Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 11

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Spring had sprung in our part of the world; buds were breaking through the ground, the snowpack had melted from the city and its parks, birds of color were returning, and my winter coat was hung in the closet until next winter.

Brie announced that she was moving to Europe; accepting a promotion from her company, she’d be headquartered and living in London.

Our last poker night was a tearful night of farewells with Brie by the group; Jean and Ann didn’t stay the night but did say their goodbyes to Brie before leaving. Brie had made arrangements to lease out her loft while she’d be gone so that wouldn’t be a problem for her, thankfully.

Nat and I hooked up a couple of times after we returned from Hawaii and it was good; but she and her married little girlfriend were heading for serious, troubled waters and I really didn’t want to be around for the fireworks that would surely happen when her husband found out.

She had already mentioned, Nat said, that he was beginning to get suspicious of all the time she was spending with Nat on ‘school stuff’.

My girl-time had been spent with Dee and Janice, separately, and in a couple of threesomes when Dee had joined us at my place after meeting Janice. Dee liked Janice a lot, liked her lovemaking talents and was glad that she and I had met.

But spring had sprung and I was ready to play golf again, but that would have to wait a couple of weeks while I hit the driving range a few times.


It was Friday night and I left the office early; well, early for me is five o’clock, and drove to a double-stacked driving range on the west side. I lugged my clubs upstairs to the elevated tee boxes, purchased some tokens and picked a box to work from.

I prefer the elevated boxes because they are generally less crowded, thus making it easier for me to concentrate on what I had to do. If you play golf, you understand this basic tenant of this frustrating game; but I do love it so.

After about an hour and three buckets of balls, I was ready for a break and something cold to drink; unfortunately, there wasn’t any beer available at this range, Damnit!

“Are you going to leave any range balls for the rest of us?” I heard from behind me, the voice tinged with a bit of laughter.

Turning, I faced an older woman, perhaps forty-five or six I thought, but attractive. Like me, she was dressed in a suit pants, but with golf shoes instead of dress flats; also, like me, she had shed her blazer and was in a long-sleeved, silk blouse that favored her body, nicely.

“Yep, I will; I’ve been here for an hour and I’m starting to get sore,” I answered.

“I was just teasing you, “she said, “but I’d noticed that you hit two buckets to my one though you don’t look like you need the practice.”

“Thank you, but believe me, I do.”

Her name is Marge, she’s a VP at one of our local big-deal stock brokers downtown and she’s divorced. She’s also as nuts about golf as I am. We spent a nice twenty minutes or so chatting, some about ourselves, mostly though, about golf and our love/hate relationship with the damned game.

“Do you come hear often?” laughing when she realized how that old line sounded in this particular context.

Laughing with her, I answered her question.

“Only during the first few weeks of spring, then I like to work on my game by actually playing and keeping score, as screwy as that sounds,” laughing afterwards.

“I hear you, Lynn? Was it? Anyway, hope to run into you again sometime; you’re a delight to chat with.”

Thanking her, I opted to give her my last bucket and pack it in for the night. My arms were really sore and the soreness made itself known.


Friday evening, and I was deciding what to wear for my jaunt over to Milly’s for some Calamari and a couple of cold brews, not feeling like Scotch tonight for some reason.

Since my solo venture to Milly’s a few months ago when I had met Janice, I had fallen into the habit of going there a couple of times a month, usually on Fridays.

I had picked up a couple of cuties in the last few months; nothing serious, hell no; it was just about getting into their pants as far as I was concerned. None of them left my house the next morning bitching or complaining so I thought it worked out nicely all around.

I got laid, they got laid, and no one got hurt, which is always a good thing.

The barkeeps at Milly’s all knew me by now, and Sissie was the head honcho on this particular night but when I saw her reaching for my usual Scotch, I shook my head and mouthed the word ‘beer’ at her as I took my seat at the bar.

“Beer?” she questioned me as she put a napkin on the counter in front of me.

“Yeah, Sissie, a Corona seems like it’d go better with the half-order of Calamari you going to place for me.

“Gotcha,” getting my beer and heading for the kitchen to put in my order.

I nodded to some of the regulars as I scanned the room, checking out the crowd. A couple of cuties in the corner caught poker oyna my eye, but they were definitely into each other and not giving a damn about anybody else at the moment.

Good for them, I thought, as my eyes traveled on to complete my scan.

Sissie brought my order to me when it was ready, gave me a napkin and cutlery, and refreshed my dead beer with a new one, icy cold just the way I like beer. I dug into the Calamari, savoring its flavor; I was hungry I realized, hungrier than I thought.

“Looks good,” I heard from my right.

“It is absolutely delicious,” turning to face the voice.

She was in her thirties, I quickly judged, not bad looking, and all in all, a very nice package topped with a head of long, Auburn tresses.

“Slide down, and taste for yourself,” patting the stool next to me. She hesitated just a bit but, picking up her drink and purse, she did join me.

“I’m Lynn,” introducing myself as I put some Calamari on the unused salad fork from the cutlery and pointed it to her mouth.

“I’m Alice,” she replied, shaking my hand as her mouth sucked the squid into it, her eyes closing in ecstasy at the taste.

“Oh damn but that’s good,” she exclaimed after she had swallowed my offering.

“Yeah, it really is, isn’t it?” as Alice signaled Sissie to bring her a half-order like I had.

Alice had been drinking a Mojito but signaled Sis to bring her a Corona; “I’m betting that beer works better to wash down the squid?” she said to me.

“I think so, at least it works for me,” taking a sip from the cold bottle, looking at her as I did so.

She seemed a ‘bit’ out of place; I don’t know why I thought it, but I did. I noticed she wore a wedding band but very little else in the way of jewelry. Not much makeup either but it didn’t detract at all from her cuteness; most women wear way too much makeup and I was from the school of ‘less is more’, where makeup was concerned.

She wore a dress that buttoned up the front, the top two buttons undone and revealing a bit of cleavage, and a wide belt which complimented her narrow waistline. Her legs, from what I could see of them looked trim and fit; as did the rest of her, I had decided.

“Married?” I asked as Sis put her order on the bar in front of her.

“Separated,” she answered, a forkful of goodies lifted to her mouth.

“Please, have some of mine,” she offered, “I owe you a bite or two.”

My head was going to ‘that place’ it goes when I start thinking about another woman as a possible bed-mate, and I seem to start using double-entendres a lot; not sure why, but I had noticed in the past few months that it was so.

“A bite or two?” I commented, “Well, as long as you bite in places that can’t be seen by others,” laughing slightly.

It took her a second or two to catch the joke but then, she laughed at the remark along with me.

“Can’t have that now, can we?” Alice said to me, her eyes smiling as she sipped her beer.

“You’re right about the beer tasting better than the Mojito would have,” she agreed.

We talked as she finished her dish, and I ordered us another round of beers. Her eyes kept darting towards my chest, the scoop-necked blouse I had chosen providing a nice showplace for my own cleavage.

Well, that was the point wasn’t it?

She had a meeting which started on Monday and had decided to spend the weekend in our city rather than alone, at home.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she said, “I don’t miss the rat-bastard at all, but I hate the loneliness of being by myself in that big house. Good riddance as far as I’m concerned where he’s concerned,” a look of distaste in her eyes.

“So how did you find out about Milly’s?”

“The desk manager at my hotel recommended it and it’s not far from the hotel, so here I am,” her eyes scanning the place, a hint of recognition as she noticed that the clientele was mostly female, sprinkled with some a few male dandies.

“Seems to be mostly women here tonight,” she commented after she had completed her sweeping scan of the place.

“Most nights, Alice, most nights it’s usually women that come here,” I commented back to her.

Putting it all together in that moment, the light of understanding entered her eyes and she simply said, “Ahhhh, I see.”

Squirming a bit in her seat, she said, “Well, they should get some padded barstools if their customer base is female; these seats aren’t meant to be sat in for very long.”

Chuckling to myself, I agreed, adding, “Most customers don’t sit for very long.”

When I said that, our eyes were looking at the mirror behind the bar and we saw a couple of gals share a quick kiss before they stood, gathered their ‘stuff’ and walked towards the exit, together, heads tilted in private conversation as they left the bar area.

Nodding her head in full understanding now, she just said, “I see; got it.”

“You’re right about the stools, though, they aren’t comfortable at all,” my own ass feeling the hardness of the seat. “Want to grab a table or booth? canlı poker oyna They’re easier on the tush.”

Seeming to weigh my suggestion for a moment or two, she grabbed her beer and purse; “Sure, my butt’s sore and I’ve only been here a short while.”

We chose a booth that faced the dance floor, semi-circular in shape, and ordered a couple of more beers with the floor waitress as we settled into the booth. The music started very soon thereafter and we moved closer to each other in order to hear as we talked about ‘stuff’ in general.

It was about ten in the evening, and the night-life people were the denizens of the place, now. She looked at, but didn’t comment on, the same-sex couples dancing on the floor as we talked; not a lot of people dancing but a few.

“So I take it that you don’t have a man in your life?” she questioned suddenly.

“No, use to be that way for me, but now, not so much anymore.”

Nodding her head slowly in understanding, she stared at her bottle of beer as she turned it slowly in her hands.

“Girlfriend?” she asked, still staring at the turning beer bottle.

“Girlfriends,” I corrected her, adding, “A few, but nothing serious or permanent.”

“Not a bad way to go,” her eyes lifting to mine and smiling, “Serious can suck at times.”

“Yep, you got that right,” agreeing with her.

“Want to do a shot of Tequila with me,” I suddenly suggested, the thought popping into my head.

“Sure, why not? All I have to look forward to is my empty hotel room,” laughing as she said it, “But if I get blitzed, you have to make sure I can make it back to the hotel without being arrested for public intoxication.”

“I’ve got your back,” I said, “worse case, I’ll drop you off and you can retrieve your car in the morning.”

“I don’t have a car; I took a taxi here,” she responded.

“Well, then drink up girl, I’ll make sure you get home safely,” raising the shot glass that had just been delivered to us.

Clinking her glass against mine, we tossed them back and grimaced as the rough taste slid down our throats, both of us grabbing the lemons to suck on, to ease the taste.

“Damn, that’s harsh, but I do like what it does to me,” shaking her head from the sting of the Tequila and lemon-taste.

“Me, too, Alice, me too,” my own head shaking now.

Another hour and two more shots apiece flew by quickly, the Tequila clearly getting her buzzed, her words a bit slower, and her speech a bit more deliberate now as the alcohol worked in the way that alcohol works.

“You’ve gotten me a bit drunk,” she laughingly said to me, leaning towards me a bit unsteadily. “I haven’t been drunk in a long time, and you know what? It feels pretty damned fine,” laughing again.

That’s when I kissed her.

A little kiss, on her lips, catching her by surprise and her eyes wide-opened at my brashness. Well, that’s what I’ve become these past few months; brash, and a bit forward when my horny motor was running as it was right now.

She just stared at me when I pulled away, my hand now twirling her hair in my fingers. She didn’t stop my fingers from playing in her hair; she just looked at me, confusion on her face.

“Lynn, you do know that I’m straight don’t you?”

“Yeah, Alice, I kinda figured that out,” my fingers now brushing along the side of her face, her expression betraying the fact that it felt good to her. I leaned forward towards her and when she didn’t retreat, I kissed her again, longer this time, her lips responding to mine. I broke off our kiss and looked at her, a smile on my lips.

She excused herself to go to the restroom and looking at me with confusion on her face, she walked across the floor towards the bathrooms.

When she returned, I noticed that she had freshened her lip gloss application a bit and when she slid into our booth, she slid right next to me. I didn’t say a word to her; I just looked at her and as I leaned towards her, she leaned towards me in anticipation.

This time though, when we kissed, her mouth opened a bit more than before, her tongue accepting the touch of mine as I probed gently in her mouth, and her breathing becoming a bit heavier.

I had turned towards her in the booth, the dimness of the dance lights from the floor providing a bit of a glow. She allowed me to continue with my little kissing games, and she responded to my lips each and every time.

My hand had dropped onto her legs, over her dress, and as we continued to trade little pecking kisses, I rubbed it up and down her thigh, slowly; she didn’t stop me.

“Share a dance with me?” I asked her, our foreheads pressed together after the last kiss, her hand rubbing on mine as I stroked along the side of her face.

Not saying a word, she just slowly nodded her head against mine and taking her by the hand, I led her to a corner of the dance area as we found our way through the few couples that were already dancing to the slow tune.

I took her into my arms, she being a bit confused as to what to do with internet casino her hands.

“It’s easier if you just put your arms around me, like this,” placing her arms over my shoulder and my hands on her waist.

She settled into my body with her arms high, around my back and shoulders, her head against mine as we moved to the music, slowly, our bodies touching closely. When I moved my hand to her lower back and pulled her a bit closer, she didn’t fight it and when my hand started rubbing closer to her ass, she didn’t stop that either.

Alice was my height, which made it easier for me to kiss the side of her face and nibble on her ears as we moved slowly; not as much dancing now, as embracing.

Bringing one of my hands to her face, I turned her towards me as I kissed her again, with more passion, with the lust I was starting to feel.

Starting? No, that wasn’t accurate; I had been feeling my lust for her since that first kiss. She returned my kisses with equal lust, I thought, as I dropped my hand from her face, laying it lightly on her breast.

I felt her stiffen a bit when I squeezed her breast in my hand as I continued to kiss her, but only for a bit; she relaxed and didn’t move my hand as I became more aggressive with the fondling I was now doing to her nicely shaped boobs.

When the song ended, we stood there for a moment, her eyes looking at me, questioning me.

“Lynn, I’m not sure what I’m doing; I’m not at all sure why I’m letting you do these things to me,” but making no move to stop my hand as it squeezed and played with her breasts over her dress.

“Maybe, it’s nothing more than the fact that it feels good to you,” I said, dropping my hand to hers, leading her back to our booth.

“I probably should go,” she said when we settled back into our booth, but still sitting next to each other.

“If you want to go, then I won’t stop you,” I said as I ran my hand along her hand on the table, tracing a trail on her arm. “But, I told you that I’d see that you got to your hotel safely, and I’ll drop you off if you’d like.”

She weighed my offer for a few moments and then, nodding her head, I signaled our waitress, settled our tab, and walked out with Alice, my hand on the small of her back.

Before I opened the car door for her, I kissed her again, this time her arms went around me, hugging me to her as our tongues danced with each other’s; my hand was feeling her up again and she let me, didn’t stop me as I squeezed, feeling her nipples harden against my palm.

Breaking our kiss, I unlocked her door and held it for her as she slowly sat in the passenger seat, her eyes on mine.

Before I started my car, I pulled her towards me once more, she coming willingly and we kissed lustfully, her hand to my face, her tongue reaching deep into my mouth as mine did the same to hers.

This time it was she who took one of my hands and placed it on her breast, a soft moan escaping from our lips as my fingers quickly went to her cleavage, rubbing her breast swell, my fingers creeping just under the top of her bra, towards her nipple.

She sucked on my tongue as we kissed and when I dropped my hand to her knees, slipping under her skirt, her sharp intake of breath told me all I needed to know. Kissing her even harder, she returned the passion as I moved my hand, under her skirt, towards her ‘Vee’.

“Oooh, damn,” was all she could manage to say when my fingers brushed her pubes across the top of her bikini panties.

I slipped a finger into the side of her panties, our kissing now noisy with moans and groans of contentment. I felt her wetness as my fingertip brushed her ‘little man’.

I pushed her against the seat and door jamb; she fell back willingly into a semi-reclining position, my thumb now having joined my finger as I played in her patch, rubbing small circles on her button, her mouth pulling away from mine but one of her hands holding onto my neck as her climax began to mount.

She moaned loudly when it happened; moaned and held my hand in place between her legs as my finger slid in and out of her very wet pussy, her hips grinding against my pressure.

Her orgasm over, she relaxed her head against the seat’s head rest, her eyes staring at me, her hands still holding my hand ‘prisoner’ between her legs.

“That, that was incredible,” she finally said when she caught her breath, “I’ve never done that before…I mean, with another woman, and, and….”

“I know, sweetie, I know,” was all I said, “there could be a lot more, if you’d like,” kissing her a quick kiss to her lips, her lips responding as if wanting the kiss to be longer, deeper.

“My place or yours,” I said half-jokingly.

“Yours,” she answered, her eyes never leaving my face as I drove us there.


I made long, sweet love to Alice long into the next morning that evening. She let me lead her to my bed, kissing my face with passionate pecks as I took off her dress, revealing a very fit and toned body, her ass firm from step-aerobics or something.

I was out of my own clothes in a nano-second and laying her on bed, I took my time exploring her body; she let me lick, kiss, taste every nook and cranny of herself, her taste a bit intoxicating to me as I did so.

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