Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 08

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Nat was still sleeping when I left for the golf course at seven thirty, the morning following our ‘sex on the beach’ fun.

My instructor for ‘tune up’ was Anita, as it has been since I started coming to Maui, five years ago. Then, I was into guys; now, not so much, laughing aloud at my thought.

I have assumed that Anita was gay since day one; she’d never ‘come on’ to me, but there was ‘something’ in the way she’s looked at me, talked with me since I started with her. Like I said, though, she’d never made any moves.

Of course, until this year, my head wasn’t thinking or looking for anything other than a cock to fuck; if I felt like it, that is.

Pulling into a parking spot, I also wondered, if I’d behave differently towards her or notice anything like a ‘hit’ from her should it happen. My ‘head’ was certainly in a different place this year, that’s for damned sure.

“Hi Lynn, good to see you, been playing any?” Anita said in her friendly tone.

“The last two hours on the driving range, Anita, is the first time I’ve swung clubs since the end of October,” I answered honestly, “but the last half-hour or so, I felt the swing groove returning.”

Laughing, she said, “I’ll be the judge of that, girly, not you.”

She put me through a work out, starting with the driver and moving through fairway woods and irons to the lofted clubs. Aside from a couple of ‘worn burners’, I hit the ball pretty damned well, I thought, and as it turned out, so did Anita.

“Grab you pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter,” she said, “and meet me at the chipping green.”

I followed her directions, starting with a few sand shots, then moving to pitch and chip shots. After a couple of short chips, she said, “You’re not following through after you strike the ball. Drop a couple of balls, step back, and just stand there, addressing the ball.”

I did as she asked and, moving behind me, she pressed herself against my backside, reaching around with her arms and hands, laying them on top of my own. Standing away from the ball, she led me through the stroke, through the follow through, and the whole while I could feel her breasts against my back, rubbing tantalizingly.

She walked me up to the ball and we did the same thing but this time striking the ball in a perfect small arc, rolling to within six feet of the pin. We did it four more times, each time with the same result, each time her breasts exciting me; it may have been wishful thinking on my part but I would have sworn that her hands were stroking mine in little, subtle ways.

It got me hot thinking it could be so.

“You’re ready to play anytime you want, “Anita said to me, by my car, as I loaded my clubs, “you’re hitting well so I’d say play your heart out while you’re here.”

“In fact,” she said, “if you don’t mind playing early tomorrow morning, I can schedule us for an early twosome, if you’d like.”

“I’d love that if you could,” I replied, as excited by seeing her again as I was to play a round. She called the pro shop from her cell, said a few words, and then ended the call, telling me that we were ‘on’ for six o’clock in the morning.

“I’ll bring two large coffees for us,” laughing as she said it.

My drive home provided me some time to think about this ‘interest’ in Anita, and what it meant to me, for me, in particular.

Did I imagine those strokes I ‘know’ I felt from her hands?

Did I imagine the excitement I felt from her breasts against my back at the chipping green?

My damp panties would be testimony that it wasn’t imagined.

There’s no doubt, for you, anymore, is there?

No, I don’t think there is.

You’re really okay with this turn in the road that is your life, aren’t you?

Yes, I think I am.

I detoured by the complex pool area to check for Nat, and opening the gate, I spied her at the far end, talking to a couple of women, the three of them lying on chaise chairs.

“Ready to get some lunch?” I said, walking up to Nat’s chair, which caused the other two women to shade their eyes to look up to me.

Nat made the introductions; Bea and Ginny, both divorced, friends since college and on their yearly ‘adults only’ vacation, respective grandparents watching their kids back home in New England.

“Long trip for you guys,” I said, “longer than ours for sure,” sitting on Nat’s chair to get on the same level as everybody else.

“Lunch, then what?” Nat said gathering her ‘stuff’.

“Then I thought I’d take you to see the Iao Valley park; simply gorgeous and worth a look-see.”

Bea said that was on their agenda for sometime this week.

“Well, join us for lunch and come along with us,” I offered. They looked at each other, shrugged, and Bea answered for them both; “Why not? But lunch is on us; no argument.”

Laughing, we agreed to let them pendik escort buy us lunch.

Lunch was fun; a lot of laughter at our table, causing other diners to stare at us at times. Bea and Ginny had been friends since college; both were thirty-five and divorced, neither ‘dating’ at the moment.

Bea was the more outgoing of the two, Ginny, seemingly, a bit more ‘reserved’ or quiet. Both were moderately attractive, closer to my height than to Nat’s.

Ginny asked of our husbands or boyfriends and Nat looked at me quickly with a smile in her eyes before answering, “No, neither of us have a guy in our lives at the moment, it’s just us chickens,” smiling at the both of them.

I thought that I saw a ‘flicker’ of an ‘Ah Ha’ moment in Bea’s eyes when Nat said that.

The Iao Park is an oasis on the island, making you feel you had entered into another world. Large, lush trees loomed overhead as in a rainforest, blocking out the sun for the most part.

The park celebrated a fierce battle between the natives against other Polynesian tribes with many killed on the grounds of this canyon/valley of dense vegetation. There were walking trails, historical plaques at various sites and after a couple of hours, we chose a secluded table and shelter to duck into as an afternoon shower burst upon us, getting us a bit wet as we ran for cover.

We had become so comfortable with Bea and Ginny that Nat and I forgot that they were strangers and didn’t know of our ‘relationship’. Often, she and I held hands as we walked the trails, and now, sitting under the shelter at the table, we held hands again as we talked with them. Bea finally asked us, point-blank, if we were a ‘couple’; I looked at Nat, she at me, and smiling at Bea, I said, “We’re very good friends.”

“With benefits?” Bea joked, Ginny looking a bit confused. Seeing her confusion, Bea told Ginny that she’d explain it all to her later. Nat and I just smiled at each other.

“Sometimes,” I answered, “with benefits, but not exclusively.” Bea gave us a knowing nod of her head, smiling.

“It’s good to have close friends,” Bea commented.

Squeezing my hand in hers, Nat answered, “Yeah, yeah it is.”

Nat and I returned to the beach, for the sunset, as we had done the night before. When we had the beach to ourselves, after night fell, I went down on Nat as she had done to me; the thrill of eating her pussy in public providing me with an extra ‘kick’, something new, but not unwelcomed by me.

Nat wanted to ‘do’ me afterwards, but drug paranoia or not, I had also felt like we were being ‘watched’ and that thought provided me a bit of an extra thrill, I discovered.

Showering the sand from our bodies at the rinse station near the walking path, I told Nat that I agreed with her about the ‘being watched thing’. We both looked around but we couldn’t see a soul other than a stray dog wandering along the beach.

Nat slept in my bed that night, letting me make love to her until my mouth was sore. When I could do no more, her nimble fingers fucked me to a very nice orgasmic release that sent me to dreamland right afterwards.

I arrived at the parking lot of the course with ten minutes to spare.

I had dressed for my twosome with Anita ‘just so’; I wore a golf skirt, which are short by nature and a bright red thong, along with a scooped-neck blouse showing the cleavage that my sports bra provided from its push-up design.

I looked good, I thought to myself when I checked myself in the mirror after dressing. Hell yeah, I’d jump my bones I had decided after one, final look in the mirror.

You’ve jumped your own bones many a night girlfriend, don’t forget it.

Now, not so much, thank you very much.

Our round began on time, and I hit the ball very well, pleasing the both of us. Anita is tall like Brie; short hair, long legs, firm ass and probably D-cup boobs, 35 o r 36; when I asked her about their size and her swing, she laughed, admitting that at times, “The ‘girls’ get in the way of a proper follow-through.” I laughed along with her and offered that I could see how ‘they’ could be a problem.

When I would address my ball, she’d stand, facing me but a ways away, out of my line of vision so that she could observe my set up, etc. Looking up a couple of times, though, I saw that her eyes were focused on my boobs and cleavage and that made me very happy inside.

“Great round, Lynn,” Anita was saying to me over an ice tea at the nineteenth hole, “eight over par, for an amateur, is quite a feat,” toasting me with her glass of tea.

“Best I’ve shot in a few years,” I proudly said, “but I’d still like to drop a few strokes.”

Laughing, Anita said, “Practice, practice, practice.”

She had asked, as we played, if I was still seeing that local banker I played golf with last year.

Played golf maltepe escort with, and fucked a lot with, I thought to myself. Don’t know why, I thought further, he really wasn’t all that good in bed, but he was ‘company’ while I was here last year.

“No,” I answered Anita, “no, I’m here with a girlfriend from back home and that’s just fine; we’re having a good time, the two of us.”

Changing the topic, Anita asked if I’d like another early round tomorrow and I jumped at the chance, driving away waving and smiling.

It’s only a round of golf, dildo-brain, not a romp in the sack.

Yeah, but you just never know…

Opening the gate to the pool, I saw Nat, Bea, and Ginny in the same corner as yesterday; Ginny was lying face up on her chaise, and Bea was lying face down as Nat was applying lotion to her legs, her hands working inside Bea’s upper thighs, very near Bea’s sweet spot.

Nat spied me walking towards them, and seeing the smirk on my face, knowing what I was smirking about, she just gave me a big ol’ shit-eating grin.

Ginny looked up when she heard me walking and said, “Hi Lynn, how was your golf game?” Bea turned onto her side when Ginny spoke; I saw that Nat kept applying the lotion between Bea’s legs even though Bea had changed positions and that Nat’s hands were touching Bea’s crotch as she rubbed the lotion into Bea’s skin.

I told them of my excellent round but since none of the three of them played golf, it was more exciting to me, obviously, but they were polite with their congratulations of my round.

Asking if they were still up for a trip up the coast to Lahaina, as we had talked about yesterday, they chimed in that they were. Bea said that we’d take their car since we drove yesterday, and agreeing to that, I told them to give me an hour to shower and change.

“Mind if I join you?” Nat said as I stepped into the shower, “save the water and all that crap,” she offered as a reason.

“Hell, I figured you’d be showering with Bea,” I joked when she stepped into the shower, joining me.

Switching places so she could get under the water while I soaped up, she said, “I may yet before they leave on Sunday,” laughing a bit.

“You know, my hands were all over her body putting on the lotion and I think she enjoyed it, hell, I know she did. When you walked over and Bea turned over to talk with you, my hand was brushing against her pussy through her suit bottom and she pretty much let me touch her how and where I wanted.”

Cupping her pussy in my hand, I slipped two of my fingers inside of her and asked, “But did you touch her like this?” kissing her softly on the side of her neck as my fingers began moving inside of her.

“Ooh, yeah, just like that, sweetie,” Nat breathed, then answering me, “not yet, but I bet I will,” her arm wrapping around my neck for support as my fingering became faster.

It was a great shower for us both.

Lahaina was a great afternoon of sight-seeing, shopping and a mid-afternoon brunch at a sea-side bar and grill on the deck, overlooking the harbor.

As we walked around the shopping district, Bea and Nat sort of ‘paired off’; knowing that Nat wanted to jump Bea’s bones, I took Ginny under my wing, she and I often wandering off on our own, as the other two did the same.

When we met at the parking lot at our agreed time, and after we all showed our purchases to the group, I asked Bea and Ginny if they’d like to share a doob that I brought along.

Bea said, “Hell yeah,” no surprise there, I thought. Ginny said that she hadn’t smoked since college but she wouldn’t be a stick in the mud and would join us. After making sure that Bea could and would drive okay while we toked, I lit the joint as we drove from Lahaina, and the sun dropped below the horizon pulling the night over us, as it did so.

The coastal road back to the condos is two laned, for the most part, and typically slow; it was so again this evening. Bea cut herself off after two tokes, remarking at its potency. She and Nat talked quietly between themselves after the stone took over for them and Ginny smoked much more than she should have.

“Lynn, this is so fucking good,” Ginny said in a drawn-out, stoned manner. “I forgot just how good this shit can be,” giggling to herself, and us. Bea chimed in that it must be for her to be cussing like that.

Ginny just giggled again and said, “Fuck it, Beatrice, I’m always the ‘good girl’,” making quotation marks in the dark car with her fingers.

“Can’t argue with that, Gin,” Bea said off-handedly, and she then resumed her quiet conversation with Nat as she followed the snaking lights ahead of our car.

“Hey guys,” Nat chimed suddenly, “anybody up for a walk on the beach after we get home?” Bea opined that it was a fine night for a moonlight beach walk, followed by a giggle of kartal escort sorts from both her and Nat.

“Can we smoke some more ‘stuff’?” Gin asked, and I assured her that we could, but that she was cut off until then; her words were somewhat slurred and I felt like I shouldn’t have let her smoke so much of this great ganja.

Yeah, I know I’m not her ‘mother’, but still.

The girls met Nat and I at our condo and we walked to the beach together, having changed into swim suits; ‘if the mood hit us’, we all said. Approaching the beach, Nat dropped back a bit to let me know that if she and Bea were to go off on their own, that I shouldn’t be too concerned, winking at me.

“You are such a slut,” laughing in a joking manner.

“I’ve heard that before,” Nat replied, laughing along with me.

“They’re way ahead of us,” Gin said, worriedly.

I had maneuvered Gin to walk along with me, slowly, ‘to enjoy the sea air’ or some such crap; obviously, it was to give Nat and Bea the opportunity to slip away from us

“Don’t worry about them, Gin, they’re big girls and they’ll be just fine,” giving Gin a sisterly hug with my arm.

“How about you and I finish that doob?” changing direction a bit towards the grassy dunes farthest from the water and the open beach. That got her attention and like a puppy dog on a leash, she moved right along with me.

Not that it made any difference, because we had the whole beach to ourselves it seemed; well, us and that same dog I saw the other night but he didn’t even bother with us.

That was just fine with me. Not that I don’t like dogs, or cats, but if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that there wasn’t a pet in my life; except for my pink panther, of course.

Reaching into my bra top, I produced the doob and a small lighter. There was enough of the joint left for Gin and I to get two nice hits before it was history, and enough to send out Gin into the ozone, once more.

She leaned her head on my shoulder as we stared out at the moon’s reflection of its light on the gently rolling surf. Typically stoned behavior, is all it was; solving the problems of mankind in our own heads, and thinking of that ‘one great invention that would serve all mankind’ and win you a Nobel prize.

As I said, typical stoned behavior.


“Uh-huh, I’m here, Ginny girl.”

“Are Bea and Nat screwing?”

“Why do you think that they would?”

“You guys all think I’m dumb and naïve, but I’m not, I’m really not.”

“No, we don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

Okay, that bit of dialog continued for way too long, so I ended the volley of words.

“Sweetie, it’s not that we think you dumb, naïve, or whatever you think; what it is, is that you are not as ‘tarnished’ or ‘tainted’ like the three of us seem to be. What it is, is, that we see a bit of ‘purity and innocence that I think we all wished we still had. That’s what it is, Gin; it’s really a good thing, not a bad one.”



And then I was on my back against the sand dune and Gin was kissing me hard, her hands fondling my breasts.


So much for purity and innocence, I thought, as I wrapped my arms around her and returned her kisses and touches. She suddenly pulled away from our kiss, her hand cupping my pussy, my hands under her top, feeling her breasts and nipples.

Silently, she pulled me to my feet and along with her as she ran towards the water. We waded into the gentle, warm waves until we were waist deep, letting the waves move us as we danced on tip-toes to keep our balance.

She kissed me again, her tongue finding my mouth, and her fingers finding my pussy at the same time. Our kiss wasn’t so much passionate as it was lustful; our fingers into each other’s sex, the waves adding welcomed movement to our fingering of each other.

She came first, biting into my neck, gently, her arms holding her shaking body to mine as her orgasm took her on a ride. When her climax ended, she kissed me sweetly and returned her hand to my crotch, moving my suit bottom aside and entering me with her fingers.

I came when she lifted my top and sucked my nipple into her mouth as her fingers danced, oh-so-sweetly, with my sex and button. It was a long orgasm, and so very good, so very, very good.

“Does Bea know?” I asked Ginny, as we walked out of the water together, our arms around each other’s waist.

“I’m not sure that she thinks that I can be ‘that way’,” Gin said, stopping to look at me.

“The reason for my divorce is that I was caught, in bed, with our nanny by my husband; Bea thinks it was because he became bored with me and our life. I let her continue to think that.”

“I think that you and Bea should have a heart to heart talk, just the two of you, one night, before you leave the Islands,” I said, stroking her face with the back of my hand, softly, gently.

“You think she’d understand?” Gin asked, seriously.

“More than you dream possible, Ginny-girl, more than you know.”

I think the naïve tag might just stick with our girl, Gin.

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