Maid to Slave


“Come here, slave, and light my cigarette.”

I move over to the girl and do as I’m told.

“And get us some more beer. This party is just getting started. Right guys?”

Yes it was getting started. Visions of uncertainty filled my head. However, at the same time, my pussy was throbbing with excitement. I bring back the beers and deliver one to my husband, Tom, my son, Mitch, and my son’s new girlfriend, Alicia.

I had become accustomed to serving my husband. I had been doing that now for almost twenty years. Somewhere along the way, I should have known better. I had even asked my Mom for advice and she told me I should do whatever makes my husband happy. So I learned to accept the position that my husband put me in. A position of servitude to him, and total sexual submissiveness.

I was a virgin on our wedding night, and my new husband wasted no time changing that fact. I was so young and naïve and he was older than I was. I knew my only chance in the world was to find a man to take care of me and provide for me as my Father did for my Mother and me. I just never had any idea the price I would pay.

But to be honest, I did learn to enjoy myself. Only on a few occasions did Tom’s punishments seem a bit harsh and truly painful. Nevertheless, they were important lessons and I learned never to disappoint him. I’m sure some people would tell me my husband was abusive to me and in some way that may be true. On my second day of marriage, I ended up with my arms tied to the headboard while he whipped my ass with his leather belt, all because I wouldn’t give him a blow job. And I learned, because I have never refused to suck him off since.

Then came the night where he decided I should submit to our son. He had told me, and I said I didn’t want to do it. I was surprised and relieved when he didn’t punish me for refusing his request. Little did I know I wasn’t.

The following week he had tied me naked to a table in the basement, something that he had done before when he was in that type of mood. He had gagged me with a ball gag, which was smart on his part. As soon as I saw our son enter the room with my husband I began to yell and scream, or at least as best as I could.

My husband talked with my son about me as if I weren’t even there. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I stopped trying to scream my objections and just lay there with tears rolling from my eyes. They both felt me up, my stomach turning when my son touched me. My husband took great joy in showing our son how to get me turned on, which to my further embarrassment I did.

“ Let me show you how she likes it,” Tom told Mitch.

He then pulled his pants down and stroked himself a couple of times to make sure he was hard enough kırşehir escort to enter me, and then he did. He shoved himself into me, aided by the wetness their manipulations of my body produced.

“Pinch her nipples while I fuck her. She loves that,” my husband tells our son.

Mitch does and my mind is a muddle of confusion as tears roll down my face. All the while my nipples are getting harder from my son’s attention and my pussy is wrapped tight around my husband’s cock.

“The good thing about having a sex slave is you never have to worry about pleasing them, only yourself,” my husband explains, “You can just climb on and fuck them and get off when you are ready to. Like this.”

Tom fucks me hard and fast for several moments. Mitch watches intently while still pinching and mauling my tits. Soon my husband shoves his cock deep in me and I feel him let loose his load of cum deep in my cunt. The stimulation is too much and I cum too, tears steadily streaming down my cheeks as my husband climbs off of me.

“Tell you what. I can’t see having you go up to your room to jerk off. Why not do it here. Climb up over her and jerk off on her tits. Let her see what she’ll be getting soon,” Tom tells our son.

I began to moan ‘no’ into the ball gag as Mitch pulls his pants off. He quickly climbs up and straddles my waist. I can feel his hairy balls on my stomach and as they start to move, my husband lifts my head up.

“You keep your eyes open and watch him. You know better than to disappoint me,” he says.

I do watch with eyes filled with more tears. He doesn’t take long and with his father’s encouragement, he empties his cum filled balls, the first shot landing on my face and the rest covering my neck and tits.

“That’s enough for tonight. You better head off to bed,” Tom says.

Once Mitch is gone, Tom explains that I will submit to our son and I had better learn to like it. To make his point, he removes me from the table, ties me to a wall, and whips my ass but good, to demonstrate his disappointment in me.

Two days later I’m back tied to the table and still gagged. This time my son comes down and he and his father both shed their clothes. They start to feel me up and the attention does arouse me.

“Okay, boy. Let’s get this done,” Tom says.

I’m surprised at how fast my son is soon between my legs, tied spread open for him. My gagged screams and pleads are no use as I feel my son’s cock enter the place he was borne from. I cry uncontrollably as my son slides his cock all the way into me. He doesn’t last long and soon he is shuddering as I feel his hot cum filling me. He climbs off and stands triumphant next to me.

“Not bad for a first time,” kocaeli escort Tom says, “Now let me show you the proper way to get cleaned up after slut fucking.”

Tom unties the straps that were holding me down. My arms are still fastened to a chain around my waist and he lifts me from the table.

“On your knees, bitch,” he orders as he pushes me down.

I have no choice but to go down to mt knees for fear of falling flat on my face. My gag is removed before my husband gives me my instructions.

“Lick his cock clean.”

Mitch moves to my face, but I refuse to open my mouth to him. I feel the sharp sting of leather as it slaps across my bare ass.

“I got all night, bitch. And I will keep whipping your ass until you open your mouth and do what you are told.”

I hold out for maybe ten good hits, before my mouth opens to gasp for air. As soon as I do, my son shoves his cock into my mouth. The whipping doesn’t stop, but the intensity does lighten a bit.

“That’s it slut. Like your boy’s cock clean.”

I try to do it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I notice another problem. My son is getting hard again in my mouth. I know better than to stop without being told and hope my husband will end this soon. To my surprise, he notices our son’s renewed condition. He moves behind me and holds my head in his hands.

“Go ahead and fuck her face. Don’t worry she can take it all. She’s been sucking my cock almost every day since we’ve been married,” Tom tells our son.

Mitch starts off gently at first, just sliding slowly in and out. I keep the suction going and lick the head as he pulls out, hoping to finish this as soon as I can.

“Come on. Don’t be so gentle with her. Your pleasure, not hers,” he reminds Mitch.

He picks up the pace and is soon sliding all the way into my throat with his thick cock. I am shamed to admit that I enjoyed being held by my husband as he allows our son to use my mouth.

“Now tell her what you want, what you’re going to do,” Tom instructs.

I look up at Mitch, my mouth full of his hard cock. Our eyes meet and in a moment, there is an understanding.

“Suck my cock, bitch. I’m gonna fuck your slutty mouth and cum down your Goddamn throat,” my son says to me.

An involuntary whimper escapes from around his cock as he starts fucking my mouth good. Mitch takes over holding my head and wraps his hands in my hair as he pushes and pulls my head back and forth along with his hips pumping into me. His heavy balls slap my chin with each stroke and I become anxious to taste my son’s cum for the first time.

My husband, having watched all the excitement decides he needs some relief too as he spreads my kneeling konya escort legs out. His cock slides into my soaked pussy and strokes in and out a few times. He then pulls out and adjusts so he can push his dick into my ass. I let out a guttural groan around my son’s cock as my husband enters my ass.

“God, Dad, are you fucking her ass?”

“You bet. I got this bitch trained right. You can ass fuck her next time if you want.”

“Oh I want all right. But right now I want to cum in this slut’s mouth. I’m gonna try to wait Dad, let me know when you are gonna cum and we’ll give it to the bitch at the same time. Our cum meeting somewhere in the middle.”

Tom takes Mitch’s encouragement to heart and starts pounding my ass. Mitch slows a bit but keeps a steady rhythm of fucking my mouth.

“Better get ready, boy. I am,” Tom warns.

“Do it Dad, fuck the bitch’s ass good. Fill her ass with cum and I’ll fill her fucking mouth.”

Tom groans and I feel him getting larger, about to cum. Mitch pounds my mouth again, making my lips sore from the abuse. I knew one would trigger the other, but not which one.

“I’m cumming, Dad. Take it you fucking slut. Take your son’s cum down your fucking throat.”

I took it, blast after blast. Followed almost immediately by the liquid warmth of my husband’s cum flooding deep into my ass. I was a bit surprised when I felt my husbands hand reach around and pinch my clit. I was so turned on, within seconds I was cumming too, trying desperately to moan out my pleasure around my son’s still pulsing cock.

That was the beginning of the second submission of my life. My husband and son, from that moment on, took great joy in using me separately or together when they can and when they wanted too. Over time, they converted the basement into a fully functional dungeon. They bought toys and actually spent many hours making items for bondage and torture sessions.

On a more regular basis, I became a total slave to the house. I wear a not quiet traditional French maid outfit that I must hand wash and keep spotless. In the evenings when they watch TV, I will spend my time getting drinks, lighting cigarettes and acting as a footstool. I am also responsible for bathroom duties where I take each to the bathroom, pull their dicks out, and hold it while they pee. When they are done, I must lick them clean before placing it back in their pants. Eventually they do get around to using me in some way to relieve themselves sexually.

And now, just last week my son let me know he told his new girlfriend about me and that she had agreed to come over and ‘amuse’ herself with him, his Dad, and his slave maid. I was excited from the moment he told me and even more so now she is here.

My only problem is wondering just how much I want to disappoint my husband and my son. Maybe if I am too bad, they will let her spank me too.

Note to readers: Haven’t decided if there will be any more to this story. You be the judge. If feedback is good enough I’ll see what I can ‘whip’ up.

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