Making Kristy Ch. 3

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It felt strange going through all of my drawers and finding nothing but women’s clothes. Without even saying a word Loraine had impressed upon me how much she enjoyed seeing me dressed like her Kristy.

I briefly held against my chest a red bra that came as one of my birthday presents last night. Then I ran a finger just underneath my enlarged breast. All this was new to me and I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off of my new toys. I made a quick mental note to thank Loraine for feeding me the female hormones

As much as I didn’t want to admit it I looked much better as a woman than a man. I had always been petite and my hips had always been a little more rounded than a man’s was supposed to be. Maybe these features had somehow triggered a deep seeded desire to be a woman. However the thought was very brief. “I love my cock.” I thought as I playfully flicked at my groin. “And I love women.”

So I couldn’t be happier. Today would be my first real day as Kristy! Today, I would make it a point to dress conservative but intensely feminine. I guess I wanted to make a point to my employees that yes I was a cross-dresser but no I am not available. I loved Loraine.

I picked out a nice pink dress that extended well below my knees. Loraine, however, had to help me put on my makeup. I still hadn’t gotten the knack for looking feminine without looking like a tramp. When everything was said and done, I looked better than I had ever looked.

Of my three employees only Chip and I were working. I decided to arrive a little early to get some things done. I knew there was a chance that, after seeing me this way, it would be difficult for Chip to get anything done.

It was funny seeing his first reaction. As soon as he unlocked the front door to the store he came to an abrupt halt. At first it looked like he wanted to say, ‘who the hell are you?” but somehow he managed to stop himself. Then he scratched his head and cocked his head to get a better look at me. I know he had a thousand questions but I guess with me being the boss he decided to keep quiet.

“Hi, I’m Kristy- I guess I’m your new boss” I said with my most innocent voice. “Is it okay?”

“Yeah, um- I guess, but…” He stumbled over his words. “I didn’t know that…yeah, you look nice.”

I liked Chip; he was kind of cute the way he had to fumble with his words.

The rest of the morning was spent taking care of business. I was surprised when none of the regulars recognized me. To them I was just another new employee.

When things calmed down a bit I started to notice the quick glances Chip was giving me. As a man things like that would pendik escort have never turned me on. But being ‘noticed’ caused me to have to adjust my cock now and then.

When the two o’clock hour came I decided to take my break. I knew that was the slowest hour of the day so I figured I’d take the time to grab a quick snack and freshen up my make-up. While I was in the restroom I lightly applied more lipstick and went over to the commode to go to the bathroom.

It was a quandary of sorts. The reality of the situation was: all I had to do was pull up my dress, yank out my cock and go. But that would have taken away from my femininity. I decided then and there that I would never ‘go’ like a man again.

I pulled up my dress and squatted down to pee like a woman.

I should have locked the door. Chip surprised me by coming into the restroom.

“Oh god- I’m sorry.” He said as his face turned beet red. “I didn’t mean- to um, err…”

“It’s okay Chip- no harm done.” I replied- not exactly sure myself what to do or say.

I think that he took it as an invitation to stay right where he was. While I on the other hand wasn’t sure whether or not to finish my business and get myself back together. I mean this guy was just standing there opened mouthed looking at me

“I just want to say…” He began and then nervously looked away. “You really look nice.”

“You said that before.” I giggled.

“I mean, I think you are one of the prettiest women I have ever seen.”

His tone sent butterflies soaring to my stomach. I liked being complimented like that; I liked that he was looking at me like a girl and I liked the attention that I was getting. I was becoming awkwardly aroused.

I somehow managed to stand and moved a little passed Chip. I realized that the store was unattended and that one of us should get back to work.

“I know that you are my boss.” Chip began as he gently took my shoulder and turned me back around to face him. “But you are so beautiful. Is it possible…” He began and then paused.

And he made me feel beautiful too.

“I mean can I see you?”

I knew I should have put a halt to all this right then after all he was my employee but for some reason I just couldn’t. I took a tiny step toward him- and then he took a little bit bigger step toward me. I just melted.

He put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I could feel his strong hands messaging my shoulders while he looked in my eyes. Then that moment came when two people know the kiss is coming. I closed my eyes, tilted my head and kissed him.

At first he was gentle maltepe escort but then it became a little more tense, a little more urgent. I felt his lips part and his tongue snake its way into my awaiting mouth.

As soon as I realized what was happening I gently pushed him away. “The store.” I groaned.

We gathered our composure adjusted our stiff cocks and headed back to work.

It was awesome.

The rest of the day was difficult for both of us. I would have said awkward but I guess it couldn’t have been THAT awkward because he managed to brush up against me a couple of times with his hard cock. I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted anyone other than Loraine- especially not an employee.

I knew there would be some kind of moment when we locked the doors. After all the sexual tension had been growing at a steady pace the entire day. I glanced up at the clock and realized I had only an hour before my date with Loraine and Richard.

Chip walked over to me and wrapped his muscular arms around my back and then ran his hands gently down toward my ass. I purred as he cupped it and pulled me into him even closer. I was so excited; playing Kristy all day had really made me ready for any advance Chip made.

I took a hold of Chips hand and moved it from my ass to my cock. I had needed to feel his touch so badly I would have done anything for it.

Chip stiffened up and kind of pulled away from me. “Don’t please.” He said reluctantly. “You are so pretty that I don’t want to ruin the illusion.”

Even though I was disappointed I understood how he felt. I knew then that if anything were going to happen between us that it would be all one sided.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered and then pulled me back into him.

This time I made the move. I ran my hand down his side and then toward his crotch. He moaned through our tightly pressed lips. My body screamed sex.

I clumsily fumbled with his belt and zipper. For some reason, even though I had never touched a man, there was nothing I wanted more.

I thought I would cum the minute I touched his warm, exposed member. He was partially erect and growing harder by the second. “It’s so warm.” I said in a perfect ladylike voice.

He firmly took a hold of my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I knelt there for a few minutes slowly examining him and messaging his aching member. I couldn’t help thinking how sexy it was- but I still wasn’t sure about all of this.

He slowly thrust his cock through my enclosed hand. Each movement caused him to shift a little closer to me. Even though my lips where still about kartal escort three inches from his cock I seemed to be able to taste him through his masculine sent. I had reached the point of no return.

I playfully leaned in and kissed the slit in his penis. All he could do was moan.

Maybe I had wanted this for my whole life. Maybe I was destined to live out the rest of my life as a woman- I don’t know. The only thing I did know was that I had never been so excited.

“Put it in your mouth.” Chip pleaded.

I was ready.

I opened my lips and allowed his cock to penetrate my lips. The taste was erotic and intoxicating. I held it there between my lips just to experience the new sensations. I wanted the flavor to last forever. Chip moaned again and he staggered a bit backwards.

I had no problem taking him into my mouth. Six inches seemed just the right size for me.

I adjusted my dress above my thighs and then reached for my bulging cock. I wanted to experience femininity on my knees.

Chip started to slowly make love to my mouth. The sensation of him plunging away into my throat was overwhelming and it sent currents of electricity surging through my groin. The force of his thrusts changed dramatically and I suddenly found him stabbing at my mouth like a piston. I clutched his balls and attempted to swallow him whole.

“I’m cuming.” He screamed as he forced my face deep into his pubic hair.

Thrust after thrust he filled the back of my throat with his seed. Somehow I managed to swallow every drop

I felt my own intensity build. With one hand I masturbated myself, while with the other, I held his softening cock in my mouth. I continued to suck and nurture his member like I was a baby feeding from a bottle. Moments later my little dick-clit exploded in my hand. Chip gently guided me to my feet. “I want you to know- its not just about the sex. I really do like you.”

I looked up at the clock- I had only twenty minutes to get home and ready for my dinner date.

“I like you too Chip, but I’m really not sure we did the right thing.”

“Well I won’t regret it- that’s for sure.” He replied.

“Do you mind sweetheart closing up the rest of the way? I have to be somewhere in twenty minutes.”

I really couldn’t help being confused. On one hand I really loved my wife. It IS true she told me to go ahead and start dating again BUT I had already convinced myself that I didn’t need that. On the other hand, I loved Chips kiss, his scent even the taste of his cum. I knew that eventually I would have to have it again.

I pushed open the door to the store, paused there at the entranceway for a minute. Chip was the first employee I had introduced “Kristy” to. “He took it well.” I smiled to myself. “I wonder how the other two will take it.” Then I hurried off to my dinner date.

To Be Continued…

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