Making a Hot Wife — Back in Action


Clay and Shelby were attending a cocktail party attended mostly by his co-workers and other people within his industry. Clay looked across the room to admire his wife. It had been two years since she had become a ‘hot wife’ and the experience seemed to have made her more beautiful and sexy. There was no doubt in Clay’s mind that every man in the room looked at her with lust.He smiled as he watched her talking with a group of women. She was not wearing a dress that particularly accentuated her breasts or fabulous ass, but those assets simply couldn’t be hidden. Her auburn locks cascaded over her shoulders presented the view of a woman of self-confidence and sexual assurance.In the past two years, Clay had set his wife up with fifty different sexual partners. She had happily accepted each of them. Many of the men had begged Clay for the opportunity to come back for another night of lust with Shelby. After the first six months, he had allowed her to pick some men on her own. However, Shelby always understood that he would be there to observe and share the goodies.Clay had watched her get dressed and knew she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and still firm. He had seen her put on panties and knew they were sheer and small. He was getting an erection just looking at her.Clay felt his phone vibrate and saw it was a text from Shelby. I see you watching me. Do we need to slip off to the bathroom?I have a different idea, he texted back. Come over here.Once she stood beside him, wondering what he had in mind, Clay put his arm around her waist. “Have you ever met my boss?”“We were introduced at a Christmas party a few years back, but he wouldn’t remember me.”“Silly girl,” Clay chuckled. “Every man remembers you.”Just then, Clay’s boss turned to face them. “David, have you met my wife?”“I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure,” the man said as he offered her his hand.“David Paterson, may I present my wife, Shelby. Shelby, this is my boss, David Paterson.”“She is just as beautiful as you’ve told me,” David said, not removing his eyes from hers.Managing to get his boss’ attention, Clay said softly, “Shelby is a hot wife. I don’t think that any of the men in this room know it and I’d rather not spread it around.”“Certainly not,” David replied, astounded by the information he had just been given.“Shelby just came over to ask if I’d take her to one of the bathrooms for a quickie. I was thinking that you might like to help me out so that I can finish a conversation I was having with a potential client.”David looked at Shelby and was dazzled Üsküdar Escort by her beautiful smile. She had been a hot wife for two years now and knew how the game was played. This particular situation was different in that Clay was offering her to be alone with the man. In the past, he had always been there to observe. Shelby would never tell her husband, ‘no,’ and so she played her role.Clay offered, “My wife has an incredible sex drive and since I know your wife isn’t here tonight, I thought you might help me out.”Before David could say a word, Shelby put her arm through David’s arm. “Wouldn’t you like to take a little walk with me?”“Why yes… um… of course,” he replied as he smiled down at Shelby.Clay touched his wife’s cheek. “You go have some fun with David. I’ll be right here when you come back.” He watched them walk away and hoped that Shelby didn’t kill the man.Once inside the private bathroom, Shelby locked the door and turned to Clay’s boss. “I don’t know why Clay’s never let me have you,” she cooed as she began to unbuckle his belt. “He knows I like older men who know how to handle women. When Shelby unzipped the man’s trousers, she let them drop around his ankles. She smiled up at him as she dropped to her knees and pulled down his boxers.“Oh, my, David,” Shelby gushed as she wrapped her fingers around his thick cock. “I hope your wife loves this cock as much as I’m going to.” Pulling the large head into her mouth, Shelby lashed it with her tongue until he groaned. “I love cock,” she told him in a soft voice. “I love it in my mouth almost as much as when it’s stuffing my pussy.”She stood and turned her back to David. “Unzip me, David.”He followed her instructions and watched as she stepped out of the dress. She was wearing only sheer thong panties and high heels. “Do you approve?” she asked, twirling slowly in a circle.Facing him, Shelby put a hand inside her panties before pulling it out and placing her finger in his mouth. “Do you like the way I taste?”When David nodded his head, she took his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Do you like them?”“They are perfect,” was all he could manage to say.Shelby pulled off her panties, holding them up under his nose. “Take these as a gift from me. You may want to smell them the next time you jerk off. They’ll tell how wet my pussy is.”Turning around, Shelby looked into the mirror, noticing David’s eyes glued to her butt. She spread her legs apart and leaned over. “Give me that hard cock, David,” she whispered. “I want you to fuck me.”David didn’t Üsküdar Escort Bayan hesitate a second. He stepped up behind her, put his hand on her back to push her down and pressed the head of his cock into her hot, wet hole.“Oh, yes,” Shelby gasped as the man’s large tool slipped inside her. “That’s what I need, David,” she told him. “Please don’t be gentle. I want to be fucked and fucked hard.”David Paterson didn’t reach his level in management by being indecisive. There was nothing fake going on here. Her pussy felt like it was lined with hot velvet. It was dripping wet and she truly wanted to be fucked. He took her hips in his hands and began pounding her.“Yes, David. Oh, fuck yes. That’s want I want. Fuck me with that big cock.”David grabbed her tits, pulling her more upright so that he could see her in the mirror.“This is so fucking good,” Shelby growled. “This is what I needed. I needed a man to fuck me the way that only a real man knows.”Watching him in the mirror, Shelby saw the look that tipped her off. He was getting close. She pulled away and dropped to her knees again. Pulling him close, Shelby looked up, saying, “Cum in my mouth. I want to remember how you taste.”David forced himself to keep his eyes open so that he could watch as he filled this woman’s mouth with his spunk.When his cock began to shrink, Shelby looked up and smiled. “That was glorious. I hope you’ll let me do that again some time.”“That was utterly fantastic,” he replied as he leaned against the sink. “I hope my knees will continue to operate when we leave this room.Shelby stood, picked up her dress and asked him to zip her up. When she turned with a smile, he held out her panties.“No. You keep them,” she said, reaching up and kissing his cheek. “I want you to remember me.”An hour later, they were in the car headed home.“Did you fuck him?” Clay asked.“Of course I did,” she purred. “That’s what you wanted.”“You did it without me there to watch.”“I followed your instructions,” she told him, beginning to wonder if she had done something wrong.“I don’t allow you to fuck men when I’m not there to witness it.”“You told me to take him to a bathroom and fuck him,” she insisted. “I did what I always do. I followed your instructions.”“Yes, you did,” Clay muttered and was quiet for a while.At the next traffic light, he said, “Pull up your dr ess and show me what’s mine.”What he said was not unusual. Clay had said the same many times. Shelby slipped forward in the seat, opening her legs while pulling the bottom of the dress up to Escort Üsküdar her waist.Clay glanced over. “Where are your panties?”“I gave them to David,” she whispered, for the first time thinking she had made a mistake.Reaching over, he slapped the inside of Shelby’s thigh, causing her to wince.“What is he supposed to do with your panties?”“I suggested he might want to smell them the next time he masturbates,” she replied in a small voice.Clay slapped the inside of her thigh again. “He’s a married man. What if his wife finds your panties in his pocket? Do you suppose she might be angry when all he did was what I suggested?”“I’m sorry, baby,” Shelby whined. “I didn’t think of that possibility.”“You should have,” he growled, slapping her again, but this time his fingers smacked her wet pussy.“This pussy is for fun,” he thundered as he slapped it again and again. “But you have to engage your brain while getting fucked.” He saw Shelby cup her breasts and pinch her nipples as his hand continued to swat her ever-wetter pussy. The spanking continued until she cried out, “Oh Fuck!” Her body shook and she squirted.Her body was still trembling when Clay wrapped his hand around her dripping sex and squeezed. “When we get home, I’m going to spank your ass until it’s bright red. Then I’ll fuck it and cum on your face. I’ll take a picture of your face covered with my spunk. The picture will be framed and hung in our bathroom so that you can see it every day and remember to engage your brain.”“Yes, baby,” she whispered, acting contrite. But deep inside, she was looking forward to everything he had said. Shelby enjoyed being spanked. She was thrilled with the prospect of his big dick inside her ass. Shelby had never admitted it, but being sprayed with hot jizz was one of her favorite things. She might be in trouble with her husband, but it was trouble she would enjoy.For the next two weeks, everything seemed to follow their routine. Clay would call her during the day and have her masturbate while he listened. As was their custom, they had sex as soon as he arrived home from work. Most nights, they were in bed by 10:30 and had sex again. It was a lifestyle that most men would crave. Clay knew that he was just feeding Shelby’s fire. The more she had, the more she wanted.On Friday evening, when Clay arrived home from work, Shelby waited for him in the bedroom. He could tell by the flush on her skin around her neck that she had recently had an orgasm. When he kissed her, his hand slipped between her legs to find her extremely wet.“You couldn’t wait for me to get home?” he asked as he pulled off the tiny nightie she was wearing.“I can’t hide anything from you,” she replied in a disappointed voice. “About an hour ago, I started thinking about what you would do to me when you got home and I just couldn’t stop myself.”“And you want more, right?”

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