M Club Ch. 16

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The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.

* * *

Lisa marveled at the size of some of the homes in this neighborhood. The smallest ones were probably three times the size of hers and the yards were the size of city blocks. It was both fascinating and intimidating, making her feel out of place.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough of a distraction to get over Andy’s behavior. He hadn’t quite been himself for the last couple days, but she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was. The easy smiles were still there, and he joked around like usual. Distant might be the best word for it. There was less of the flirty talk he usually engaged in. Had he finally gotten tired of waiting for her to push their kinda-sorta-not-exactly-dating-relationship forward?

She finally broke down and just asked. “Everything okay? You seem a little, I don’t know, distant.”

Andy looked surprised, or did his best to fake it. “Me? No, I’m fine. Why?”

If he didn’t want to share, she wasn’t going to push. She couldn’t help but feel she was somehow responsible, though. “Just seem quieter than usual, I guess.”

“Sorry. I can talk more, if you’d like.”

Lisa was about to reply when she noted Andy making a turn. He wasn’t following Google Maps to Vida’s house, and the neighborhood was convoluted enough he probably couldn’t have memorized the route. “Do you know where you’re going?”

Andy looked uncomfortable. “Oh, yeah. Vida needed a ride home from school Wednesday, so I offered.”

Lisa felt a quick flush of jealousy, immediately wondering if they’d done anything else together after the ride. Then she felt even more embarrassed at her reaction, since that would have been the same afternoon when she’d been swapping oral sex with Sean and Denby while Andy had been excluded. That was before the whole “we’re not a couple” thing even applied. She had no grounds to be jealous if anything did happen.

“Oh. That was nice of you.”

Andy nodded. “She gave me the nickel tour of her house. It’s off the hook. My apartment would probably fit inside their living room.”

So, they went inside. Get a tour of her bedroom, perhaps?

“Got to meet her boyfriend, Leon, too,” he said. “Turns out he’s playing football at State, so we talked shop and he gave me some tips to help make the team.”

Or not. Again, Lisa berated herself for jealous impulses. That sounded harmless enough.


“Yeah. Nice guy.”

Lisa was reminded that Vida had mentioned her boyfriend as the possible exception to adhering to the rule against talking about M Club. It was understandable, not wanting to hide something like the club from her boyfriend and likely lover, but it also risked increasing the size of their little club. More people took away some of the intimacy, the bonds of friendship, that they’d enjoyed so far. It also increased the likelihood of someone slipping up and breaking their secrecy.

“Does he know about the club yet?”

“Not as far as I know.” Andy shrugged. “And here we are.”

The driveway Andy pulled into led to yet another impressive house. Two stories, columns along the front, huge yard, and everything looking immaculate. She had a feeling the inside was going to look every bit as impressive. As out of place as she felt, Lisa knew Andy must have felt even more embarrassed after having introduced her to the club in his tiny little apartment.

Vida hadn’t seemed to care about the difference between her family’s income bracket and that of the others, though. It felt more likely that she’d offered to host because her parents were gone for the evening than to flaunt her wealth. Hopefully that proved to be true.


Sean and Denby, along with an assortment of Chinese food for dinner, arrived a few minutes behind Lisa and Andy. With the food set aside for the moment in the kitchen, Vida gave everyone a quick tour of the house. Unsurprisingly, the inside was exactly what Lisa had expected – gorgeous, classy, and sterile. It felt like a show home rather than somewhere people lived. There were a few signs of habitation in the kitchen with food on the counters and a handful of family photos on the fridge and Vida’s room was at least a little bit messy. Lisa couldn’t imagine living there, though.

Well, maybe she could for the pool. Lisa’s family had a nice little hot tub with just enough seclusion that the club had been able to have some naked fun time in it. Vida’s family had a built-in pool with attached hot tub, including a small waterfall, creative landscaping to make parts of it feel like a jungle getaway, and tasteful furniture everywhere. Their yard, too, was landscaped in such a way as to give them complete privacy from all the neighbors.

“Shame it’s güvenilir bahis too cold tonight to use it,” Denby said. It was, unfortunately, brisk for a late May evening after a brief bout of afternoon rain.

“Hot tub’s kept heated all the time,” Vida said, “if you really want to use it later. I’m guessing suits won’t be a problem.”

“Hasn’t been in the past,” Sean said, giving Denby a playful hip bump.

Lisa would have expected Andy to chime in with some suggestive comment, but he remained his quieter than usual self, merely nodding in agreement.

She leaned in close to him and whispered. “What? Not going to show off by saying it’s warm enough to use the pool, too?”

He rolled his eyes and smiled, then whispered back, “Shrinkage.”

Lisa punched him in the shoulder. At least the Andy she knew wasn’t completely absent.

They went back inside and gathered around the kitchen’s massive central island where they could share dinner in a casual manner. Lisa was sure the dining room table probably got use, but it felt like they were woefully underdressed to use it. The kitchen felt right – friendly and informal.

Vida was an excellent host, making everyone feel welcome and fetching drinks and plates as needed. For having been an outsider less than a week ago, she almost felt like a regular. Her self-deprecating humor was refreshing and meshed well with everyone else.

“So, I do have something I need to address,” Vida said as dinner wound down. “My parents won’t be home until midnight or so, but my boyfriend will be coming over around seven-thirty. That gives us less than an hour of private time.”

Which would be plenty if they kept things moving at the usual pace. Lisa had been hoping for a more relaxed evening, like the other week when she had hosted at her house. Unless…

“Have you told him, yet?” Andy voiced her question before Lisa could.

Vida shook her head. “No, but I was planning on it. I don’t feel comfortable keeping this from him. But I wanted to ask you guys first. I’m not presuming to think I can invite him, and if you have a real problem with him knowing at all then I’d probably have to drop out instead.”

Lisa had to give Vida props for her respect for the club and the founding members.

“Well, I don’t think anyone here wants to see you leave,” Sean said. “But without knowing him, I’m not sure we can make any judgement on whether we’d be comfortable letting him in.”

“He’s cool,” Andy said through a mouthful of fortune cookie.

Denby gave him a look. “Wait, you know him?”

“Leon Jacobs,” Andy said after swallowing his bite. “Went to Highland with us. Graduated two years ago.”

Denby and Sean didn’t appear to recognize the name. Lisa only vaguely recognized it, but wasn’t sure she was picturing the right guy.

“He played football,” Andy said, picking up on their baffled expressions.

Vida said, “And even though I’m biased, Andy’s right – he’s cool. I don’t think he’d have any problem with this group. Certainly not in keeping quiet about it, or me being in it. As to whether he’d have any interest, who knows. Probably doesn’t matter much because he wouldn’t be able to join us much before the end of the school year, and I kinda got the impression the club was probably going to be done when we graduated in a couple weeks anyway.”

Lisa hadn’t really thought about the club in those terms before. It was just what they did as friends, now. But Vida was probably right. Once graduation hit, Denby would be free to have sex and she and Sean would be busy catching up in that regard. Sure, they might invite her to join them once in a while, but the need to exercise any restraint and keep things to self-play would be gone. The reason for the club would vanish.

“Andy?” Sean looked to his friend for clarification.

“That’s my take,” he said. “I have no problem with him knowing or joining. Up to you guys, though.”

“Would he totally freak out if he got here early and walked in on us?” Denby still looked dubious.

Vida laughed. “If he walked in on us, he’d probably be miffed that he’d missed the beginning of an orgy or something. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Lisa caught Andy’s smile and subtle nod. She felt that familiar clench of jealousy in the pit of her stomach as she realized something must have happened here after all. Had the three of them enjoyed their own little tryst? What had Andy done with Vida? Oral? Had they gone all the way?

Again, Lisa had to fight back her own natural reaction. She’d been busy blowing Sean and licking and fingering Denby at the time. What right did she have to be bothered by anything Andy had been up to at the same time? None. He hadn’t told them about it, but neither had she said anything to him about what she’d been up to. No matter how open-minded she considered herself and how well the group appeared to get along with one another, there were secrets and secrets within secrets. Feelings would get hurt, trust would erode.

A look türkçe bahis back at Sean and Denby told Lisa that neither had picked up on Andy’s reaction. Maybe it just meant her imagination was getting the better of her. Maybe it really didn’t matter. Let it go, she told herself repeatedly until the Disney music started to infuse her mantra.

Sean shrugged. “Well, if you two don’t think it’ll be a problem, then maybe we shouldn’t worry about it. If he gets here and we’re still…indisposed…”

“Exposed?” Denby offered.

Sean nodded. “Then we’ll deal with it. If we’re done first, then we get dressed or whatever and Vida can decide if or when she lets him know about the club. Anyone object?”

No one did. And, just like that, the mood began to shift to the expectant energy that always preceded club activities. If nothing else could get Lisa’s mind off her concerns, getting naked and masturbating in front of friends should do the trick.


Lisa, sprawled naked across a plush divan, fingers dancing lightly across her clit, felt like she was in a movie. Vida’s living room was huge and refined in every detail. Young, attractive, naked bodies were everywhere, the playthings of the rich and powerful as they entertained their friends behind closed doors. Sex was merely an idle dalliance that concealed the undercurrent of intrigue.

Tonight, that intrigue was in abundance. Ordinarily, Lisa would be absorbed in achieving orgasms with enough showmanship to be the center of the boys’ attention, feeding both their arousal and her own. This evening, however, she found herself absorbed in the subtle interplay between the other club members.

Sean and Denby were together on a leather couch. Rather than occupying opposite ends to better watch one another while they masturbated, they were sitting shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip. Den had hooked one of her feet between Sean’s long legs. On the surface, it appeared their little threesome interaction the other day had given the couple’s romance a boost. Lisa had her doubts, though. Denby seemed almost too clingy and exclusively focused on Sean, like it was a conscious effort. Sean was similarly focused on Denby, but the occasional glances Lisa’s way had an undercurrent of hunger. Had her blowjob so consumed his imagination that he lusted over her even in his moments of intimacy with Den? Or was he just imagining the next time the three of them could play together?

Andy had taken a seat on a thick floor rug, not far from Lisa. He’d probably done this intentionally, a nod to their tenuous couple status, but it also meant his attention was more easily focused on Vida, sitting opposite in a recliner, and Sean and Denby. Vida watched both Andy and Lisa, yet most of her attention was on Andy. That wasn’t surprising in and of itself, but there was no concealing a certain glint of lust in her eyes when she did.

And what did the others make of her? What signals was she sending out? Did they pick up on how the connection between Andy and Vida was getting to her? Could Denby read her unabashed lust for Sean? Or were they all too lost in their own thoughts and actions to even take note of her? Was she once again becoming the easily overlooked, unremarkable girl in their class?

Lisa’s attention shifted back to Vida. The Indian girl’s legs were spread wide, pink slit pronounced against her dark skin and black fuzz, openly displayed for Andy. Lisa couldn’t blame Andy for being infatuated with the girl – between her exotic heritage, a petite, athletic body, and her reputation for being sexually experienced and enthusiastic, how could he not?

Everyone was being too quiet for Lisa’s tastes. Between her imagination probably getting way too far ahead of itself and the new environment, she needed a change in vibe.

“Vida,” she said. “You said you’d never used any toys before, right? I brought my new vibrator along, if you want to give it a go.”

Vida blinked, her mind catching up after having been lost in her thoughts. “Oh, uh, sure.”

Lisa hopped up from the divan and headed for the corner where she’d left her handbag.

“I brought a couple toys along, too,” Denby added. “Both my vibe and my…new one.”

“The stunt-double?” Lisa gave her a sly wink.

Denby blushed but nodded. “Yeah, the dildo.” She turned to Vida. “You’re welcome to try either of those, too.”

Vida looked almost overwhelmed. “Uh, how about just the vibrator – Lisa’s – for now?”

“Okay,” Lisa said. “And I’ll grab yours, too, Den.”

“Stunt double?” Andy asked while Lisa retrieved the toys.

Sean answered. “Den decided to pick up a toy that, well, looks a lot like me.”

“Ah,” Andy said, chuckling. “Just couldn’t wait any longer, huh?”

Denby, fingers buried in her pussy, looked a little embarrassed. “Not really, no.”

Lisa brought the three toys into the middle of the living room and then leaned over Sean. She held up Denby’s new dildo right next to Sean’s erect cock. He paused with his easy stroking güvenilir bahis siteleri long enough for everyone to note the similarity. Lisa couldn’t help but remember how they had put it to good use the other day with Denby. She also had to fight down the urge to lean over and take the real thing into her mouth again.

“Wow, yeah, that is pretty close,” Vida said, leaning forward to get a better look. “Of course, now my mind might go elsewhere if I try that one out.”

Denby clearly caught the innuendo. “Yeah, well, imagine all you want. But you’ll have to settle for the stunt-double.”

“Of course,” Vida said. “Besides, my guy likes to do his own stunts.”

Lisa refrained from rolling her eyes. At least she hadn’t thrown a look Andy’s way when saying it. Was he her backup, now?

She pushed herself back up from Sean and held out the toys to Vida. “Still want the vibe, or get talked into taking Mr. Bigstuff for a roll?”

In Lisa’s peripheral vision, Sean sat a little more upright at her comment. Yes, she had meant it as a compliment to him, and she appreciated that it hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Vibrator, please,” Vida said, reaching out and taking Lisa’s new toy.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” Lisa said, setting the other toys aside while Vida gave the blue and white instrument an inspection. “Power, speed, and vibe pattern buttons on the bottom. Business end goes wherever you like – clit or g-spot. I’ve found it to be…very effective. And, yes, I clean it after use.”

Vida grinned when she found the power button and it kicked on. “Wow, this thing has some power to it.”

“That’s why I picked it.”

Lisa and the others watched on as Vida settled back into the recliner and hooked her legs over the arms. She fiddled with the controls until the soft hum became steady, then touched the blue tip to her clit. She gasped, retreated, and then re-engaged, sighing openly.

“Oh, now that is nice,” she said. “I’ll definitely have to go shopping one of these days, soon.”

“Den’s sister was right,” Lisa said. “Every girl needs to have a toy.”

“Because you won’t always have a boy,” Denby added.

Lisa almost retorted to that, but thought better of it. She didn’t want to imply a future breakup between her and Sean, even though the odds said it was probably more likely than not. Few high school couples lasted forever. Maybe she just meant that even in a relationship, there would be times when one needed to knock out a quick one when her partner wasn’t around.

Vida, after giving her clit a good working over with the vibrator, tentatively slipped the slightly bulbous tip inside her pussy. From personal experience, Lisa enjoyed switching between clit and g-spot stimulation. The insertion helped fuel her fantasy of getting fucked better than she managed with her own fingers, but the clit stimulation was more toe curling.

Lisa muttered, “God, I could use a fuck right now. Oh, right, I suppose I can.” She reached down for Denby’s dildo. “You’re up, Junior.”

She gave Denby a quick glance, just to make sure it was cool. Den nodded, smiling, then pointed at her vibrator on the coffee table. “Mind?” Lisa handed it to her friend and Den wasted no time in firing it up.

The boys seemed to have no problem playing with their own, built-in toys. Both stroked their cocks while looking back and forth between the two girls as they went at it with the vibrators. Lisa had to give them credit – they had learned how to stretch out their masturbation sessions to better sync with the girls’. It was a hell of a show. She couldn’t imagine what their classmates would say if they knew or ever saw what the club was doing.

Lisa laid back on the divan and spread her legs. She hefted junior, bigger and heavier up close than she’d remembered, and conjured up images of having played with the real thing. When Sean’s eyes met hers, Lisa lifted Junior to her mouth, gave it a sensual lick lengthwise, and then sucked down half the length. He grinned.

Denby must have caught the exchange, because she shook her head in amusement when Lisa looked her way. Lisa gave them a playful show for a little longer, then lowered the dildo to her pussy. While she had penetrated herself on numerous occasions with fingers, the tip of her vibrator, and even a brush handle, none were nearly as big as Sean’s stunt double. She was dripping with anticipation, eager to feel how it filled her.

While rubbing the tip around her pussy to lubricate it, Lisa glanced back at the others. Vida was watching her, but clearly lost in her own building arousal from the vibrator. Andy had turned to better face Lisa as well. Judging by his expression, he was ready to use her show to fuel his imagination.

With a nudge, Lisa slipped the tip between the folds of her labia and into her pussy. Her body easily stretched to accommodate it, though it took some gentle rocking to get it in deeper. She closed her eyes and pictured Sean laying over her, sliding his cock into her pussy for the first time, taking her virginity while decorating her face and breasts with butterfly kisses. The sensation of being stretched, filled, was a powerful agent in completing the illusion. He pushed deep, until she could no longer hold back a moan.

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