Make Love Not War

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“Dani, Simon, come here please!” dad’s voice boomed from the living room.

I looked up from the magazine I was reading and stood up. I walked from my room, across the hallway and into the living room. Dad was standing there.

“I need to talk to you and your sister. Serious….ish,” he said.

We stood and waited for a couple of minutes before my younger sister Dani came in, dressed in a vest and baggy sweats.

“You haven’t forgotten your mother’s birthday have you? If you have made plans you had better unmake them as I have booked us a table at the Grand Hotel.”

“Err, next week, yeah?” I mumbled.

“Next Saturday. August the fourteenth. You didn’t really forget did you?”

“No I was just kidding. The Grand? Wow that sounds great,” I smiled.

“Cool,” said Dani.

“Just one thing. Well two actually. Look smart. Look your very best please. It’s her fiftieth so I really want us to make the effort. Secondly. Please, please for her and for me, could you two just TRY to get along? PLEASE?!”

“Sure dad, we will,” I replied.

“Of course dad, no worries,” answered Dani.

Chat over, Dani and I returned to our rooms without once exchanging a word. And that was how our relationship had been for about four months.


I’m Simon. I’m twenty three years old. Living at home with my parents and my younger sister Dani, who is nineteen, and at college.

I’m slim, about five feet ten tall. I’m muscular, through playing a lot of sports and generally looking after myself.

Dani is also slim, not quite as tall as me. She has blonde hair. She was, until about a year and a half ago, a bit of a teenage geek. Awkward, a bit overweight, thick eyebrows, glasses and unruly hair. But in that time even I have been aware of her changes. The puppy fat has mostly gone. The eyebrows are manicured, the hair is well kept and the glasses have been replaced by contact lenses.

It’s fair to say both Dani and I are now quite good looking. Neither of us is short of attention from the opposite sex, and we’re both quite confident, outgoing people. I’ve no idea (or interest) in my sister’s sex life but I imagine she doesn’t have trouble getting boys. She’s had a few boyfriends although she is single at this present time.

So am I, having split up with my girlfriend about three months ago, mostly because she was a pain, but also because I don’t really want to settle down just yet.

Our home is a lovely waterside apartment, all on one level, overlooking the harbor. Three bedrooms at the front, all around a large hallway, as well as the bathroom. This hallway leads through to a large open plan living room/kitchen/diner that has fantastic harborside views, as well as a large balcony complete with glass table and outdoor furniture.

So with so much going for us, the real downside at present is that my sister and I are not talking at the moment.

About four months ago she came into my room while I was out and borrowed something without asking. Quite minor, quite common, as most sibling rows are, but I was pissed when I found out. I had a row with her,she said sorry, and really it should have finished there. But I decided revenge was in order and crept into her room one day when she was out, rifled through her drawers, before borrowing a cd that I really didn’t want to borrow. Now she was REALLY pissed! Went crazy. During the course of the row that followed she even pushed me.

That should have been that. But she told mum, who took her side.

“A girl’s room really is private. It’s different for girls. You have to respect that,” mum told me.

And so on. Till I was the bad guy. Rather than make up, apologize or whatever, I was now mad that it all seemed to be my fault so rather than back down I treated my sister even worse, being generally rude and unpleasant to her. The final straw was three weeks ago when she celebrated her nineteenth birthday. I decided not to buy her a card or a present. Nothing.

She was really. Furious. But also mum informed me she was really upset. I had genuinely hurt her. Now feeling even more isolated in my feud I simply avoided her. And so we haven’t spoken a word to each other in three weeks.

Petty. Stupid. Stubborn. One of us was going to have to back down but I was determined it wouldn’t be me. But now for mum’s fiftieth birthday meal at the restaurant of the best hotel in town we were going to have to make the effort and call a truce.


Saturday the fourteenth of August. Mum’s birthday.

I changed in my room. Very smart. Very ‘dashing’. The smart end of smart casual. Crisp white shirt. Black suit. Shiny black shoes.

I walked into the living room, where dad was already ready.

“Great, son. Really good. Mum will be impressed. Just the two girls now. Could be hours yet,” he said, laughing.

Mum was out next, and she was thrilled by my appearance.

“Oh Simon! You look lovely. Thank you!” she gushed.

Then the living room door opened. Now as you can probably guess, my sister is not exactly escort bayan bursa the object of my sexual desires, given our current hatred for each other. I had noticed over the last eighteen months she was looking better all the time, and can admit, if pushed, why some men would find her attractive. But she’s my sister. And at the moment a sister that I can’t stand.

BUT…..she looked fantastic. Little black dress. Short, about halfway between her knees and her hips, if a little shorter. Blonde hair immaculate. Nails, lips, eyelashes and eyebrows all perfectly made up. Slender, smooth legs and a pair of stylish black stilettos. Wow.

“Dani… look amazing!” said mum.

“Amazing, ” repeated a very proud dad.

I said nothing but I was staring. I’m convinced she didn’t have a bra on, as the back of the dress had a plunging v line to just above her ass and there was no bra strap. I’m not sure if she was wearing panties as there were no obviously visible lines but maybe she was wearing a thong or something.

“Simon, doesn’t your sister look lovely?” asked mum.

“God yeah she looks HOT!!”

The words had left my mouth before I realized what I was saying.

“Hot? Oh wow Dani you must look great if even Simon is praising you,” teased mum.

“But?” Dani asked looking at me.

“What do you mean but?” I asked, talking to her for the first time in weeks.

“Well you said a nice thing so there’s got to be a but to even it out,” she sneered at me.

“No. Honestly you look….good.”


“You’ll be fighting the men off looking like that,” joked mum.

“Mum you know I don’t really want a boyfriend at the moment.”

The taxi arrived us to take us to the restaurant.

We sat at a square table. Me next to mum, with my sister opposite me, and dad next to her.

The evening was going really well. Laughing, chatting and smiling. Dani and I were in good spirits as mum and dad reminded us of embarrassing stories from our childhood. We were laughing along, even if we still weren’t talking to each other.

Suddenly Dani broke the ice.

“Do you remember Simon that time at the rollercoaster when it broke down and that woman in front was really screaming?” she laughed.

“Oh god yeah. I really wanted to hit her.”

“You should have.”

We laughed at the memory. After that Dani gave me a little smile almost as a sign that we had smashed through a barrier. I smiled cautiously back.

After the main course mum and dad both went to the toilet, leaving Dani and I alone for a few minutes.

“Thanks for what you said earlier. About me looking good,” she said.

“Well you do.”


“Dani, you look…beautiful.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” she smiled.


“Hey?” I joked.


“Are we flirting with each other now?” I laughed.

“That would be really weird,” she replied, laughing.

“Weird. But funny,” I added.

“What would be weird but funny?” dad asked, returning to the table.

“Oh nothing dad,” Dani answered, winking at me.

The four of us continued laughing and chatting as we ate.

“I must say you two are getting on better tonight,” mum told us.

“At last,” added dad.

“We’re trying to be good,” Dani said in a really childish voice.

“You’re doing very well. Thanks,” mum said.

During dessert Dani gently kicked my foot, to try to get me to notice a couple at another table, who were having a bit of a row. We laughed together. After that she kept stroking the bottom half of my leg with her foot.

After dessert, our parents went to the bar to order more drinks and pay for the meal. Dani smiled at me.

“That was a lovely evening. All of it,” she cooed.

“Especially us getting on again. I’m sor…..” I started to say but she stopped me.

“Shhhh….don’t say it. By the way do you really like my dress?”

“Wow yes. It looks great. Amazing.”

“Really? Are you sure or are you just being a man and thinking about what’s under it,” she teased.

“Not a lot I’m guessing,” I laughed.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, her face looking visibly gloomier.

“Oh well err…I meant…I don’t think you’re wearing a bra. I can’t see any straps. And I’m not sure if you’re wearing panties,” I explained.

“Oh I see. You shouldn’t be looking at things like that. I’m your sister,” she joked.

“Couldn’t help it.”

“Oh well. It’s my secret. It’s for me to know…”

“And me to find out!” I laughed.

“Now who’s flirting?” she smiled.

Mum and dad came back to see us laughing.

“Wow, not fighting yet?” mum asked.

“Not yet,” I replied.

Once we were ready to leave we stood in the hotel foyer for a while.

“Your mother and I are thinking of going to that jazz club, round the block. What are you two going to do?” asked dad.

“Just go home I think. I’m tired,” replied Dani.

“Me too, if that’s ok,” I added.

“Are you going to get a taxi?” asked mum.

“No. We could walk home,” I answered, bursa sinirsiz eskort looking at my sister.

“Sure, we could cut across the park if there’s to of us,” she said.

“Yeah that’s a good idea.”

“Sure you’re not just leading your sister through the park at night so you can attack her?” joked mum.

“Damn! You’ve ruined my plan.”

“He can try. But I bet he’ll be the one lying on his back with me sitting on top of him,” joked Dani.

“Ooooh kinky!” I joked.

Dad laughed nervously. Mum just shot me a scolding look.

We kissed our parents goodbye and then set off on our walk home, about thirty minutes if we cut across the park, an hour if we don’t.

As we reached the park Dani slid her arm around mine.

“I’m so glad we made up tonight. I don’t like being your enemy,” she said softly.

“Me neither. I do love you, you know. I always have.”

“I love you too. Kiss?”

“Kiss and make up?” I smiled.


We stood still and began to kiss. To my surprise she moved her head to kiss me on the lips. I was a bit unsure so I kept my mouth fairly shut but wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her. She kept her mouth on mine and I parted my lips slightly as I felt my cock stiffen. We finally pulled our faces apart.

“Well I guess we are friends again,” I whispered.

“Yes definitely. Good.”

“That was a very un-sisterly kiss,” I joked.

“And that was a very un-brotherly bulge in your trousers,” she laughed, slapping my arm.


We carried on walking.

“By the way, why haven’t you got a girlfriend?” my sister asked me.

“Well, I suppose, I don’t know. I just don’t feel ready for such commitment yet. I just want to play around a bit. Oh god sorry does that sound really…..bad?”

“Well I suppose it does but I know what you mean. I just like meeting guys and having a bit of fun. So I know where you’re coming from.”

We arrived home. I opened the front door and we went through into the living room. Dani sat on the couch and I brought through two glasses of water, neither of us being heavy drinkers or wanting anything stronger. It was such a beautiful evening I went to sit on the couch on the balcony. Dani soon followed me.

“So my dear big brother, what are your plans now?” she asked.

“None really, just sit here and chill. You?”

“Same really. Mind if I join you?”

“Sure. I was kind of hoping you would.”


“Yeah. You know. I kinda like your company. I guessed I’ve missed being with you.”

“That’s a nice thing to say.”

We sat together for a while, just looking out across the harbor. Dani began to creep closer to me, leaning against me for comfort and warmth, even though it was a really hot night.

“What time is it?” she asked me.

“Quarter to twelve.”

“Do you think mum and dad will be home soon?”

“No I doubt it. Last time they went to that jazz club they didn’t get home till after two in the morning.”

Dani leaned across and kissed me, gently on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Just….for a lovely evening.”

“It was mum’s evening.”

“Yeah but we made up so…..”

She kissed me again, also on the cheek. I turned my head to face her and our lips met. Again at first I kept my mouth closed but opened it slightly after a moment or two. Dani stopped, sat up and moved across me, her legs straddling my legs, her knees pushed against the back of the couch, so she was facing me. We began kissing again. I placed my arms around her waist and held her. Then she slowly pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I looked at her then she pushed her dress down, revealing her naked breasts. And oh what breasts! Not big, not small, perfectly, pertly round, her nipples standing erect from her areolas.

“You’re so……so…..beautiful,” I moaned.

I continued to stare, transfixed by her gorgeous breasts.

“Hello! I’m sitting here with my tits out in front of my brother. Do something!” she laughed.

I stuck out my tongue, allowing its tip to touch her nipple. Then I began to lick each tit and suck them.

“I don’t know but……..I feel so fucking horny right now,” she told me.

I pulled back from her tit.

“Do you want to…..? I asked nervously.

She nodded.

“Not here. In a bed. Yours……or mine?” she mumbled as she stood up and pulled her dress down and off.

“Ah panties! You are,” I laughed as I caught sight of her tiny thong panties.

She pulled me up off the couch,stepping over the dress she had thrown onto the balcony floor. We went through to my bedroom. Dani sat on the edge of my bed and removed her panties, as I shut the door. She turned to face me. Her pussy was shaved. Bald and smooth. Totally smooth, creamy white. She knelt on my bed as I undressed, finally removing my boxers to allow her a first sight of my erect cock.

“Oh hello!” she said as she took it in her hand and began to stroke it.

Soon she had her lips around it as I lay on the bed, then escort bayan she straddled my lap as she lowered herself onto my waiting shaft.

“Are you……do we need to….?” I stuttered.

“It’s ok I’m on the pill. Like I said, I like to meet guys……” she joked.

My cock slipped easily inside her pussy and she began slowly grinding on me. I moved my hips to meet her grinding and we were soon fucking.

“MMM….oh yes….that feels good….oh yes….Simon!”

“God Dani you’re so hot….so..hooootttt!!”

“Oooooh yes come on that’s it oh yes.”

We were fucking and it felt great. We pumped and thrusted for ages. Dani came several times before I shot my load into her. We lay back down and just remained quiet for a while, taking in the reality of what we had just done.

It seemed to take me ages to get to sleep. I kept looking at my sister lying naked next to me in the moonlit room. Finally I fell asleep, only to be woken by our parents coming home. I looked at the clock, three fifteen. I nudged Dani, who woke up and realized our parents were home.

“Shhhh….Did you shut your bedroom door?” I whispered.

“I never went in there, but yeah, I’m sure it’s shut.”

Our parents stomped and crashed around for about twenty minutes before shutting their bedroom door. I was terrified they would check on either of us but they didn’t usually.

“That’s lucky. We’d better be quiet,” Dani said, reaching down for my cock.

“Mmmmm that feels good,” I smiled as my penis stiffened in her hand.

I rolled on top of her as she spread her legs, my shaft entering her hot sex.

“Keep really quiet,” I told her as I began thrusting into her.

“Oh…ohh…mmmmm…nnngggg….” she moaned as I pumped her.


We fucked as quietly as possible until I shot my cum up inside her gaping wet cunt hole.

We fell back asleep and when I woke up I saw sunlight streaming in through the curtains. I looked at the clock. Six twenty. I studied my sleeping sister. Her closed eyes. Her nose. Chin. Chest. Her cute little breasts rising and falling in time with her breathing. Her ribs, her stomach, down to where the sheet was bunched up, hiding her naked vagina. Back to her breasts. My penis hardened as I examined her nipples, lightly blowing onto her breasts, causing them to stiffen. I began to kiss her boobies, waking her with my lips encircling her tits. She slipped a hand under the sheets and took my manhood in her grasp.

“That’s a nice way to wake up,” she cooed quietly.

Dani sat up and mounted me, lowering her aching pussy onto my cock. We fucked again, once more as quietly as possible. After we’d had sex we lay in each others arms. We stayed awake, just lying together, looking at each other, kissing from time to time. We heard our parents door. Judging by the cough it was dad who went through to the kitchen. Dani looked at me as my fingers explored her pussy. Then I lay between her legs and licked her vagina, making her cum again. I stood up, slipped on a pair of boxers and went out the room, closing the door behind me.

As I crossed the hallway I noticed Dani’s bedroom door wasn’t fully shut so I pulled it closed. I joined dad in the kitchen.

“Morning dad.”

“Morning. Ok?”

“Good yeah. How was your evening? How was the jazz club?”

“We had a great time. Your mother was a bit drunk when she got in. She may be asleep for a while. What did you and Dani do?”

“Oh just chatted for a while. Then went to bed.”

At that point Dani appeared. As I expected she had gone to her room and put on a robe. It was a silk robe she sometimes wore after a bath or shower. Quite thin material. I realized she was still naked underneath. It barely covered her ass and her erect nipples were poking at the silk.

“Morning dad,” she said cheerfully.

The three of us sat down at the table for breakfast, and then mum eventually appeared. We chatted for a while. After a few minutes she looked at us both.

“Oh yes, who was last to bed last night?” she asked.

I looked at Dani, who beat me to an answer.

“Me, why?”

“Oh you left the door to the balcony open.”

“Sorry mum.”

“Oh and Dani, you left your lovely dress on the floor out there. You must look after it. I was going to bring it through to your room and hang it up but I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Sorry mum.”

After a while mum got up.

“Well we must get on. We’re going to my mother’s for lunch don’t forget. We’d better get ready.”

Mum headed off towards the bathroom. Dad and I finished our cups of coffee as Dani went to wash the dishes. I watched her as she stood at the sink, her gown barely covering her ass. She bent forward a few times and twice as she did so her ass was completely exposed. I caught a glimpse of dad looking at her then carefully towards me to see if I’d seen. I quickly looked the other direction out of the window. Dani came and sat back down. Eventually we all got ready and set off for our grandmother’s house in the car.

We didn’t often all travel together in the car these days, Dani and I being grown up. The two of us sat in the back together. Carefully keeping our eyes on our parents in the front we occasionally held hands or touched each others legs. A couple of times Dani brushed her hand against my pants where my cock was. We had a good afternoon with our grandmother before heading home.

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