens a little, teasing me by not quite letting me see her pussy or her boobs.

“I love seeing you like that, on your knees and helpless! Do you want to hear more about your slutty wife?”

“Yes, please tell me all about your time with Jim!”

“I told you that he had me bent over the arm of his sofa and was pounding my pussy. You obviously enjoyed that image because you blew your wad just hearing about it. However, I am sure that I enjoyed his cock more! He is bigger than you and rubbed me in places that you have never reached. It felt great and his stamina was incredible. He kept pounding me and telling me how good my pussy felt. Finally, I could feel him tense up and he filled me with his seed while he shoved his cock even deeper into my cunt. It was wonderful!”

This description should have been humiliating, but it just made my cock grow in its cage as I thought about how good her pussy feels, a feeling that Lynn told me is now denied to me.

“We snuggled on the couch for a few minutes while we caught our breath. Then he took me by the hand and led me up to his bedroom. He led me over to his bed. I turned to him and kissed him passionately. We stood with our tongues entwined and our hands groping each other’s asses for several minutes. He then gently pushed me away and told me to turn down the covers and lay down on the bed. “

While Lynn is telling me this, her robe opens a little more and I can see her shaved pussy. The pussy she shaved just for Jim.

“Jim went over to his dresser and came back with some cuffs attached to straps. He put them on my wrists and ankles and tied them to the post of his manly bed. He then went to his closet and brought out a movie camera on a tripod. He set it up pointed at the bed and turned it on. He told me that if you were good, maybe he would let my “slave husband” watch. Would you like that, Stephen?”

“Yes, Lynn, I would love to see him fuck you!”

“Jim got on the bed with me and told me to be quiet while he examined his new toy.”

“He calls you his toy?”

“Yes, I love it. It reminds me that I am just for his enjoyment. Anyway, Jim takes his times exploring my helpless body. His hands run all over me. His gentle touches are getting me even more worked up. I want to grab hold of him, roll him over and fuck his glorious cock, but I can’t. He starts to kiss and lick my neck and ears while his hands fondle my boobs. He whispers in my ear that he is going to enjoy using me anyway that he wants.”

As she is telling me this, Lynn absent mindedly pulls the top of her robe open and starts to gently caress her tits.

“He then moved his head down to my tits and started to suck, kiss and bite my nipples. I remember moaning in pleasure. His hand moves down to my pussy. He lightly caresses my thigh and teasingly touches my pussy. He keeps teasing my pussy and clit while biting my nipples. He keeps this up until I am about to go crazy; I want him desperately!”

Lynn closes her eyes and her hands move down to her pussy. She is playing with her cunt as I kneel helplessly watching. I am sure that she is thinking about Jim teasing her. I see her tease her clit with her slut red fingernails, the fingernails that I painted for her. Seeing her excitement causes my cock to try to swell but the cage restrains it. I want to fuck her and I realize that my hips are gyrating as my caged Şerifali Escort cock hopelessly tries to fuck the air. Lynn opens her eyes and smiles as she sees how desperately horny I am.

“I was even more desperate for Jim than you are now. He told me that I had to beg for it, so I did. Your wife begged another man to fuck her. Jim told me that I would have to promise not to let you fuck me in the pussy or ass or he would not fuck me. I wanted him so much I didn’t care how that would hurt you. I needed his cock. I promised to be faithful to him and only let him fuck me.”

The thought of Jim claiming my wife both humiliated me and excited me. My cock ached as it strained against its cage.

“He got on top of me and put his cock against my pussy lips and teased me by running it up and down my slit. I was mad with desire for him and lifted my hips up and tried to capture his cock. He pulled his cock away and kissed me deeply. I desperately probed his mouth with my tongue. He broke the kiss and told me “I will not be faithful to you, slut! Are you still going to be faithful to me and deny your submissive husband for a man that is going to fuck every woman he can get?”

“I was filled with jealousy when he told me that he would fuck other women. I begged him to be faithful to me. I promised to let him use me any way that he wanted, whenever he wanted, if he would only be faithful. He just smirked at me and rubbed his cock head up and down my slit again as I moaned with desire.”

“Jim said, I can already have you anytime and anyway that I want! You are my fuck toy and my sex slave. You don’t get to make demands of me! Tell me I can fuck whoever I want and that you will be faithful to me!”

“I needed his cock so much that I told him that I would be his no matter who else he fucked!”

I bowed my head in shame that Lynn would lower herself that way for another man.

“He put the head of his cock back at the entrance to my pussy and looked at the video camera; “Watch as I claim your wife’s pussy, slave!” He then shoved it in me and I remember yelling out his name in joy. It felt so great to know that I belong to a man like Jim!”

I look at Lynn and see her beautiful shaved pussy. I think about how Jim now has the sole right to enjoy the delightful feel of that pussy around his cock. My cock strains at the cage as the knowledge that I can’t fuck you flames my desire for you.

“Jim has incredible stamina. It seemed like he fucked me forever, but I never wanted it to end. He would pound my cunt fast and hard and bring me close to climaxing. Then he would slow down and take me gently and slowly. I love the way he fucks me! He is so much better than you.”

This comment stabs me to the core, but I know in my heart that it is probably true.

“As much as I wanted this to go on forever, I wanted him to fill me. I started to beg him to fill me. Jim started pounding me even harder as he groaned in pleasure. I could tell he was about to come. Suddenly, he pulled his wonderful cock out of me, crawled up the bed and put his dick in front on my mouth. “Swallow it!” he told me as he brought himself off. I was so turned on, I opened my mouth for his sperm. He let out a loud scream as his spunk filled my mouth. I loved it!”

I was stunned. I have dreamed of Lynn swallowing my seed, but she told me that she would never swallow. I am crushed that she would swallow for Jim and stunned that she said she loved it!

“But, but you said you would never let me do that!”

“That’s right, YOU never get to do that, but Jim does. I am his slave and I want to serve him. I love the way that HIS spunk tastes, because it is HIS!”

This is the most humiliating moment yet, but I relish the feeling. I look down feeling shame, but my cock is hard.

“I can see that it turns you on that your wife is a complete slut for Jim!”

“Yes, it does turn me on to know that you are a slut for him.”

“Before I go on, I want you to gently kiss and tongue Jim’s pussy.”

I move forward and bend over bringing my mouth within inches of her pussy. I can smell the distinctive scent of an aroused woman. I lovingly kiss her pussy and run my tongue up and down her slit. She holds my face to her cunt. I find her clit with my tongue and start massaging it. Lynn moans in excitement and in a couple of minutes, she comes as she mashes my face into her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she lets go of my head and I back away.

“Oh, I love the way you do that! I needed to come. I was so excited thinking about my night with Jim.”

“I am glad that I can still do something to please you.”

“Yes, I still want you to pamper me and be my loving husband, but I want — no need — Jim to dominate me sometimes.”

“I know.”

“Next, Jim untied me and we cuddled gently for a while. After I rested, I wanted him again and reached down to his cock and started to stroke it. He took my hand away and told me that I had been a Göztepe Escort bad girl for challenging him about fucking other women. He told me to get the paddle out of the toy drawer in his dresser. I was scared, but I knew I had to and wanted to obey and please him. I got up and opened the drawer. He has quite a collection of toys — some of which I didn’t recognize. I grabbed the paddle and walked back to the bed.”

“Jim was sitting on the edge of the bed. I handed him the paddle and draped myself over his knees. He spent a few minutes caressing my bottom. He then asked me why I deserved a spanking and I told him that I should not have challenged him. He said that was right and if I was a bad girl again, I will get spanked again. He then brought the paddle down hard on my ass. It stung, but I liked being punished by him! He asked who he could fuck and I told him he could fuck anyone that he wants to. He smacked my ass again and ordered me to tell him again. He kept spanking me and each time I told him he could fuck other women. I lost track of the number of strokes. It stopped being exciting and just hard very bad and I had tears in my eyes. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I sensed that would just make it worse. Finally, he stopped.”

The idea of Lynn submitting to a rough spanking from another man surprised and excited me. Lynn and I had toyed with spanking a few times. Lynn seemed to like it as long as it was just playful. Lynn had spanked me a few times, but she was always far too gentle. I yearned for sterner treatment. I had even bought a paddle for her to use on me, but she only used it a few times and never hit hard enough,

Lynn closes her eyes and starts pinching her nipples very hard the way she does when she is aroused. After a couple of minutes, her right hand reaches down to her pussy and she rubs her clit. I can see the beautiful look on her face that she gets when she is about to orgasm.


Lynn has a far off look in her face as she comes back down. It is so exciting for me to see how turned on and horny Lynn is.

“Stephen, I never understood what you meant when you told me about your old girlfriend who spanked you hard. I understand now how one can dread the idea of another spanking yet still want it desperately!”

Lynn opened her eyes and I could see that she was looking at my caged cock. I looked down and it was glistening with ooze from my arousal. I looked back up and our eyes met. She smiled and I felt reassured.

“After the spanking, Jim laid back on the bed and told me to suck him. I was so turned on that I didn’t hesitate. I started licking, kissing and sucking the head of his cock. After a few minutes, Jim told me to kiss his balls and I did. I held his glorious dick in my hand while I kissed and licked his balls. Jim pulled his knees back exposing his ass. He told me to rim his asshole. I never thought I would do that for anyone, but I didn’t hesitate. I flicked my tongue over his hole. I tried to do all the things you do when you pleasure me down there!”

I thought my humiliation was complete, but this really hit me hard yet excited me. One of the hallmarks of Lynn’s prior domination of me is that I will gladly please her anally, but that she will never reciprocate. I like this arrangement. It is an arousing sign that she is the master in our bed. Hearing her describe how she serves Jim this way makes it very clear how much she desires him and wants to serve him.

“Jim then told me to fuck him. My pussy was sooo wet after the spanking, sucking his wonderful dick and tasting his asshole. I climbed on top of him and lowered my pussy onto his cock and it slid in easily. I took him all the way in. I sat there for a minute and enjoyed the way his cock filled me so much more than yours ever can.”

This last comment hurt, but strangely my cock twitched in excitement when she said it.

“I bent down and we shared a passionate, loving kiss. I started to move up and down on his cock. He moaned his appreciation. Jim pushed me into a sitting position. While our groins ground against each other, he smiled lovingly at me and reached up to play with my tits. He pulled me back down and we started fucking furiously. I told him to fill me up. I desperately wanted him to come in my pussy. It didn’t take long until I could feel Jim tense up and her let out a loud roar as he came in me.”

I was so turned on hearing Lynn describe the way she made love to Jim. It reminded me of the way Lynn and I would make love when we first met.

“I stayed on top of him for a few minutes while he caught his breath. He then rolled me off of him. He got up, turned off the video camera and came back to bed. We pulled the covers over each other and shared a long, slow gentle kiss. I rolled onto my side, we spooned and I fell into a deep contented sleep.”

“Lynn, I am so happy for you. I can see how much you need a dominant lover sometimes and am happy you have found one.”

“Well, Stephen, Ümraniye Escort you better be glad. As much as I never want to lose you and love the loving gentle way you treat me, I now know that I need this too.”

We look at each other for a few minutes. I can tell that she is trying to read my face. Do I really like this? It reassures me that she needs to know that I am OK. She gets out of the chair and sits on the couch and motions for me to sit next to her. As I snuggle up to her, I wish I could hug her, but my hands are still bound. We kiss — passionately at first and then gently and lovingly. She puts her hand on my cage as we end our kiss.

I am not sure why, but I had to hear about the rest of their time together.

“Lynn, what happened the next morning?”

“Well, in the middle of the night, I felt Jim roll me onto my back and climb on top of me. I sleepily hugged him as I spread my legs apart and opened myself up for him. He didn’t hesitate. He shoved his cock into HIS pussy. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me. It didn’t take long until I could feel Jim tense up and he filled me again. He rolled off of me and we spooned again. He fell asleep quickly. I laid there listening to his breathing, enjoying his warmth. I remember thinking how lucky I am to have two lovers as I fell back to sleep.”

Lynn and I shared a short gentle kiss. Her hand on my cock moved to my balls and she lightly teased them. I snuggle against her and enjoy the sensation. This revelation marks another difference between my relationship with Lynn and Jim’s. Lynn does not let me wake her in the middle of the night for sex. As she continues to tease my balls, I think of all the times I have awakened next to her delicious body and wanted to make love to her, but knew that was off-limits so would just hold her with my hard horny cock pressing helplessly against her soft skin. Jim, however, can just take her and she clearly likes it. On top of that, Lynn is teasing my balls while it is clear I am helpless to do anything about it and I know I will be left frustrated. She would not, could not, treat Jim that way. As strange as it may sound to most men, though, I feel content with this situation and don’t want it to change.

“Lynn, I have wanted to take you in the middle of the night so many times, but “

“I know, Stephen. I love feeling your hard cock against my bottom in the middle of the night. I love knowing that you want me, I love frustrating you and leaving you wanting.”

“As frustrating as it is sometimes, it feels comfortable and right that you call the shots in our bed. I love the high of being strongly aroused by you and left frustrated.”

“I hope you understand, Stephen, that just as you need to be dominated by me, I need to be dominated by Jim.”

“I know and believe me I understand. I just don’t want to lose you.”

“Don’t worry. As much as I need to be dominated by Jim, I need your love and support more.”

We kiss again. It feels so right that my hands are still tied and my cock caged so that while I desperately want to make love to Lynn, I am helpless to act on it. We stay quietly next to each other and I enjoy the closeness of Lynn’s presence.

“When I woke in the morning, Jim was not in the bed. I was disappointed because I wanted him one more time before calling for you. Just when I was about to get up to look for him, Jim can in the room. He had a tray with a nice hot cup of tea for me, some pastries and a bowl of fresh fruit. We sat on the bed and had our light breakfast and talked.”

“What did you talk about?”

“Well, we talked about what was happening between the two of us and we talked about you.”

“Me, what about me?”

“Well, you’ll find out in time. Jim wants to enjoy me, but he wants our marriage strong, too. You will have to trust me. I love you and want to fill your needs like you are helping me fill mine.”

I am not sure what to make of that, but I decide to go with it.

“OK, I will trust you.”

“After our breakfast and chat, we cuddled some more.”

Hearing about this intimate morning together drives home to me what a risk I am taking. Will she fall in love with Jim and leave me?

“Jim’s dominant side came out again and he ordered me onto all fours. He grabbed some lube out of his toy drawer and I felt him start to probe my asshole. He asked me if I was an anal virgin. I told him you were the only guy to take me that way, but we hadn’t done it in a long time. He laughed and said that was about to change.”

I feel a pang of loss that I am no longer the only man to enjoy Lynn’s bottom, but my submissive side was excited by it. I kiss Lynn on the cheek so she will know it is OK.

“Oh, I see you are turned on by Jim fucking my ass!”

“Yes, tell me about it.”

“He put some of the lube on my hole and rubbed it in. He finger fucked my butt with first one finger and then two. I know I was moaning in pleasure. He took his finger out and I felt his cock press against my asshole. I wanted him so bad that I started to beg him to fuck my ass. He shoved and his dick started in. He took his time until he was all the way in. He was moaning and telling me how tight and hot my ass was.”

“Your ass does feel wonderful!”

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