Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 06


Showering for my ménage-a-trois with Dee and Ling, I let the water beat hard against my upturned face, somewhat enjoying the stings on my skin. It was the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, that ordeal, thank heavens, over with.

Everything was fine that day, it really was, and would have stayed that way had Jan kept her fucking mouth shut. My dad and brothers-in-law were watching football in the den, all of them emitting the snores of after-Turkey-dinner naps, while ‘watching’ football. The kids were downstairs in the basement, playing in grandma and grandpa’s playroom; used to be a TV room but it was redone for a fun and safe place for the grandkids, none of them yours, Lynn Marie.

The ‘womenfolk’; my sisters, my mom, and I were enjoying an after-cleanup cup of coffee, tired but happy with the day. Then, Jan became Jan, no surprise.

“So where’s the latest boyfriend, Lynn, did you run him off, too?” laughing in a mocking manner.

“He ran himself off,” I replied, “and good riddance; he was too much of a ‘momma’s boy’.”

“Well, you’re not getting any younger, so you might want to become ‘less picky’,” she said, my mom telling her to ‘hush’.

“It’s okay, mom, Jan’s just being who she is, a miserable bitch,” I said, meaning every fucking word.

“I might be a ‘bitch’ but at least I’m a married bitch with kids,” she sniped.

“Well, that’s you, Jan; Me? I’m happy without a man in my life, right now, and I have a good life, just as it is.”

Looking sideways at our youngest sister, Becky, Jan sipped her coffee and said, “She’s a lesbo and doesn’t even know it.”

That was the last fucking straw.

“And if I was Jan, what the fuck do you care? What damned business is it of yours if I like being around women, find satisfaction with women that I’ve never found with men, Jan? What fucking business is it of yours who I sleep with?”

You just ‘outed’ yourself.

I just ‘outed’ myself.

I’ve never fully appreciated, or understood completely, the phrase, “the silence was so thick, you needed a knife to cut through it,” until that moment; until the seconds after I stopped talking.

My mother and two sisters were all staring at me, cups raised, mid-sip position, eyes wide and mouths agape, all of them. Becky, our youngest sister and mother of three at the age of twenty-four, wielded the knife that sliced through the silence.

“Sis,” she said in that subdued, meek voice of hers, “are you happy in your life, whatever it is, are you really happy?” a sadness I’ve never noticed before, on her face.

I thought a minute, and looking up from the mug of coffee in my hands, I said, “Yeah, Becks, I am; I really, really am.”

“Then, I am glad for your happiness,” rising and giving me a sweet kiss on my cheek.

“Lynn Marie, you don’t have to go, Jan was just being ‘mouthy’; you know how she can be, don’t go yet,” my mother was pleading through my window, half-down so we could talk.

“Yeah, Mom, I do have to go; it’s best, and besides, I’ve got an early day tomorrow. When my clients shut down for holidays is when my people ‘do their thing’,” smiling slightly and reaching to give her a goodbye kiss.

“Will we see you for Christmas?” she called after me.

“Probably so,” I answered, raising my window and driving for the Interstate.

You really shouldn’t let her get to you like that.

I know.

You’ve known she was ‘that way’ since you were children.

I know.

Doesn’t make what she said wrong.

I know.

Dee asked if I could spend the night; so I packed my overnighter, after I had dressed, finally choosing what I would wear. Dee said to make it casual, and I did, but I added ‘sexy’, on my own. I chose a skirt that hung on my hips ‘just so’, and a top which displayed my wares nicely, especially when I went braless, which I was. And pantiless, as well, did I mention that. I did have panties but they were in my bag, for tomorrow; tonight? Not so much.

They were expecting me at seven and it was only six, so I retrieved my stash and rolled a ‘wee boy’ as Brie would say.

“Watcha’ doing?” I heard Nat say when I answered the phone.

“Blowing a bone before I go over to Dee’s,” I said. Nat knew of the threesome that I was heading to this Saturday night. We talked daily, we shared our adventures with each other, and we had become friends.

“Watcha’ doing tomorrow night?” She asked.

“Nothing of any importance, Antep Bayan Escort why?”

“Want to have dinner with me and Jen?” Jen was her graduate assistant, working on her Masters.

“Sure, sounds like fun, what time?” I answered, taking a deep hit and holding it in.

And Jan says you have no social life.

What the fuck does she know?

Dee answered the door, hung my coat, and leered appreciatively at my choice of ‘casual’ dress, then kissed me in welcome. Taking my hand, she led me to the living room, where Ling was seated on the large couch. She looked like a fucking porcelain doll, she being so small, but beautiful, her smile the first thing that you notice.

“Dee said you were ‘hot’ but she understated the truth,” Ling said, taking my hand and pulling me to sit next to her on the couch.

“You’ll make me blush, but thank you for your kind words,” I stammered.

“You gals make yourselves comfortable and I’ll make us some drinks,” Dee said, Ling, smiling at me all the while.

We talked, getting to know each other, our eyes never leaving the other’s, for whatever reasons. She was small but incredibly sexy, making me very desirous of getting into her young pants.

She was, indeed, twenty-four, her twenty-fifth birthday a few months off, yet. She was from Chicago, of Chinese ancestry, and was chasing a Master’s in microbiology. She finished her brief bio by frankly admitting that she’s liked girls ever since high school when she spent a night with her friend, May.

I told her of my story, equally brief, when Dee showed up with our drinks. We toasted, touching glasses, and Dee turned down the lights, and turned on the music, soft jazz in the background.

Dee sat with us, placing Ling between her and I. We made small talk about the music, about petty stuff, when Ling asked Dee if we could watch a video for a while. Getting up, Dee said to me, “Ling likes to watch porn; makes her really hot. You okay with that?”

“Dee, you know I like porn as well, so yeah, I’m okay with that,” smiling at Ling afterwards.

For whatever reasons the video was of two couples, a ‘swapsie’ flick I figured, and I did watch for a while as the plot moved along, somewhat slowly it seemed to me. We had all leaned back against the couch, and losing interest in the flick, I turned towards Ling, leaning in and began placing ‘butterfly’ kisses on her neck and ears, letting my hand drop to her upper thigh, on top of her jeans. She moved her head around, allowing me further access to continue what I was doing, my hand having now separated her thighs and rubbing in her Vee, which had widen a bit. Dee joined in on the fun on the other side and soon we had all forgotten the flick, as murmurs of pleasure filled the room.

Taking her ear into my teeth, I gently nibbled and tongued her there, while my fingers began unbuttoning her blouse. Something in my peripheral vision caught my attention; it was a swapsie film all right, the couples swapped with each other’s partner, but it was guy/guy and girl/girl.

Well, now, Dee’s choice made sense.

Turning my attention back to Ling, she was now kissing Dee on the mouth while one of her small hands fondled Dee’s breasts. Opening Lings blouse, I suckled her small breasts, without the inconvenience of a bra; compared to Dee and Ling, my C-cup sisters made me look like Sophia Loren. But, don’t get me wrong, small breasts are a lot of fun to play with, to suck and kiss, a lot of fun; and Ling liked it, she liked it a lot.

Dee had moved her hand to Ling’s jeans and was getting them undone, my hand helping as I continued to suck her small perky breasts. Dee and I pulled on Ling’s jeans as she raised her ass off of the couch so that they could slide down her legs. As Dee finished removing them from her feet, my hand was now rubbing her shaved pussy, her lips very wet.

I felt Dee separate Ling’s legs as she moved on her knees towards Ling’s pussy. Ling had her hand on my breasts now as I alternated between kissing her mouth and sucking her tits. I pulled away and quickly took off my top and skirt, Ling smiling at my nakedness, reaching for me, pulling me as she leaned her head against the couch. She pulled me until my pussy was in front of her, and I was leaning against the sofa’s back with my knees; she leaned forward, her tongue snaking out to taste me, to lick me as Dee was doing to Ling.

Ling came first, before me, her screams of delight muffled by my pussy against her mouth. I followed almost immediately, waves of joy rushing over me. Our orgasms over, Ling and I lifted Dee from the floor, and brought her upstairs to her bed, took off her clothes, and laying her down, we devoured her body with our mouths.

Lying in bed, resting, the three of us were quite the sight; naked, wet, but all with smiles of satisfaction. Feeling an ‘urge’, I reached out to Ling’s crotch, finding it very wet, which sent a shiver of joy though me, and I’m not sure why, but it did. I played with her for a while, smiling when she sighed and parted her legs for me. Rolling over, I crawled between Ling’s legs as she parted them wide for me.

Starting at her feet, I kissed and licked her smooth skin, watching as I did so; I watched as Ling pulled on Dee until she had Dee straddling her head so that she could eat Dee. Reaching Ling’s pinkness with my tongue, I heard her moan as I flicked my tongue across her button, teasingly, taunting her. She took out her frustration on Dee’s pussy, much to Dee’s delight, judging by her sounds. When Dee started her climax, I sucked Ling’s clit into my mouth, my tongue swiping across her little man, three fingers fucking her at the same time. She exploded just that quickly and Dee’s bed was shaking as they both orgasmed explosively.

Ling was insatiable in her need to eat pussy. After we had rested from that last go-around, she sat Dee and me with our backs against the headboard, and one at a time, ministered to our needs, her small mouth surprisingly agile, as was her tongue.

We finally called ‘Uncle’, all of us and fell asleep, pussies throbbing.

I passed on the morning sex and let them have at it while I showered. Peeking in on them as I dried myself, little-bitty Ling was having her ass reamed by a fairly large dildo, seemingly loving it.

Anal, just not my thing. Boyfriends have tried to ‘sneak in’ before but I don’t see the attraction. But, hey, that’s just me; different strokes and all that stuff. I let them finish and made my goodbyes, after I dressed.

I drove home and laid down for a nap; I was expected at Nat’s tonight and I was now debating if I wanted to go. Don’t get me wrong; I heal quickly from too much sex, but I was wondering if I really wanted another threesome romp. I didn’t know that it would be so at Nat’s but I felt it was a safe assumption.

I’ll see how I felt when after my nap, I decided, and was asleep just that quickly.


Okay, if you’re not going to go over, be courteous and call Nat, I thought after my shower. Drying myself, the nap and shower gave me new energy, I realized, so, what the hell? I chose a simple skirt and blouse, nothing sexy, just comfortable. Choosing a camisole instead of a bra, it felt nice against my skin; it felt good not to have the straps biting into my shoulders as bras do sometimes.

“Here she is,” Nat announced when she opened the door after I rang the bell. “Jen, would you mind pouring another glass of wine for our guest, please?” Nat called ahead of her as we walked towards the kitchen area. Nat’s patio home was a mirror image of mine, but in a section of our complex that was a few ‘blocks’ away. I drove, rather than walk in the cold, parking in front of Nat’s place.

Turning the corner, we were met by smile that lit up the room; Jen was in her mid-twenties it appeared, taller than Nat, but shorter than me, and her skin was almost honey-colored, and features which betrayed her mixed-racial parentage.

Handing Nat and I our glasses, she took my hand in greeting, expressing her pleasure at finally meeting Nat’s ‘new friend’. As we began the meeting-for-the-first time dance of brief bios, we migrated into the living room.

“Dinner’s on, and we have a short while, so let’s relax and enjoy the wine and company,” Nat had said as she led us into the living room. Jen’s father was a Kenyan, and her mother was Dutch and they met on a human-rights project in Kenya, fell in love and married, twice; once in the Kenyan traditional ceremony, and once in her faith’s church. They moved to America just before Jen was born, so this was the only home that Jen’s known. She hopes to travel, this summer, to both of her parents’ home countries; that was the plan, anyway, she said, hopefulness showing in her pretty face.

“Jen’s been my grad assistant for the last two years, and is amazingly competent for one only twenty-three years of age,” Nat said, pausing to take a sip from her glass of excellent Merlot, “incredibly bright, is this one,” patting Jen on her arm as she said it.

An hour flew by quickly as the three of us fell into comfortable conversation easily. The oven’s signal surprised us all, causing us to jump slightly, laughing at ourselves afterwards.

Dinner was excellent and complimenting Nat on her culinary skills, I added, “I guess you know who’s going to do the cooking in January in Maui, don’t you?” laughing after I said it.

“I don’t mind,” Nat remarked, “I actually like cooking, though I don’t know why because my mom was no world-beater in the kitchen.”

‘Perhaps, that’s why,” Jen contributed, “perhaps you’re trying to make up for your perceived ‘shortcomings’ of your mom.

“Perhaps,” Nat said simply, smiling at Jen.

The three of us had our meal’s remnants and dishes cleaned up and in the dishwasher quickly, working like a well-oiled machine; smugly we surveyed our handiwork at cleanup, refilled our glasses and toasted ourselves. Excusing herself to go to the bathroom, Jen walked off, her well-shaped ass a treat to watch as she walked out of the kitchen. Turning to Nat, I asked, “So, what’s the story with you and Jen,” a slight leering smile on my face.

Nat smiled at me, and answered, “She came to work for me in her senior year of college, applied for grad school, which I thought was the right thing to do in her case. She’s brilliant in her field, so I kept her as a graduate assistant while she works towards her Master’s”

“And?” I prompted Nat.

“And we became lovers about six months ago,” Jen’s voice contributed as she returned from her trip to the bathroom, smiling brightly as she said it.

“And, we became lovers about six months ago,” Nat confirmed, smiling at Jen, putting an arm around Jen, pulling her to her in an embrace.

“And if my husband ever finds out, he’ll have a coronary,” Jen added as she kissed Nat on the cheek.

“Well, that wouldn’t be a good thing,” I contributed, smiling.

“No, it wouldn’t,” Jen agreed, “but it wouldn’t be the end of the world, either.”

Jen’s husband was an assistant coach with the basketball team and was, at thirty, a few years older than Jen. They had married in her senior year after dating since her freshman semester. Like her, Jen said, he was also of mixed parentage.

“He’s okay with you being over here?” I asked.

“It’s basketball season, and he’s too busy to worry about me,” she said, and looking at Nat, added, “and we’re discreet; grad assistants often have to ‘meet’ with their mentor for various, legitimate reasons, so he’s not suspicious of our evening work habits.”

I chewed this over in my mind for a bit as they nuzzled each other and I had a bit of a problem with it; not the fact that Nat and Jen were doing each other as much as the cheating in what they were doing. But, I had decided, it was their ‘thing’, and not mine, so I let it slide to the recesses of my mind as I watched the two of them in a kiss.

“Watching you two is like being on the set of a porn flick,” I joked at them as their kiss evolved into a passionate one, hands feeling breasts as their mouths chewed at each other.

Breaking their kiss, they laughed good-naturedly at my remark, Jen’s hand staying on Nat’s breast, slightly squeezing it, caressing it. Batting her eyelashes at me, Jen smiled sweetly, saying, “So, watch if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind at all,” looking at my eyes focused on her hand’s fondling.

“Really?” I asked, a bit skeptical at her boldness.

“Really,” she affirmed, walking with Nat into the living room, holding hands.

“Maybe another time, Jen, but I think I’ll leave you two with some privacy; I’m tired and have an early day tomorrow,” I said moving to retrieve my coat.

Nat looked at me, her face scrunched in curiosity, “Lynn, you don’t have to go, you know, we’d love for you to stay.”

Kissing Nat, then Jen, which surprised Jen, I said thanks but I was really beat and should get some rest. They watched me leave, arms around each other at Nat’s door.

What a surprise; I surely thought you’d jump into that opportunity.

Don’t like the ‘cheating thing’, it bothers me.

So, now you’re developing some sort of morality here?

Don’t like the cheating thing is all that it is.

I don’t, plain and simple; I didn’t mess with married men when I was fucking guys, and that doesn’t change just because I’m fucking women these past few months.

Plain and simple, call it what you will.

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